Beautiful Burn: A Novel

Beautiful Burn: A Novel

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by Jamie McGuire

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Fresh out of college, Ellison Edson has fallen through the cracks of rock bottom. While staying in her family's vacation home in Colorado, her behavior has finally gained the attention of her parents-but not in the way she hoped. Cut off from the millions she's always taken for granted, and left alone to fend for herself, Ellie spirals further out of control, making a


Fresh out of college, Ellison Edson has fallen through the cracks of rock bottom. While staying in her family's vacation home in Colorado, her behavior has finally gained the attention of her parents-but not in the way she hoped. Cut off from the millions she's always taken for granted, and left alone to fend for herself, Ellie spirals further out of control, making a mistake she can't take back.

Like his twin brother Taylor, Tyler Maddox is a member of the Alpine Hotshots, fighting wildland fires on the frontline. As arrogant as he is charming, Tyler's nomadic lifestyle makes it easy to contain his relationships to one night. When he meets Ellie at a local party during off-season, her extreme personality and dismissive attitude fascinates him at first, but as his feelings deepen, Tyler realizes that the crippling inner demons of the woman he loves might be the strongest enemy any Maddox has ever faced.

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Meet the Author

Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.

Jamie paved the way for the New Adult genre with the international bestseller Beautiful Disaster. Her follow-up novel, Walking Disaster, debuted at #1 on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Beautiful Oblivion, book one of the Maddox Brothers series, also topped the New York Times bestseller list, debuting at #1. In 2015, books two and three of the Maddox Brothers series, Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice, respectively, also topped the New York Times, as well as a Beautiful series novella, Something Beautiful.

Novels also written by Jamie McGuire include: apocalyptic thriller and 2014 UtopYA Best Dystopian Book of the Year, Red Hill; the Providence series, a young adult paranormal romance trilogy; Apolonia, a dark sci-fi romance; and several novellas, including A Beautiful Wedding, Among Monsters, Happenstance: A Novella Series, and Sins of the Innocent.

Jamie is the first indie author in history to strike a print deal with retail giant Wal-Mart. Her self-published novel, Beautiful Redemption hit Wal-Mart shelves in September, 2015.

Jamie lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband, Jeff, and their three children.

Find Jamie at or on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tsu, and Instagram.

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Beautiful Burn: A Novel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have loved all of the Maddox boys, since I read the first page of Beautiful Disaster to the last page of Beautiful Burn and everything in-between. I am addicted to all things Maddox. I started this book feeling a little hesitant knowing it would be the last Maddox brothers book I would get, I wasn't ready to say goodbye! I fought a constant battle with myself all day wanting to slow down and stretch the book out and wanting to know Tyler's whole story! My love for Maddox brothers won and I read this book from cover to cover today. I truly enjoyed going on the difficult and sometimes sad journey with Tyler and Ellie. But even more than that I have loved learning about the Maddox family as a whole, I truly love all of these books, and highly recommend reading them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was surprisingly gritty, unflinchingly honest and probably my favorite Maddox brother book. How could i not fall Tyler after everything he did and went through with Ellie? Ellie was a tough character to read and Jamie did a great job showing the ups and downs of addiction. I found myself rooting for her so she could be ready for Tyler.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved All of the Series on the Maddox boys! ?
Christine_Marie2 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Burn is the story of the final Maddox brother, Tyler and Ellison Edson. This installment of the Maddox Brother series by Jamie McGuire was amazing. I loved reading and learning about Tyler and Ellison story very much. Tyler is an amazing character, but Ellie totally stole the show in this one. The writing was everything I expected from Jamie along with so much more. Her writing style is awesome and I love all the characters create, both her male and female characters are beautiful in there own ways. I loved how Jamie tackled the tough topic addiction and seeing Tyler and Ellie go through it together as a couple was not only heart breaking but beautiful as well. Jamie did such an amazing job creating Ellie and making her a strong and brave character. Reading the parts of her fight and overcome her addiction hit close to home and Im so happy and proud of Jamie for including this in her book. I love Tyler so much because he's strong and was always there for Ellie good times and bad. They are the ultimate couple and so perfect for each other. The only down side to this book is I want and need more from these characters and the Maddox men in general. Jamie's books always leave you with the feeling of wanting more and that is what makes her an amazing author. You can never go wrong with any of her books and they never leave you disappointed. 5 out of stars every time.
SarahFab More than 1 year ago
I knew this book wouldn't disappoint - but WOW Jamie finished the last brother, Tyler's book amazingly! Tyler & Ellie's story was beautiful, heart-breaking, heart-wrenching, warm, hot and burning up! Ellie is an incredibly strong woman who didn't follow the typical stereotypes that a lot of authors write about - she knew all along to heal herself she needed to want to do it and to do it on her own (with only help financially). Throughout Ellie's struggles Tyler was there for her in a supportive and loving way... I think he is bordering Travis when it comes to how much love he has in his heart and how much he has to give. Trex was a mystery to me throughout the book but was so glad to see that Trex and Darby will be getting their own story later this year. Book hangover doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The whole series was great. I'm sad that is over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed all the books. Even the one about Thomas, who I totally disliked for what he pulled on Trent. Reading Ellie's addiction was hard, even as I rooted for her. I did not like her paired with Paige. I like the romance between a man and woman. It seems in the last year or so this has infiltrated romance. Hope it reverts. Loved the Maddox boys.
Anonymous 7 days ago
kristylg23 15 days ago
i have love all the maddox brothers from the every first book i have the all but i need to get the last the book after redemption and then i will have all the books
Anonymous 24 days ago
I don't know if I can finish this book. Ellie is a very unlikable character. I can't see one of the Maddox boys putting up with her. It makes me not like Tyler.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
Absolutely loved this book I have been hooked on JM and Travis Maddox since the beginning I will always live Travis but aye Tyler!!!
MaryJoMI 9 months ago
Sigh! I LOVE the Maddox brothers. We finally get to learn Tyler’s story. With the way Jamie McGuire has crafted and intertwined these stories, we already met Ellie in Beautiful Wedding. Now we get to learn who Ellie is, what her back story is and how did she meet and fall in love with Tyler. Ellie leads a life of privilege, her parents are billionaires so she has been given anything she wants but what she truly wants and needs is to be loved. This pushes Ellie to a life of self-destruction as she searches for attention but when she finally pushes her parents too far, she finds herself cutoff, needing job and a place to live – how will she survive? Tyler is captivated by the headstrong, confident beauty but she isn’t having it. As her new job forces her to spend more time with Tyler, can these 2 jaded souls find love and hope together?
Anonymous 11 months ago
I can't get enough of these stories! I wish there were more of them.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Love the series
Brooke_Parker More than 1 year ago
I love the fun and super sexy Maddox boys! Tyler might just be my fave!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the Maddox brothers and yet again, Jamie has captured the beauty of another bad boy. The way she told the story of addiction was spot on too. It included every stage and a strong female character and her ultimate victory.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love the whole Beautiful series! Seriously good and entertaining books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this whole series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book that makes you want to keep on reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Right there with Beautiful Disaster for this series.
jkayoung24 More than 1 year ago
Holy hotshot! I was honestly not prepared for the epicness of this book. Was I ready for the fourth installment in the Maddox Brothers series? You bet! I couldn't wait to read all about Tyler and Ellie...but, my heart wasn't prepared for how unexpected and real-life this book is. Beautiful Burn is real, gritty, honest, and relatable. I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn't have asked for a better story to honor the last Maddox brother. My heart is bursting with love for Tyler and Ellison and Beautiful Burn is my absolute favorite of the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
BookWorm221 More than 1 year ago
The last book with the Maddox brothers! I want more! In this book we have Tyler and Ellie's story, I don't know why I was under the impression that this was a childhood friends to lovers kind of story, but it became apparent almost right away that I wasn't and I was actually okay with that, Tyler and Ellie do become kind of friends but there was always that undercurrent of attraction between them that kept the book moving at a pleasurable pace. I think this is one of the darkest books out the series, the issues that Ellie's is dealing with are no joke and even though I might not agree with the characters response to her behavior in this book, I can understand why they were acting like that and why they changed when it became apparent that things weren't changing. I think Ellie and Tyler were perfect for each other and I loved seeing the girl struggling and the guy being there for her, we usually get it the other way around, so it was refreshing. As I said I have grown to love these characters and I would hate to read more about them, maybe an epilogue into the future of each couple? Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, the cover is beautiful and the characters will surprise you, if you are a fan of Jamie's writing and the Maddox brothers then this book is definitely a must.