Beyond Breathless

Beyond Breathless

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by Kathleen O'Reilly

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Nicknamed "The Porcupine," Jamie McNamara has a tough-as-nails attitude that makes her a force to be reckoned with on Wall Street. So it's a shock even to her when she seduces a sexy investment broker in a Hummer limo on the way to a business meeting. But when her erotic escapade becomes the topic of the "Red Choo Diaries" sex blog and threatens to destroy her


Nicknamed "The Porcupine," Jamie McNamara has a tough-as-nails attitude that makes her a force to be reckoned with on Wall Street. So it's a shock even to her when she seduces a sexy investment broker in a Hummer limo on the way to a business meeting. But when her erotic escapade becomes the topic of the "Red Choo Diaries" sex blog and threatens to destroy her steely persona, Jamie realizes a fling isn't always frivolous.

Used to getting what he wants, gorgeous man-about-town Andrew Brooks knows a good thing when he sees it—and he sees and wants Jamie. Her drive and passion have him consumed. He's determined to transform their passionate limo encounter into a long-term merger—and he's prepared to negotiate!

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Red Choo Diaries , #297
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Beyond Breathless 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jamie McNamara, a client services manager, has always been very career oriented. Her social life has been nearly nonexistent since her boyfriend dumped her for his secretary, so now all she has is her career. After a lot of work, she finally has a meeting in Connecticut with Mr. Newhouse. This is a meeting which could be very beneficial to her already successful career. However, Grand Central Station is shut down, making her late for her meeting. So she is desperate to get a ride to Connecticut. Andrew Brooks, a very wealthy partner in the Shearson, Brooks, Panhower and Bloom firm, also has an appointment in Connecticut. Since Grand Central Station is closed, he needs to find an alternate means of transportation. While attempting to do that, he strikes up a conversation with Jamie. Exchanging first names only, they agree to share a ride in a white Limo Hummer, which is the only transportation they can find on such short notice. Up to now, his whole world has been his work and his family. In fact, he has practically raised his two siblings, Jeff and Mercedes. Jamie has no idea who Andrew is, but the chemistry between them is strong. Deciding to give in to her impulses for once, she seduces him in the Hummer. This is not her normal behavior at all. Andrew is charmed by her, especially after the Hummer experience, and wants to see her again. However, the story of their intimate encounter finds its way to Andrew¿s younger sister, Mercedes, who is trying to establish a writing career. Not believing the story about her brother, she shares the tale in her online sex blog, The Red Choo Diaries, which causes quite a stir. It even gets a mention in the New York Times! Unfortunately, this is information neither Andrew nor Jamie want anyone to discover. This is a fun, steamy story. The ongoing chemistry between the characters is explosive and the fast paced action and witty dialogue will keep you reading. I had not read anything by Kathleen O¿Reilly before this one, but it has made me a fan. I cannot wait for the next installment of The Red Choo Diaries. Anyone who likes their stories really steamy this one is for you. The story is hot from the beginning to the end. I can see why it was included in the Harlequin Blaze series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jamie McNamara is a client services manager extraordinaire. She finally has the job she has been working so hard for, with Bond-Worthington on Wall Street. After lots of sweat, Jamie has gotten herself on Mr. Newhouse's calendar. She plans to take the Newhouse account away from Goldman-Sacks, earning another star in her crown. Yet thanks to trouble at Grand Central Station she is late. Jamie ends up sharing a White Hummer Limo (the only thing available) with 'Andrew'. Whether from stress, her starved love life, or just plain lust, Jamie ends up seducing Andrew en route to her important business meeting. But Jamie has no idea exactly WHO Andrew really is! ============ Andrew Brooks is part of Shearson, Brooks, Panhower, & Bloom. He got to where he is today by sheer determination and his personality disorder. (Hey, Andrew will be the first to admit that the disorder is very useful in the trade!) Andrew practically raised his younger brother and sister. When Andrew wants something, he goes after it nothing is held back. And ever since his mind-blowing experience with Jamie in the Hummer, Andrew wants her again. Problem is that after a little too much alcohol Andrew made the error of telling his brother, Jeff, about his Hummer experience. Then Jeff tells their sister, Mercedes, because she has received another book rejection letter and he is hoping the story will cheer her up. =========== Mercedes goes to The Red Choo Diaries online and writes the HOT scene up for all to see. Coming from Jeff, Mercedes never believed the Hummer story to be true! Even the Wall Street Journal mentions the story of two Wall Street execs in the Hummer. The story is a hit! Everyone wants to know who Bull Market Jack and the Hummer Honey really are. People are even willing to pay for any information. =========== Should anyone learn that the Hummer Honey is Jamie McNamara, she will be ruined (much to a particular intern's delight) and Andrew may never get the one thing he wants more in his life - Jamie. ========= ***** Wow! This story starts out hot, with the Hummer experience, and the heat blazes until the very end. Harlequin Blaze romances are for readers who enjoy more than a single love scene in their stories. Let me tell you this, author Kathleen O'Reilly delivers! You are going to L-O-V-E this tale. A successful hero who desires the love of an up-and-coming successful heroine, a believable plot, and a romance you will never forget. I am more than ready for book two! *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kathleen O'Reilly starts The Red Choo Diaries with a breathless bang. Jamie and Andrew are instant chemistry and explosive heat. They both discover so much about themselves, surprising themselves as much as each other, and are more alike than either realized. It's an incredible journey to share with them. Andrew's siblings, his sister is the writer of the 'Red Choo Diaries', add a rich quality of humor and family ties that enrich the story. Beyond Breathless is written with an earthiness and a spontaneity that draws a reader in, hooking them until the very end. Ms. O'Reilly is an author I've read again and again, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Witty, fun, fast-paced, great characters and a sensuality, Beyond Breathless is a contemporary romance that has it all, everything a reader is looking for. Looking forward to more of these diaries. This is another hit for Kathleen O'Reilly.