Body Cravings [NOOK Book]


Amara Montgomery is still reeling from the hateful words her now dead fiancé threw at her just before he died. Afraid to go after what she craves, she inadvertently propositions a client. What shall she do...

Jacques Falcone is a man used to being in charge. The out of control feeling he gets around Amara Montgomery is outside his comfort zone. Although he craves her he never expected to get the chance to have her. With her proposition he knows...

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Body Cravings

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Amara Montgomery is still reeling from the hateful words her now dead fiancé threw at her just before he died. Afraid to go after what she craves, she inadvertently propositions a client. What shall she do...

Jacques Falcone is a man used to being in charge. The out of control feeling he gets around Amara Montgomery is outside his comfort zone. Although he craves her he never expected to get the chance to have her. With her proposition he knows there is only one thing to do...

Takes what he craves and let them burn each other up...

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781595784896
  • Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
  • Publication date: 10/1/2008
  • Series: Seductive Pursuits, #1
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 89
  • File size: 396 KB

Meet the Author

Taige Crenshaw has been enthralled with the written word from the time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today’s world, in alternate dimensions or in the future, she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroines and sexy heroes. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places, Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels.
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Chapter One

Amara Montgomery turned to face the gleaming building adjacent to hers on Caspain Avenue in the Trescott Cove sun as the day turned to dusk. From her corner office in Caspain Towers North, Number 4, Amara did not really register the beautiful view outside her window as the shadows lengthened. All her awareness was on the man coming to see her shortly.

From their first meeting Jacques Falcone's latent sexuality had made her feel things she hadn't in a long time. She wished now she had refused Sampson Garner-Jacques' regular attorney's request to handle the rest of the negotiations for the takeover of Tevron Corp. Sampson had been called out of town unexpectedly and Jacques had already been on his way from Milan.

If only I had known he would make me want to strip him bare and take him.

Frustrated with her thoughts, Amara turned away from the window and stared at the work spread out on her desk. It was unacceptable for her to act like a sex-starved woman. In her line of work she needed to keep her emotions under control. Showing weakness could make or break a deal or get you a guilty or not guilty verdict.

In the weeks we've been working on this deal I haven't shown I'm attracted to him and I won't now. I'm a professional, damn it, and will act like one.

The phone rang, disturbing the silence. "Amara Montgomery, may I help?"

"Hey! What's up?"

At the sound of her sister, Imani Montgomery, Amara smiled. Imani was one of her three partners in the law firm Montgomery, Gilmore, McCoy and Montgomery. They were known on the street as ethical, cutthroat and not to be screwed with. For a law firm run by women, they were pleased with thedescription and perceived it as a compliment.

"Nothing's up," Amara said into the receiver. "When are you getting back?"

Imani was in Sydney, Australia, finishing up a business deal.

"I'm on my way to the airport now. So did you get him naked yet?"

Amara laughed at her sister. She knew exactly the "him" Imani referred to--Jacques Falcone. She had made the mistake of confessing her attraction to him during a recent "girls night only" get together they'd had with Imani and their friends. Ever since, Imani kept asking the same thing. They had spoken last night so Imani knew this was the last night he would be in town. Amara's gut clenched at the thought of him leaving and her not seeing him again. Ignoring it, she changed the subject and asked Imani about the deal she was in Australia for. She hoped Imani wouldn't push. Surprisingly, Imani started to recap what had happened with the deal.

A prickling sensation made her know Jacques was near. She met his honey-colored gaze as he leaned against one side of the open doorway. Jacques smiled. Even without his olive skin, Amara would have known he was from an Italian heritage. It was in the way he carried himself with a debonair arrogance that drew you to him. His broad forehead, slightly crooked nose, chiseled cheeks, and firm chin enhanced his appeal. She motioned him in and gestured to the chair.

With a confident stride he came into the room and sat in the chair in front of her desk. Jacques placed his briefcase on the floor next to him, then steepled his long masculine fingers under his chin and watched her unblinkingly. She stilled a shudder of lust.

Get a grip, Amara.


She jumped at the loud exclamation in her ear and frowned at the phone she had forgotten she held. "Imani, I'll talk to you when you get back. My meeting is here."

"Oh. Does he have the yummy navy suit on?"

Checking him out discreetly again, she answered, "No. Hunter."

She hung up on Imani's sigh. Amara felt like sighing herself. It was a damn shame she didn't have the courage to let him know what she wanted. This meeting was just the final signing of the papers for the negotiations. They should have been over quickly, but had dragged on for more than a month.

"Mr. Falcone, thanks for coming by."

He laughed, a sensual, almost touchable sound. "I've told you many times to call me Jacques."

Her nipples pebbled at the sound of his laugh and she had trouble speaking. "Okay, Jacques, and of course you can call me Amara."

"Amara." She loved the way he rolled her name off his tongue. "Thanks for accommodating me so late. I hope I'm not keeping you from anything." His lightly accented voice rolled over her like decadent cream.

"Umm ... no plans." She swore silently at how she sounded like an idiot. Clearing her throat, she continued. "This shouldn't take too long."

"Good." He paused and stared at her intently. "It's nice to see you again." The cadence of his voice seemed especially sensual tonight.

"Umm ... nice to see you too." Clearing her throat again, she got down to business.

Taking out the papers her assistant had prepared earlier, she placed them before him. Instead of reading the papers, he kept his attention focused on her. Amara shifted under the intensity of his gaze.

With a solemn expression on his face, Jacques said, "I really do appreciate you making time to see me at this late hour."

Amara laughed silently. Jacques was always so formal. It was tantalizing to try and see what would break through his reserve. She could just imagine his shock if he knew the lustful thoughts she was having about him. Behave Amara. Focus on business. "No problem, I know you have an early flight tomorrow."

"Yes, I must leave early. I need to get back to Milan. I've been away longer than I expected," Jacques said absently.

He picked up the papers from the desk and started to review them. She watched his bent head. A stray lock of hair fell forward from its binding at the nape of his neck. Amara's mouth dried up as she thought about how it would feel for his hair to run across her body. She had some major fantasies about his hair. Jacques had it so tightly braided and pinned, it made her want to know how long it really was. In her imaginings his hair cascaded from his shoulders to the small of his back. Her hands itched to undo his braid to see all his glorious hair spread around him.

It was a slow torture being near him and not being able to touch. Each time she was around him, she felt a deep need within that she never had before. A craving to have him in as many sexual positions she could think of no matter the cost to her emotionally or physically. Amara did as she had done in this last month; she ignored it, refusing to give in to the basic want that burned in her to be taken by him. She just had to get through this last night. Once he signed the papers the deal was complete. He would go back to Milan, and any of his future needs for a lawyer would be handled by Sampson.

Jacques glanced up and caught her. Guiltily, she flushed and turned her attention to the door. She could see her assistant's empty desk and knew the rest of the employees had already left for the day. She made mental notes about what she had to do tomorrow, even though it was Saturday.

* * * *

Shifting in his seat in front of Amara's desk, Jacques attempted to make space for his hardened cock in his confining pants. He tried to focus on the pages he held. A month ago, when he came back to Trescott Cove, the acquisition of Tevron Corp was his first priority. Yet, although he had succeeded after much stalling from the company officers, it wasn't Tevron Corp that had his thoughts captured. It was the woman sitting in front of him. From the first time he heard the prim, dulcet voice of Amara Montgomery, he was turned on. He had brushed it off as an anomaly, yet each time the need to make love to her grew stronger.

He wasn't used to this out-of-control feeling around any woman. Jacques sat back and studied her arresting face. A slight blush stained those high cheekbones, making her seem even more enticing. She bit absently on her lush lips as she glanced past him. He wanted her to look at him with those sexy chocolate-colored eyes that offset her honey-toned skin. Amara had an air of "do not touch", which drove him mad with a craving to explore her like an exotic flower. Thoroughly, slowly, and with great reverence. There was something deeply sexual about all her movements. She could just be sitting still as she was now and somehow it seemed as if she was doing more. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. This hyper awareness of another was disconcerting yet pleasurable. As he had for over a month, he tried to understand what it was about Amara that drew him. As usual the answer eluded him.

He continued his perusal. Taking in her full breasts covered in her silk shirt, he wished he was the shirt. With his eyes he traced the open collar, noting the fluttering pulse in her neck. His tongue ached to lick down the side of the sweet valley of her neck. Kiss the center of her throat. Nibble on the flesh of her plush bosom. Clenching his fist, he bit back his growl of need.

I want to see her walk. Watch that graceful roll of her hips and imagine she is moving beneath me.

At each of their meetings he had enjoyed the view as she walked before him. Her walk had an innately sexy rhythm, as if a drum beat a primal dance as she moved. Her full curves could drive a man wild with a craving to lay her out and have her no matter where you were.

Studying her now, he saw a sadness in her that until now he had only sensed. He wanted to make her laugh. Smile with joy. The rare smiles Amara gave pulled at him seductively, hitting him in the gut with a ball of desire that took everything in him to control. Absently, he ran a finger over his lips. He could imagine how she would taste on his tongue. A darkly decadent sensual bouquet that was addictive.

Unconsciously, his hand reached down to his erect member. Jacques clenched his fist. Despite all those late night dreams he had of her spread across the bed in his hotel room, waiting for him to give her everything she desired, when he woke he hadn't taken his pleasure into his own hands. He refused to give himself any relief unless he was buried in Amara Montgomery. So deep, she would scratch him with her nails while screaming his name and demanding he take her harder. Jacques shuddered and smiled fiercely.

Amara glanced at him quizzically. He shook his head and went back to reviewing the contracts.

Patience, Jacques, patience. Seducing this woman will take time. Time you don't have at this moment.

Amara made a sound, capturing his attention

"Amara, are you okay?" He sat forward at the look of anguish on her face.

An unreadable expression came over her face. She nodded and smiled. Watching her closely for a moment he accepted the false sentiment of her smile, for now. They had never spoken of anything but business. He could not ask her what made her so sad or even offer to be a shoulder for her to lean on. Jacques blinked. Is that what I want? To be there for her?

He had no idea, but Amara was under his skin and he wasn't a man to shy away from what he wanted. Jacques returned his attention to the papers he held.

* * * *

Glancing at her desk, her gaze landed on the calendar. Gasping, Amara noted the date. She hadn't realized today was the day.

A shaft of sorrow filled her. Absently, she rubbed her hand over her heart as she wondered when the pain would fade. It had been over three years since those last hurtful words justifying his actions had been aimed at her by her fiancé Kevin.

"You're lousy in bed and that's why I had to get my needs filled elsewhere." She had thrown him out as his last insult was hurled. "No man wants to get frostbite in bed. Call me when you melt."

At that moment, with all her contempt, she had wished him dead. She had hated him with every fiber of her being.

"Amara, are you okay?" Jacques asked with concern in his voice.

Pushing back the memories, she nodded and glanced up at him, smiling. She didn't think it was very convincing but he watched her a moment before returning his attention back to the sheaf of papers.

Holding herself very still she tried to stop the memories, but they overwhelmed her. Hours after their last words, when the police came to tell her of his death, she hadn't wanted to believe. They said the crash had happened less than two miles from her house. Since he had no family and she was listed as his next of kin, she had gone to the morgue to identify him. The sight of his lifeless body made all the pain and self-doubt rush to consume her. She had pushed it aside to plan his burial.

At his funeral, which she paid for, she learned the truth of his duplicity. A woman approached her, spraying venomously that Amara had killed him with her selfishness. Amara had no idea what she meant. She had thought Kevin was happy, that they were in love. The woman pulled a little boy forward who was the exact image of Kevin, and proceeded to tell the child to study the woman who'd killed his and his unborn sister's daddy. A glance at the little boy, who appeared to be no more than three years old, and the sight of the woman's enlarged belly made Amara realized that Kevin had been cheating a long time. Maybe Kevin had been right, she had driven him to cheat. She couldn't believe she hadn't known.

The whispers and titters around the room had increased as the woman's ranting escalated. Amara had been too numb to even think or move. Dominique Rule, her friend, led her away to a private room. Imani, her sister, joined them and tried to help console her. The room quickly filled with friends, old family friends and various Trescott Cove residents that she knew, who wanted to know if she was okay. Her other friends Sienna Zain and Hunter Willis quickly came and cleared the room of all the people who cared but at that point were too much to take. She didn't need their concern or pitying glances. The incident had killed whatever love she'd had for Kevin and the guilt she felt.

Coming back to the present, Amara watched Jacques engrossed in the contracts he was reading. Something had always held her back from real fulfillment or entanglements and she never realized what it was, at least until now. Silently she admitted she still hadn't fully gotten over what Kevin had said about her. She had tried one-night stands and they had only left her empty. It had been over a year since she had been with a man and hadn't had any serious connections since Kevin.

You should leave well enough alone. You're successful, have a great home and are happy with your life as it is, Amara thought.

Happy? Are you really happy? her inner voice asked.

Amara jumped when Jacques spoke.

"Thanks for all your work on this." Jacques signed the papers and stood.

Pushing aside the thoughts, she focused on business. Standing quickly, she put out her hand. Jacques accepted it in a firm grip. Goosebumps raised along her skin. Biting her lip, she cursed her attraction to him.

Jacques spoke again. "Sampson was correct about your discretion ... and tenacity."

Pleased with his compliment, Amara came around her desk to escort him out. "Thank you. Congratulations on acquiring Tevron Corp. I'll forward the copies to you at Falcone International in Milan and give Sampson the original when he returns." At the door, she waited for him to step through and leave.

Jacques stopped and studied her, an unfathomable expression on his face. "Amara, I want to give you a gift for all of your hard work. What do you want?"

The words tumbled out before she could even think about them. "I want you naked on a chair and ready to do whatever I want."

The shock on Jacques' face mortified her. Amara turned and went quickly to the window. She prayed that he would just leave without saying anything. Misery ate at her. She laughed harshly. Who was she kidding? She wouldn't know what to do with him even if he agreed. Visions of her riding him filled her head. Her body clenched in reaction.

The sound of his shoes on the floor as he left the office deflated her. She dropped her head against the windowpane and hoped he wouldn't tell Sampson about the forward woman who'd propositioned him.

For a few moments she stared at busy Caspain Avenue. The people below hurried on their way for their Friday night plans. She vowed to forget ever laying eyes on Jacques Falcone. She turned and her breath stalled in her chest.

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