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Desperate Desires

Desperate Desires

4.2 256
by Terri Wolffe
Desperate Desires
A Sweet and Spicy Novella

The cunningly audacious Lady Lucinda Davenport is by no means a conventional woman. Smart and fiercely determined, she’s more comfortable adding numbers than she’ll ever be socializing with highfalutin members of the ton. When desperate straits force her into action to save her home and lands, she


Desperate Desires
A Sweet and Spicy Novella

The cunningly audacious Lady Lucinda Davenport is by no means a conventional woman. Smart and fiercely determined, she’s more comfortable adding numbers than she’ll ever be socializing with highfalutin members of the ton. When desperate straits force her into action to save her home and lands, she finds herself faced with only one option. Summoning every ounce of her courage, she sets in motion a wild and raunchy scheme that would set the ton on fire if they ever caught wind of her actions.

Lucien Brandford, fourth Duke of Carlsborough, is a dangerous man. Wealthy beyond imagination and handsome to a fault, the Duke is sought after by nearly every woman of the ton. Single, widowed, or married, ladies vie for his attention with cutthroat precision. But the Duke has no tolerance for the machinations of his title and fortune-hungry peers. He seeks his pleasure from women who require no commitment.

That attitude ensnares the Duke in Lady Lucinda’s plan. Caught unawares, Lucien finds himself at the mercy of a bold and luscious woman whom he cannot decide if he wants to strangle or bed.

The sensual dance that follows between captor and captive as they engage in a volatile battle for control, culminates in a seismic eruption—both psychological and sensual. As tempers flare and sparks fly, an intense and erotic interlude of passion ensues.

The temperamental lovers soon discover what all the world knows: that in order to possess the love of a lifetime, they must submit to one another to conquer their own Desperate Desires.

Sensually spiced with a heavy dose of passion, this romantic bestseller comes complete with a memorable cast of characters. You won’t want to put this one down!
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Desperate Desires Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

The Duke could feel her eyes poring over him. He knew she was studying him at great length. Lucien wondered who had put her up to this wild scheme of hers.

“Don’t you think this charade has lasted long enough? I think it’s quite safe to say that you have unmanned me. If my hands were free, Madam, I would clap for you as did our good friend here who so obviously obeys your every command.”

Lucinda thought the Duke was even more handsome up close. No two ways about it. Not an effeminate kind of beauty either, for he was rugged with chiseled, aquiline features and a thick head of black hair. He appeared solidly built. The way his leather breeches hugged his muscular thighs, and having felt the muscles of his chest as she’d searched for his weapon, Lucinda understood why the noblewomen of the ton were in hot pursuit of him. She smiled liberally.

“Our good friend, Your Grace? Why, you hardly know us yet.”

“You seem to think that I will be getting to know you, Madam. But then again, once I get my hands wrapped around that little throat of yours, I’ll soon know everything I need to know about you. Starting with who put you up to this.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Lucinda clicked her tongue. Feeling magnanimous in the face of her apparent victory, Lucinda’s smile spread to her voice.

“Poor Duke. You’ve never been tussled about so, have you? I’m sure no one’s ever thought to defy you. You, fourth Duke of Carlsborough, with nine estates and counting, rich beyond imagination. Women throw themselves at your feet. Royalty and mere peasants alike bow in your presence. Hmmm…this must be quite a humbling experience for you.”

The Duke’s voice was menacing. “For your sake, Madam, I pray this is but a joke. If not, once I’m through with you, not even your giant of a friend will be able to protect you. You will not get away with this.”

“But I’ve already gotten away with it, Your Grace. I have swept you off the streets of Covent Garden so stealthily, that not even your loyal servants realize you have been abducted. I’m rather pleased with myself. So forgive me for pointing out that on this night, even the great Duke of Carlsborough must bow to my superior cunning.”

Editorial Reviews

Kirkus Reviews
Light-hearted fare is the coin of the realm when Lady Lucinda Davenport kidnaps and seduces a duke, only to fall in love with him. Under her spell, the duke becomes a willing and inventive partner of remarkable stamina who delivers the goods again and again. Their over-the-top sexploits make for a lusty, light-weight romp!
Nicole Sorkin Sorkin - Pacific Book Review
Desperate Desires succeeds on many levels. The dialogue is riveting, entertaining, and downright provocative. The characters are well developed, the storyline superb, and the descriptions of the time period create wonderful mental images. A great mix of romance and psychological thriller, it transports one to 17th century London with all its splendor, beauty and hardships. The title is most appropriate given the obsessive love they had for one another. And the love scenes are steamy and hot!
Paige Lovitt (For Reader Views)
Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella)
by Terri Wolffe

"Desperate Desires" perfectly blends erotica, romance and humor. I found the whole eccentric cast of characters to be endearing. The sensual scenes are beautifully written and extremely erotic. I highly recommend "Desperate Desires" to readers who enjoy erotic romances.

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Terri Wolffe
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Meet the Author

In 2010, I thought I'd try my hand at writing my first historical, erotic romance.

As an avid reader, I have always enjoyed suspense, thrillers, some horror, and of course, romance. Some of my favorite authors include Susan Johnson, Elizabeth Boyle, Robyn Williams, Lee Child, Scott Turrow, John Grisham, Dan Mahoney, Steven Bochco and Phillip Margolin. On any day of the week, I'd rather read a book than watch television.

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Desperate Desires 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 256 reviews.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Lady Lucinda Davenport has come up with a brilliant plan to save her husband's family from taking her estate after his death - get pregnant and produce an heir. This is a great plan and would work except her husband is not well and unable to provide her with what she needs to make this happen. The backup idea is even better, kidnap a man who has no interest in a relationship and have him impregnate her. Wait that is the best backup plan you have? Lucinda handpicked Lucien Brandford, fourth Duke of Carlsborough to help her with her goal and his past should make this easy to accomplish. He has a reputation about London for only having an interest in what money can be produced not heirs. Lucinda plotted and executed the perfect plan and before Lucien recovered from the drugs he had been given he finds himself shackled to a bed and a woman trying to seduce him. Lucien did not like Lucinda's idea when she told him what was going on but Lucy presented a really convincing case to him and it helped that at the time she was naked. The affair they begin is racy, hot and over the top passionate with one man determined to show one woman every bit of life's pleasure that she has missed. They begin to trust, learn to whisper secrets in the dark and once freed from his restraints Lucien shows Lucinda how much a man can give to a woman who is yearning for carnal knowledge. This book is about discovering who you are deep down inside where you keep your thoughts private and your desires to yourself. When Lucien and Lucinda get together they realize that there are not enough nights to quench their need for one another. Their story while not conventional is extremely enjoyable.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
In London, England, in 1796, beautiful and feisty Lucinda is about to become a widow. Her much older wealthy husband is in ill health. Fearing that his devious relatives will try to step in and take everything from her, because there is no heir, Lucinda has hatched a plan to solve this dilemma. Enlisting the aid of her loyal servants and her giant brother, she sets out to kidnap the Duke Lucien Douglas IV. The success of this mission is critical to all who are involved because the estate of the Lucinda's husband is home to all of them. Wise to the ways of the world, Lucien is extremely surprised to discover himself so easily kidnapped. Initially he is angry and resistant to the idea of helping Lucinda, especially when he learns her criteria for choosing him. When he finds himself unable to resist her charms, he quickly changes his mind. Caught up in their desire for each other, they seem to forget all else. When Lucinda's allies step in to help bring them back to reality, they find themselves lost to each other. It is now Lucien's mission to find Lucinda. "Desperate Desires" perfectly blends erotica, romance and humor. I found the whole eccentric cast of characters to be endearing. The sensual scenes are beautifully written and extremely erotic. I think most readers will find themselves wishing that they could be in Lucinda's shoes. I guess I shouldn't say "shoes" because she certainly wasn't wearing any in the most intense scenes. Terri Wolffe definitely managed to capture my attention with this tale. I highly recommend "Desperate Desires" to readers who enjoy erotic romances.
MRShemery More than 1 year ago
Cover The cover is a standard portrayal of a romance novel. You know ... sexy, muscular man in a romantic embrace with a voluptuous, half-dressed woman. I'm a fan of the red on the cover, though. =) Plot The story started off uniquely enough with the abduction of a Duke. It didn't take long for the storyline to sizzle. Every time you flip a page, the two main characters are having a go. Speaking of which ... I had never heard sexual intercourse be referred to as a "tup," being "tupped" or "tupping." I rather enjoyed learning a new word for the act itself. I get tired of seeing "making love" or "sex." I am getting a little bored with all the main male characters in romance/erotica being well-endowed. Think about it ladies ... how many well-endowed men do you really know? I've ... "met" ... a few in my day, but the majority of the men are average or below average with a rare few being extremely below average (poor things). I do understand why all the main male characters in romance novels are this way, though. I mean, this is a fantasy. What woman doesn't want a well-endowed man thoroughly "tupping" her while telling her what to do and what he's going to do to her? ... ... hhmmm ... ... (*shaking head*) ... anyhow, back to the review ... =) Main Characters Lucien - A rich, well-endowed, muscular, single, domineering man who rather enjoys "servicing" and being "serviced" on occasion ... yeah ... I think that about covers it =) Lucinda - One of the co-conspirators behind the Duke's abduction. She is amazingly inexperienced and is an apt pupil for the Duke's teachings. Overall If you like spice, this short spicy novella is just for you. Just be forewarned ... have your lover near by. You're going to want to either act out what you read or create your own spice! =) Muy Caliente!
Marsha_1BookLover More than 1 year ago
Desperate Desires was well-written and all the "flavors" of the book came through wonderfully. It's a short read but this book packs a punch. When Lucinda abducted Lucien, the duke was thrown for a loop. From their verbal exchange during the carriage ride it was clear that the duk wanted to do her bodily harm. But by the time he's tied to her bed all that seemed to change because the erotic scenes that followed left me shaking my head. My, my, my, was all I could say. I don't know if it's possible to make love like they did, but if it is, where o where is my Lucein! Terri Wolfe has got to do a sequel.
Lisa_Jarvis More than 1 year ago
Hot and Very Sexy Times...I like the cover to Desperate Desires, thought I'd point that out. I like that Lucinda's hair is a brilliant contrast to the sheets and her skin. The red hair is a fairly important attribute since its not an 'ordinary' color paired with her eyes in the story. The synopsis is what caught my attention. It doesn't mention a few pertinent details (she's married), and some of what it talks about is glossed over in the novella itself (there's really no indication of her dislike or interest in the ton). Where the story really shined was in portraying the seductive dance that Lucien and Lucinda engage in. They're powerfully attracted to each other from the first, there's no doubt on that. Even while being abducted Lucien had control over how quickly lust hit him and Lucinda was oggling him quite a bit. Wolffe draws out Lucinda's reasons and story, which frustrated me at times as much as it did Lucien. She'd let little tidbits fall, but other then vague indications of what was happening there was nothing until around the middle of the story. Truth be told the excuse Lucinda uses is rather flimsy and Lucien cuts through that logic pretty quickly. As far as plot device needed to keep them in bed as often as possible, it worked quite well. I was also rather skeptical about several plot turns. Maybe I'm just too naive and innocent in the ways of the bedroom, but can you honestly go a couple days without remembering to eat or drink and do nothing but make love? And later Lucinda's husband seems to go from 'this is what I want' to 'jealous rage' (which is acceptable and understandable all things given) but then...the ending. Wolffe didn't show us, or even hint to us, how Lucien and the husband finally came to some arrangement. I can't be sure if she had a word count restraint or if she just felt the talk didn't need to be explained since the evidence was shown, but it left me wanting more. What I really enjoyed was the cast of secondary characters. From Lucinda's feisty servants to her husband and brother, they sparkled. I loved that Maddy was so outspoken and quick with her temper (and fists). Not that she was violent, persay, but very passionate and loyal to those she cared about. She cared little for rank--if you pissed off her protective instincts it's a slap for you. The interactions between the characters were all warm and genuine feeling, you could feel the affection they all held for each other and for Lucinda. And in truth it was nice to read a romance where there were no 'villains' persay. The only villains spoken of were Lucinda's in-laws, but they're given a broad stroke as 'greedy' and 'rotten'. Beyond the fact that they'd hurt Lucinda, we learn very little else. I would recommend Desperate Desires if you are looking for a hot and satisfying read. Its quick and sensual and well worth the price given to it on the Nook.
Christmas7 More than 1 year ago
Did not like it at all.
TammyJo0 More than 1 year ago
This was a good story line...I am no prude...but this book was constant sex...very repetitive and beyond vulgar...got old quick
RCJBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Rush into the breathless erotic Regency world in romance author Terri Wolfe's contagiously enticing novella, DESPERATE DESIRES which take readers on a scandalous peril of kidnapping intrigue and the desperate desires of an untamable love. There is nothing like a strung conning unconventional female lead in a romance book. Lady Lucinda Davenport is that in spades. She is more comfortable running her estate manner and dealing with numbers than to be bothered with the ton. There is only one thing she needs desperately and Lucien Brandford, fourth Duke of Carlsborough is just the sort of man she needs. Her and her feisty band of hooligans set out to entrap, kidnap and persuade him to Lucinda's way of thinking. All right I confess, the kidnapping scene had me giggling. Even though the Duke was severely outraged he was more than a little excited to be in this Lady of Deceptions presence. Lady Lucinda was a wonderfully entertaining character to read because she is unique in knowing what she wants. Shegoes for it and doesn't apologize for her tactics in achieving her goal. She is a well-rounded character that had me laughing at her antics. There were moments that I felt for her plight being married to a lord on the cusp of dying with known heir in sight. If she didn't succeed in seducing Lucien and bearing an heir the estate would slip through her fingers. Lucien Brandford, the fourth Duke of Carlsborough is exceedingly dashing and is quite swoon worthy. He is a damaged and tortured soul(my favorite kind) who loved and lost abysmally. Now he finds himself a prisoner to a red haired beauty that not only stirs his blood like no other but his heart as well. I adored the fact that Lucinda and Lucien succumb so fast to the mutual desires so fast. There is no mistaking the sexual chemistry between the to major protagonist. The love scenes are well written and full formed scenes which are filled to the brim with erotic d sensual delights that made me blush a time or two. Rounding out DESPERATE DESIRE is a cast of spicy hooligans whom at first are all gung ho for the little charade and the kidnapping of the Duke. But the more Lucinda and Lucien spend time together her fair band of merry helpers starts to disband causing some much needed drama. The character that struck me and kept me entertained along this morsel of a read was the Duke himself. How could I not be drawn to a man who had to give up is first love who bore his child? He has to watch from the sidelines as she grows up never knowing that she is his daughter. I felt for him when he discovered the true reason he was tied from wrist to ankle to Lucinda's bed. Throughout DESPERATE DESIRES a thread of tolerance and understanding wove its thread through the book. Lucinda understood that by kidnapping, seducing the Duke to bear his illegitimate child to keep Champney Court safe and slipping through her hands she would cause irreparable damage. She chose to continue on the affair involving her heart knowing there was no happy ending to her story. Lucien came to the same conclusion but decided it was better to have these sparse moments with the woman he loved than to never have been with her at all. DESPERATE DESIRES is like a sweet chocolate creamed filled Bon Bon. Small in size but a potentate punch back with decadent flavors that entice your senses and urge you on for more.
MySharona More than 1 year ago
I didn't realize it was so short when I bought it. But I enjoyed it. I did find the early erotic scenes a bit far-fetched; she kept falling asleep.
jennifer_kransen More than 1 year ago
This story had me at hello! Romance, suspense, and comedy all in one. I truly enjoyed Desperate Desires, but like the other reviewers, I too wish it had an epilogue. I think there should have been more to the story of how Lucinda and Lucien finally ended up after Lucien went through so much to find Lucinda. Still, this story was awesome. The sex scenes were beautifully written and the chemistry between the hero and heroine was off the hook. This debut erotic romance is a keeper. I for one, couldn't put it down.
Casey_Dare More than 1 year ago
This explosive and beautifully written novella is sure to warm your hearts and leave you wanting more. Set in 1796 London, Lady Lucinda Davenport must become pregnant in order to secure her inheritance upon her husband's demise. With her husband's support and direction, she sets her attention on the handsome and virile Lucien Brandford, the fourth Duke of Carlsborough. What follows is the capture and seduction of Lucien. His initial anger, frustration and passion towards Lucinda exquisitely borne by this reader. And when he turns the tables on Lucinda and she becomes the captive, he teaches her lesson after passionate lesson. I did worry about the premise - a married woman seeking a "stud" to provide her with an heir. I'm very much a proponent of fidelity in any relationship - married or not. However, the author does a beautiful job providing the justification behind the Davenports desperation as well as Lucinda platonic relationship with her husband. I was convinced that this adventure began as a way to protect Lucinda and the inhabitants of the estate. And, when Lucinda and Lucien didn't leave their room for days, causing the husband to become so jealous he made Lucien leave, it brought reality into the equation. His unforeseen reaction didn't surprise me one bit. It is very rare that I'm so taken with a novella. I like full characterization and a fully built world complete with secondary characters that add depth and color to the story. This novella had it all but I am hoping for a sequel. I would like to know how Lucinda and Lucien handle their two year separation and how they overcome the greedy and malicious relations bent on killing her husband and taking Lucinda's inheritance. I'd like to see Lucinda's reaction upon meeting Lucien's family - I loved their wit and sarcasm. And lastly, was that a tease about Nathan? Will he have a story? Bravo Ms. Wolffe! Your writing was superb, the cast was perfect, the premise unique, the love scenes purely erotic and tasteful, and all-in-all a sincere pleasure to read! A perfect blend of humor, suspense and romance. I'm looking forward to more from you. We need more erotic historical romance so please bring us more! This book was received free of charge.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was beyond was far fetched and the author made the female protagonist appear self aborbed, too cynical, and without any compassion for the Duke. Could not finish this book....ick!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed the sparks between the main characters. The plot was a bit unusual which made it all the more interesting. I only wished it was a bit longer.
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
3.5 Lucinda Davenport needs to get pregnant to produce an heir and soon, with her husbands advanced age and health his despicable family is counting down the days until they can take over the estate and they aren't opposed to hastening it along. When her husband, the Earl, throws up an idea to kidnap a peer and seduce him to impregnate her Lucinda chooses Lucien Brandford, fourth Duke of Carlsborough. Little did she know that after one night in his arms she would be desperate for more. But when her husband becomes jealous of her attentions with the Duke their interlude is cut short and they may never again feel the passion that they found in each other's arm. Wow, Desperate Desires is a scandalous and sinfully delicious tale. This novel is an erotica, pure and simple, which means a whole lot of sex. A whole lot, which, I loved every minute of it but others may not. Just a fair warning. Since this is a novella the relationship between the main characters move at a very quick pace and I enjoyed the development between Lucinda and Lucien. There were numerous, full, and mind-blowing love scenes right away and every page had a new one. The story itself was fun and the dialogue between characters interesting. Lucinda and Lucien enjoy an entertaining back and forth relationship, with control changing hands numerous times. I think they balanced each other out nicely. Wolffe has a very different writing style then what I am use to, the story was narrated to you and came from several different points of views. This didn't flow as smoothly as it could have and in some instances I had to back track to see which character I was dealing with at the time but it was still enjoyable. Also, the sexual language was a little off for a Duke and Countess in that time period, it leaned more towards a street urchin or doxy and took away from the story a bit. Though my main dislike centered on the Earl, Lucinda's husband, whose character was pretty much omitted at the end. He understandably has some issues about the situation with his wife and the Duke afterwards and makes some decisions that drastically affect Lucinda and Lucien's relationship but we never hear anymore about it. Not how the main characters felt about this, how it was worked out or new views seen on it. We just skip to a happily ever after for them and I felt that this was an important topic that should have been delved into more instead of rushed through for a quick ending. I would of given this novella a higher rating if it wasn't for that. Overall though this is a good read if you're looking for some hot and spicy action, just plan to have your significant other or a cold shower on hand while reading!
Lady_Victoria More than 1 year ago
The story, the characters and their relationships were engrossing and wonderful. I'm still thinking about the book long after I was done reading it. It is a keeper and I will be rereading it. I really wish the author would write more books but when I checked I couldn't find any. Terri Wolffe, when's the next one?
Michelle Hancock More than 1 year ago
i love this book,really hope she writes more
tweetylover More than 1 year ago
Please write more of these. Kathleen Woodiness was the first romance book I read. After that I was hooked. This book had me hooked frome the first page. I just wanted more of it. Keep up the good work.
Amber McKinley More than 1 year ago
OK short read, the ending left much to be desired. No explanation of how the ending came to be, it just ended. I felt like the author could have explained how they live for two years.
Heather_Segal More than 1 year ago
I loved this book....It starts off with Lucien, Duke of Carlsborough, getting abducted and dragged off to a far away country estate. He's given his marching orders and promptly chained to a bed where he's told he'd better "put up or shut up" if you get my drift. But that's when the sparks start to fly. I loved the romance between the hero and the heroine and I admit that I was more than a little in love with Lucien. Where can I find him? All in all, Desperate Desires ranged from heart rendering to heart thumping. It was very well written and the tantalizingly gripping love scenes will have you begging for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
110 pages of sheer delight. Well written with no "fillers" Loved it. Looking for more from Terri Wolffe. Where is it????
TraciMoore_BookLover More than 1 year ago
I liked many aspects of this book: the romance, the sensuality, the chemistry between Lucinda and Lucien. But what stood out for me are the secondary characters. They added a lot of fun and humor to the storyline. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Not disappointed by any means, but Terri Wolffe could have made this a longer story.
DebbieQ More than 1 year ago
Desperate Desires is an exciting story filled with passion and mystery. Terri Wolffe shows her flare for storytelling with vivid descriptions and portrayals of her characters. I absolutely loved Lucien! His tenderness towards Lucinda is adorable. My only gripe is the ending. While I was satisfied, I wanted much more.
A_Smiling_Reader More than 1 year ago
Desperate Desires is a romantic, erotic tryst with a very humorous edge. I really enjoyed the cast of characters, Maddy, Ginny, Henry and Georgie, who brought to life the story. The ending could have been longer as I wanted to know more details about what happened after the story ended. Great chemistry between Lucinda and Lucien made this and enjoyable story well worth the price paid.
KarenMeecham More than 1 year ago
Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella) by Terri Wolffe, In Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella) by Terri Wolffe, Lady Lucinda Davenport has determination beyond anyone's wildest dreams and aims to obtain what she wants: Lucinda creates an elaborate scheme to kidnap and hold hostage Duke of Carlsborough, Lucien Bradford. Desperate Desires will keep the reader on their toes the whole time, and have them wondering what will happen next. This novella succeeds on many different levels. The characters are very well developed, the storyline is superb, and the descriptions of the time period create wonderful mental images. Desperate Desires is a great mix of romance and psychological thriller. It transports the reader from their couch to 17th century London, England, with all of its splendor, beauty and hardships. I felt the title is most appropriate for this book given the obsessive love Lucien and Lucinda for one another. The love scenes are steamy and hot, and I would consider this book suitable for mature adults. Overall, I enjoyed this novella and would recommend Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella) to others romance book enthusiasts and historical fiction lovers.
SharonPatroni More than 1 year ago
I loved this novella. Terri Wolffe captured the intensity, sexuality, and romance of Lucien and Lucinda. All the characters were complex and interesting. Beautifully written, and I felt that this novella packed a powerful punch. I can't wait to see more from Terri Wolffe. The storyline is sexy and smart. I strongly recommend reading if you want a sexy romp tale. Beware, you'll want more!