Dying Gasp (Chief Inspector Mario Silva Series #3)

Dying Gasp (Chief Inspector Mario Silva Series #3)

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by Leighton Gage

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The granddaughter of a prominent politician is missing. Silva and his team find her in Manaus, a jungle hellhole on the Amazon where an evil female doctor is making gory snuff films. Silva must overcome his own department’s indifference and the corrupt local cops before he can obtain a semblance of justice for the victims.  See more details below


The granddaughter of a prominent politician is missing. Silva and his team find her in Manaus, a jungle hellhole on the Amazon where an evil female doctor is making gory snuff films. Silva must overcome his own department’s indifference and the corrupt local cops before he can obtain a semblance of justice for the victims.

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Praise for the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series:

“Intelligent and subtle. . . . Lovers of suspenseful and sophisticated crime novels will be rewarded.”—Publishers Weekly

“An impressive follow up to an excellent debut. . . . Gage’s talents include not only captivating characters and realistic plots, but also an intensely realized sense of place and an unrelenting fast pace.”—Booklist

“Highly recommended.”—Library Journal, starred review

“Both a powerful political thriller and gripping crime fiction.”—Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Breathtaking. . . . A book you can’t afford to miss.”—Louise Ure

“Terrifically written, intelligent, and powerfully evocative. Leighton Gage is a master storyteller.”—Brian Haig

“As rich and complex as Brazil itself.”—Rebecca Pawel

Publishers Weekly
Chief Insp. Mario Silva does battle with not only criminals but also incompetence and corruption within the Brazilian bureaucracy in Gage's darkly violent third mystery to feature the wry, competent Silva (after 2009's Buried Strangers). The case of a missing teenage girl normally wouldn't involve the Brazilian Federal Police, unless the girl, Marta Malan, is the granddaughter of Deputado Roberto Malan, a powerful politician. Marta's disappearance is tied to a kidnapping and to a vile but lucrative international trade in underage girls, prostitution, and the making and distribution of snuff films. The trail leads to Manaus—the worst city in Brazil for crooked cops, poverty, and crime. While Marta, resourceful and brave, tries to avoid her fate, Silva and his small team of top cops try to ferret out her whereabouts before it's too late. Ruthless when necessary and under no illusions about the broken system within which he works, Silva is the right man in the right place. (Jan.)

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Chief Inspector Mario Silva Series, #3
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Leighton Gage has spent many years in Brazil, where he maintains a home. He also lives in Miami and spends part of the year in the Netherlands. His previous books in the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series, Blood of the Wicked and Buried Strangers, are also available.

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Dying Gasp (Chief Inspector Mario Silva Series #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Valca85 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the series, a captivating look at the child-prostitution trafficking in Brazil. The author was kind enough to offer me both this book and the second one and I am very thankful. I truly enjoyed it. The writing was as concise as the first one, but the story was even more thought out, the complex plot lines merging and weaving together in an almost seamless fashion. It was fast paced without being manic, and I for one, never found myself bored or confused. The characters are the best part of these two books. The main character Mario Silva, is a quirky mix of charisma, sarcasm and intelligence, and the supporting detectives, or agents, provide plenty of comic relief in a book that could easily have become too depressing for the common reader. The villain, whose identity I will not reveal because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, is fantastic. I highly enjoyed following her/his (if I say the genre, it's too easy) depraved plots. What I enjoy most in these books is the clarity in the writing. There is no attempt to fool the reader, only to tell a story well. That to me, is refreshing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the third mystery novel (in a series of five) that I have read, and all three have kept me totally engrossed and enthralled. The plots are complex and interesting and the characters are well-developed. The settings in Brazil are not the beaches of Rio, but Sao Paulo, Brazilia, Manaus, etc. If you are a fan of police mysteries, this is definitely top-notch reading.
macabr More than 1 year ago
DYING GASP opens with a bang. A bomb aboard a tram explodes, killing, among others, the driver of a postal truck. Mail that has been damaged is examined and discovered to contain a bomb of another sort: a DVD that sends the inspector running to the police. Examination of the DVD proves that it was made in Brazil. The performance on the disc shows humanity at its most depraved and the creators give ample proof that the horror is real. As he did in his previous books, Leighton Gage grabs readers with an immediacy that propels them into the story and compels them to keep turning the pages. Chief Inspector Mario Silva of the Brazil Federal Police is ordered to meet with Roberto Malan, a member of the Chamber of Deputies and one of the wealthiest men in the country. Malan's granddaughter is missing and he wants the federal police to investigate. Marta is 15 and has been missing for two months. She is an embarrassment to the family and her grandfather would prefer she not be found. But Mario Silva and his team, Hector Costa and Arnaldo Nunes, are determined to find and rescue this girl when they discover that she is in Manaus, a city whose corrupt leaders are notorious throughout the country. Leighton Gage creates nuanced and believable characters and settings that pull the reader into the page. It is storytelling at its best and the reader is engaged throughout the telling of this story because of the truth at its core. It is always the poor, the young, and the innocent that pay the price when people sell their souls. The search for Marta Malan is a search to find and stop the completely corrupted individuals who make money corrupting children, making prostitutes of girls young enough to play with dolls. And it is the story of Silva's search to find the woman who kills because she finds power in hearing the dying gasp of her victims. Brazil is the location of this book. The depraved behavior written for the characters in the book are evidenced in real life in every part of the world. Leighton Gage writes entertaining books about hard truths and it is the hard truths that set his books apart. The dying gasp one hears may well be that of a society that values pleasure at any cost above the value of life. DYING GASP, like BLOOD OF THE WICKED and BURIED GASP, prove that Gage's talent is real.
BookLoverCT More than 1 year ago
This is the third in the stories featuring Chief Inspector Mario Silva. The setting in the Brazilian wilds have all been exciting. This story centers around the granddaughter of a prominent dignitary that is missing. Young girls are stolen and sold. Underage forced prostitution. Mario is a character you can like.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found it interesting to read. Mr. Gage handled the horrible situation in a direct way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago