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Green Jasper

Green Jasper

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by K. M. Grant

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Is it foolish to think that one boy and a blood red horse can save a fair maiden and the throne of England?

Will and Gavin de Granville have come back from the crusade older, braver, and definitely wiser.

Ellie has been longing for their return. But theyve changed. And home is almost as dangerous as the war theyve just left.

The king is


Is it foolish to think that one boy and a blood red horse can save a fair maiden and the throne of England?

Will and Gavin de Granville have come back from the crusade older, braver, and definitely wiser.

Ellie has been longing for their return. But theyve changed. And home is almost as dangerous as the war theyve just left.

The king is missing. The country is in turmoil. And some men would do anything for power. What will two brothers risk for the woman they both love and the king they have both sworn to protect and serve? In the second book of the de Granville trilogy, Will and Gavin find their family - and all of England - in serious peril.

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Children's Literature
After the Crusades, King Richard is trapped by the Germans and his younger brother John aspires to the throne dividing England. The de Granville brothers are caught in the middle. Will and Gavin have returned home from the Crusades to settle down but on Gavin's and Eleanor's wedding day, Constable de Scabious attacks the castle and kidnaps Eleanor, declaring that John is King and has given him permission to marry Eleanor. Gavin was seriously injured in the skirmish and unsure of their course of action, but Will is determined and sets off in pursuit, only to be captured and thrown in the dungeon. After many setbacks, all comes together and in true melodrama fashion the hero (in this case Will) conquers the villain and rescues the fair maiden. All do not live happily ever after, however, as King Richard needs to be ransomed and the kingdom rebuilt. This is Book Two of "The de Granville Trilogy" and Hosanna, Will's blood-red horse, weaves a common thread among many of the characters throughout both books. People from many walks of life are loyal to the horse and, therefore, to the person who owns him. 2006, Walker & Company, Ages 12 to 17.
—Janet L. Rose
In the middle of Ellie and Gavin's wedding, their old nemesis, Constable De Scabious, arrives at Hartslove with a squad of soldiers, announcing that Richard the Lion Hearted is dead. Furthermore he claims that Prince John, the new King of England, has granted De Scabious permission to marry Ellie. De Scabious abducts Ellie and sets fire to the castle, leaving Gavin, already emotionally and physically scarred by the loss of his right arm, wounded and humiliated when he and the unarmed wedding guests are unable to prevent it. Will, frustrated by his brother's apparent ineffective response to the attack, sets out to save Ellie himself, further complicating the situation when he is also captured. Eventually Gavin must give his life to save Will and Ellie; while a Saracen ally, Kamil, aids in thwarting Prince John's plot to assassinate his brother Richard, the King. Safely home at Hartslove, Will, who has always loved Ellie, remains reluctant to declare his affection in the face of his brother's ultimate sacrifice. A worthy successor to Blood Red Horse (Walker, 2005/VOYA June 2006), the first book in the De Granville Trilogy, this sequel brings the reality of the middle ages to life with integrity and imagination. Both books explore the inevitability of change and loss and the importance of unfailing loyalty. Will's mysterious horse, Hosanna, weaves a constant thread through the pages, mirroring Will's own capture and deliverance. Like its predecessor, this fast-paced, innovative glimpse into the past will spur excellent book discussions. Include both novels on your YA shelves. VOYA CODES: 4Q 4P M J S (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Broad general YA appeal; Middle School,defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12). 2006, Walker, 248p., Ages 11 to 18.
—Nancy K. Wallace
School Library Journal
Gr 5-9-Green Jasper begins where Blood Red Horse (Walker, 2005) ended. With King Richard imprisoned and supposed dead, there is turmoil in England in the 12th century. Will and Gavin de Granville have returned from the crusade older, wiser, and scarred from battle, Gavin having lost an arm. His betrothed, Ellie, has waited patiently for their return and now is preparing for her marriage. The ceremony is disrupted by Constable de Scabious and his men, who have spread rumors that King Richard is dead and that his brother John has taken the throne. When Ellie is kidnapped and taken to de Scabious's castle, Will feels that his duty is to rescue her while Gavin, who has been injured again, believes that they must be more cautious. Ellie, while waiting and hoping for rescue, holds on to her green jasper necklace, a wedding gift from Gavin that represents faith. Throughout this second adventure of the de Granvilles, loyalties are divided, conflicts arise, and villagers are unsure whom they can trust. Hosanna, the blood red horse, plays an important role in tying the characters together and aiding the knights in their quest to protect the king and rescue the woman they love. Although this action-packed novel can be read alone, it is much more enjoyable if read in sequence.-Denise Moore, O'Gorman Junior High School, Sioux Falls, SD Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

K. M. Grant was the third of seven children, and she grew up in the wild countryside of Scotland. When she was younger, she learned that her ancestor, Frances Townley, was executed in 1746 for his faith and his severed head was shipped around the country as an example to others. Her family kept a lock of his hair framed in the sitting room to remember him by. That family lore fueled Grants imagination, and later, a wild red horse named Muffet inspired her to write about Hosanna. She lives in Glascow, Scotland, with her husband and children where she works as a journalist and a broadcaster.

Blood Red Horse was K. M. Grants first novel. The thrilling conclusion to the de Granville trilogy, Blaze of Silver, will be published next spring.
K. M. GRANT is the author of the acclaimed de Granville trilogy, the Perfect Fire trilogy, and How the Hangman Lost His Heart. She lives in Scotland and works as a writer and broadcaster.

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