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Leaving Whiskey Bend

Leaving Whiskey Bend

3.4 16
by Dorothy Garlock

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The new novel from the Voice of America's Heartland, Dorothy Garlock.

In l890 two friends, middle-aged Pearl and pretty, young schoolteacher Hallie, have just about decided to leave the rough Western town of Whiskey Bend, where both are disillusioned with the way they have been treated. The final straw comes when they witness their friend Mary being


The new novel from the Voice of America's Heartland, Dorothy Garlock.

In l890 two friends, middle-aged Pearl and pretty, young schoolteacher Hallie, have just about decided to leave the rough Western town of Whiskey Bend, where both are disillusioned with the way they have been treated. The final straw comes when they witness their friend Mary being assaulted in the street by her stepbrother Chester and no one steps forward to help her. They decide to leave and take Mary with them. They go out to the shack where Chester and Mary live to get her, but when Chester attacks them, Pearl shoots him in the leg. He screams after the three that he will follow them wherever they go. Desperately they drive away in an open wagon seeking a new life and safety. One night along the way they are caught in a violent storm and Mary nearly drowns in a roiling river. She is saved by a daring young rancher who brings them back to his home to stay until Mary recovers. The rancher has troubles of his own. He is condemned by his mother for having left his father to run the ranch alone years earlier. He is searching for the murderer of his younger brother. And someone now is trying to kill him. Attracted to him and grateful, Hallie vows to help him.

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Publishers Weekly

Garlock's newest (after On Tall Pine Lake) feels old, and not just because it's set in 1890. Schoolteacher Hallie Wolcott flees Whiskey Bend, Colo., with her friends Pearl and Mary after Mary is beaten by Chester, one of the town's many brutes. Pearl, the eldest, has been through this before, and she won't rest until they find a place that feels safe. Fortunately, a powerful storm leaves them washed up at tumbledown ranch owned by Eli Morgan. Eli's cantankerous and cruel mother wants no part of the women, but she begrudgingly changes her mind when an accident lands her in bed. Meanwhile, Chester's been tracking the ladies; will he find them at the ranch, the place where each woman feels she can finally find true happiness? The answer to this and other "cliffhangers" are apparent to the reader long before the resolutions are played out on the page. The prose is lifeless, the dialogue wooden and the whole thing reads like a poorly strung-together mishmash of western romance tropes. (Nov.)

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Janet Dailey
"Every Dorothy Garlock book is synonymous with a great read."
Sandra Brown
"There is nothing better than Dorothy Garlock at her best."
From the Publisher
"Every Dorothy Garlock book is synonymous with a great read."—Janet Dailey"

There is nothing better than Dorothy Garlock at her best."—Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author"

A delightful treasure."—Publishers Weekly

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Janet Dailey
Every Dorothy Garlock book is synonymous with a great read.

Meet the Author

Dorothy Garlock is the author of over 50 novels that have sold over 15 million copies and are published in 15 languages. She lives in Iowa.

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Leaving Whiskey Bend 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Phoebe_Jordan More than 1 year ago
Dorothy Garlock is a New York Times bestselling author and she is even quoted as "THE VOICE OF AMERICA'S HEARTLAND." Dorothy Garlock writings mostly in the time period of the 1920s and 1930s but she also writes in the time period of the 1980s. I personally love to read her books, which I stumbled on to while I was walking around Barnes & Noble one day searching for new books. She is an automatic buy for me because even though I've read that some people thought her novels are repetative I don't think that's true. Schoolteacher Hallie Wolcott, the heroine, and her no-nonsense friend Pearl Parsons know there¿s got to be a better place to live than the roughneck town of Whiskey Bend, Colorado. Wow I alway find out the names of some of the states the west of NYC so interesting even if the author has made up the town it's interesting how each small down has a weird name. I especially like it that they usually name it for something the town is either famous for or something important happened in the town and it was named after that. Now when Hallie and Pearl's friend Mary is assaulted by her brutal stepbrother, it¿s the last straw for these two women.

Hallie and Pearl pull up stakes, rescue Mary, and put as many miles of Colorado wilderness behind them as they can. But a violent storm soon sends their journey careening in a different direction and that is when things get really interesting for these three ladies on the run. Enter Eli Morgan, a quiet rancher deep in family troubles¿and pursued by unseen, ruthless enemies. Eli has come home from being in the army to find out that his family is in shambles and that his father is long dead and buried by his murdered younger brother. Now with Mary¿s vengeful stepbrother closing in on them all, Hallie must learn strength, perseverance, and courage¿if she is to claim the life and love that can be hers. There is a lot of drama and suspense in this novel because I thought I had an idea on who murdered Eli's younger brother but by the end I found I was completely wrong. I also loved the chemistry that was going on between the female and male characters in the novel such as the heroine and hero Hallie and Eli but also between Pearl and Eli's uncle Hank. I enjoyed this book very much and I look forward to all of Dorothy Garlocks future novels.
ReviewYourBook.com More than 1 year ago
Leaving Whiskey Bend
Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 9780446695343
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com, 2008
4 stars
Western romance¿
Hallie, Pearl, and Mary escape Whiskey Bend, looking for a better life. Mary¿s abusive stepbrother is hot on their trail. Eli Morgan offers the women shelter and help, but he has his own problems, one of them being his mother. Hallie and Eli find themselves falling in love. Together they face the past so that they can have a future.
I always enjoy Dorothy Garlock¿s books. Leaving Whiskey Bend is no exception. I would not say this is her best book, but it is entertaining. I liked the female characters. They were well developed and endearing. Overall I like, Leaving Whiskey Bend and recommend it to fans of western romance.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1890 Whiskey Bend, Colorado, Chester Remnick beat up his stepsister Mary in public; none of the men intervened. Mary¿s friend Pearl Parsons warns Chester to stay away from her and his stepsister or she will use her rifle to convert him into a hen; she does shoot him in the leg. The two women and schoolteacher Hallie Wolcott decide to flee the brutality and abuse of the town.

A previous victim of abuse, Pearl vows to find a safe haven for her friends. A storm almost kills Mary, but she is rescued by a rancher Eli Morgan, who gives them shelter at his rundown spread while she heals over the objection of his malicious mother who knows the women mean trouble and wants them to leave. Outraged from the affront Chester is hunting the women with plans to take the friends to teach them a lesson and bring home his stepsister to take care of his shack. Eli has his own issues as his mom never forgave him for abandoning the family years ago and a need to find out who murdered his younger brother Caleb. As he and Hallie fall in love, neither are prepared for an unknown adversary who wants him dead.

Although intriguing with the premise of late nineteenth century abuse and with solid key characters, the romance fails to come across as realistic; as that and the climax seem abrupt. Still fans of Dorothy Garlock will enjoy her western romance as family issues threaten the lives of Eli and the three women he vows to protect.

Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy Ms. Garlock's stories, finding them beautifully written. But this one was so similar to "A Week From Sunday" I was really disappointed. The 2 lead characters fell in love so quickly, I thought I'd missed something, and the resolution at the end was very weak. This was disappointing because some areas of prose were some of Ms. Garlock's best - beautiful imagery, but an unbelievable plot - even for romantic fiction!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Altho i luv Garlocks books, this one was a little off. The main hero and heroibe fell in luv fast byt there was hardly any tenderness & romance between that time and the ending. I did luv abe and how lovingly he treated mary.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story !!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kronan1 More than 1 year ago
It was OK......................................................................................................................... Good enough to get from the library but I'd think twice before spending $6.99 for it. The characters are a little weak the story did not have a good flow. First story I've read from this writer. Not sure I'd go out of my way to look for one of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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