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More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks

More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks

by Wayne Rice, Zondervan

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Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks -- Wayne Rice's original collection of stories, parables, and anecdotes -- was an instant bestseller. Youth workers clamored for more. And here they are! Wayne has assembled another 100 illustrations from his own files and from the files of youth ministry's best speakers -- Tony Campolo - Doug Fields - Laurie Polich - Miles


Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks -- Wayne Rice's original collection of stories, parables, and anecdotes -- was an instant bestseller. Youth workers clamored for more. And here they are! Wayne has assembled another 100 illustrations from his own files and from the files of youth ministry's best speakers -- Tony Campolo - Doug Fields - Laurie Polich - Miles McPherson Brennan Manning - Les Christie - Bill McNabb - Joel Lusz -- and many more! Here are all kinds of stories for all kinds of youth talks -- devotionals, Bible lessons, openers, humorous anecdotes, poignant narratives, fables, real-life stories. They're all indexed by topic, and they all work with teenagers. They're just the thing to give your youth talks that extra spark you're looking for. If you've used Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks (or used it up!), welcome to this all new collection. If this is your introduction to Hot Illustrations, you're in for a treat -- and your kids will love you for it!

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A Candle in the Darkness
Several years ago in Timisoara, Romania, Laszlo Tokes became pastor of
Timisoara's small Hungarian Reformed Church. Tokes preached the Gospel boldly, and within two years membership had swelled to fi ve thousand.
But success can be dangerous in a Communist country. Authorities stationed police offi cers in front of the church on Sundays, cradling machine guns. They hired thugs to attack Pastor Tokes. They confi scated his ration book so he couldn't buy food or fuel. Finally, in December 1989, they decided to send him into exile.
But when police arrived to hustle Pastor Tokes away, they were stopped cold. Around the entrance of the church stood a wall of humanity. Members of other churches---Baptist, Adventist, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Catholic---had joined together to protest.
Though police tried to disperse the crowd, the people held their post all day and into the night. Then, just after midnight, a 19-year-old Baptist student named Daniel Gavra pulled out a packet of candles. He lit one and passed it to his neighbor.
When Tokes peered out the window, he was struck by the warm glow refl ecting off hundreds of faces. That moment, he said later, was the 'turning point in my life.' His religious prejudices evaporated. Here were members of the body of Christ, completely disregarding denominational divisions, joining hands in his defense.
It was a moving testimony to Christian unity.
The crowd stayed all through the night---and the next night. Finally police broke through. They bashed in the church door, bloodied Pastor Tokes'
face, then paraded him and his wife through the crowd and out into the night.
But that was not the end.
No, the religious protest led---as it always does---to political protest.
The people streamed to the city square and began a full-scale demonstration against the Communist government. Again Daniel passed out his candles.
First they had burned for Christian unity; now they burned for freedom.
This was more than the government could tolerate. They brought in troops and ordered them to open fi re on the crowd. Hundreds were shot.
Young Daniel felt a searing pain as his leg was blown off. But the people of
Timisoara stood bravely against the barrage of bullets.
And by their example they inspired the entire population of Romania.
Within days the nation had risen up and the bloody dictator Ceausescu was gone.
For the fi rst time in half a century, Romanians celebrated Christmas in freedom.
Daniel celebrated in the hospital, where he was learning to walk with crutches. His pastor came to offer sympathy, but Daniel wasn't looking for sympathy.
'Pastor, I don't mind so much the loss of a leg,' he said. 'After all, it was I who lit the fi rst candle.'
The candle that lit up an entire country.
With a candle, a nineteen-year-old boy sparked a revolution that is still being felt today. Romania is a free country thanks to the efforts of people like Daniel Gavra who were willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of the Gospel and for basic human rights.
You can make a difference wherever you are if you are willing to take a stand. Don't wait for everyone else to do it. Be the fi rst to light your candle.
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Little River Community Church was located just down the street from
First Memorial Church. Since they were located on the same street in the same town, the two youth groups from the two churches were often competing with each other. They participated in the same softball league, the same basketball league, and had become intense rivals. Little River Community was always trying to outdo First Memorial and vice versa.
One Sunday, following a Bible study on serving others, the youth group at Little River Community Church decided to go out into their community and put their faith into action. The youth pastor organized the kids into
'ministry teams' and challenged them go out and to serve others. They could do anything---but they needed to remember: 'Do what Jesus would do.'
So the youth group from Little River Community Church fanned out into the neighborhood and starting serving. One group washed cars for people up and down the street. Another group pumped gas for free at a selfservice gas station. Another group went to a convalescent home and sang songs to the shut-ins who lived there.
After the time was up, all the ministry teams returned to the church and reported what they had done. Each group had stories to tell, as they shared what they learned and how it made them feel.
One of the groups told of how they had gone to serve a woman who lived close to First Memorial Church. When First Memorial, their rival, was mentioned, everyone groaned. 'We mowed grass, raked leaves and did yardwork for her,' said one of the students. 'She was real nice. And after we were through, she invited us in and prayed for us. And then she said, 'You young people from First Memorial Church are always doing such nice things for us old folks.''
'Oh no!' said the youth pastor. 'She thought you were from First
Memorial? Well, I hope you set her straight. Did you tell her that you weren't from First Memorial but from Little River Community?'
'Well . . . no we didn't,' said the student, surprised by the youth pastor's question. 'You told us to do what Jesus would do, didn't you? We decided that Jesus would just keep his mouth shut.'
This true story (the names have been changed) is remarkable because most of us would probably have been quick to let the woman know she was wrong to credit someone else for the work we had done. But the way of Jesus is not concerned with who gets the credit. In fact, the way of Jesus is to actually rejoice in the good fortune of others. It is to put others fi rst, ourselves last.
When we serve, we should not be concerned with getting credit for it, but with glorifying God. He is the one who should receive praise and thanks. The object of service is not to make ourselves look good, but to direct people's attention to God.
A Diet for Losers
If you are interested in losing weight, I present to you the incredible new'Loser's Diet.' Just follow this diet and you are sure to lose.
1/2 grapefruit
1 slice whole wheat toast
8 oz. skim milk
4 oz. lean broiled chicken breast
1 cup steamed zucchini
1 Oreo cookie
Herb tea
Rest of the package of Oreos
1 quart rocky-road ice cream
1 jar hot fudge
2 loaves garlic bread
Large pepperoni and mushroom pizza
Large pitcher of root beer
2 Snickers bars
Entire frozen cheesecake, eaten directly from freezer
* If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories.
* If you drink a diet soda with a candy bar, they cancel each other out.
* When eating with someone else, calories don't count if you both eat.
* Food used for medical purposes never counts, such as: hot chocolate, toast,
and Sara Lee cheesecake.
* If you fatten up everyone else around you, then you look thinner.

Meet the Author

Wayne Rice is founder and director of Understanding Your Teenager (UYT), an organization serving parents of teens and pre-teens. He is adjunct professor of youth ministry at Bethel Theological Seminary (San Diego) and at North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls. He lives with his wife in Lakeside, CA.

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