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Pretend Mom

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by Rita Hestand

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Dixie Kincaid came home to put away the past and get on with her future. She never dreamed Mike Dalton might be part of that future, nor his adorable daughter who wanted her to play Pretend Mom.  See more details below


Dixie Kincaid came home to put away the past and get on with her future. She never dreamed Mike Dalton might be part of that future, nor his adorable daughter who wanted her to play Pretend Mom.

Editorial Reviews

Roamnce Reviews Today
PRETEND MOM is a touching tale of two strong-willed, stubborn characters who just can't seem to figure out how to get together and stay together. As vulnerable as Dixie feels, her strength and determination shine through, making her a likeable heroine, with a good heart and sense of humor. Mike is a little rough around the edges, although he's always around to lend a hand to Dixie when the going gets rough, and he certainly has the dimensions and conflict of a true blue hero. The writing is crisp and fast paced - I especially enjoy the scenes where Dixie finds herself in trouble, and her inner dialogue as she faces adversity is especially enjoyable. For a fun story with sympathetic and interesting characters, PRETEND MOM is the perfect read. Don't miss it!"

--Astrid Kinn

Romance Reviews Today

A sweet story of two people who separated and were later brought back together for a second chance to know each other. I never stopped reading it until it ended. Amanda just stole my heart. Yes, I will gladly recommend this one to all!
Glenda Tudor
Rita Hestand, will make you laugh and cry and shout with joy in her novel "Pretend Mom." It's one of the best stories that I have ever read...and will read again and again and again . (Glenda Tudor author of COLORADO SPITFIRE)
Tracy Eastgate
PRETEND MOM isn't just another 'Romance' book. It is quite a bit more. Author Rita Hestand has given us issues that are real and added to it creating a wonderful story. PRETEND MOM is a story that reads quickly without leaving anything out. It keeps you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next while providing you with laughter and at times tears. From a reviewer that doesn't care that much for Contemporary Romance books I will say that this has been an absolute delightful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

4 Stars! (Tracy Eastgate of Tracy's Book Reviews

Ivy Quill Reviews
The characters in Pretend Mom are delightful - small-town, full of quirks and whimsy, and utterly loveable. Dixie, whose successful career somehow isn't all she dreamed it would be, is a down-to-earth and sweetly "girl-next-door" sort of heroine, and Mike is a hero practically any woman can dream about. The addition of a secondary romance, a few adorable children, and spiteful rumors that abound in any small town create a setting that compels the reader to grab a blanket and settle in until the end of the story. Rita Hestand's writing style is refreshing and fun. Lighthearted and enjoyable, Pretend Mom is a book I read in one sitting, and it left a smile

on my face when I finally put it down. This one is happily recommended, and I'll be eager for more stories from Ms. Hestand!"

(Sally Laturi of Ivy Quill Reviews,)

Scribes Reviews
PRETEND MOM is a lighthearted romance with likable characters in Dixie and Mike. They have an understandable fear of letting someone get close to their heart. Mandy is a lovable child and only in the story as necessary. There has been much criticism about picking up a romance and it being more about the children than the adults, but this book doesn't have that problem. I liked Mandy and the part about the pretend Mom."

3 Stars! (Hattie Boyd of Scribes World Reviews)

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Meet the Author

Recentlhy widowed, Rita Hestand is a mother, grandmother and even a great grandmother. She has helped raise her grandchildren and been an active part of their lives.

Rita comes from deep in the heart of Texas and writes romance, westerns, children's and poetry.

Find her work at, Barnes and,, and soon Fictionwise.

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