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Princess Charming

Princess Charming

4.0 6
by Jane Heller

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The original “Three Blonde Mice” novel featuring three best friends, all divorced, who take a cruise together. The trip could be their last—unless they sort out which of the adoring passengers is Mr. Right and which is the hit man hired by one of their not-so-adoring ex-husbands.

What do you get when you put three divorced women and


The original “Three Blonde Mice” novel featuring three best friends, all divorced, who take a cruise together. The trip could be their last—unless they sort out which of the adoring passengers is Mr. Right and which is the hit man hired by one of their not-so-adoring ex-husbands.

What do you get when you put three divorced women and one desperate hit man on a ship bound for the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean? You get Jane Heller’s sparkling novel of love, sex, and murder. Feisty, fast-talking P.R. executive Elaine Zimmerman and her best friends Jackie Gault and Pat Kovecky have taken their annual vacations together ever since they first met in the courthouse getting their respective divorces.

This year, Jackie and Pat have talked the land-locked Elaine into a seven-day cruise aboard a spectacular megaship, the Princess Charming. It isn’t her idea of a good time—especially when her luggage is mislaid and she’s forced to resort to the ship boutique’s tacky version of cruisewear. The chip on Elaine’s shoulder gets knocked off by a surge of romantic electricity the first night at sea when she’s seated next to Sam Peck. This couldn’t be love at first sight (because she doesn’t believe in love at first sight), or even lust at first sight (because she’s the least lusty person on the planet), but whatever it is she can’t resist it. She’s on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, and it wouldn’t kill her to fall in love.

…Or would it?

A glimmer of doubt becomes full-fledged suspicion when Elaine inadvertently learns that somebody’s ex-wife has been marked for murder—and the hired hit man is already on board. But who’s going to believe a world-wary New York career woman with a touch of paranoia? More to the point, whose ex is out to deep-six whom…

Princess Charming is a sexy, funny, buoyant celebration of friendship, life, lust and, of course, true love. Even if the glass slipper is several sizes too small and the prince arrives about ten years too late.

“Heller strikes again with this razzle-dazzle cruise ship murder mystery, sure to be a big hit with her faithful following.”—KIRKUS

“Jane Heller continues to carve out her own uniquely wonderful and wacky writing niche. PRINCESS CHARMING is sure to make you snicker with delight!”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

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Kirkus Reviews
Heller strikes again with this razzle-dazzle cruise ship murder mystery, sure to be a big hit with her faithful following (Infernal Affairs, 1996, etc.).

The Princess Charming is the crown jewel of the Sea Swan line. Middle-aged clichés Elaine Zimmerman (world-weary, hardened divorcee), Pat Kovecky (mom with a heart of gold abandoned by husband in mid-life crisis), and Jackie Gault (hot-to-trot suddenly single fortysomething) have done Canyon Ranch, hit Telluride, been to Anguilla—why not a Caribbean cruise? At least that's what Pat and Jackie tell a reluctant Elaine, who, of course, loses her luggage as soon as she steps on board and is forced to buy sequined gowns from the on-ship boutique to wear day and night, for everything from day trips to shipboard strolling. But that's the least of Elaine's problems. The first day out she overhears an ominous phone call and learns that someone on board is trying to murder one of her friends. Meanwhile, after years of dating Mr. Wrong and all his brothers in Manhattan, she's finally met a man she likes, at her assigned dinner table no less—Sam Peck is wealthy, handsome, successful, and suave. All of the tablemates, however, become suspects in Elaine's quest to save her friend (she's still not sure which of the two is in trouble). The oversexed elderly couple and the rich Greenwich stockbroker and his shopaholic wife could be less harmless than they first appear—and even Sam himself could be a heartless killer. The popular travel magazine, Away From It All, comes into play, with a surprise ending that hinges on a secret identity, but rest assured that they all—including the endearing worrywart Elaine—get what they truly deserve.

As easy and mindless as seven days at sea on a deluxe cruise—slick, sassy, and expertly executed.

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Princess Charming 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, it had the right amount of mystery, romance, and laugh-out-loud humor that is perfect for a rainy day. I'd highly suggest it to anyone for a break from the sobby, melodramatic romance you get nowadays. Definitely, definitely worth it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great summer read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A cute story with plenty of laughs. A light read. Enjoyable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Elaine Zimmerman, Pat Kovecky and Jackie Gault have been termed the Three Blonde Mice since they met years ago when they were recently divorced from their husbands. Over the years they formed a beautiful friendship and went on annual vacations together. When one of them suggests a cruise for their upcoming holiday, Elaine Zimmerman was none too happy.What self respecting career driven Manhattan woman would board a ship named Princess Charming? But with much persuasion, Elaine finds herself boarding a fourteen story ship with a big glass slipper as their logo ( how lame) along with two thousand other passengers. The holiday starts on the wrong foot for Elaine when her luggage goes missing and she is left with no other choice but to purchase the dreadful sequined dresses in the Princess Charming boutique. To further `sweeten¿ the deal, the `heavenly view of the ocean¿ through a miniscule porthole is obscured by a gigantic lifeboat. But the arrival of a dashing man that goes by the name of Sam Peck brings some positive vibes for Elaine and she soon finds herself in an unexpected wondrous vacation romance. However, Elaine¿s little bubble of happiness evaporates when she accidentally stumbles upon information that an embittered ex husband has arranged for one of them to be killed on the cruise. Suddenly, Jackie falls sick with a mysterious ailment and Pat falls down a flight of stairs, forcing Elaine to wonder whether there was something more sinister about the unfortunate events that befell her friends. On her quest to investigate matters, Elaine finds herself second guessing all the men on the ship ¿ including her very own love interest. A lighthearted comedic book brimming with lush romance and rollicking wit, Jane Heller¿s lame idea of a hit man sent to murder a bitchy ex wife can easily pass of as an episode of the Love Boat starring the Golden Girls. Readers either find it so utterly dull that they would skip the pages to get to the end of the book for the conclusion, or they would be so engrossed in the novel and not see it coming. The choice is yours.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Boring, redundant and disappointing. Listened to audiobook, so it may have been the fact that the reader was horrible. It was just down-right unfinishable.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The three forty-something friends with no men in their lives, Elaine Zimmerman, Pat Kovecky and Jackie Gault, have gone on several vacations together. Pat and Jackie decide that their trip ought to be a Caribbean cruise on The Princess Charming. Reluctantly the third amigo agrees though the sailing makes her nervous...................... The trek starts off poorly for Elaine when she loses her luggage; she replaces her missing clothing by buying from the boutique sequined gowns that she must wear at all times. Elaine panics when she overhears someone planning to murder one of her buddies. She wonders which of the people at their table the killer is. She makes inquires hoping that is not Sam Peck, who she likes, but how could it be the elderly couple too busy having sex to kill anyone or the stockbroker and his wife too busy shopping and avoiding sex to kill anyone. ....................... Though the three female buddies are overly stereotyped, readers will enjoy this fine amateur sleuth romance due ironically because of the likable trio. Elaine is the prime star cruising for clues on who and why someone she dines with wants to kill one of her friends even as she wonders if a major suspect is at long last the love she has waited for over four decades to meet. Jane Heller writes a lighthearted romantic cruise mystery that is fun to read.............. Harriet Klausner