The Last Mile (Amos Decker Series #2)

The Last Mile (Amos Decker Series #2)

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by David Baldacci

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In his #1 New York Times bestseller Memory Man, David Baldacci introduced the extraordinary detective Amos Decker-the man who can forget nothing. Now, Decker returns in a spectacular new thriller . . .
Convicted murderer Melvin Mars is counting down the last hours before his execution—for the violent killing of his


In his #1 New York Times bestseller Memory Man, David Baldacci introduced the extraordinary detective Amos Decker-the man who can forget nothing. Now, Decker returns in a spectacular new thriller . . .
Convicted murderer Melvin Mars is counting down the last hours before his execution—for the violent killing of his parents twenty years earlier—when he's granted an unexpected reprieve. Another man has confessed to the crime.
Amos Decker, newly hired on an FBI special task force, takes an interest in Mars's case after discovering the striking similarities to his own life: Both men were talented football players with promising careers cut short by tragedy. Both men's families were brutally murdered. And in both cases, another suspect came forward, years after the killing, to confess to the crime. A suspect who may or may not have been telling the truth.
The confession has the potential to make Melvin Mars—guilty or not—a free man. Who wants Mars out of prison? And why now?
But when a member of Decker's team disappears, it becomes clear that something much larger—and more sinister—than just one convicted criminal's life hangs in the balance. Decker will need all of his extraordinary brainpower to stop an innocent man from being executed.

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From the Publisher
"Entertaining and enlightening, The Last Mile is a rich novel that has much to offer...In the best Baldacci tradition, the action is fast and furious. But The Last Mile is more than a good action thriller. It sheds light on racism, a father-son relationship and capital punishment. Both Mars and Decker are substantive, solid characters....Utterly absorbing."—Associated Press

[Amos Decker is] one of the most unique protagonists seen in thriller fiction....David Baldacci has always been a top-notch thriller writer ...[his] fertile imagination and intricate plotting abilities make each of his books a treat for thriller readers. THE LAST MILE is no exception."—"

The intricate details in Baldacci's explosive new novel engage until the final word. He's hit the pinnacle traveling the Deep South and exploring its traditions. Decker and his compatriots are characters to remember long after reading this impressive undertaking."—RT Book Reviews (4 1/2 stars - Top Pick!)"

A compelling mystery with emotional resonance. Just when the story line heads to what seems an obvious conclusion, Baldacci veers off course with a surprising twist. The end result is another exciting read from a thriller master."—Library Journal (Starred Review)"

Baldacci excels at developing interesting, three-dimensional protagonists...Baldacci fans will not be disappointed, and The Last Mile gives good reason to look forward to the next Amos Decker thriller."—New York Journal of Books

It's big, bold and almost impossible to put down...Decker is one of the most unusual detectives any novelist has dreamed up...I called this novel a master class on the bestseller because of its fast-moving narrative, the originality of its hero and its irresistible plot....Highly entertaining."—Washington Post on Memory Man"

David Baldacci has written another thriller that will have readers engaged from the first page....Baldacci is a master storyteller...MEMORY MAN works because Amos Decker is an amazing character. Reading how Decker journeys from hitting rock bottom to finding ultimate redemption is nothing short of rewarding."—Associated Press on Memory Man"

Perennial bestseller Baldacci unveils an offbeat hero with an unusual skill set and tragic past who takes on the evil mastermind behind a devastating school shooting..[Decker] proves a quirky, original antihero with a definite method to his madness...Readers will want to see Decker back on the printed page again and again."—Kirkus Reviews on Memory Man

Publishers Weekly
In bestseller Baldacci’s so-so sequel to 2015’s Memory Man, the FBI persuades Amos Decker—a former professional football player, whose career-ending injury left him with some unusual abilities, including an almost perfect memory—to join a new unit that combines special agents and “civilians with special skills” to reopen select cold cases. Decker advocates for a case that appears resolved. Former college football standout Melvin Mars is reprieved minutes from his execution after another convict on death row, Charles Montgomery, confesses to murdering Mars’s parents in their Texas home more than 20 years earlier. Decker feels an affinity for Mars, since the two played against each other once, and Decker also lost family members to a killer. His strong feelings prevail, and his unit looks into whether Montgomery is being truthful and why he waited so long to come forward. Despite his extra brain power, Decker doesn’t leave much of an impression. This entry will work best for readers with a taste for improbable resolutions. Agent: Aaron Priest, Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency. (Apr.)
Library Journal
In Baldacci's Memory Man, football player-turned-police detective Amos Decker loses his entire family to murder and ends up as a seedy private investigator. His second case is bolstered by a 500,000-copy first printing.
Kirkus Reviews
Amos Decker, Baldacci's hulking former NFL player and one-time police investigator, is back for a case involving death row inmates, a brutal double murder, and a shattered sports career. When readers first met Amos Decker, he was a socially inept giant mired in the past; his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law were brutally murdered in Decker's own home. Living out of a tiny motel room and working as a private investigator, Decker finally solved their murders and helped the FBI put a relentless killer to bed. Now, Decker has reported for duty at a special FBI unit to work cold cases. Commanded by Special Agent Ross Bogart, the unit includes journalist Alexandra Jamison, clinical psychologist Lisa Davenport, and the sullen Todd Milligan, an FBI field agent. The team reports for their first day of duty and almost immediately travels from Quantico to Texas to work the case of a former NFL shoo-in, Melvin Mars, who—on the brink of the pro football draft—was arrested, charged, and convicted of killing his parents. But on the eve of Mars' execution, another man in another state, also on death row, confesses to killing the pair. Upon their arrival in Texas, the team from Quantico finds the case against Mars makes less and less sense. When readers first met Decker, he was maladjusted and brilliant, his NFL career cut short by a vicious hit that altered his life and left him with perfect recall. And it was his incredible memory that solved his cases. This new, improved, vanilla Decker is less interesting than the damaged hero Baldacci first introduced. And while the case starts out with plenty of potential, Decker's incredible memory really isn't flexed much here, so it's ultimately solved by ordinary detective work. Riddled with implausible situations and light on the research, this plodding tale is for die-hard Baldacci fans only.

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Grand Central Publishing
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Amos Decker Series , #2
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5.20(w) x 7.30(h) x 1.30(d)

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David Baldacci is a global, #1 bestselling author. His books are published in over 45 languages and in more than 80 countries, and have been adapted for both feature film and television. David Baldacci is also the cofounder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across America.

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Northern Virginia
Date of Birth:
August 5, 1960
Place of Birth:
Richmond, VIrginia
B.A. in Political Science, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1982; J.D., University of Virginia, 1986

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The Last Mile 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 68 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As usual Mr Baldacci has hit another home run with this Amos Decker sequel. Everything this author writes is outstanding! Highly recommend! Warning: Be prepared to lose sleep, because you won't stop turning the pages!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great sequel to Memory Man. Reviewers seldom give Baldacci a good review, but who cares? We readers know a good writer when we find one. DB is one of the very best, in my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Where many books take a few chapters before I can really get interested, Amos Decker captivated my attention from the beginning. Looking forward to what will come next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent sequel in Decker series. Story has a lot of twists and I couldn't put it down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book hooked me im quickly! I enjoy the character and find it a game to figure things out before the book tells you! I did for part, but not all! I like finding things out and thinking, I didnt see that coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great reading as always in David's books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great followup to Memory Man. Look forward to more in this series!
Anonymous 9 months ago
This book is much better than the first of series. When something occurred, I kept thinking that explains why ... Curious if there will be a 3rd novel with Mars joining the team
Anonymous 10 months ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Loved Amos and felt deep sympathy for Melvin. Can't wait for the next book following Amos and whatever case he will be working on.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Very good!
Anonymous 11 months ago
All I can say is, "More Amos Decker, please?"
Anonymous 11 months ago
Fast reading. Liked the Amos Decker series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
I really enjoyed the first Amos Decker book - and I think this new novel is even better!! Great story from the first page to the last!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Read it!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great book. Enjoyed the history going back to civil rights. Great dialogue, continue writing outstanding books. One of your favorite fans.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Good tale. i only gave it 4 stars because some places in the plot were a bit thin. It was still a good read that kept my interest. Many twists
Anonymous 10 months ago
Suspense done exceptionally well.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great reading
Anonymous 1 days ago
Anonymous 3 days ago
I enjoyed this series of Amos Decker. Couldn't wait to see what came next. Hope to see the 3rd one out soon.
Anonymous 7 days ago
Not a fan of Decker, the other characters, the plot or dialogue of this book I've read and loved all Baldacci's books, but the Decker series is not up to par, and this book is the worse of the two. This one is filled with a combination of cliches and Decker's indulgent theories that are inexplicably never wrong even though there is usually no bases for his hunches. Why does he even have a team when he's so smart and on point all the time? The other characters don't contribute to the story line in a meaningful way which makes it a drag to have to hear Jamison ask dumb questions and immediately agree with whatever outlandish idea shoots out of Decker's mouth. Bogart, the actual FBI agent with the most experience doesn't have an original thought in his head either, and Baldacci actually had to make some characters disappear for a while (including Bogart) because their character development was so weak compared to the overwhelming Decker. Badacci's normal style has the reader strategizing and thinking alongside the main character until the very end. In this book, the suspense seems artificial and forced as the reader must wait for Decker to let everyone in on what he is thinking before we can understand the direction the story is heading. Very mindless. Unfortunately, this means the storyline actually revolves around Decker and not independent of him. This element was fine in the first Decker novel as that was the point of the story but it really makes no sense in this book.
Caroles_Random_Life 12 days ago
I am loving this series! When I first got my hands on this book, I decided to take a look at it which is quite normal for me. I usually thumb through a new book taking note of the number of pages, font size and other basic attributes. My eyes landed on the first page of this book and I didn't come up fro air until I had read 100 pages. I hadn't planned to read this book quite yet but I simply couldn't put it down. Both the story and characters in this book were wonderfully done. Amos Decker is a very interesting character. He remembers everything...literally. At first, this sounds like it would be a fantastic trait to have but when you start to thing about it, there are things that are best forgotten. This book also featured Melvin Mars, a man on death row for the murder of his parents. While Melvin has always claimed his innocence, he starts being taken seriously when another made confesses to the crime. Amos feels compelled to find the truth regarding the crimes that have kept Melvin in jail for the past 20 years. Things get complicated as they trace the past to try to find the truth. Melvin works with the team to try to get to the truth since he has been released from jail. At times, things become very dangerous as they get closer to the answers that they are looking for. The way this story was laid out really kept me guessing. I was never quite sure exactly how everything would come together but I had faith that Amos would find the right piece of evidence to solve the case. The twists and turns in this book really kept me guessing and the book ended up in areas that I would have never dreamed. I would highly recommend this books to mystery fans. Amos Decker is a unique detective and love what his special abilities add to the story. This is the second book in the series but could be read a stand alone with little difficultly. I can't wait to see what case Amos will be asked to solve next! I received a review copy of this book from Grand Central Publishing for the purpose of providing an honest review.
Anonymous 19 days ago
I could not figure out this mystery. It was a really good puzzle to slowly unravel.