Vanished (Private Series #12)

( 142 )


After the initiation into Reed’s newly created secret society, Noelle has disappeared and the only clue is a mysterious note. Is Reed the cause or is there something more sinister happening? With the warning not to tell anyone about the kidnapping, it is up to Reed to rescue Noelle and hopefully solve the mystery of the Billings Literary Society before she becomes the next target.

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Vanished (Private Series #12)

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After the initiation into Reed’s newly created secret society, Noelle has disappeared and the only clue is a mysterious note. Is Reed the cause or is there something more sinister happening? With the warning not to tell anyone about the kidnapping, it is up to Reed to rescue Noelle and hopefully solve the mystery of the Billings Literary Society before she becomes the next target.

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Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Barbara Allen
Noelle has been kidnapped, and Reed and her boyfriend are the only ones who know. The kidnappers have set her up with tasks to get Noelle back. These tasks include things like getting a note from Noelle's grandmother in Paris excusing her from school, and embarrassing herself in front of the headmaster. Reed is at her wits' end trying to make everyone think life is normal for her and nothing is bothering her. After all her tasks are concluded, she is lead to where they are keeping Noelle, only to discover that it was all a test to see what she is made of. Does she pass the test she is given? Is Noelle okay? Brian offers a good portrayal of the lives of privileged teens. It is a faced-paced novel that keeps the reader hungry for more. Suspense is definitely Brian's genre. Reviewer: Barbara Allen
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781416984719
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
  • Publication date: 8/31/2010
  • Series: Kate Brian's Private Series, #12
  • Edition description: Original
  • Pages: 203
  • Sales rank: 524,103
  • Age range: 14 years
  • Product dimensions: 5.88 (w) x 11.06 (h) x 0.59 (d)

Meet the Author

Kate Brian is the author of the NY Times and USA Today best-selling Private series and it's spin-off series, Privilege. She has also written many other books for teens including Sweet 16 and Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys.

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I couldn’t sustain this for much longer. The rushing thoughts. The shallow breathing. The pounding, pounding, pounding in my brain. It made me light-headed, dizzy, and faint. All night I’d been trapped inside my eight-by-eight single room, watching the digital clock on my desk slowly count the minutes. Waiting. Waiting every moment for the phone to ring, for a text to come in. Waiting for any kind of direction.

I sat on the edge of my bed, still wearing my clothes from the night before, my palms slick with sweat as I clutched my cell phone. The same, stark message had been staring up at me all night long. Now the first pink light of morning crept through my window and still, nothing changed.


I rose and paced across the tiny expanse of my dorm room. The message was horrifying. And baffling. Who had sent it? Why? Where had they taken Noelle? Why were they doing this to us? What did they want with Noelle? Why would anyone want her dead? I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before when my friends and I had stolen up to the Billings Chapel in the woods off campus for a meeting of our secret organization, the Billings Literary Society. Everything had been fine until the wind had taken out some of our candles. That was when the banging had started. Then the screams. In the total darkness, my Billings sisters and I had panicked, fear pulsating off us. What if I had reached for Noelle in the middle of it? Would I have been able to hold on to her? Would she still be here right now?

I shoved my free hand into my dirty brown hair, holding it back from my face. Did this have anything to do with the Billings Literary Society? Had the Billings Alums who didn’t approve of our secret society taken Noelle to prove some kind of point? If I’d never started this thing up in the first place, we wouldn’t have even been up at the chapel. Noelle would have been here on the Easton Academy campus, huddled away in her single room, studying or listening to music or tweeting about how damn boring Easton is during the winter. Was this my fault? Was this really all my fault?

But no. Someone had left the BLS book for me. Someone wanted me to re-establish the secret society. And Noelle had joined of her own free will. Besides, maybe it had nothing to do with the society. Maybe if we hadn’t been in the old Billings Chapel last night they would have taken her from her room or the library or wherever she might have been otherwise. Maybe I wasn’t to blame.

Not everything was always my fault. All evidence to the contrary.

But even if, by some slim chance, this wasn’t my fault, I was still the one who had to deal with it. I was the one the kidnappers had chosen to contact. Why? Why me? I hugged myself tightly and turned toward the opposite wall. I had to keep moving, even if I had no direction, even if everything I did was pointless. The doubting, the regret, the terror, the endless questions—it all came in waves, crashing down on my chest over and over and over again until I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.

But even worse than the hindsight was the current state of total silence. It had been seven hours since the text had come through. Seven hours of nothing. Where were these all-important instructions? If the “game” was, in fact, “on,” then it wasn’t a very exciting one. The text said that Noelle’s life depended on my doing something, but what? When were they going to tell me? What was with the extreme delay?

I let out an angry growl and hurled the phone onto the bed. Even in my frustration I had the restraint not to throw it too hard. It was, after all, my only connection to my best friend. All along the hallways of Pemberly Hall, people were starting to stir. Someone’s stereo flipped on, a hair dryer hummed a few doors down, the scent of espresso wafted my way from under my door, thanks to the new coffeemaker Ivy Slade’s roommate had received for Christmas. Outside the window, the sky was bright white now, screaming of impending snow. I blinked my dry eyes a few times, the skin around them tight and tired. What was I supposed to do? Get dressed and go about my day? Pretend as if nothing was wrong?

Or stay here and wait?

I turned and looked at the phone.

“Ring,” I said firmly under my breath. “Ring. Beep. Vibrate. Do something!”

It stared back at me, silent and dark.

“Screw this.”

I jammed open the accordion door on my closet and pulled out the first items of clothing I saw: a pair of dark green cords and a black turtleneck sweater. I was just yanking on the pants when I realized I should probably change my underwear. I shuffled over to my dresser and yanked open my underwear drawer. The red, lace tank top I had bought in New York on a dare from Noelle a few weeks earlier practically sprang out of the overpacked space. Instantly I started to cry.

There was a quick knock at the door and it started to open.

“One second!” I said, springing for it and slamming it closed again.

“Ow. Reed! It’s just me!” Ivy said.

“I’m half dressed!” I replied, trying to keep the tears out of my voice. “Hang on.”

I wiped my face with the backs of my hands and took a deep breath, rounding my shoulders and looking in the mirror. I was a complete and total wreck. Dark circles framed my bloodshot eyes. My nose was redder than the lacy underwear still clutched in my fist, and my hair was knotted and dirty around my face.

Quickly, I yanked on a pair of cotton underwear, fastened my pants around my waist, and ran a brush through my hair, pulling it back in a tight ponytail. Then I plopped a few drops of Visine in each eye, blinked at the ceiling a few times, and breathed in.

Time to start lying my ass off.

“Hey!” I said with a bright smile, opening the door. “Sorry about that. I was kind of underwear-free.”

“No problem.” Ivy stepped into the room, her dark eyes trained on my face. “Are you okay?”

She looked perfect, of course, her black hair shining on her shoulders, her ivory skin scrubbed and blushed, mascara accentuating her gorgeous eyes. She wore a black wool skirt, black knee-high boots, and a red sweater. Like today was not only a normal day, but maybe even a special one. She had her white coat slung over one arm and her Stella McCartney bag on her shoulder.

“Yeah. I just got something in my eye,” I lied, closing the door behind her. “I was trying to use drops to flush it out, but no luck.”

I scrounged an old paper napkin out of the side pocket on my messenger bag and used it to blow my nose.

“Getting stuff in your eyes is the worst.”

“Totally,” I said.

Yeah right. As opposed to, say, getting kidnapped in the middle of the night right out from under your friends’ noses? As opposed to being the person the elusive kidnappers had contacted and then forgotten about? “The worst” was kind of relative at the moment.

Ivy crossed her arms more tightly, holding her coat against her stomach, and walked casually past me into the room. She looked back at me over her shoulder with narrow, almost sly eyes. “So?”

My heart skipped erratically.

“So, what?” I asked, even though I knew exactly what “so” meant.

Her eyebrows arched. “Have you heard from Noelle?”

I turned my back to her and looked in the mirror again, my palms slick with sweat. I fished a lip gloss out of my vinyl cosmetics bag, but my hand was shaking, so I put it down. I had come up with a cover story for this, hadn’t I? Sometime around three a.m. when I’d hidden Noelle’s bag and phone under a stack of sweaters on the top shelf of my closet?

“Yeah,” I said finally. “She came by last night to get her stuff.”

“She did?” Ivy said, her tone accusatory. “Why didn’t you come tell me?” She walked up behind me, the better to glare at my reflection in the mirror.

“Sorry. It was late,” I said with a shrug. “I figured you were asleep. It’s not as if you’ve ever cared that much about Noelle anyway.”

Ivy glanced away. She couldn’t argue with that. “So what happened?”

“She had to go home for a few days. Some kind of family emergency,” I replied, steeling myself long enough to finally apply the lip gloss.

Ivy looked up at me through her long lashes. “What? That makes no sense.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. That’s what she said,” I replied, rummaging through my closet for a pair of sneakers. I wondered if she’d noticed that I’d yet to really look her in the eye.

“But then why did she disappear from the chapel? And why did she leave her bag and cell phone there?” Ivy asked, dropping her coat and bag on my bed.

“Oh, that.”

“Yeah. That,” Ivy said acerbically. Clearly she was annoyed, but I knew her annoyance was directed at Noelle and not at me. Ivy was perpetually irritated with Noelle. Or angry with her. Or full-on furious with her. It just depended on the day and the situation.

“That was a prank,” I told her, looking up briefly. “She was trying to make it look like she was grabbed or something, just to mess with us. After all the candles went out, she snuck out the back door and came down to campus to wait for us, but when she got there she got a call from her mom on her backup phone and she had to leave right away.”

Ivy’s eyes narrowed as she pondered this. My ribs rattled with each pound of my heart. She had to buy the story. She had to. It was the best one I had. The only one.

“Unbelievable,” she said finally, shaking her head. “She scared the crap out of us. God. What a total bitch.”

“I know! I know,” I said, breathing a slight sigh of relief. “I told her how everyone was freaking out. She felt really bad about it.”

“I’ll bet,” Ivy said sarcastically.

Something inside of me snapped. “I know you don’t like her, but do you really have to call her names all the time?” I demanded. “She is one of my best friends.”

Ivy looked stunned for a moment. Not surprising. I wasn’t normally big on the outbursts. But Noelle didn’t deserve to be called a bitch. Especially not now. Especially when she might already be …

I swallowed hard and looked at the floor. Ivy threw up her hands in surrender. “Sorry. I’ll try to control myself from now on. But if she keeps pulling crap like this I make no guarantees.”

She crossed to my bed, which was still made since I hadn’t slept at all last night, and sat down. As she leaned back on her hands she knocked my phone across the bed toward the wall. My heart flew into my throat as she turned to pick it up. The “game on” text was still up on the screen.

“I got it!” I said, lunging at her and snatching the cell away before she could look at it.

“Wow,” Ivy said. “Grab much?”

I forced a laugh that sounded more like a strangled cough, and shoved the phone into the depths of my bag.

“Come on,” I said, grabbing my coat off the back of my desk chair. “I’m starving.”

“Me too. I hope they have French toast this morning,” Ivy said, bouncing off my bed. Her total lack of sadness, foreboding, and fear made me feel even more miserable and more alone. “I seriously can’t believe Noelle, though,” she said as she slipped past me out the door, shrugging one arm into the sleeve of her coat. “Although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. When has she ever given a crap about anyone other than herself? Sooner or later that girl is going to get hers.”

So much for controlling herself.

She shoved her other arm into her coat as I banged the door closed behind us, biting down on my tongue to keep from lashing out again or crying, or both. Laying into Ivy was not going to help Noelle. I had to try to stay calm and in control. I had to make sure I was ready for whatever was coming next.

© 2010 Alloy Entertainment

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  • Posted November 18, 2010

    more from this reviewer

    I Also Recommend:

    Still not Over?

    Okay, so I liked the beginning somewhat. Although, I think Kate Brian should've finished this series up and tied Reed with Josh where there is no other guys. I can't believe the ending. It is so cliche. I feel like she added that at the end to drag out the series longer. You can't go from Oh normal world for 12 stinkin books then, oh, I'm gonna add some supernatural element randomly since I previously never mentioned anything like that in the real world. This was not one of her best.

    3 out of 5 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 22, 2010


    I am not the biggest fan of reading but Private is ssoooo amazing! Everytime I get a new Private book I CAN'T STOP reading it!!! It is sooo good! Everyone should try them! Even if you don't really like reading!! Enjoy(:

    3 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted September 28, 2010


    hmmmmm this book was good but not as good as the other books. Of course i love Kate Brian but this book wasn't my favorite. N im a little iffy on this new book coming out like the book of secrets or whatever the next book is called well... hopefully it go =)

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted September 16, 2010

    more from this reviewer

    Great book, but the plot seems strange

    I picked up Vanished and I had it finished within two days, so Kate Brian can still pull me into the world of Easton Academy. But it seemed to me that this book was very different than any other Private series book. You shill had intrigue and the danger that Reed is forced to face as she struggles to find her kidnapped friend, Noelle, but there were not as many scream-out-loud moments like the other books. I'm not going to give away the ending here, but it did leave me wondering what could really happen next. Plus there is an exerpt from a prequel novel due out next. I think that this latest plot twist is making me think twice about picking up the next book.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted September 5, 2010


    kate brian twists again! omg this book is so... amazing. its typical reed, but with a special twist at the end youd never expect. which will lead onto a new series by kate brian a prequel-series to the private series. a must read for all private books! (sorry for no spoilers, have to read to find out)

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 3, 2014

    To the you've got to be kidding me person

    Ikr. I mean just because almost EVERY book nowadays has a little urban magic in them does NOT mean that you have to put magic in your books. I mean SERIOUSLY? Your books are well loved, you don't have to put magic in them to make 'em better. If anything you made me a bit mad. I went on a walk last night reading the part about the magic and my face was red with anger. Some of my friends were walking down the rode and when I walked past them my friend Joss said "How does a little 6th grader hold some much anger?" My other friend that was with him, Jess, punched him in the arm said, "She's obsessed with that series. Leave her alone." Of corse by then I had stopped walking and now was on my way over to them where they stopped and waited for me. When I got over there, I stopped infront of Joss and smacked him. I turned to Jess and backed away in surrender and said, "Sorry, Lee. See you at the party." And dragged a grinnig Joss away. But my point is, is that the magic thing made me really mad. And Joss and Jess seen it. Amd they have never seen me get mad a bout a book with urban magic in it because I am a fan of urban magic books. Well I just hope that the magic thing does not make a lot of other ppl mad. I agree with the "You've Got to be Kidding Me" person that Kate could have done a whole lot of other things, namely NOT envole magic. My rate 4/5.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 25, 2012

    Private Series

    I LOVE all of the books in the Private series!! My favorite character is Josh by far!! I LOVE him!

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted July 4, 2011

    Youv'e got to be kidding me.

    *spoiler alert* I, like many others, loved this series. I really, even enjoyed this book, up until the end. I mean really? Sisters??? Oh and don't forget the cute, fluffy little after thought- MAGIC! Lets just jump on the wizarding world band wagon, shall we? Come on Kate Brian, you can do better. Even if she kept sisters, why throw in that little kicker? She could have done the awkward Noelle/Scott relationship or mommy Lange fighting for Daddy Lange's attention. Gosh, she could have done anything but magic, since there has never been even a mention of witchery in the whole series. Look it up, I did. I knock off one star for a blue ball attemt to add zest to a golden ball story. Jesus Christ, magic? smh

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted January 2, 2011


    this book is awsome and a great way to keep us waiting for OMINOUS. also check out the book of spells. its great for back-up info. it also has a sneakpeek of ominous

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted December 28, 2010

    Amazing !

    This book is was absolutley good ! At first I'll admit the situation wih Reed and findin Noelle and her stressing over the whole ordeal and the run around and false accusations was abit tiring and I just wanted her to find Noelle already. Then I knew when she thought Ivy kidnapped Noell I knew it wasnt her just because of Brian's style of writing previously, but not tosay her writing doesnt surprise me ( Sabine ! ). Also the whole thing turning out to be a test, boy that upset me but im going toread Book of SpellS now to see what is so big they had torture my love Reed. Nonetheless the ending is to die for ! Beautifully written, Kate Brian is amazing and I LOVE THIS SERIES !!

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted December 11, 2010

    more from this reviewer


    I have almost read all of the private series except for the first 3 books, i love how descriptive Kate Brian is when writing, she is really good. But i would have to say this wasnt her best, i love when a new private book come out but she had to go ahead an pop in magic stuff, im not a big fan of the unrealistic. I wished she would have stayed away from that. Too bad :(
    i would have really enjoyed to see how she would have ended the series without all the magic. You could have made it really good Kate. Hope you dont lose a lot of fan because of this. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a book to pass the time. She had an amazing twist in the end that included Noelle never saw that coming who would have thought :D You still keep it unpredictable Kate Brian.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted December 12, 2010

    I used to love the Private Series...

    I used to love the Private Series, and Kate Brian's books! When I became a senior in high school though, I just had to stop reading her books. I felt like I out grew the books; I could no longer connect with the Private Series. Kate Brian's books are amazing though, I have never truly read an author's books as much as her's.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 10, 2010

    Can't wait

    I have been waiting for this to come out!!! i can't wait to go out an buy it and the next one to. I have all the books but these two.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted September 6, 2010

    more from this reviewer

    NO WAY!!!!

    I was a little upset because Reed was acting the way she always does, extremely paranoid. It's like she can't help it. When i got to the end my jaw was on the floor. Every time Kate's books get a little predictable she reels me back in with a huge twist. This is the hugest yet, in my opinion. It kinda makes me hate Noele though.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted August 21, 2010


    If you havent read this series, You should start(: and im also reading the other series by Kate Brain Prvivledge.(: Its good also. It Talks about ariana's life after what happened in Private(:

    0 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted July 26, 2010

    more from this reviewer

    I Also Recommend:

    CANNOT wait 'til August 31!:)

    Of course this book is going to be about Noelle vanishing from "Scandal". But, if you read "Sweet Deceit" it's probably going to be about Kiran also. I'm sooo excited for this to come out. I absolutely LOVE this series. Thanks so much Kate!(:

    0 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 15, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted October 15, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted March 29, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted July 11, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

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