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Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues

4.3 6
by Robyn Amos

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He's everything a girl could want...

And everything this girl wants to run from!

Moni Lawrence can't believe her good fortune! Thanks to an unexpected inheritance, she's leaving her tiny Virginia hometown in the dust and heading west to spread her wings and fly free. But she makes more of a splash than she intended in San Diego, when she's so distracted


He's everything a girl could want...

And everything this girl wants to run from!

Moni Lawrence can't believe her good fortune! Thanks to an unexpected inheritance, she's leaving her tiny Virginia hometown in the dust and heading west to spread her wings and fly free. But she makes more of a splash than she intended in San Diego, when she's so distracted by the sight of a naked man, she drives her car through his fence and into his swimming pool. It's understandable, since Grant Forrest is so fine he'd turn any woman's head. And when it's been decided (in court!) that Moni has to personally repair the damage -- and is going to be around him a lot -- she knows she'd better keep her passion in check, or else she might end up uttering those deadly, reedom-suffocating words, "I do!"

Of course, Grant's been disastrously down that aisle twice already and isn't looking for Mrs. Number Three. Besides, he obviously thinks Moni's just a sexy, perky, destructive featherhead and serious trouble.

But what's that glint in his dreamy dark eyes?

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Wedding Bell Blues

By Amos, Robyn


ISBN: 0380815435

Chapter One

"Ms. Lawrence." Judge Fox said, with as much amusement as southern charm. "Would you please explain your 'attractive nuisance' defense to the court?"

"Of course, Your Honor," Moni Lawrence said, taking a deep breath, still a bit stunned to find herself in a San Diego small-claims court.

She darted a look in Grant Forrest's direction. He bore a strong resemblance to the actor Taye Diggs -- smooth skin the color of bittersweet chocolate, neatly trimmed hair and a clean-cut, handsome face. His khaki pants were pressed into a crisp seam, and his shirt and tie were perfectly coordinated and wrinkle-free. He was the picture of composure -- and why shouldn't he be? He was suing her.

He'd stated his case against her in a strong clear voice, but now that it was her turn, she prayed her voice wouldn't crack.

"An attractive nuisance is an irresistible hazard -- like an unenclosed pool would be to a child. The water is so seductive, the child is lured to it and, therefore, endangered."

"I object, Your Honor," Grant interrupted. "My pool was enclosed, in fact, Ms. Lawrence had to drive her car through my fence to get to it."

"Judge Fox, in this particular situation, it was Mr. Forrest himself that was the hazard. Not his pool."

Moni held her breath, afraid to glance in the plaintiff's direction. Any moment now, she was sure she would burst into flames from the sheer force of Grant's gaze.

Judge Fox chuckled, creases forming in his leathery brown cheeks. "And would you please tell the court how you came across this defense strategy, young lady?"

His eyes sparkled with grandfatherly amusement, and Moni felt like a five-year-old who'd just been asked to perform for visiting relatives.

"When I was in college, I took a business law course and remember going over attractive nuisances and how they can be liabilities for businesses or homeowners. So I did some research on the Internet to see how it might be applied in this case."

Moni could see that Judge Foxwas amused by her defense. While she realized that didn't mean he was buying into it, she had to give it her best shot. Why couldn't she be Ally McBeal for a day?

She cleared her throat. "As the plaintiff stated earlier, his cat ran into the street, and I swerved to avoid it. Now, I might have been able to regain control if Mr. Forrest hadn't been standing right there stark naked."

At that point, Moni made the mistake of looking over at Grant again. This time her memory took over. His clothes started melting from his body the way ice cream dripped from a cone. She could see every muscle in his lean, well-defined chest. His biceps were firm and he had a tight six-pack at his middle. Her eyes dropped lower.

She drew a sharp breath. For a moment, Moni forgot where she was. Clutching a hand to her chest, she gaped at Grant.

"Ms. Lawrence." Judge Fox banged his gavel to get her attention. "Ms. Lawrence, please continue." Like a needle skipping across a record, her fantasy ended. She faced forward, pulling herself together.

"Yes, um ... as I was saying ... " She blinked. "Uh, what was I saying, Your Honor?" Judge Fox sighed, his amusement fading.

"Ms. Lawrence, you were about to explain to the court just how Mr. Forrest's nudity makes him an attractive nuisance."

"Of course, I'm sorry, Your Honor. I'm a bit nervous. I've never been in a courtroom before."

The judge smiled, his eyes softening again. "Where are you from? Your accent is mighty familiar."

"Oh, I'm sure you've never heard of my hometown, Judge. I'm from Dunkin, Virginia."

Judge Fox laughed, smacking his desktop. "A little town about forty miles outside of Richmond, right?"

"Why, yes." Moni straightened with surprise.

"You mean you've actually heard of it?"

"I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. We used to drive to Dunkin to go fishing twice a year. You know, I've been meaning to get back there."

Grant cleared his throat. Judge Fox gave the plaintiff a sharp look but took the hint and prompted Moni to continue.

Gaining confidence, she raised her voice. "Now, I realize that things are done a lot differently here than where I come from, but isn't it still against the law to parade around naked in public?"

"Objection, Your Honor, I wasn't parading around, it was an acc -- "

"Now, now, Mr. Forrest, you've had your turn. Let Ms. Lawrence state her case. Then I'll hear from you again."

"Thank you, sir," Moni continued. "I was so caught off guard by the plaintiff's ... uh, pe -- uh, I mean his ... "

Moni grabbed the water pitcher in front of her, poured herself a glass, and took a long sip.

Her cheeks felt hotter than a pancake griddle on Sunday morning.

"Let me start over. Mr. Forrest's nudity was so startling, I lost control of my vehicle a second time, and was drawn onto his property to my own misfortune. In fact, I think Mr. Forrest is lucky he wasn't arrested for indecent exposure."

From the corner of her eye, she saw Grant throw his hands up. "Your Honor, you can't possibly be taking this seriously."

"Young man, I've been doing this for many years without the benefit of your help. I think I can decide for myself what I should and should not take seriously. Now, tell me this, Mr. Forrest, did you and the defendant reach an initial agreement regarding the fence?"

"Yes. I told Ms. Lawrence that I would get a few estimates, and she agreed to pay for the repairs."

The judge nodded toward the defendant. "Is that true, Ms. Lawrence? Did you agree to pay for the repairs to Mr. Forrest's fence?"

"I did, Your Honor, but the estimates Mr. Forrest brought me were outrageous."


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Meet the Author

Ever since she read her first romance novel as a teenager, Robyn Amos has believed in dreams. Even when she was daydreaming when she should have been studying and pursuing fairy tales when she should have been looking for a "real job," Robyn always knew she would fulfill her dream to write romance. After graduating from college with a degree in psychology, Robyn sold a total of nine titles for publication. In between working full-time, writing, and her various duties as a Board member for Washington Romance Writers, Robyn looks forward to riding off into the sunset toward her own "happily ever after."

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Wedding Bell Blues 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
JoshJF More than 1 year ago
Very good love story, a delightful read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing!!! The author made the characters into her own. I will recommend this book to anybody and everybody. I learn alot about my feelings towards marriage.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a funny and cute story! I really enjoyed the characters,especially Moni & Grant. It drags a little but it's a fun novel to read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In San Diego, a tired Moni Lawrence searches for her new home after relocating from Dunkin,Virginia. As she wearily drives down the streets, Grant Forrest leaves his home wearing a towel to pick up his newspaper. His cat escapes and he pursues it losing his wrap in the process. Moni avoids the feline only to see a naked Grant. She drives through his fence into his swimming pool............................... A few weeks later Grant and Moni are in court as he has sued her for the cost of fixing the fence. She insists that she will do the job. The court agrees to allow her thirty days to satisfactorily complete the repair. However, soon Grant¿s neighbors are furious with him for allowing the petite Moni to lift heavy wood. Next thing he knows he is cutting the wood to size. Moni says she suffers from the dreaded DDS, Damsel in Distress Syndrome as everyone assumes because she is small she is helpless. As she works the fence, they fall in love, but twice divorced Grant fears trice failure on the relationship front.......................... WEDDING BELL BLUES is an amusing contemporary romance that never takes anything too seriously yet still forges a delightful relationship tale. The story line is terrific especially when seemingly even strangers turn Moni inadvertently into ¿Thomasina Sawyer¿ as everyone wants to not just help her, but do the work for her. To her credit she objects to the notion that she is conflicted with DDS. Grant is an interesting counter to her, but no question she is the star of a fun novel................... Harriet Klausner