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by Linnea Sinclair


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For centuries the Infernal War has been waged by witches and sorcerers to control the Orb of Knowledge.  The war must end. Then, at Wintertide, the Hill Raiders attack the village of Cirrus Cove. 


The sea captain�s daughter is raped, and a child conceived. �If the child is to be who the stones say she will, it�s best I raise her.  She will live with me. �Bronya the Healer accepts the responsibility of caring for the unborn child.


Having read the truth in the Stones, Bronya tends the birth and, in the midst of a maelstrom, takes the babe to her cave.  Warded now by the signs and symbols of magick, Bronya keeps the child, Khamsin, safe from the Sorcerer.


On the eve of Khamsin�s eighteenth birthday, the Hill Raiders, those who wreaked havoc upon her mother, come again.  They murder the inhabitants of her village, her husband and her family.  Blaming Khamsin for witchery, for bringing the scourge down upon them, the survivors of Cirrus Cove nearly take her life. The enigmatic Tinker, selling pots and pans, heals Khamsin.  And he accompanies her on a journey that magick omens have directed her to take.


One of them knows the truth. One of them is seeking, just as she is sought. The war for the Orb is about to end. But only love can win it.

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Set in a fantasy world closely resembling the Middle Ages (save for the witches, sorcerers and demons that dot the landscape), this captivating novel from Sinclair (Destiny's Game) follows a courageous healer named Khamsin as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Khamsin has long known that she has been chosen for a particular course in life, but she isn't certain what that course is. All she knows is that a very powerful being, most likely the sorcerer who governs the surrounding lands, would like to destroy her and that she's destined to face grave danger in her 17th year. Nothing could prepare her, however, for the vicious attack on her village that results in the deaths of her husband, family and friends. With the help of handsome and mysterious Rylan the Tinker, Khamsin travels to the city of Noviiya, where she seeks out a wise old healer who can help her hone her magical skills. From there, she makes the difficult trek to the Sorcerer's castle. The plot line is familiar and thinly fleshed out, but the suspense that builds as Khamsin grows closer to her goal, making friends and battling demons along the way, will draw readers onward. While this is far from an action-adventure fantasy epic, Sinclair's fluid prose and intrepid heroine ensure that it is an enchanting read. (June) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Wintertide 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At first the book was really interesting with the characters Rylan and Khamsin-it is easy to get caught up in this book.. It wasn't until the incest part that I had to put the book down in disappointment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Khamsin 'Kammi' of Cirrus Cove is a woman-child linked to the powerful Sorcerer, Rothal-Kiarr, by command of an Assignation spell at her birth. She is raised by Tanta Bron, the village Healer, and taught most of what she needed before Tanta died. When the Hill Raiders attacked Cirrus Cove, they killed everyone Khamsin cared for, including her husband. The only one left alive for her was her cat, Nixa, with whom Kammi can mind link to. ....................... Khamsin and Nixa travel with Rylan the Tinker to the city of Noviiya. There, the mad wizard, Ciro, would complete her training and prepare her for the destiny that awaited her. Kammi must travel through dangerous lands and hazardous forests filled with raiders and demons to reach the Sorcerer's castle fortress, Traakhal-Armin. Once there, she must gain entry to a secret room in the East Tower and obtain the Orb of Knowledge. ........................ Through it all, Melande the Witch, Lucial the Wizard, and Rothal-Kiarr the Sorcerer, battle each other as they have for centuries in their quests for power and conquests. Only Khamsin can stop the Infernal War. If she fails, all is lost. .......................... ***** It has been quite awhile since I have read such a wonderful fantasy novel such as this. It captured my attention on the very first page and never let go, as if an enchantment spell had been cast upon my imagination. UNPUTDOWNABLE! *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
First off let me say that generally I am not one for the fantasy genre. This book is so much an exception! Ms. Sinclair has penned a truly page turning read that takes you to another world which is made up of sorcerers, witches, demons, and magic. It also has romance which is sweet and tender. Since as long as anyone can remember there has been an on going fight for control of the Orb of Knowledge. During Wintertide a child is born while a truly amazing storm blows. This child will be protected long enough to grow to age to assume her destiny. When Khamsin turns eighteen her nice orderly world comes to a bloody end when her husband and family are killed during a raid. The remaining villagers accuse her of being a witch and beat her until she is saved by a tinker. Rylan the Tinker nurses her back to health. Little does she know what kind of part Rylan the Tinker will play in her life. Before she finds out though she must train and prepare herself for her challenge. It won't be easy but she is up to the challenge. As I stated before this was a wonderful read which is 'magical'. Step into Ms. Sinclair's world you won't be sorry. I highly recommend this book!