18 Unexpected Perks of Dating a Nonreader

handsThey say opposites attract, and that’s never truer than when a lifelong bookworm and an avowed nonreader lock eyes on each other. It happens unexpectedly and all too often. You finally meet someone who is in every way compatible with you, only to discover that they. Don’t. Read.

You panic silently, call all your literary friends, and bemoan your misfortune of falling for a bookless wonder, a nixer of novels, a literature-less Lothario/Lolita. You debate whether or not this fact is a deal breaker, but at the back of your mind you know—you still really kinda like them. Is Cupid just setting you up for failure, or could this be that crazy little thing called love?

Bookworms, give your book-spurning suitors a fighting chance. Don’t focus on the things you can’t share with a nonreader, focus on the new, exciting positives! To help convince you, here are the 18 unexpected perks of dating a nonreader:

1. More space for your growing book collection, because they don’t have any.

2. Your opinions about books are always right.

3. You can freely tell them the entire story of the book you’re reading, spoilers and all, because they probably aren’t going to read it.

4. They never judge any of the books you’re reading, even your guilty pleasure beach reads.

5. You’re never obligated to read books they’ve recommended to you instead of the books you actually want to read.

6. They think you’re super smart because you read so much.

7. They encourage you to blog about books so you have an outlet to talk about your literary adventures and opinions (true story).

8. They never stay up all night reading like you do, so they can be counted on to wake you up when you sleep through your alarm.

9. They never judge you for the books you haven’t read.

10. They make sure you get fresh air by forcing you to put down the book and get out of the house.

11. They never borrow your books and forget to return them, or return them in poor condition.

12.All your literary friends like them because they don’t engage in pretentious literary one-upmanship.

13. They know a lot about other things like engineering, cooking, music, wilderness survival, how to change a lightbulb…

14. They won’t judge you for thinking that the movie version of the book was actually pretty good.

15. They’re never late meeting you because they got wrapped up in a novel and lost track of time.

16. They do all the driving, so you can read at your leisure in the passenger seat.

17. They never mess up the order of the books on your shelves.

18. They’re willing to learn about literature from you.

Above all, by dating a nonreader, you open yourself up to new experiences and life lessons you might otherwise never discover. So if your heart is telling you “yes,” but your brain is telling you that you have too little in common to make it work, remember what The Princess Bride taught us: “Love is many things, none of them logical.”


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