20 Signs You’re the Biggest Book Nerd in Your Friend Group

So you think you may be the biggest book nerd in your squad? We’re here to help you confirm it. Sadly, there’s no trophy or “Biggest Book Nerd” T-shirt to be awarded at the end of this list if you do recognize yourself here, just the comfort of knowing you’re not alone. There are others out there like you. (Just don’t become friends with them, because then you might not lose your “biggest book nerd” bragging rights.)

1. Your pick for group hangs is always a bookstore.

2. You’re always behind the big push for literary-themed Halloween costumes. Ideas from years past include the colorful crew from The Day the Crayons Came Home; the undead from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies; and the house-elves from Harry Potter (because  the Harry, Ron, and Hermione getup is amateur hour).

3. At your friends’ urging, you’ve started talking to your therapist about the emotional toll your latest read is taking on you.

4. You’ve been late to friend dates because you had to finish a chapter.

5. You’ve cooled on a friendship because she broke the spine of your book.

6. You proofread and correct your friends’ texts, Instagram posts, Snapchat captions, status updates…

7. You seriously had to rethink your group of friends when they all agreed the movie was better than the book.

8. Without fail, you always gift books for friends’ birthdays.

9. You keep a photographic record on your phone of which friends have borrowed what books so you can track them down if the book is not promptly returned.

10. When one of your friends comes to you about a problem, you can’t help saying, “Your breakup reminds me a lot of this thing that happened in Westeros…”

11. Your pals have stopped asking you for book recommendations because they can’t handle your disappointment and silent judgment if they don’t love the book just as much as you do.

12. All of the pins on your tattoo Pinterest board are lit-themed.

13. You’ve spearheaded extensive debates with friends about which Hogwarts house they’d be in.

14. Your friends would never set you up with someone who’s not a fellow book nerd.

15. Whether you’re engaged or not, your pals have already started planning your book-themed wedding.

16. When it comes time to help you move, all your friends claim they can’t help due to previous injuries from helping you transport your gigantic boxes full of books the last time.

17. You’ve been reprimanded more than once for reading during happy hour.

18. Your best friends sent you flowers after one of your favorite characters died.

19. You would take it as a compliment if someone said you were the biggest book nerd in your group of friends.

20. You would also take it as a major insult if someone else was dubbed the biggest book nerd in your friend group.

What makes you a big book nerd?

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