5 Blizzard Romances for Hot July Nights

Gwen Masters' A Week in the SnowUnless you’re reading this from Antarctica (in which case: hi! How are the penguins?), it’s probably hot where you live. Sticky hot. Baking hot. Huddling-in-the-freezer-section-while-grocery-shopping hot. Sucking-your-will-to-live hot.

The best remedy for that kind of hot is holing up (until October, maybe) in an air-conditioned room with a book—and to amp up the chill factor, make it a book about a blizzard, so you can fantasize that the whole world has been struck by the Snow Miser rather than his sweaty, garbage-stinking twin.

Probably the most famous blizzard for modern romance readers is one that hit Maryland in 1979. Don’t remember it? Seriously—it should have a name (and possibly be a federal holiday), because while housebound by the snow with her two young sons, Nora Roberts began to write. And the rest has been a gift for all of us. There’s a blizzard in Roberts’ Blood Brothers, the first book in her Sign of Seven trilogy—and all three books are spooky enough to give you a good shiver.

Another favorite it-happened-one-blizzard books is Julie James’ A Lot Like Love, which starts with wine-shop owner Jordan ready to close up due to inclement weather, when FBI agent Nick McCall shows up, all sexy and gruff, and asks for her help stopping a money-laundering restaurateur.

Janice Kay Johnson’s Snowbound throws up huge obstacles between the hero and heroine—not just the students Fiona is chaperoning when they’re trapped at the hero’s inn (and there’s no buzzkill like a bunch of bored teenagers), but also John’s PTSD from his service in Iraq.

Jill Shalvis’s books always make me feel like a hermit—her characters are so outdoorsy, always doing things like climbing up mountains and snowmobiling. (Check out the Wilder books, starting with Instant Attraction, for a ton of wilderness-enthusiast candy.) So I appreciate Get a Clue, in which city-girl heroine Breanne gets snowed in at a hotel in the Sierras—on her honeymoon—alone. With a hot naked stranger in the shower.

Doesn’t A Week in the Snow sound awesome? Gwen Masters’s erotic novel strands strangers Rebecca and Richard in an Iowa snowstorm, and it’s hot enough to melt an ice shelf.

What’s your favorite literary remedy for steaming-hot nights?

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