50 Irresistible Beta Heroes in Romance

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! There’s the brooding, overwhelming Alpha. The well-balanced Gamma hero. And of course, the sweet and subtle Beta, who can win a person over with a charming smile or a tender gesture. These heroes are sweet and supportive, good guys who are patient with their affections. There are obvious contenders for this title, especially the much debated Jamie Fraser of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, but hopefully this list of heroes will add some more Betas to your reading pile!

Contemporary Romance

Alden Ainslie (Daring in a Blue Dress, by Katie MacAlister)
Alden Ainslie is committed to renovating a dilapidated Tudor mansion. He’s shy and introverted. When a troupe of medieval re-enactors arrives on the property, it’s essentially Alden’s worst nightmare, until he meets Mercy Starling, an American stranded in England. Watching Alden get into one awkward situation after another is incredibly endearing. He’s hopeless around women, but upbeat Mercy is charmed by Alden’s passion for his restoration project. A cute contemporary romance with plenty of slapstick comedy!

Brian Sinclair (Backstage Pass, by Olivia Cunning)
As the lead guitarist and songwriter for one of the country’s most popular metal bands, Brian Sinclair can’t have an off day, but heartbreak leads him to a creative block, taking solace in drinking instead of writing. He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and, with his notion of romance shattered, Brian isn’t quite sure how he’ll be able to keep the success going with his bandmates…until he meets psychologist Myrna Evans. One night with her and Brian’s found himself a new muse, though whether or not his attraction to Myrna can survive his latest tour is another story.

Brody Brown (Coming Undone, by Lauren Dane)
For readers who like their books on the hotter side, Brody Brown is a sensitive and caring tattoo artist in this contemporary erotic romance. Brody is a provider. He’ll take care of anyone who needs help, and even raised his siblings when he was seventeen. He’s not above expressing his feelings, especially with the single mom, ballet dancer next door. Though tattooed and in love with his Harley, Brody is definitely a hero who looks bad on the outside, but inside is a big ol’ softie.

David Butler (Sunset Park, by Santino Hassell)
Sunset Park is an angst-filled, friends to lovers, opposites attract gay romance. David Butler is a neurotic teacher with a new roommate, Raymond Rodriguez, a bisexual longshoreman who’s a little rough around the edges. What starts as a friendship between roomies turns into something more, but David is still harboring a lot of guilt and lack of closure from his previous relationship. It’s an intense romance made hotter by David and Ray’s close quarters.

Ed (The Principle of Desire, by Delphine Dryden)
At a party, Ed makes a great first impression by spilling his drink on Beth. The aerospace engineer knows he’s blown his chances with the lovely psychology lecturer, until he meets her again at a BDSM club. Beth usually plays the role of a submissive, but lately has been wanting to try the other side of things. When Ed shows up at the club she frequents, he makes a startling wager. He’ll be her submissive for the night if she agrees to go on a date with him. Ed’s willingness to give up control to Beth, despite their disastrous first meeting, is kind of adorable.

Elec Monroe (Flat Out Sexy, by Erin McCarthy)
This is a contemporary romance set in the world of NASCAR racing. Single mom Tamara Briggs isn’t looking for anything serious, and certainly not from a younger NASCAR racer. But Elec quickly wins her over with his care and understanding. The best thing about Elec is that he isn’t a pushy hero. He lets Tamara set the pace for their relationship. Oh, and should I mentioned that he’s absolutely wonderful with Tamara’s kids?

Ethan Dexter (The Game Plan, by Kristen Callihan)
Ethan Dexter is a bearded football player with tattoos and a man-bun. He may look intimidating, especially with his football pads on, but he has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to a certain family friend, Fiona Mackenzie. Fiona is also the more “experienced” between the two of them and is warned to take it easy with Ethan’s feelings. It’s a great role-reversal from what readers normally see in romance. Fiona and Ethan’s tentative, long distance romance is so sweet.

Ivan Shifflett (Under Her Skin, by Adriana Anders)
Under Her Skin isn’t for everyone. It’s rather dark, with a heroine fresh out of a toxic, abusive relationship. Starting over in a new town, the heroine, Uma, keeps to herself, though she’s attracted to her next door neighbor, Ivan. Despite his gruff, monosyllabic exterior, Ivan is gentle and patient in his pursuit of getting to know Uma better. And, he has his own blacksmithing studio. A stunning debut romance from Anders with a hero readers won’t forget.

Joe Kowalski (Exclusively Yours, by Shannon Stacey)
Joe Kowalski is a reclusive author. He doesn’t do any sort of press and he likes his privacy. When the girl that got away returns to town, hoping to negotiate an interview, Joe makes Keri Daniels a wager. She has to survive his family’s annual camping trip. For each day she makes it, Keri can ask Joe a question for her interview. Though Joe fully intends to make Keri work for her questions, it’s clear that he’s never stopped caring about it, which makes the time they spend together so sweet.

Josh Tucker (Crossing the Ice, by Jennifer Comeaux)
Josh Tucker and his sister are competitive pairs ice skaters. He’s been born into a wealthy family with access to the best trainers, but the limelight of ice skating fame is at odds with his shy personality. To make things more difficult, he’s been spending time with the competition: Courtney Carlton, a pairs skater from another team. She’s determined to qualify for the Olympics, but with Josh and Courtney becoming fast friends, can their attraction to each other survive the Olympic trials?

Liam Nussbaum (Private Politics, by Emma Barry)
Political blogger, Liam Nussbaum, spends a lot of his time behind his computer, but his feelings for socialite Alyse Philips are very real. Alyse’s passion for philanthropy leads her to very powerful circles. When she discovers she’s possibly being framed for money laundering scheme, Alyse turns to Liam for help and he sees this as a perfect opportunity. Liam could get the coveted news story of the year and finally convince the girl of his dreams to give him a chance.

Michael Young (Within Reach, by Sarah Mayberry)
As a young widower, Michael Young has his hands full taking care of two children while dealing with the sudden loss of his wife. He’s lonely and grieving, but still trying to be the best dad he can be. Family friend, Angie Bartlett, has had enough with watching Michael struggle, and offers to help out. As Angie and Michael bond, friendship turns into attraction. Is this new relationship something Michael wants to turn into forever, or will he risk losing Angie as both a lover and a friend?

Nev Chamberlain (About Last Night, by Ruthie Knox)
Nev Chamberlain is a straitlaced banker. He’s everything his family wanted him to be. But truth be told, he’s miserable. The stiff corporate lifestyle isn’t for him, though his parents probably wouldn’t support his artistic dreams. Enter Cath Talarico with her tattoos and wild side. She’s the complete opposite of Nev, but she sense something kindred beneath Nev’s crisp, pressed suits and expensive ties. It’s an opposites attract romance about a good buy who wants to go bad.

Niall Stella (Beautiful Secret, by Christina Lauren)
Who can resist an awkward, stuffy British hero who doesn’t quite know how to handle himself around women? Niall Stella is a sought after urban planning executive, but a business trip with his firm’s promising engineering intern poses quite a problem. The flirty and fun Ruby Mills sends his brain short-circuiting and with the two of them sharing close quarters in New York, Niall needs to work on calming his nerves around Ruby, or the sexual tension between them might just eat him up.

Rafe (The Shameless Hour, by Sarina Bowen)
Rafe is a virginal, stand up, sweetheart of a guy. When he loses his V-card to Bella as a result of a sloppy hookup, he feels completely awful about it, courtesy of his Catholic guilt. Bella isn’t interested in a relationship, but she’s left humiliated by a fraternity prank, Rafe is on hand to be Bella’s knight in shining armor. He’s incredibly thoughtful and what makes Rafe a great beta hero is that he’s not one to mistake his own kindness for a weakness.

Rex Vale (In the Middle of Somewhere, by Roan Parrish)
Rex Vale has lived in Holiday, Michigan for years, lonely and in a comfortable cabin. When rough-around-the-edges Daniel Mulligan accidentally hits a dog and dings up his car, Rex helps him out. He bandages the dog’s leg, gives Daniel a place to stay for the night, clothes, and even cooks him a meal. The two share a drunken kiss, but Rex has enough presence of mind to not let things get out of hand. The scene, which sets the background for Rex and Daniel’s future interactions, perfectly shows how nurturing and selfless Rex can be.

Rob Rush (Unbound, by Cara McKenna)
Rob Rush is living a life of solitude and penance in the Scottish Highlands. He prefers hiding out from the world, covering his introversion with a gruff demeanor. When a woman turns up ill on his doorstep in the woods, he’d love to be able to turn her away, but he can’t seem to do so. Instead, he takes Merry Murray in to get some rest and heal up. What follows is a slow burn, erotic romance between two people with plenty of baggage.

Historical Romance

Benedict Frost (Fortune Favors the Wicked, by Theresa Romain)
While serving in the Royal Navy, Benedict Frost loses his sight. He spends his time now traveling and working on his memoir. Unfortunately, he lacks the funds for his writing endeavor until he hears about a treasure hunt offering a large reward. But he’s not the only one competing! Among others after the prize is courtesan Charlotte Perry. As Benedict and Charlotte keep coming up against obstacles, they realize they work better together than apart.

Colin Bridgerton (Romancing Mister Bridgerton, by Julia Quinn)
Friendly, charming, and laid back, Colin Bridgerton is a bachelor known for going along with whatever life throws at him. But beneath his easy smile is a man who’s somewhat unsatisfied with his life, who wants more. He’s a layered and complex beta hero with relatable insecurities. He also falls head over heels in love with Penelope Featherington, a spinster know for being a plain wallflower. A historical romance that’s utterly sigh-worthy.

Colin Sandhurst (A Week to Be Wicked, by Tessa Dare)
Colin Sandhurst is known as Lord Payne, a notorious rake who’s agreed to fake an elopement with spinster Minerva Greenwood. Their false relationship will be put to the test as the two share a 400-mile carriage ride and a bed along the way. Despite Colin’s being a bit of scoundrel, he’s witty and flirtatious, doing his best to put the awkward Minerva at ease, though behind his humor he hides some rather deep insecurities. A Week to Be Wicked is a fun historical romance with a unique road trip element.

Daniel Merial (Diary of an Accidental Wallflower, by Jennifer McQuiston)
The women of London all seem to be in need of medical attention lately and Miss Clare Westmore knows why. It all boils down to the handsome Dr. Daniel Merial with his gentle bedside manner. While Clare is popular and sociable, Daniel doesn’t feel as comfortable in a crowded ballroom. When Clare twists her ankle, turning her into the season’s latest wallflower, the only saving grace is being able to bask in Daniel’s TLC. Luckily for Clare, he takes his job very seriously.

George Fitzhugh (Ravishing the Heiress, by Sherry Thomas)
George Fitzhugh has an arrangement with his wife, Millie. She earns the title of countess by marrying him, and her wealth saves him from bankruptcy. Once they produce an heir, they’ll lead separate lives, with Fitz reuniting with his childhood sweetheart. But Fitz sees Millie as his best friend. As the conclusion to their arrangement looms ever closer, he begins to fear the impending loss of his wife. What seemed like a perfect agreement at the beginning, suddenly feels wrong. Fitz isn’t sure he can abandon Millie, especially not after finally consummating their marriage.

Graeme Montgomery (Never Seduce a Scot, by Maya Banks)
Forced to marry the daughter of his enemy, Graeme Montgomery is surprised at meeting his delicate wife, Eveline Armstrong. Eveline is the pride of her clan, though “touched.” In truth, she’s deaf, a secret that she’s done her best to keep hidden, but she’s worried she won’t be able to hide it from her new husband. Despite being a rugged and intimidating Scotsman, Graeme is tender with Eveline, defending her to those who dismiss her, and calm when she struggles to understand things around her. Recommended for those who prefer their heroes in kilts!

Grayson Rhodes (A Rogue in Texas, by Lorraine Heath)
Grayson Rhodes is an English rogue who finds love and a sense of purpose on Abbie Westland’s land. And, truth be told, he has some heavy Westley from The Princes Bride vibes, toiling away as a means of communicating his love for Abbie and her three children. His affection is gentle and his feelings are earnest, even as Abbie’s past emerges to jeopardize their growing feelings for one another.

Ian Mackenzie (The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, by Jennifer Ashley)
People avoid Ian Mackenzie, an odd and eccentric man who spent his formative years locked away in an asylum. Ian has Aspberger’s Syndrome, which has often been confused with madness. Women find him mysterious, while others give him a wide berth. But then widow Beth Ackerley comes into Ian’s life and he finds himself fascinated, focused. A passionate historical, with a hero who would go above and beyond for his lady love.

Jeremy Cleland (Temptations of a Wallflower, by Eva Leigh)
Jeremy Cleland is a clergyman who has always lived up to his family’s expectations. He’s also been tasked with ousting the identity of an erotic author making quite the stir. Lady Sarah Frampton is the author in question, a somewhat shy woman Jeremy meets at a garden party. What makes this romance so great is that both characters are introverted, but highly intelligent. However, their shyness belies their romantic needs both inside and outside the bedroom.

Kent Randolph (Breathless, by Beverly Jenkins)
A friends to lovers romance set in the American West, Breathless is sweet and satisfying. Kent Randolph has known Portia Carmichael for most of his life. Now grown, he has himself a ranch and all that’s missing is a wife and family. A patient man, Kent has his eyes set on Portia, though her hands are more than full with tempting suitors. He handles them in stride and rather than interfering with Portia’s decisions, he waits for her. No heroine-claiming alpha males here!

Oliver Rivington (The Soldier’s Scoundrel, by Cat Sebastian)
Cat Sebastian is a new and wonderful force in the world of historical romance. Oliver Rivington is home from war and all he wants out of life is a quiet, predictable existence. But then Jack Turner shows up, a man raised in the London underground with a history of criminal activity. The two men couldn’t be more opposites: refined and rough. Though fate has a way of shaking things up, as a gentleman falls for a ruffian. Don’t miss out on this romance!

Nick Blackshear (A Woman Entangled, by Cecilia Grant)
Nick Blackshear has been in love with his friend Kate Westbrook for years, but she’s already turned him down and he’s not looking to repeat that heartache again. What Kate needs to help restore the reputation of her family is a match to a wealthy man and if Nick can’t be with her, he’ll do his best to help her and avoid questionable suitors. However, remaining just friends in the wake of a trying to make a match is tougher than it seems, and Kate begins to realize that perhaps the right man for her has been there all along.

Quill McKenna (This Gun for Hire, by Jo Goodman)
There’s something irresistible about a hero who isn’t intimidated by a powerful woman. When bodyguard Quill McKenna’s boss needs a new gun for hire, he recommends sharpshooting bounty hunter Calico Nash. Their first meeting is amazing, with Quill believing Calico’s in danger. He’s slightly surprised to find Calico has tied up and knocked out the “danger” in question. Once the two begin to work together, it’s obvious that Quill not only respects Calico as an equal member of his team, but as a woman who can handle herself in tough situations.

Robert Blaisdell (The Duchess War, by Courtney Milan)
If you like angsty historical romances, The Duchess War is for you! Robert Blaisdell is a handsome duke who is desperate to remove himself from the wrongdoings caused by his father by supporting worker’s rights. It’s in this advocacy that he meets bespectacled Minerva Lane, and the two form a bit of an alliance. Minvera also has her fair share of secrets, and watching Robert and Minerva slowly open up to one another is enough to leave readers misty-eyed.

Sebastian Vane (It Takes a Scandal, by Caroline Linden)
Penniless and injured, Sebastian Vane is a man with a ruined reputation. With his inheritance gone and his father lost to madness, he can’t help but feel that he may suffer the same fate eventually. The only light at the end of his tunnel is Abigail Weston, a kind and beautiful woman with an extremely large dowry. Poor Sebastian’s insecurities are heartbreaking, feeling that Abigail would rather have anyone as a suitor but him. It Takes a Scandal will have readers rooting desperately for a happy ending, as Sebastian soaks up the happiness Abigail gives him.

Solomon Hathaway (A Lily Among Thorns, by Rose Lerner)
Solomon Hathaway runs a dye-making shop and is grieving the loss of his brother. Unfortunately, a meddling uncle has him sent on a wild goose chase to Lady Serena after an heirloom goes missing. To his surprise, Lady Serena is the same woman who was supposed to take his virginity years ago. Shy Solomon backed out of his meeting with the courtesan, though still paid her handsomely for the trouble. Now, they two must work together to retrieve Solomon’s family heirloom. In return, Solomon and his eye for color will update Serena’s inn. It’s quite the bargain that puts the two of them in frequent close contact.

Vincent Hunt (The Arrangement, by Mary Balogh)
Wanting nothing to do with his mother’s meddlesome matchmaking, Vincent Hunt hightails it to the countryside. He feels stifled by his mother and sisters’ attention, wanting to do everything for him on account of his blindness, but all he wants is some room to breathe. Sophia Fry’s family hopes to use the viscount’s blindness to secure her into a marriage with Vincent, but Sophia refuses and is thrown out of the home. Vincent, being the upstanding gentleman that he is, offers Sophia a betrothal anyway given her predicament, but can love spring from this unceremonious marriage of convenience?

Winter Makepeace (Thief of Shadows, by Elizabeth Hoyt)
Winter Makepeace lives his life for others. He looks after his sisters, teaches young children, and currently serves as headmaster for a foundling home. He’s serious and staid, though what others don’t know is that he’s leading a rather dangerous double life. Lady Isabel Beckinhall sees the stoic Winter as a challenge, and she loves nothing more than a challenge. Once little girls begin disappearing from the area, Winter must balance his quest for vengeance and the passion he feels for Isabel.

Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

Archimedes Fox (Heart of Steel, by Meljean Brook)
For steampunk and alternate history fans, what happens when a grumpy airship captain and mercenary meets a charming treasure hunter? Archimedes Fox is supposed to be dead, but it seems the treasure hunter has nine lives as he makes his way onto Yasmeen Corsair’s airship. He’s boarded once before, and Yasmeen isn’t about to let him talk his way on again. However, Archimedes doesn’t take Yasmeen’s near-murder of him to heart. Instead, he finds himself completely infatuated, and if he can melt Yasmeen’s icy exterior while swiping the Leonardo da Vinci sketch she has in her position, then he’d be killing two birds with one stone.

Brishen Khaskem (Radiance, by Grace Draven)
Brishen Khaskem, prince of the Kai, has found himself agreeing to a political marriage. Loyal to his people and his kingdom, he marries Ildiko, a human and the niece of the Gauri king. Their cultures couldn’t be more different, but both seem committed to making the marriage work. Unfortunately, Brishen finds Ildiko to be hideous and she feels the same about him. What follows is a slow burn romance between two unlikely allies, who seem to know nothing aside from the duties of their respective kingdoms.

James Bennett (Night Whispers, by Alisha Rai)
In a post-apocalyptic world, James Bennett is an analyst who lives underground. It’s been years since he’s left his bunker, surveilling the outside through technology. He’s formed a bond with Jules Guerrero, a woman who patrols outside, protecting surviving humans from creatures that roam the surface. The two communicate nightly, a pseudo-long distance attraction growing. When Jules goes missing, James gathers up the courage to leave his base and find her, by any means necessary.

Lachlan “Lock” MacRyrie (The Mane Squeeze, by Shelly Laurenston)
Lock MacRyrie is used to intimidating those around him. Not only is he nearly 7-feet tall, but he’s also a Jersey boy, and a bear shifter. However, beneath his big and bulky exterior, he’s sweet, loyal, and has a deep love of honey. The one woman he doesn’t seem to scare is hybrid tiger/lion shifter and Philly native, Gwen O’Neill. When an enemy starts targeting hybrid shifters, Lock knows that Gwen can handle herself, but the bear in him wants to help. A great blend of action and humor, The Mane Squeeze has a well-matched couple on the wild side.

Lucien (The Darkest Kiss, by Gena Showalter)
Who knew that Death was a beta hero? Years ago, Lucien had to ferry his beloved’s soul to the Underworld. That moment broke his heart and he did everything he could to keep women away from him, even physically scarring his body to make himself seem less attractive. Anya is the goddess of Anarchy. She’s a warrior woman who has her sights set on Lucien. For readers who love to see the roles reversed, with a heroine in pursuit of her celibate hero, pick this one up!

Malkom Slaine (Demon from the Dark, by Kresley Cole)
Demon Malkom Slaine has not only been cast out from his people, but poisoned with vampiric blood. Sheltered and still somewhat innocent in spite of his demonic heritage, Malkom doesn’t quite understand his attraction to the bawdy, outspoken witch, Carrow Graie. The two are a mismatched pair. Malkon is quiet, while Carrow is loud. She’s experienced, while he is…not. The tenderness inside Malkom makes it worse for Carrow when she realizes she must betray him. Though he’s survived countless tragedies, can Malkom survive the ultimate heartbreak?

Rùnach of Ceangail (Dreamspinner, by Lynn Kurland)
Though Rùnach of Ceangail may look like a simple soldier, he’s really an Elven prince in disguise. While boarding a ship, he notices a young man desperate to seek passage. However, the young man has been robbed and is unable to pay his way onboard. Taking pity, Rùnach offers up the man’s fare, but the young man isn’t a man at all. Aisling of Bruadair is on a quest to find a master swordsman, disguised as a man when she fatefully meets Rùnach. As Rùnach begins to learn more about Asling’s mission, he becomes just the right man—or elf—to help her.

Saille T’Willow (Heart Dance, by Robin D. Owens)
Saille T’Willow has recently discovered his mate is none other than DuFleur Thyme, a woman who wants nothing to do with him or matehood in general. She’s a scientist, dedicated to her work. It also doesn’t help that Saille’s grandmother brought a scandal upon DuFleur’s father. Luckily, Saille is a patient man, waiting until DuFleur comes to him. What’s great about this fantasy romance is that Saille doesn’t rush DuFleur into something she doesn’t want. Readers will appreciate this hero who can take things slowly.

Seth Mortensen (Succubus Blues, by Richelle Mead)
Author Seth Mortensen is Georgina Kincaid’s dream guy. He’s introverted, adorable, and shares Georgina’s deep love of books. There’s just one catch: Georgina is a succubus and can’t touch him. Talk about a temptation. Even with this glaring, obvious obstacle between them, Seth can’t stay away from Georgina and he’s in no hurry to give up on her. It’s hard not to love a hero who doesn’t believe in insurmountable problems, especially succubus-sized ones.

Romantic Suspense

Ben Jackson (One Minute to Midnight, by Nico Rosso)
Ben Jackson is a laid back former Navy SEAL. He’s smart, competent, and doesn’t mind handing over the reins to his Black Ops teammate and Special Forces sniper, Mary Kuri. While the romance drama comes with its fair share of angst and dramatic moments, these two are cool under pressure and incredibly mature when it comes to a relationship conflicting with their partnership. Fantastic for readers who love a fast-paced, suspenseful read!

Derek DiMarzio (Hard to Come By, by Laura Kaye)
As the computer expert to the group of Special Forcers operatives who run the Hard Ink Tattoo shop, Derek DiMarzio is used to infiltrating things with the help of a keyboard and mouse. But to truly help his teammates, he must go into enemy territory. His first order of business is to establish contact with their enemy’s sister, clinical psychologist Emilie Garza. Smart and honorable, Derek is dedicated to his mission, though experiences a major setback when he realizes Emilie has become way more than a target.

Eli Landon (Whiskey Beach, by Nora Roberts)
Whiskey Beach has become a solace for Eli Landon after a dark scandal rocked his world. Guilty in the public eye of murdering his soon-to-be ex-wife, he’s been interrogated by police and press alike. Now, all he wants is some peace and quiet to rebuild his life and maybe even write a book. Abra Walsh does anything and everything. She cleans houses, teaches yoga, and even makes jewelry. Abra becomes a friend to Eli and he’s grateful for her company, until the murder investigation finds its way to the small town of Whiskey Beach.

Ken Karmody (Out of Control, by Suzanne Brockmann)
Ken “Wildcard” Karmody is known as the joke-cracking tech expert, always there to bring levity to the situation with a quick quip. When former college acquaintance Samantha von Hopf specifically requests his help in dropping of some ransom money, he’s surprised to say the least, but begrudgingly agrees. Samantha’s feisty nature frequently trips up Kenny’s sometimes silly nature, making them an odd by endearing pair. Also, it’s not often readers get to see a nerdy Navy SEAL!

Tobias Faraday (Ripped, by Edie Harris)
Fireworks explode when a brassy, mouthy British assassin meets a staid and serious lawyer! Tobias Farraday has helped keep spy Chandler McCallister captive for information on who harmed his sister. However, she agrees to help on one condition and that’s to attend her sister’s wedding. Tobias reluctantly acquiesces, but he has to go with her…and pose as her date. The pair are opposites, with Chandler being loud and confident, while Tobias prefers to blend into the background. A great fake relationship romance with covert operations and plenty of action.

Virgil Skinner (Inside, by Brenda Novak)
Virgil Skinner spent fourteen years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Now released, he’s adjusting to life once again, determined to protect his sister and her family. Even if that means going back to prison undercover to help the California Department of Corrections. Chief Deputy Warden Peyton Adams has mixed feelings about the assignment and especially about Virgil’s safety. How can she keep a man so selfless safe, when he’ll do just about anything for the people he loves?

Which beta heroes are your favorite?

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