Giving In Author Maya Banks Shares Her Favorite Romance Trope

Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the bestselling author of numerous impossible to put down contemporary romance novels and series, including the Surrender Trilogy, the KGI Series, and the Breathless Trilogy. She also writes Scottish historical romance and romantic suspense. The long-awaited third novel in the Surrender Trilogy, Taking it All, will be available August 5th. Thanks go to Maya for taking time to discuss her favorite romance trope with us!

I have many favorite tropes in the romance genre. Certain key words, if used in the back cover copy of a book, I buy it on the spot, no need to read any further. I’ll buy ANY book that refers to a “big secret” in the heroine’s past or present and I’ll buy the book JUST so I can find out what the secret is! I’m just that easy.

So needless to say the fact is that I don’t see one of my very favorite (as in top 3!) tropes very much in romances. Well, except in Harlequin Presents books, because those feature this trope quite a bit. The trope in question? Marriage/relationship in jeopardy stories.

Oh. My. Stars. I love, love, LOVE stories that look beyond that HEA (happily ever after) ending we all love and adore about our romances. But I love the idea of seeing beyond that first shine of a relationship. I want to read about real, flawed people who make mistakes, who hurt each other and then move heaven and earth to heal that hurt.

I was supposed to list 3-5 titles of books that were perhaps indicative of my subject matter but the simple fact is, that’s what I want YOU guys to do. I’m going to briefly touch on the books of MINE that use the relationship/marriage in jeopardy theme. Because afterward I’d LOVE for you guys to tell ME what are some really good MIJ and RIJ books I can add to my MUST BUY list. 🙂

Back when ménage stories in erotic romance were becoming more common and popular, I noticed that none of the books I was seeing or buying brought readers beyond the initial HEA and I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE to see the dynamics at play and get to see the characters in day to day life. So I wrote Stay With Me and the story begins 5 years after Catherine, Logan and Rhys embarked on their committed triad relationship. The marriage is in trouble and it only gets worse until they finally overcome all the obstacles standing in the way of a LASTING HEA.

Another early book of mine, a story that I had been DYING to write for YEARS, that deals with marriage in jeopardy is The Darkest Hour. I can’t tell you how long Ethan and Rachel and their very fragile relationship/marriage lived in my mind just WAITING for the time when I would finally sit down to write their story.

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss is perhaps one of my favorite all time titles of mine. I lovingly nicknamed the hero and heroine “Grumpy” and “Sparkly” on twitter and the names have stuck to this day. But they marry early in the story and then everything goes wrong and the hero REALLY has to work hard to get his wife back. Man I love a story like that which brings me Taking it All.

Chessy and Tate’s story is the last in the Surrender Trilogy and if you’ve read the first two books, Letting Go and Giving In, then you’ll know something’s up with Tate and Chessy and that things aren’t perfect in paradise.

When I say that Chessy and Tate both went through the WRINGER during this book I do mean I tortured them both. And Tate royally screws up and has to do some heavy duty groveling and making up to win his wife back in the end.

So now that I’ve confessed one of MY all time favorite tropes, marriage in jeopardy, what about you? What is YOUR absolute favorite trope? AND what books have you read that use the theme of marriage or relationship in jeopardy? I’m getting my list ready to start writing titles down!

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