Poured Over Double Shot: Margaret Renkl and Sy Montgomery with Matt Patterson

Margaret Renkl’s The Comfort of Crows is a literary devotional featuring beautiful artwork that follows the natural world week by week through the splendor of a year. Renkl joins us to talk about the importance of slowing down to appreciate the world around us, connecting to the plants and animals in our surroundings, the impacts of changing climate and more.  

Of Time and Turtles by Sy Montgomery with illustrations by Matt Patterson brings these wondrous creatures to the forefront as we learn about their personalities, complex ecosystems and their connections to humanity in a variety of ways. Montgomery and Patterson join us to talk about their love of turtles, the importance of local conservation and rescues, what we can learn from turtles and nature in general and more.  

Listen in as these authors speak separately with guest host, Jenna Seery.  

This episode of Poured Over was hosted by Jenna Seery and mixed by Harry Liang.          

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Featured Books (Episode): 
The Comfort of Crows by Margaret Renkl 
Of Time and Turtles by Sy Montgomery with illustrations by Matt Patterson 
Late Migrations by Margaret Renkl 
Graceland, At Last by Margaret Renkl 
The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery 
How To Be A Good Creature by Sy Montgomery