04 Vienna , Paris , Aix en Provence , Rom Budapest , Lake Constance , Zurich: Arya Bahram Art Photos Collection (Black/white/ gray)

04 Vienna , Paris , Aix en Provence , Rom Budapest , Lake Constance , Zurich: Arya Bahram Art Photos Collection (Black/white/ gray)

by Arya Bahram


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04 Vienna , Paris , Aix en Provence , Rom Budapest , Lake Constance , Zurich: Arya Bahram Art Photos Collection (Black/white/ gray) by Arya Bahram

What is art photography?
First of all sorry for my english , I am persian !!
I have to say this is really a question that is not so easy to answer
There are examples of photos that have been made completely without claiming to be art and that are traded as such, Pictures, of which not even the photographer is known.
It is very important that the photographer for himself has an idea of Art Photos , and even if he goes with his camera out, hoping for a good photo, but he has a frame operation for his work
When I come home with many photos, begins the work, which means I ask myself:
Is this an art photo and fit my working frame Operation??
What are my personal works frames Operation??
Details, people movement, creativity, conscious action, willing to take random image
The question I ask myself is:
Could it be that viewers would regret it if they had not seen this or it would not matter to them ?? if they regret it , then the image belongs to my book.

It is also since the beginning of the art always a bone of contention what art is. The Answers have unlimited space for interpretations.
I think also in terms of art are photos like music and painting! Some like it and others do not! As with the music! What varied and exciting makes the whole thing so well! And always looking for something to watch again!
Perhaps art is to produce the conscious application of creative imagination and craft skills to aesthetic objects such as picture or sculpture.
'Conscious' means that a Random product is not art

'Creative' means a copy is not art.

'Craft' means the arts and crafts are complementary.
'Aesthetic' means that the product is beautiful.
This definition is probably not for everyone but for me creates clarity
Copy a photo, painting or sculpture, is not as copies of writings possible (except, someone wants to copy a Tolstoy book!!)
When I write a sentence and millions of other people agree with this statement, for example this sentence:
A copy of the hare, (a watercolor by Albrecht Dürer) is nice, but only the original is Art
This sentence is not a copy, but an image or music or photo can not be copied because it is a person and creativity behind it,
From nothing, now by the artist something exists, whether a picture or song or photo.
Creativity is really a key word.
I remember when I was in Prague and Budapest and wanted pictures of craftsmanship (Glass and wooden toys) make that were behind glass cabinets, first automatically and instinctively you would think on this issue to a polarizing filter, as this reflection on nonmetallic surfaces (so can also suppress on glass). Avoid for reflections on glass panes
But I asked myself, why actually with polarizing filter?

What's bad about that once viewer sees how a picture would look without polarizing filter? Not only see objects, but also passers-by on the street and the photographer himself, but all in a photo!! And i did it
I made these photos without polarizing filter and I believe have become beautiful photos. An artistic work has been deliberately created

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