16 Marsden Place

16 Marsden Place

by Rachel Brimble


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ISBN-13: 9781623420208
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication date: 06/04/2013
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

I live with my fantastic husband, our two young daughters and my beloved black Labrador, Max in a small market town near the famous Georgian City of Bath. Having always 'played' with writing, I didn't seriously sit down and write toward publication until I became pregnant with my second daughter - then I told myself to get my butt in the chair and get on with it before she grows up and I'm forced to get a real job!

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16 Marsden Place 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Mamaeck More than 1 year ago
16 Marsden Place is told is narrated in the third person and is novel about a beautiful, highly successful 28-year-old business woman named Sienna Lloyd. She has not been in any long-term relationships after the murder of her father and feels it’s her job to protect her mother and put her life on hold. Unfortunately, the landlord of Sienna’s highly successful sex shop is raising the rent, and she can no longer afford it and is forced to re-open the shop in her home on Marsden Place. Just about that time, a handsome man moves into the home next to her, along with his twin four-year old daughters. Jack is raising his daughters on his own as he hasn’t seen his alcoholic wife in over a year. Sienna cannot help fight her attraction to Jack and the same goes for Jack (although not thrilled with the fact that Sienna is opening the sex shop next to his home). Eventually both characters open their hearts to love, which involves a heated sex scene or two. Oh, did I mention that Sienna does not like children or that Sienna’s mom wants her to close the shop permanently and move to London or that Jack’s estranged wife comes back into the picture? Yes, all those things happen too. So, this book started out great for me. I was immediately pulled into it because of Sienna’s strong character as well as one of her mother’s first lines in the book: “My God, have you seen your landlord? If that man had any sort of sex life, his face wouldn’t constantly look like a slapped ass, would it?" Yes, that one liner had me laughing in hysterics. But that’s where it ended for me. I felt that the book fell flat. :( Jack told Sienna he loved her after four short weeks, although he was still married and very, very protective of his daughters. I felt their relationship was not true to their characters, plus Jack’s mood swings gave me severe whiplash. I won’t mention the fact that Sienna wore white pants to an amusement park. Who in their right mind would do that while dragging two 4-year-olds around an amusement park and riding amusement rides? Sienna’s best friend, Kelsey, is mentioned sporadically throughout the book, and I thought she was absolutely hilarious, especially when she is with a male counterpart. "Yeah, when I’m past desperate and feel as though my vagina’s sealed up.” And Sienna was just as funny as her mother and Kelsey. “I like daffodils, Beaton, but not enough I wouldn’t shove these up your ass. Go. Now.” “Just because you’re wound tighter than a thong strap around a dido does not give you the right—“ And when Sienna mentions wound tight, she wasn’t kidding. Jack was certainly wound too tight for my liking. I adored that he was a great father and he wanted to protect his children, but other than that, he was a forgettable male character. I definitely would have enjoyed reading more scenes between Sienna and her mother as well. However, I would be curious to read more from this author as I think she has one heck of a sense of humor based on some of the lines in this book. (I bet she is a blast to hang out with too!) Unfortunately, this was not one of my favorite books. Had I not been sent the ARC of this book, I probably would never have read it either as the cover did nothing to catch my eye. But who knows, it may be just your cup of tea! :)