200 Questions About Sex: Answered in 20 Words or Less

200 Questions About Sex: Answered in 20 Words or Less

by Cosmopolitan

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ISBN-13: 9781453253922
Publisher: Hearst Books
Publication date: 09/04/2012
Series: Cosmo's Naughtiest Sex Questions , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 20
Sales rank: 403,877
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Cosmo's 200 Naughtiest Sex Questions

Answered in 20 Words or Less Volume 2

By John Searles

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Copyright © 2012 Hearst Communications, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4532-5392-2


1. Is it possible to have too much sex?


2. My guy and I tried whipped cream during sex but it was more messy than arousing.

What are some alternatives?

Skip the whipped cream and try pudding. It is less sticky and feels cool on your skin.

3. What about lube—can I use it above the waist?

You bet. Slather it on your whole body so you glisten (hot visual) and his hands can glide all over you.

4. How can I get my guy to pay more attention to my boobs?

Keep on a blingy necklace during sex. It'll draw extra attention to your girls.

5. Can some women climax just by thinking about sex?

Yes. Reportedly, two percent of women have this gift. Lucky ladies.

6. Can I lose sensation from using a vibrator too often?

Yes, but only temporarily and if you leave it on one spot too long.

7. What color of lingerie do men find arousing?

Red. It's the hue men find most alluring, according to studies.

8. My boyfriend and I want to spice up our role-playing. What can we try?

Next time you're out, pretend to be strangers who have just met.

9. Why does a guy like it when a girl's legs are straight up in the air during sex?

It gives him a great view of your naughty bits and something to brace himself on.

10. What's a sexy song to striptease to?

"Oops (Oh My)" by Tweet. It's an oldie, but the beat works with you.

11. How can I give my guy a hot massage?

Sit behind him, press your breasts against his back, and run your fingers up and down his chest.

12. Is there a good way to wake him up for sex?

Start by kissing his neck, working your way down his body. He'll rise and shine when you reach his package.

13. What's the most popular type of porn for guys?

Videos that feature MILFs, according to website traffic for the adult site redtube.com.

14. Is there a good way to switch positions while keeping him inside me?

Do it slowly. If he clenches his butt cheeks during the transition, that may also help.

15. How do I get my guy to talk less in bed?

Gently tie one of your scarves around his mouth. The dominance will turn him on and show you're in charge.

16. My guy tends to "jackhammer" during sex. How can I get him to vary his movements?

Make him "stir" by swiveling his hips in a circle. He'll hit every part of you.

17. What's the best way to get my guy going while we're in the car?

On the ride home, touch his knee. The closer to home you get, the closer your fingers move toward his package.

18. Could frequent shrinking—say, due to cold water—cause a penis to become smaller permanently?

No, thank God.

19. Does his body give off signals when he is about to ejaculate?

His testicles rise and his breath quickens.

20. Is there a move I can use to get him extra-hard?

Grab the base of his penis and give it a few firm pumps while talking dirty to him.

21. My guy is very well endowed. How can I comfortably ride him?

Have him sit cross-legged. Then wrap your legs around his waist to take in all of him.

22. Is it true some guys like you to use your teeth during oral?

Yes, but test it out first by lightly grazing your teeth over his shaft to gauge his response.

23. What's a crazy way to use lube during foreplay?

Lube up his shaft, get on top, and slide up and down against him—never letting him actually enter you.

24. What's another fun new way to incorporate lube?

Try lube ice cubes (sold at drugstores). Your body heat melts them, making sex slippery and steamy.

25. I orgasm powerfully when I masturbate with a vibrator. How can I bring that same intensity to climaxing with my guy?

Incorporate a vibrator into your sex play.

26. I hear that squeezing my pubococcygeus (PC) muscles makes sex hotter for him. Why?

The tighter grip on his penis adds an insane surge of pleasure.

27. How should I use my PC muscles?

Flex your muscles while he's inside you, then release. Pulse your muscles at different rates.

28. What's the secret to giving a great hand job?

Lube. Wet both palms and gently twist them as you move up and down his shaft.

29. How can I kiss a guy to show him that I'm ready for more?

While he's kissing you, suck on his tongue seductively, imitating what you do to his penis.

30. Sometimes clear fluid squirts out of me during sex. What is it?

Female ejaculatory fluid. It may happen during or before you orgasm.

31. My boyfriend wants me to play with his back door. What the hell am I supposed to do with it?

Gently rub with your finger. If he's, ahem, receptive, slowly insert your (lubed) digit.

32. Do penis pumps really make a guy bigger?

Unfortunately, no.

33. Can I eat anything to change the way I taste down there?

Foods such as garlic and asparagus might make you slightly more pungent, but sweet fruits such as pineapple might sweeten you up.

34. My boyfriend just bought massage oil but I don't know how to use it besides in the obvious way. Help?

Spread a few drops of massage oil on your breasts before getting busy. This way, you'll slide against him sexily.

35. My boyfriend prefers some hair down there. How should I groom?

Try a landing strip down the middle.

36. How can I make foreplay unforgettable for him?

Rub your hands together for a few seconds before touching his junk. Your warm hands will make things much hotter.

37. Are blue balls a real condition?

It's slang for a fluid buildup in the glands near his scrotum due to arousal. But the area doesn't turn blue.

38. What's a good way to spice up my oral technique?

Stick out your tongue so it's flat and broad. Lightly pat his penis against it while you're giving him oral.

39. What's another way to keep him guessing during oral?

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and take the tip of him in. It's a new sensation.

40. How can I surprise my guy while he's getting ready for work?

Hop in the shower with him while wearing nothing but a white tee.

41. How do I make myself feel tighter for him?

Mid-sex, clench your PC muscles for five seconds.

42. What kind of underwear can I leave on during sex?

Wear boy shorts during sex (just have him pull them aside). The fabric will create phenomenal friction against his shaft.

43. What takes a blowjob from pretty good to best ever?

Your enthusiasm. Act like it tastes better than a double-chocolate sundae.

44. Is there a way to let him know about one of my fantasies without freaking him out?

Tell him you had an erotic dream (costarring him) about your fantasy, and ask if he'd like to hear details.

45. I want to be spanked! How do I tell him without sounding weird?

Spank him first.

46. What's a surprising place to touch him?

While you're on top, graze your fingers over the area where his abs meet his hips. It's super-sensitive.

47. Is it possible for me to masturbate too much?

Only if you're more concerned about earning an orgasm than earning a paycheck.

48. My guy doesn't want to kiss me after oral. How can I get him to?

You can't. Just try to get in a lot of smooches before you head south.

49. What's a good twist on standard breast play?

Tweak your own nipples, and let him watch.

50. My boyfriend takes Viagra but doesn't need to. Should I be worried about the long-term effects?

The long-term effects aren't fully known, but he could become psychologically dependent on it.

51. I'm not very vocal during sex. How else can I encourage him?

Anytime he does something you like, dig your nails into his back. It lets him know you love it.

52. How can I make sure my guy's thinking about me while he's at work?

Write him a graphic note, and slip it in his pocket when he's leaving.

53. How can I make the lead-up to oral even hotter?

Lick your lips before heading downtown. It lets him know you enjoy it, making it even more pleasurable for him.

54. Should I give him oral before we start having sex, or will he peak too quickly?

Sure, but just use your tongue to enhance his arousal—no intense sucking.

55. My guy's whole body shakes post-orgasm. What's with that?

It's called the orgasmic shudder, and it happens to men and women in reaction to intense pleasure.

56. Will having sex stretch out my vagina?

No, but as you age, the lining gets thinner, so it feels less tight. Kegel exercises do the trick to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

57. How can I relax while he goes down on me?

Try lying spread-eagle while receiving oral—many chicks close their body (such as crossing their arms).

58. What's the longest-lasting position for a man?

Any done in quick succession—the more often you switch positions the longer he'll last.

59. Why does my boyfriend want to ejaculate on me?

He probably saw it in a porno movie.

60. He wants me to give his butt hole attention. Is that sanitary?

Only if he's showered and you stick to his cheeks. Otherwise, you can pick up all sorts of bacteria.

61. What's a hot, sex-related gift to give my guy?

You in barely there lingerie.

62. Do men want their nipples played with?

Some do, some don't. See how your guy reacts.

63. Can you use lube for shower sex?

Not water-based ones; they'll just wash off. Look for something silicone-based, like KY Intrigue.

64. I want to get a little rough. How can I start?

Hold his hands above his head as you kiss him.

65. When he is giving me oral, what should I do with my hands?

Lightly tug at his hair and run your fingers through it. Don't steer his head.

66. Do female sexual enhancers work?

The Food and Drug Administration doesn't seem to think so.

67. Should I control how loud I moan?

No. It's hot and lets him know he is giving you intense pleasure.

68. What's a cool twist on sixty-nine?

Lie next to him on the bed, with your head by his feet. Then manually stimulate each other.

69. What's a hot way to surprise him with a quickie?

When he is brushing his teeth, sneak up behind him and start stroking his penis.

70. Are there any reliable at-home STD tests or is it necessary to go to the doctor?

There are tests you administer at home before sending results to a lab. But see a doctor to be sure.

71. What's the best position for a small space?

Spoons with bent legs. Lie on your sides, him behind you. Push your butt toward him as he enters you.

72. I usually need about twenty minutes of foreplay to get me going. Is that normal?

Yes. The average woman requires anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes.

73. How can I tease my guy before going down on him?

Rub the tip of his penis against your lips, like you're applying lipstick.

74. How can I feel less body-conscious when I'm on top?

Lean in close, so you're face-to-face. That way, your belly and breasts won't jiggle as much.

75. How can I make my guy love my vibrator as much as I do?

Turn your vibrator on low, and place it against his shaft.

76. What should I do with my hands when giving him oral?

Put one at the base of his penis and slide it up and down in sync with your mouth.

77. What's the most sensitive part of a guy's penis?

The tip. Make slow circles around it with your tongue.

78. Can a guy have an orgasm without ejaculating?


79. Does sex feel different with an uncircumcised guy?

A little. The foreskin slips up and down the shaft as the thrusts, so it may be extra stimulating.

80. How can I initiate him going down on me?

When he's kissing you, whisper "I'd love to have you do that elsewhere."

81. He wants me to be more dominant. What should I do?

Push him onto the bed, and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you.

82. Being super-loud during sex is a huge turn-on for me. How can I feel less self-conscious?

Turn your stereo up to full blast, then moan as loudly as you desire.

83. How can I make using condoms better for him?

Drop lube in the tip of the condom pre-sex—it'll boost sensations for him.

84. What's a great way to make him finish strong?

As he's climaxing, firmly grab his ass and pull him into you as deep as possible.

85. What should I do after I tie him up?

Lick your way from his neck to his ankles and back again.

86. What's the best way to transition from kissing to sex?

Kiss him, then lean in and say, "You make me so wet" to get things going.

87. When should I be concerned that my guy's watching too much porn?

If he's spending hours a day with it and/or he ignores other facets of his life.

88. What's a great way to stimulate him visually?

With the lights on, sprawl out on the bed before the action begins to give him the full, awesome view.

89. My guy loses his erection when he's drunk. Is there a remedy for "whiskey dick"?

Don't drink so much.

90. What can I do to make him recover faster after sex?

Keep him inside you post-sex. Wait a bit, then clench your PC muscles to get him hard for round two.

91. What's a water-friendly sex position?

Straddle him in the tub. Once he's inside you, sit face-to-face and wrap your legs around each other's backs.

92. What outfit will get him really pumped?

A schoolgirl getup—it's an oldie but a goodie.

93. My guy and I want to try anal. Any tips?

Use loads of lube, and ease into it with a finger or two.

94. My boyfriend's neck cramps up when he goes down on me. What's a good solution?

Sit in a chair while he gives you oral. It opens you up more and is easier for him.

95. What's a rough-play move that feels awesome for me?

Ask him to tug your lips (down there!) gently while he's thrusting inside you.

96. If you have a bigger clitoris, is it easier to orgasm?

Nope. Every clitoris has the same number of nerve endings (8,000), so they're equally sensitive.

97. What's a good tip for giving oral to a guy who's really big down there?

Take as much of his package as you can into your mouth, and suck firmly—he'll absolutely love the pressure.

98. What's a hot, new foreplay trick I can try?

Take his penis and tease yourself with it.

99. I'm short. My guy is tall. What's a good position for us?

You on top, facing front or reverse.

100. I've been with my boyfriend so long, foreplay feels boring now. What can we do to mix things up?

Try no-hands foreplay. You're only allowed to touch each other using other body parts: lips, breasts, hair, feet ...

101. What's a sexy way to masturbate in front of him?

Dim the lights, sit against the headboard, and touch yourself slowly.

102. Do arousal creams work?

Some women say so, but since there aren't scientific studies, we can't say for sure if they do ... or if they're safe .

103. How can I amp the pleasure my guy feels during oral?

Play up the surprise element. Frequently changing your mouth and tongue moves keeps him guessing.

104. What does being inside me feel like for him?

Stick your finger in your mouth and suck and you'll get an idea.

105. What's a hot thing to do after sex?

Give each other sensual massages. Start by scratching his scalp with your nails. It will make him quiver.


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