30 Websites For Sixth Grade: Independent Learning Activities

30 Websites For Sixth Grade: Independent Learning Activities

by David Harstad


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How do I shop for a car? What do pilots and air traffic control talk about? Did someone just give me a fake $100 bill?

This website book can answer those questions.

Why was the lady afraid of ghosts? What did the gentleman do with his 20,000-piece collection? What do you mean those stones moved mysteriously by themselves across the desert floor?

... again, the book will explain.

What will I receive for my birthday? Can I live at Disneyland? When will they invent lima beans that taste like candy?

... sadly, things this book will not explain.

A book of 30 websites can be very useful. Think of it as 30 doors, when opened each one offers something new and different. These are topics that help with school studies, make you an enlightened reader, and provide discussion topics while waiting in the lunch line on chicken nugget Tuesdays.

It's a book for students who want to excel and like a little challenge. The websites and independent learning activities are the same ones used in sixth grade - I know because I teach them!

So if you need to improve your typing skills, ever wanted to live in 3,500 BC, or just like watching numbers going crazy, then yet again, the book.

Author David Harstad has taught sixth grade for 20 years and uses the Sixth Grade Enrichment Series to offer observations and insight from the classroom.

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About the Author

Author David Harstad has taught upper elementary over 20-years on the California Central Coast. He graduated from Cal Poly State University and spent time walking in the footsteps of his ancestors.

The Harstad Collection is designed to challenge upper-elementary thinking. The collection complements classroom teaching, opening doors to new knowledge. It develops a well-balanced student, both academically and socially, who will have many life successes.

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