7 Secrets to Power Praying: How to Access God's Wisdom and Miracles Every Day

7 Secrets to Power Praying: How to Access God's Wisdom and Miracles Every Day


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Does God care about the little decisions you have to make every day?

The Bible is full of spiritual wisdom. But does God provide specific direction for real-world questions? Questions like Is this the right job? and Which college should my child attend?

The answer is a resounding yes. And in this practical guide, you will discover how to access God's divine wisdom in any situation.

Join author Jane Glenchur as she shares the seven secrets to praying with power that God taught her, along with other gems of prayer wisdom, to help take the guesswork and stress out of decision-making. Her numerous personal stories, from praying for the best shoes for her daughter to astonishing healings overseas, will motivate you to set apart time with the Lord and tune your ear to His voice during your daily routine. But most importantly, she shows how ordinary believers like you can receive extraordinary answers to our prayers.

"Learning to partner with God is the heart of this book. In so doing, you, too, will develop an intimate relationship with the Lord and experience miraculous answers to prayer." —Dr. Jane Glenchur

Are you ready to see the impossible made possible?

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ISBN-13: 9780800795719
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 612,531
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jane Glenchur, a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, is an experienced intercessor and leader of prayer groups, as well as an accomplished lecturer and Bible study teacher. She serves on the board of trustees of a private school and is a spiritual mentor to young adults. This is her first book. She and her husband, Tom, have two children and live in the Midwest.

Table of Contents

Foreword Randy Clark 9

Acknowledgments 13

Part 1 Partnering with God

1 Miracles in Minutes? 17

2 Who Qualifies for Extraordinary Answers? 25

3 Google or God? 37

4 Is God on Your Contact List? 47

Part 2 Applying the 7 Secrets to Power Praying

5 Secret #1: Say Yes First 69

6 Secret #2: Give God Your Password 80

7 Secret #3: Tap into God's Heart 85

8 Secret #4: Toss the Pros and Cons List 92

9 Secret #5: Know When to Give Up 100

10 Secret #6: Open Locked Doors 107

11 Secret #7: Employ the Power of Testimonies 113

Part 3 Stepping Up to the Next Level

12 The Nuts and Bolts of Prayer 123

13 Unmasking Deception 139

14 Day-to-Day Decisions 148

15 Praying for the Impossible 166

16 Accessing God's Provision 174

17 Time Management 184

18 Discouraged but Not Defeated 190

19 Learning from Mistakes 198

20 Close the Gap 208

Appendix A Power Prayers and Declarations 217

Appendix B Attributes of God 220

Appendix C Suggested Reading 221

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7 Secrets to Power Praying: How to Access God's Wisdom and Miracles Every Day 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading Jane's account of her life experiences and encounters with the Lord is a faith-builder, encouraging you to step out in obedience to Him even when it seems contrary to logic.  This book is so personal that I felt like I was engaging in conversation with Jane ... that she could be sitting right across from me sharing her heart and experiences with Jesus. Jane presents practical keys on how to stay in touch with the Lord and in tune with the Holy Spirit.  I love how each chapter ends with summarizing points to remember and Jane poses challenging questions. Jane emphasizes what a personal God we serve, a God who is interested in every little detail of our lives. "We must come to terms with our limitations, admit our need for God and include Him in every part of our lives."  Jane encourages you to consult the Lord for every detail of your life and to be in constant open communication with Him, always having your ear attuned to see what He will speak.  Jane gives practical application of prayer to everyday life situations.  This book will build your faith and trust in the Lord for all things pertaining to your life. In the chapter on Unmasking Deception Jane challenges us to meditate on God's Word:  "If we meditate on the Word of God - if instead of just reading it we weave it into the fabric of our thinking - then our spirits will notify us when our thoughts, words or actions are in error or out of alignment with God."  At the end of the chapter Jane poses the question under "Remember ... Are you daily weaving the Word of God into the fabric of your thinking as a protection against deception?" Jane relates that it's all about your personal relationship with the Lord ... "My prayer is that at the end of reading this book every  reader will be enthusiastic about sitting in God's presence and listening for His godly counsel."   This book is a practical guide on how to access the Lord in prayer and I highly recommend it ... it will revolutionize your prayer life.  As Jane states in a closing chapter, "The advice in this book is not meant to be a formula, but a guide to a soul-satisfying connection with our Lord.  Keep your relationship the main focus, and remember that God longs to communicate His heart to you."   Kathleen Godlewski Port Charlotte, Florida
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
‘Seven Secrets to Power Praying’ is a powerful book, filled with incredible insight into communicating with God.  I have walked with the Lord for 34 years and I am still learning how marvelous the Lord is and how much he wants to perform miracles, in my life, on a daily basis. Jane Glenchur makes it clear to us, through her personal examples, that the Lord cares about every aspect of our life. I appreciate the candor in which she shares her journey, in accessing God’s wisdom through prayer.   This book is easy to read.  It has practical steps on how to pray with power and receive revelation straight from heaven. Jane’s intimate relationship with the Lord will inspire you, as it did me, to deepen your personal relationship God. I loved the chapter titled; ‘Google or God?’ It really made me step back and evaluate if I was relying on God, to lead me, or worldly knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, having knowledge is great. However, when it replaces the voice of God, in a situation, I need to be cautious. Jane challenged me to go to God first,  not Google. She reminds us, that not only does God want to guide us, but he longs for us to slow down enough to listen to his direction. In this book you will discover practical ways to communicate with an awesome God. I could relate to so many of Jane’s examples on how she navigated her partnership with God. Secret #5: ‘Know When to Give Up’, really hit home with me. Many times I have been faced with a deadline and very little energy to  complete the task ahead. Jane encourages you to let go and let God handle it. I have recently followed Jane’s advice by surrendering a complete project to the Lord, waiting on his direction and trusting him to do the project through me. WOW!! He took things a totally different direction and rendered fantastic results. I could go on and on about the wisdom I gained from this book. May you be blessed as you discover how to partner with God and witness miracles every day.  I recently invited Jane Glenchur to come speak at our Fairborn Aglow Meeting. If you enjoy her writing style, then you will love her as a guest speaker. She is as down to earth, in person, as she is on the pages of her book. She has a passion for sharing the wisdom, she has learned, with anyone desiring to enhance their prayer results. The love and respect she has for the Lord is contagious. Our group loved the practical way she shared her incredible testimony. I recommend Jane as a guest speaker. You will not be disappointed! Tina Marie Brown, Tina Marie Brown Ministries and President of Fairborn Aglow Lighthouse   
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great book that is easy to read and gives some very good suggestions about praying.  The author is a Christian, a wife, a mom and spent eight years as a practicing physician.  At the urging of God, she gave up her practice, and her family’s guaranteed financial freedom, to follow a new path.  This book explains how she heard from God clearly enough to change careers. Dr. Glenchur states that using her suggestions has brought her into a very close relationship with God, and that she can hear His voice.  She emphasizes that anyone can have the kind of relationship with God that she does.  The author gives very interesting examples from her own life.  Dr. Glenchur includes instances when she did follow what God told her, and times when she did not.  She includes what happened when she did, or did not, heed God’s direction. The book is divided into three sections.  The first part, “Partnering with God,” helps the reader get their heart and mind ready for a new experience.  The second part, “Applying the Seven Secrets to Power Praying,” explains the steps and uses them to enhance one’s prayer life.  The third part, “Stepping Up to the Next Level,” contains more details of putting these steps into action.  There is also some discussion of potential road blocks that could be encountered, as well as, possible solutions. I really liked this book, and enjoyed the author’s easy way of writing.  Reading this book felt like I was talking with a good friend.  I believe she gives very practical advice about how to improve prayer life, along with enriching your connection with God.  Her ideas are easily incorporated into the reader’s daily walk with the Almighty.  Dr. Glenchur was very transparent with examples she gave from her own life, and that made her suggestions very authentic.  The author also gave advice to consider when prayers aren’t answered.  I think anyone who wants to experience more of what God has for their life, and a deeper relationship with Him should read this five-star book. The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through Chosen Books and Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner. Despite my receiving the book free, it has not influenced my judgment, and I have given an honest opinion.
LSPrince More than 1 year ago
Seven Secrets to Power Praying (How to Access God's Wisdom and Miracles Every Day) has brought spiritual renewal to my life. I'm sad to say in recent years my prayer life pertaining to the "little" things of life had become null and void. Seven Secrets is an inspiring, easy read that has refreshed my soul and strengthened my faith. Already, I'm finding myself turning to God in prayer with requests I had depended on my own pitiful knowledge/wisdom to ascertain. I'm communicating with God as my Heavenly Father and feeling His presence in a way that I would compare to as my best friend - He who will never leave or forsake me. I know there are many who are lonely - these seven secrets will restore faith, love, and companionship with our God, our Creator. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!
KLD1 More than 1 year ago
Seven Secrets to Power Praying is a phenomenal read! Each chapter is filled with practical day-to-day exercises to strengthen your prayer life and your relationship with God. The book is really easy to read and well organized! Starting (or re-starting) your prayer life will be immediate. This is a lifetime book! What I mean is that it won't sit on a shelf and collect dust over the years. This book can be read at any time in your spiritual life.  The summaries at the end of each chapter are a quick go-to if you need to remember what to do later down the road.  One of my favorite things about this book are the personal testimonies Jane provides from her own life. The testimonies are powerful and are a reminder of what God is capable of doing for us. Jane emphasizes on how God cares about us, even the smallest details of our everyday lives. Why not reach out to our Father who loves us fervently? I can't wait to see what God has in store for me using this method of praying!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seven Secrets to Power Praying is a welcomed, refreshing account of the One, True, Living God. Jane brings such a lively perspective on some very practical approaches to entering the presence of holiness. The chapter, Know When to Give Up is especially encouraging and full of powerful, sometimes surprising, reality. This should be required reading for all of our adolescents before they leave home. I would like to see Seven Secrets to Power Praying developed into a training program that takes us deeper into understanding a healthy relationship with our Maker. He longs for our attention and Jane has recorded some splendid accounts of that special attention brings such hope. This is the kind of advice I look for when life is coming at me faster than I can handle. Jane helps us to realize that life, no matter how fast, slow or crazy, is always in The Master's hand. She shows us many creative ways to place our lives in the omnipresense that manages, guides, directs and loves us more than we can ever imagine.The book is a breath of fresh air that reminds me of walking and talking with my best friend. Thank you, Jane Glenchur! You really hit the mark! Mary Ann Derr Zionsville, Pennsylvania
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow wow wow!!! This book is an amazing read!! So encouraging hearing Jane's real life experience!  Absolutely overwhelmed reading the pages of this book, by the humility of the Lord's heart, and the way He loves to enter act with us His Children! Jane really sheds light on how free we are to interact in God's counsel and listen to His voice in our everyday lives!!! Such a great read!!!