A Brand New Ending

A Brand New Ending

by Jennifer Probst


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ISBN-13: 9781503904873
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Series: Stay Series , #2
Pages: 334
Sales rank: 45,276
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Probst is the New York Times bestselling author of the Billionaire Builders series, the Searching For series, The Marriage series, the Steele Brothers series, and The Start of Something Good, which is the first book in the Stay series. Like some of her characters, Probst, along with her husband and two sons, calls New York’s Hudson Valley home. When she isn’t traveling to meet readers, she enjoys reading, watching “shameful reality television,” and visiting a local Hudson Valley animal shelter. Follow her at www.jenniferprobst.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jenniferprobst.authorpage, or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jenniferprobst.

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A Brand New Ending 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
gaele 9 months ago
Ophelia left home at 18, and returned two years later to help run the family’s B & B, taking over after her mother’s death. Her brother and sister noticed that she was ‘different’ and not quite herself, but she never shared the reasons why. Making her guests feel special and bringing her family together for dinners once a week, welcoming Mia and Chloe into the fold, and living her life, she’s content and has found some sort of happiness. Until her brother asks for a 3 month stay for his childhood best friend Kyle, who needs a place to write his next screenplay. Clearly saying no without explanation, when Kyle arrives on her doorstep she’s thrown back in time, trying desperately to cling to the hurt and ‘coolness’ that will keep him at bay, and shuttles him off to Ethan’s cottage where he, Mia, Hei Hei the guard chicken, and two dogs live – he can stay on their couch. Kyle needs to return to his hometown to write the story he wants – to relive the memories of his relationship with Ophelia, until it all fell apart and she left him in Hollywood, alone. He’s also got a secret that he needs to share with her – but she won’t even talk to him. With Ethan’s place being overcrowded and Hei Hei deciding he doesn’t like Kyle, and Ethan’s reaction to Mia spotting Kyle naked in the bathroom doesn’t go well. So Ophelia relents, girding her defenses and not allowing Kyle back in. She can set up rules, guidelines and keep him at arm’s length. The only problem is, she doesn’t want to – but she won’t be hurt again. And Kyle hurt her, badly. Oh this was so sweet – Kyle was trying desperately to get Ophelia to notice him, and talk with him – and trying to recapture what they once had – but it isn’t until he starts to see that what he believed were her dreams for herself weren’t – and he was as much (if not more) to blame for their relationship imploding than he’d thought. He’s working hard to break down Ophelia’s walls, and she’s just scared to risk it again. And she’s hurt, never getting the apology or having him recognize that he choose work and fame in Hollywood over her. When a chance encounter with Kyle’s father, a man who chose alcohol over his son and friends, brings her to see that the man was different and trying to make amends as he worked on his own sobriety, she also sees that there is a healing in forgiveness – and with Kyle still holding onto resentments from childhood, and her own anger with Kyle need to be sorted and settled. Even more than her relationship (or lack of) with Kyle. The back and forth is strong in this one – with electric chemistry that leaps off the pages, the revelations that Kyle is finding in his writing of their story, and his recognition that Ophelia remembers his ‘quirks’ and is constantly challenging his every belief – they’ve got to work through much, and he’s got plenty to prove…… Second chances never looked so good! I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Michelle Eriksen 7 months ago
A Brand New Ending is a total feel good read. Ophelia and Kyle have quite the past and when he shows up at her B&B she isn't very happy. Allowing Kyle into her home is not on her list of things she wants to do and before you know it her heart is on the line. This story left me with that warm and fuzzy feeling that makes me just want to the book to go on and on.
SheilaMo 9 months ago
How many times have we heard or might even have experienced a broken heart because of a romantic disillusionment? Such situation is very likely to happen when we are at a young age. It’s something that may leave us with a bitter sense of regret for not having been successful or it’s something that may bring us a sweet nostalgic remembrance - though painful – for its intensity and power. That’s the backdrop of the exceptional novel “A Brand New Ending” by Jennifer Probst. This is the second book of her 'Stay' series which can also be read as a standalone. The author really nailed it when she conveyed through the character Kyle how the creative working process of a writer unfolds. In addition, a distinct trait of Probst’s work is the presence of adorable and amusing pets that make the whole plot even more captivating. It’s praiseworthy her approach and initiative to encouraging readers to adopt abandoned pets and support animal shelters. The story of Ophelia and Kyle – lifelong friends that fall in love when they become teenagers – is sweet, involving, sexy, emotional, and talks about forgiveness and second chances. That’s a book that keeps the reader engaged and eager to find out about all the events that brought these two people together ten years later. Now, they will have to face the choices they made in the past and decide what really matters in their lives: for Kyle to have fame, glory, and a prestigious career in Hollywood as a screenplay writer; for Ophelia to overcome her resentment for being taken for granted by Kyle, learn if he will ever be able to see her as she really is and – more important – if he will finally choose her above everything else. Will they be able to overcome so many variables and write a brand new ending for their story? Jennifer Probst is one of my favorite writers, talented and witty, and once more she didn’t let the reader down. It’s an enjoyable, cheerful and touching reading.
Sarah Smith 9 months ago
"A Brand New Ending" is a powerful story of romance and redemption. It is a continuation of the Bishop family that started with Ethan's story in "The Start of Something New" and now moves to Ophelia's story with her high school love, Kyle. Kyle returns home to reconnect with his roots and bring back some of the fire that he's lost while in Hollywood. He finds part of that fire with Ophelia, after she kicks him out of her inn! It's a great read and one of the few books (rather than audiobooks) that I've been able to read lately. I couldn't put it down! I loved how the author wove in Kyle's book and the things he learned through his writing. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a spicy love story with redemption and rekindled flames.
JennieF 9 months ago
ARC ebook for honest review with no compensation, received from NetGalley A Brand New Ending is book 2 in the Stay series by Jennifer Probst and what an amazing book this is!! Ophelia Bishop and Kyle Kimpton where high school friends and sweethearts who after graduation left their hometown and set their sites on Hollywood. Ophelia wanted to sing and Kyle wanted to write screenplays..little did they know that Hollywood can sometimes chew you up and spit you out or make you successful. Kyle succeeded and Ophelia went back home. Years later Kyle returns home to work on his latest screenplay and want another chance to make things right with Ophelia is one true love. Both have changed over the years but can they find their way back to each other and a HEA or will Kyle always but his Hollywood life before Ophelia and destroy everything?? This book has it all...heartbreak, chemistry,angst, second chances, laughter and forgiveness!
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks 9 months ago
A Brand New Ending revisits the family owned bed and breakfast in Hudson Valley where Ethan and Mia went from enemies to lovers in The Start of Something Good. Ethan's sister, Ophelia, now has to face her first love when he returns home to write the story that could finally ease his writer's block. What I've enjoyed about this series so far is the depth that takes us beyond romance to challenges faced by everyday people. Both Ophelia and Kyle struggle with trust and forgiveness with each other and the past. Desperate to reconnect to the place he once called home, Kyle throws himself into repairing his relationship with Ophelia. However, the secrets they keep from one another threaten to sabotage any progress made. If you're a fan of second-chance romances then this will be right up your alley! It reminds me a little of Second Chance at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer. A Brand New Ending has a quite a few emotional ups and downs that will keep readers intrigued. The sense of not having the full story when it begins pushed me along and kept me turning the pages. Don't skip this next amazing entry in Jennifer Probst's Stay series! *ARC provided in consideration for review*
MalkaShayna 10 months ago
Second changes is one of my favorite themes. Ophelia Bishop, her brother Ethan and his best friend Kyle Kimpton were the three musketeers growing up. Kyle's father was abusive, so he spend most of his time at the Bishop family's B&B. But as they got older, Ophelia and Kyle became more than just buddies. After graduation from high school, instead of going to college, they took off together for California, he to pursue his dream of screen writing and she to be a singer. They got married, but did not live happily ever after. While Kyle's career took off, Ophelia did not like the phoniness, and when she felt she had lost Kyle, returned home. They filed for divorce, but neither ever got over the other. Eight years later, Kyle has lost his muse, but also found out, that they were still legally married. He comes back home to write their story and win back his wife. Ophelia is too scared to trust him again and admit that she never stopped loving him. Can he earn her trust and give them a second chance? This is the second book in the series and while it can be read as a stand alone, it is much better to read THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD, Ethan's story first. Both are beautifully written tales about finding the love of your life, when no longer believing in it. The characters are skillfully developed, the plot engaging and the narrative captivating. I received a free, advanced copy of this book from NetGalley.com. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 10 months ago
A BRAND NEW ENDING is the second instalment in Jennifer Probst’s contemporary, adult STAY erotic, romance series. This is twenty-eight year olds, writer Kyle Kimpton, and B&B owner Ophelia Bishop’s story line. A BRAND NEW ENDING can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Ophelia is Ethan’s sister (The Start of Something Good #1) Told from dual third person perspectives (Kyle and Ophelia), as well as memories of the past written as part of Kyle Kimpton’s novel, A BRAND NEW ENDING follows the second chance/rekindling romance between twenty-eight year olds, writer Kyle Kimpton, and B&B owner Ophelia Bishop. Ten years earlier, at eighteen years of age, childhood best friends and high school sweethearts left Gardner, New York for the bright lights and warm weather of Hollywood California where Kyle would make his fortune leaving Ophelia scrambling to pick up the remains of her fantasies and dreams of becoming a world famous singer. Fast forward to present day wherein Ophelia owns and operates Robin’s Bed and Breakfast in Gardner New York, and Kyle is a number one selling author and award winning screenwriter but Kyle has lost his writing muse, and struggles to put pen to paper in an attempt to write his next best selling novel. Kyle will return to his hometown in an effort to recapture all that was lost including the woman he hasn’t stopped loving for close to ten years. What ensues is the rekindling romance between Ophelia and Kyle, and the potential fall-out as Kyle must return to California in order to promote his latest release. Ophelia Bishop struggles between head and heart with the return of the only man she has ever loved but old memories die hard as our heroine battles the what ifs and whys of their broken relationship, and everything that led them towards separate paths without one another. Kyle Kimpton had no idea the struggle Ophelia endured, a struggle she desperately tried to make Kyle understand but Kyle was so caught up in his own career he forgot about the woman he was leaving behind. The relationship between Kyle and Ophelia is one of second chances; a rekindling romance between childhood best friends and high school sweethearts that was destroyed by a lack of communication, egos, and a loss of support. Kyle’s return to Gardner fuels Ophelia’s anger and rage at what was and what could have been as Kyle desperately tries to understand what happened and why. Ophelia’s is determined to keep Kyle out of her life believing his current need is temporary and short-lived. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The colorful secondary and supporting characters include Ophelia’s brother and his wife Ethan and Mia; Kyle’s struggling father Patrick Kimpton; as well as a large number of guests at Robin’s B&B. A BRAND NEW ENDING is an engaging and emotional story of family and friendship; second chances and happily ever after. The premise is inviting and spirited; the characters are strong, animated and flawed; the romance is seductive and sassy. A BRAND NEW ENDING is an intimate look at success that comes at a cost-the cost of a broken heart and a damaged relationship.
rc1836 10 months ago
Heartwarming original story of love and life. I really enjoyed Jennifer Probst's first book in The Stay series The Start of Something Good and was eager to read book two A Brand New Ending. The story was even more wonderful than I could have imagined. Ophelia and Kyle had amazing chemistry and were well developed characters whose personal growth moves the story along. Along with their relationship we got a glimpse into the secondary characters lives including Ethan and Mia the main characters from the first book. The importance of family, friendship, forgiveness and love shone throughout the book. I can hardly wait to see what the author has in store for her readers in book three. This book can be read as a stand alone story, but I encourage you to read both of the books currently out in this series. You will be glad you did. I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley.
AJ33 10 months ago
Ophelia Bishop, aka Tink, was in love with her brother Ethan’s best friend, Kyle Kimpton. Kyle had a rough time growing up in rural New York; his mother died while giving birth to him and his father, Patrick resented the fact that she chose her son's life over her own. However, the more significant issue was Patrick's alcoholism. Kyle always dreamed he would be a famous screenwriter in Hollywood and while he chased his dream, he thought Ophelia would pursue her dream of becoming a singer. The lovestruck teenagers take off to live their dreams in California, only one of them returns to New York to run the family's Bed and Breakfast. After ten years Kyle Kimpton needs to write his next story back at the place where it all started his hometown, so he calls his best friend, Ethan Bishop who gives him the all clear to come back home and stay at the Inn. There's no place like home, but you can never go back there again, to the way things were. Things change, people change, and sometimes you get what you need, not what you want. A second chance at happiness, at the life they only dreamed of when they were teenagers, but will it be? Can you go back? Jennifer Probst has been writing since the age of twelve. She writes what she loves, and knows, like romance and dogs. She often includes animals in all her tales; Hei-Hei is a Polish Chicken who is a rescued with an attitude. But he is only a small part of the managery of Harper Bishop; there are of course lots of dogs and horses that both Harper and Ethan rehabilitate. Jennifer also has a new group called the Ladies Who Write, sound familiar? I love the fact that she includes a part of her personal life into her novels. Get ready for another unusual second chance romance, and I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.
CharlotteLynnsReviews 10 months ago
This is a second chance romance. Ophelia and Kyle have a long history. They were young and in love, running away to start a new life together and live their dreams until those dreams didn’t quite match up leaving Ophelia to come back to her family’s B&B and Kyle to continue living in Hollywood. Kyle comes home with writers block and knows that the story he has to tell is his and the love of his life’s. Ophelia is the love of his life. From the minute that she opens the door of the B&B there can be no doubt that these two still belong together. But can they move past the history that still haunts both of them, figure out how to open their hearts, and find love again? I was so excited at the first interaction in the present time between them. I could feel the heat, feel the excitement at seeing each other again, but I could also feel the fear they both had in opening their hearts to each other. A Brand New Beginning is the perfect romance story. It is sweet, it is moving, and it is beautiful. There is two amazing people who loved/love each other as no one else can. There is amazing friends and family that stand by the two of them pushing them to find each other while giving them the space needed to be true to themselves too. Pick up your own copy of A Brand New Ending ASAP.
Bibliophagist 10 months ago
I know I'm in the minority but I just coukd not get into this book. I didnt particularly enjoy the first one so I had hoped this one would be better but I don't think it was. The story has a good premise. Kyle, Ophelia and Ethan grew up as friends. At some point, Ophelia and Kyle fell for each other. They hid it because Ethan was Kyle's best friend and Ophelia's brother. Kyle's dad was a real SOB. He was verbally and emotionally abusive to Kyle his whole life. Kyle's mom died giving birth to him. She made the doctors save the baby at the cost of her life. Kyle's dad wanted his wife saved at the cost of the baby. Kyle's dad becomes a drunk as a way of trying to deal with his anger and pain. What he did instead was alienate his son. Kyle has always loved to write and had won awards for it. Ophelia always loved to sing. Kyle wants to run away to LA after graduation to become screenwriter. He wants Ophelia to come with and become a singer. He won't go without her. So Ophelia decides to go because she loves him and knows he needs to get away, that there is no future in their town for him. They run away and get married in Vegas but live in LA. Kyle hits it big in LA and Ophelia has an opportunity to sing on a reality show. But she isn't happy. She tries to talk to Kyle but he isn't around. When he is, he pushes her off proming later, which never comes. Ophelia is at her breaking point. She needs to talk to Kyle but he pushes her off again. He promises he'll be home that evening but he never shows. So Ophelia leaves and goes back home. When he finally gets home, Kyle was surprised to see that she had gone and blames her! He is quite the oblivious jerk. Ophelia returns home to run the family's B&B. Her heart is shattered but she knows she has to move on. She never tells her family that she and Kyle married. She only says they had a big blow-up so she came home. They thoyght they got divorced but they were actually conned and the paper were never filed. Kyle has had a writer's block for the last year or so. He comes home to write his and Ophelia's story, 8 years later, as a last ditch chance to make their relationship work. Clueless much? He plans on staying at Ophelia's B&B and her brother, Ethan, actually agrees to this. Another clueless one! When Kyle gets there, he seems shocked that Ophelia says no to his staying and sends him to sleep on her brother's couch. After much whining from the two men and Ethan getting his girlfriend involved, Ophelia agrees to allow Kyle to stay but tells him that he cannot interact with her. He shows that he still can't listen and tries to get her to talk. When they finally have it out, he's shocked to find out that Ophelia blames him. Again, clueless much? "This story drove me nuts. Kyle never seems to really get it. He says he does but actions speak louder than words. You'll have to read the story to see what finally happens. I would have given it 2.5 stars but I couldn't so I chose to give it 3 instead. I really dislike giving books less than reviews. I know how much work the authors put into them. But I felt that this book could have been more.
Lisa-nh-23 10 months ago
Ophelia and Kyle had teenage dreams for the future; she was a talented singer and he was a gifted writer, but did they really have the same dream at all? Kyle thought they both wanted the same thing but they were so young when they ran away that he underestimated how much Ophelia loved working at the Inn with her family. Ophelia agreed to go with Kyle because she feared that if she said no, she would lose him forever. Once they got to California, Kyle was too wrapped up in his own career and he ignored Ophelia and never listened to her when she shared her feelings with him. So she did the only thing she could do; she left him. Did Kyle return home to get Ophelia back or to write his screenplay? Would he have come home if he hadn’t been on a deadline? Kyle had no idea that he had treated Ophelia so poorly when they were first married and had no clue as to why she left him. Ophelia was shocked when Kyle knocked on her door and she realized that the problems they have now are the result of their unresolved feelings for each other. They never wanted the same thing and how can she possibly trust Kyle a second time when she knows he could return to California. She needed to protect her heart from loving him again. Forgiveness is the most important factor in any relationship and in this story Ophelia must forgive Kyle, and he also needs to forgive his father and himself, if he can ever find happiness again. Ophelia and Kyle’s journey was filled with laughter, tears, intense conversations and passionate encounters. They had known each other for a long time but it wasn’t until Kyle put a pen to paper, did they truly know what the future held for them. I absolutely loved their story and it made me feel that true love does conquer all.
MaryJoMI 10 months ago
What a beautiful surprise. Ophelia and Kyle found first love as kids and decided to go to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. The problem with dreams, is that each person’s definition of living their dream is different. Ophelia returned to their hometown when she began to lose herself in the glitch and glamour of Hollywood which shocked Kyle who was thriving. Jump 10 years, Ophelia has found her true passion and calling, take care of her guests at the family bed & breakfast. When Kyle ends up on her doorstep, needing a room for 3 months, well, she isn’t very welcoming. Kyle has lost his muse so he returns home to ignite his writing spirit and maybe, get a second chance with Ophelia. I loved that they both pursued their passion even though the love they shared didn’t fit into those dreams. Now that they are older and wiser, is there room for the intense love they share? There is a lot of depth to the journey that Kyle must face, almost as if he had to wake up from the spell Hollywood put on him. Ophelia is an incredibly strong woman with a huge heart that she shares with her guests and anyone that she feels is in need. I was definitely swept up in this romance, wondering if love would succeed.
ljtljtljt 10 months ago
A Brand New Ending by Jennifer Probst, is an emotional and sexy novel. It is a fast-paced read, replete with a captivating plot, well-defined characters, and a very seductive romance. This book takes place in Gardiner, a small town in upstate New York. Ms. Probst is a terrific storyteller and I always look forward to her latest offering. Ophelia Bishop and Kyle Kimpton fell madly in love at a very young age. After graduating high school, they moved out to California to pursue their artistic dreams. Ophelia's magical voice and Kyle's screenwriting skills were quickly recognized by Hollywood. However, as Kyle's dreams began to come true, Ophelia realized that she lost her true self en-route to becoming the next pop sensation. As a result, their relationship suffered and Ophelia moved back home to help her mother run the family's B&B. Now it is ten years later, and a successful Kyle returns to Gardiner to write a screenplay based on his and Ophelia's life together. He also has high hopes that Ophelia will forgive his past mistakes. Ophelia has made her own success as an innkeeper, and she enjoys making her guests comfortable and happy. Ophelia and Kyle rekindle the love that they lost, while discovering new things about themselves and those they care about. I truly enjoyed this hot and emotional love story. Ophelia and Kyle have amazing chemistry, and Ms. Probst does an excellent job of combining scorching sexy times with raw emotion. The book is well-written and engaging, with a feeling of hope and optimism running through it. A few of the characters from the first book in the series provide the supporting cast, and it was so nice to spend time with them once again. This is the second book from the author's Stay series and it can enjoyed as a standalone. Don't pass on the opportunity to devour this meaningful romance. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Lorizen 10 months ago
What do you do when the man you ran away with at 18 suddenly comes back 10 years later needing a place to hide out so he can write his next successful screenplay. Ophelia owns the B&B her Mom ran and was the family business. Kyle her high school sweetheart and her brother's best friend. Her brother doesn't understand Ophelia's "hell no" reaction when he asks her if Kyle can stay there for 3 months while he writes his next success. The two took off for California telling no one and got married while they were in Las Vegas on the way. Things worked out fantastic for Kyle, not so well with Ophelia and while he was getting lost in his work and new found fame, she was slowly sliding off his radar and finally out of his life. She went home to work at the B&B. She owes him not one single thing. The story tells us how she saw it and how he (barely) saw it and why she barely tolerates him, although the chemistry is still there. I didn't like Kyle. There wasn't one dang redeeming quality about the guy and I loved how Ophelia made him slither like the snake that he was, trying to get back into her good graces. Kyle also brings a little surprise along home with him, one he knows won't make Ophelia happy and it doesn't. The story unfolds in snippets over three months that he is there, writing his next blockbuster. When she finds out its their story.... incredulous. Kyle's thread unravels. Slowly and surely. And when he needs it, O gives that thread a good yank. She's a kind and giving woman, generous and puts others before herself and has a backbone which was a delight to see in a book these days. Kyle still didn't do it for me. I'm sure there will be many who like him, but I wouldn't have given him a second look, much less let him breathe the same air. Wonderfully woven story with deep character drive and well developed. Loved it. It's a must read.
D-does-reviews 10 months ago
I love a second chance romance and this one was particularly compelling because of painful emotional scars the characters will be forced to reveal that still feel as though they were inflicted yesterday instead of 8 years ago. Ophelia runs the family B&B in their small hometown where she finds fulfillment in providing her guests with a memorable experience. She’s happy with her life until her former husband Kyle arrives on her doorstep insisting that he can’t write his current screenplay anywhere else but where they both grew up and where their adventure together began. While there are two sides to every story it’s Kyle who comes to realize that he has to change to be the man that Ophelia truly deserves. I love reading stories about characters who grow through adversity and learn to appreciate the blessings in their lives. I read an early copy of this book provided by Montlake Romance through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
BookAngel_Emma 10 months ago
I'm probably going to take a completely different viewpoint to most people because as I so often point out reading is subjective. The thing that hit me the most while reading A Brand New Ending was the relatability of traits in Kyle to my own children, both being a child of an alcoholic parent. Notably, it is their drive to succeed and carve their own path away, the quest for acceptance and validation they didn't receive from their parent. However, I have to point out Kyle has other factors such as losing his mother during childbirth and having the Bishop family as a support system that also shaped him as a person. Kyle and Ophelia were close from an early age, with Kyle being their neighbour and her brother. Ethan's best friend. As they matured so their relationship altered to become more than just friends although they kept this part hidden from their family due to the closeness of the connection between their relatives. Kyle always dreamed of escaping his abusive father and making a name for himself with his writing, specifically focused on screenplays. His pull towards Hollywood growing stronger with each passing year. While Ophelia was a gifted singer she did not crave the spotlight and validation in the same way as Kyle. She did love Kyle enough to follow him wherever he wanted to go.  As soon as they graduated high school Kyle and Ophelia took off for Hollywood and promising each other their love and support along the way. Unfortunately, Kyle's career dreams soon overshadowed their relationship leaving Ophelia lonelier than she had ever been in her life. The fake quality of life in La-La Land also took it's toll on Ophelia making her reconsider her career choices. Feeling completely overwhelmed Ophelia retreats to her hometown and the life she treasured before even though she felt as if she left her heart with Kyle. Skip forward 10 years and Kyle is back in town to reconnect with his missing muse in order to write his latest script. Ophelia's family are unaware of the relationship between herself and Kyle or why her singing dreams crashed and burned. With Kyle back in town and staying at her guest house, Kyle and Ophelia are able to use this opportunity to find the closure they have been searching for, for the past decade.  I completely loved the way in which both sides of the story were presented from differing viewpoints, all the pieces clicking together to create the big picture and providing a deeper level of understanding not just for the reader but for Kyle and Ophelia themselves. being able to see the other person's point of view allowed them to accept their own failures with respect to their relationship. There is a lot of reflection within the pages of A Brand New Ending helping work through past regret and future dreams. Ophelia and Kyle belong together, neither experiencing the kind of connection they shared with anyone else. Although their vastly different lifestyles and locations remain a barrier to their relationship. I completely adored the use of the adage 'what is meant to be will be' as that is exactly how A Brand New Ending played out, with each character growing and developing while accepting the challenges they face as a unit and accepting new opportunities as they arise It provides the kind of hope that gets you through the day x
UpAllNightBB 10 months ago
5 Stars Review by Alysia Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Omg! A Brand New Ending by Jennifer Probst is a love story that makes your heart smile. It was definitely an easy quick read that made me smile a lot! Ophelia and Kyle grew up together as childhood friends. He had a terrible home life with the town drunk as a father, so her mother took him on and raised him to be a good man. They ran away to Hollywood at 18 to fulfill his dream. When he ultimately chooses his career over her, she runs home to lick her wounds and run her mother’s B & B. Ten years later he realizes that he needs to return home and fight for Ophelia’s love, while writing his biggest project yet. Only she doesn’t want him around, but with a little help from her brother, she agrees to let him stay; on her terms. He wants them to work. She wants him to leave her alone. The question is, who will win??? While Kyle wants a second chance with Ophelia, there is someone that wants a second chance with him, complicating his fight to win Ophelia back. I really like the similarities in both relationships that Kyle had. When you hurt as badly as they do, it’s hard to let someone in again. Especially knowing there is a chance for the pain and the heartache to return if they return the their old ways and let you down. This is definitely a second chance love story that everyone needs to read.
kgagnon 10 months ago
What a sweet, and emotional second chance romance. Ophelia and Kyle ran away to chase their dreams in Hollywood. But Ophelia comes home alone, brokenhearted and changed. She is no longer plucky and adventurous, but calm, with a graceful restraint and confidence. She found her place running her families B&B. When Kyle returns to stay at the B&B, Ophelia turns him away. But he has always been able to charm his way into her heart and this time is no different. He wants to write their story and convince her they are soul mates and to give him a second chance. Ophelia can't deny her feelings for Kyle. He still holds the key to her heart and is even more sexy as the man he has become. Even when he causes her light to shine brightly again, she's afraid her heart won't survive when he leaves for Hollywood again. I really enjoyed the growth between Ophelia and Kyle the second time around. I loved reading what happened between them years earlier through Kyles writings and how it helped him see things from another perspective. I also loved the story arc of the relationship between Kyle and his father. This is a fun, engaging, emotional family saga, and steamy romance with so much heart! I am enjoying this series and hope to read more about this family!
Cali-Jewel 10 months ago
Heartwarming second chance romance filled with young love, betrayal, heartbreak and redemption.... not to mention sweetly thrilling passion. Highly entertaining journey. Ophelia Bishop and Kyle Kimpton are childhood sweethearts that ran away to California together to chase their dreams. Life happened (as it often does) and dreams changed, now years later they are getting another chance at happily ever after. Really enjoyed this sweet romance.
KindleKat64 10 months ago
After meeting Ophelia in book 1, I was really looking forward to her story. I am such a sucker for a second chance romance and Ophelia and Kyle's story reeled me in from the get-go to the very last page. I simply loved it! Giving up love and what could have been is just heartbreaking. Getting the chance to see what is now, and what will be if you open yourself up to a new ending to your story is just priceless. I went through so many emotions reading their story, but ultimately landed at pure satisfaction and contentment. Another fantastic book in the Stay series!! I look forward to more!
TerryL56 10 months ago
Post review Oct 23 TL Terry Lawrence Reply| Mon 10-15, 8:01 AM You Ophelia and Kyle ran away together when they were 18 to get married and make their dreams come true. Kyle wanted to be a screen writer and Ophelia wanted to be a singer. Kyle's dream came true and he became a Hollywood icon, but Ophelia ended up coming back home to run the family's B & B leaving Kyle in California. Eight years later, Kyle has writer's block and comes back home for inspiration to write. He wants to stay at the B&B for 3 months and Ophelia reluctantly agrees because her brother begs her and nobody knows that her and Kyle got married ... and she wants to keep it that way. This book just blew me away ... I couldn't put it down. I loved that Ophelia and Kyle's story from when they were young was told through the novel that Kyle writes. The emotions in this book are so raw ... I laughed, I swooned and I cried! The characters are just so real ... it took Kyle 10 years to see Ophelia's side of the story. I thought it was kinda ironic that Kyle wanted a second chance from Ophelia, but he wasn't willing to give his father a second chance. I highly recommend this series and I can't wait for Harper's story. I received an ARC courtesy of Montlake Romance through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Susanmc81 10 months ago
I love a good second chance romance, and this book did not disappoint. Ophelia Bishop and Kyle Kimpton, along with Ophelia’s brother Ethan were the three musketeers when they were in High School. What started as friendship soon became more. When Ophelia and Kyle graduated, they decided to go to LA to make it big in show biz, him a screenwriter, her a singer. They took a side trip on the way to Las Vegas to get married. Since they were so young they didn’t tell their families about their relationship or marriage. After two years, Ophelia left LA and went back home to run the family B&B. Eight years have passed and Kyle has come back home as a successful screenwriter, and is going to stay at the B&B for three months to write his next project. This is the set up for their eventual reunion. I loved all of the characters and the pacing of the plot. I cannot wait for the next installment of this series. I was given an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
ytcruz 10 months ago
This second chances story is the second book in Ms Probst’s series titled, STAY. The story belongs to Ophelia Bishop, whom we met in book one, and Kyle Kimpton, her friend/sweetheart with whom she left town at the age of 18 but after a couple of years returned home alone and a different person. Eight years have passed and Ophelia now successfully runs the family’s B & B. Sje has not heard from Kyle, who is now a successful LA screenwriter. He returns looking for a place to stay at the B & N with the hopes of writing a new story and maybe getting a second chance with Ophelia. But he is also returning with surprising news. The relationship between these two was complex . Both were young when they ran away to LA looking to make it big. But reality caused them the breakup. It’s also a story about family, forgiveness, being true to oneself, and deciding what really is important in life. For me it wasn’t as good as book one, but still, it was a good story. I was entrusted this copy by Montlake and Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.