A Chance This Christmas

A Chance This Christmas

by Joanne Rock

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Growing up in the Christmas-crazed theme town of Yuletide was fun for fashion designer Rachel Chambers until a family scandal made her unwelcome. Eight years later, she's home for a friend's wedding and trying to go incognito... until her old flame spots her.

Snowboarder Gavin Blake wants to make things right with Rachel, and smoothing her way back in Yuletide seems like the best way to do just that. Making Rachel his date for a week of pre-wedding parties is sure to bring them closer. Except he underestimated how long a small town can carry a grudge--or how much the memory of a long-ago kiss could tempt him all over again.

As the wedding approaches, Rachel remembers all she loved about her close-knit, Christmas-loving neighbors. But even if she can win over the town again, will she be able to convince her footloose, mogul-shredding wedding date that they can find happiness beyond the holidays?

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BN ID: 2940158906923
Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 10/05/2017
Series: Road to Romance , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 42,163
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A Chance This Christmas 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Rachel returns to her hometown for her best friends wedding. Luke was her ex-boyfriend and she wants to apologize and correct what the town thinks about their breakup. Rachel runs into her old crush Garvin and he remembers their kiss. Can they get their second chance? Cute romantic story with strong and believable characters. joy943
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
I could easily picture this book being made into a tv movie. In a Christmas theme town, two old friends get a chance at love that they didn’t get the first time around. Rachel Chambers left Yuletide, New York, eight years ago after a couple of embarrassing incidents that she wishes she could just forget. She returned home after making a pact with her girlfriends to make peace with the people of Yuletide and her former long-ago boyfriend who is planning on marrying her former best friend the following week. What Rachel didn’t expect was to run into her one-time crush, Gavin Blake, who is now a popular professional snowboarder. As it turns out, Gavin just might be the one who helps Rachel move away from her humiliating past and get her the respect she deserves from her hometown. Some Christmas books you get mostly romance or too much holiday feel. But this book had a perfect balance of both. The Christmas theme town was a little bit cheesy. I would never visit it. But it fit in perfect with the story. I couldn’t help but cheer on Rachel and Gavin as their romance developed. It was just the right speed too, not too fast or dragged out too long. I was really happy when the town finally forgave accepted Rachel again. I really enjoyed this book.
Kristyl21 More than 1 year ago
Rachel Chambers Left town eight years ago when her dad disappeared after embezzling town funds when she was accused of helping him. Gavin Blake took a week off from snowboarding to be the best man for his friends wedding. When he finds Rachel sneaking out of her mothers home he decides to help her rebuild trust with her hometown not expecting old feelings to flare up. I Loved this story from beginning to end. I really liked how the main characters worked together.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed A Chance this Christmas by Joanne Rock, the third book in her Road to Romance series. When Rachel left her hometown the timing couldn’t have been worse. Her dad fled after embezzling money from the town, her ex-boyfriend hires a skywriter to propose to her, and she is caught kissing ex-boyfriend’s best friend Gavin. It was a relief for Rachel to reach design school and leave her troubles behind. Gavin attended a nearby prep school training to become a world class snowboarder. He enjoyed getting to know the teens in the town and interacting with them. After college and winning Olympic medals he returned to the town that never forgot Christmas, bought the house next door to Rachel’s mom and never forgot that kiss he shared with Rachel. When Rachel returns to Yuletide for the wedding of her best friend to her ex-boyfriend she hopes that the town will forgive her and to make amends with said ex-boyfriend. The chemistry and attraction Gavin and Rachel once shared is still there if not intensified. The more time these two spend together makes Rachel wonder if she can leave her dreams of NYC and give Gavin a second chance to explore the attraction and possible love they still share. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. Ms. Rock drew me in and did not let go until I read the last page. I definitely recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Kendra_Readers_Edyn More than 1 year ago
Full review appeared on Reader's Edyn on 10/02/17 at http://bit.ly/2xJuu1R Rachel Chambers is in the last place she ever thought she’d be again. A pact with her best friends has led her back home to clear the air after a disastrous parting. Negative old feelings and a less than happy homecoming is going to make patching things u with her old home town extremely difficult. Add to it that her ex-boyfriend is marrying her best friend, and her old crush is not only going to be in town, he bought the house next door to her mom. In addition, those old sparks don’t take but a second to flame back up. But Rachel has no intention of staying home after the wedding and Gavin is looking to settle down. A future between the two beyond the week she is in town seems impossible. But Christmas miracles could happen – if she can get off the naughty list. Gavin Blake is a famed snow-boarder and Olympic hero. He’s still in to the life, but starting to think about his future and settling down in his old hometown. When his long-time crush unexpectedly comes home, he starts to entertain thoughts of a future with Rachel – if he can convince her that they can make it work. The wrong place at the wrong time ruined the first glimmer of what could have been a relationship with them eight years ago and Rachel fled. Now he has to figure out how to redeem her in the town’s eyes and keep her from running again. I have had some really good luck lately with Christmas-themed books by some really talented authors. I am happy to say that this book is just as great as the others. Don’t let the Christmas-theme keep you from reading though – this feel-good book about redemption and second chances will give you the warm fuzzies no matter the time of year. The content may seem a bit serious, but the author maintained a nice balance that keeps it from shadowing over the whole story. A bit of mystery comes to light while a love that couldn’t find it’s way eight years ago, gets a chance to shine. My few complaints involve a few issues, including a couple of things that are not explained much – such as Rachel’s mother involving money and feelings following the discovery of reasons behind circumstances. I know that’s vague and lacking detail but I don’t want to spoil any part of the story. It might have been good to expand just a bit on the town completely flipping attitudes also. While I understand the town’s feelings of betrayal, I find it interesting that they could turn on Rachel so quickly, especially given their obsession with Christmas and the fact that none of the occurrences were her fault. The end happened quickly and wrapped up super fast so details, for me, were somewhat sparse. Throughout, there are few things that are somewhat off. The quick attitude changes are definitely one. What the heck happened with the merry-go-round? And where the heck is Rachel’s Dad anyway? So if you want all of your questions answered by the end of the story, be advised – it won’t happen. Overall, I enjoyed getting to know Rachel and Gavin, as well as their friends and family members. Mostly, anyway. A couple of the characters were callous and lacked depth beyond anger. However, this book is an entertaining read despite the deficiencies, packed full of scandal, redemption, and yuletide cheer. But don’t let the plot fool you, Yuletide has just as much redemption to obtain as Rachel does. I could easily see this book made in to a movie that becomes a holiday favorite. What is the ...
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
A quirky little Christmas town captures our attention and takes us on a fast-paced journey of forgiveness! The characters have a sweet connection and it’s fun getting to watch them try to ignore and then give in to the feelings they have for each other. Sometimes, you really can go home again! Rachel Chambers never thought she’d be making this trek back home to Yuletide, New York after the scandalous way she left town, but a wedding invitation she never expected has her hoping to slink into town unnoticed. That doesn’t work out so well! Short-lived ex-flame Gavin Blake now lives next door to her mother, and when he sees that she’s home, he doesn’t waste any time apologizing for his part in how she was treated all of those years ago. When he offers to pave her way back into the good graces of the town in exchange for her being his date to the wedding, how can she refuse?
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Christmas is the time for miracles, new beginnings, good tidings, and joy. The town of Yuletide seems to have forgotten what it used to stand for, with its year around Christmas celebration. Instead of generosity, kindness, and team spirits, everyone pulling together, there are a lot of negative undercurrents, greed, and unforgiveness, and false accusations. After eight long years, Rachel Chambers finally comes back home to Yuletide to face her past. One kiss at the wrong time as a young girl and it seems like the whole town turns against her, taking upon herself her father's sins as well as the blame of humiliating the town favorite son. Rachel has spunk, courage, kindness, and strength to a great measure. And she is going to need it all to face the town and their allegations. But most of all, she is going to need it when facing Gavin Blake again. Gavin is about eight years late, but now more than before he is fighting for Rachel, standing next to her as she faces the town and her former boyfriend Luke. I liked the spark and chemistry between Rachel and Gavin. The connection between them was magical, and the emotions churning between them were delightful. Rachel and Gavin obviously belong together, it was adorable to see them trying to find their way to each other again, after all the turbulent years between them. While I rejoiced about the connection between Gavin and Rachel, I struggled with the rest of the story. The negativity of the town that they still carried after eight years, the fact that Rachel even felt like she had to beg for forgiveness from Luke, while it was him who cost all the trouble, didn't sit with me well. I felt like that was such a big part of the story, but the resolution wasn't really there, Luke was getting married to someone else yet so focused on Rachel, the past, and all the negativity. Second chances and forgiveness, learning to move on, accepting your responsibility of the past, and finding a happiness for your future - there's a lot of simmering under the joyful Christmas celebration in the town of Yuletide, and each and everyone has to take a moment and evaluate their lives as Rachel and Gavin are fumbling towards their new beginnings while trying to amend the old wounds. ~ Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
Sometimes it is harder to make peace with a whole town than it is with the one guy that everyone thinks you broke his heart; such is the case in Joanne Rock’s A Chance This Christmas. After turning down a very public proposal (let’s just say skywriting was involved) from her ex-boyfriend Luke, and the revelation that her father had embezzled from the town’s treasury, Rachel Chambers left Yuletide very quickly. Eight years later, after making a pact with her three best friends to let the past go, Rachel has come home. Needless to say, the town does not welcome her with open arms. Though after a few days, and a few expressions of support, including one from her high school crush, Gavin, Rachel realizes that Yuletide is where she is meant to be and Gavin is her forever. Rock nails the Christmas spirit in this novel. The town of Yuletide is over the top, but perfect for the season. Rachel’s second chance is all the sweeter for having earned it the hard way, through lots of effort. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
A Chance This Christmas (Road to Romance Book 3) by Joanne Rock This is Rachel Chambers and Gaven Blake’s story. This is a sweet story full of Christmas cheer. I enjoyed Rachel and Gavin’s story but it did drag a little for me. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
MarcieR More than 1 year ago
A Very Merry Romance “A Chance this Christmas” is book three in Joanne Rock’s Road to Romance series and is Rachel’s story. Rachel Chambers returns to Yuletide to make amends with her ex-boyfriend while hoping she doesn’t run into a former crush OR get chased out of town because of her father’s crime. Gavin Blake is in Yuletide for his friend’s wedding while taking time off from his snowboarding career. He also bought a house in Yuletide along Main Street, the Jingle Elf house, and needs to figure out how he’ll set up the house as a tourist attraction so he’ll help bring in more money for the town. His house is also next door to Rachel’s childhood home, Teeny Elf house, and where her mother still lives. When he sees a figure in the dark, he immediately recognizes Rachel. Regretting how they parted eight years ago, he wants to make it up to her and find out if the attraction is still there. And it is – their chemistry still burns hot like a blazing fire in a cold room. Gavin and Rachel attend wedding events – the groom just so happens to be the ex-boyfriend – and try to let the folks of Yuletide know that Rachel had nothing to do with her father’s disappearance. “A Chance this Christmas” is about second chances – for Rachel on a person level, for Rachel and Gavin and their relationship, and for the town itself to once again be what Rachel’s father initially envisioned. Ms. Rock very creatively named the houses and locations to fit into a Christmas-themed romance as well as engaging this reader into wanting to find out if Rachel does make peace with the ex-boyfriend, with the residents of Yuletide, and with Gavin. This story brings all the warmth and coziness like a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows and that sometimes the best Christmas present someone can give is their heart filled with love.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
It's always hard going home but for Rachel Chambers returning to Yuletide is a gut wrenching experience. The town hates her and her family. First, they think she broke the town's golden boy's heart. Then her father's embezzlement of town funds was the final straw. Rachel had run and built a good life in NYC. A pact with her girlfriends has her back in Yuletide to deal with the past and put it to rest. Easier said than done when she comes face to face with Gavin Blake. Even though he was part of the scandal the town seems to have forgiven him. Could he help her smooth things over?? A wonderfully done story that you shouldn't miss this season. A great story of second chances, forgiveness, and hope. I definitely recommend it.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Gavin and Rachel chose to take the scenic route to love. The trip consisted of regrets, betrayals and heartache, but the endgame proved worth every bump in the road. It's never too early to get in the holiday spirit. Especially when you live in a picturesque town like Yuletide. Ms. Rock takes the best parts of the holiday season and places them in a small town setting. A Chance This Christmas is a Hallmark movie just waiting to be made. On the wings of love, Ms. Rock delivers a story of forgiveness, new beginnings and heartwarming fun.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
RATING 4.5 STARS A Chance This Christmas is book three in the Road to Romance series by Joanne Rock. Rachel Chambers left her home town of Yuletide, New York eight years ago with a broken spirit and a broken heart. All in one day, her father left town causing a scandal and Rachel was caught in a scandal herself that left her heart shattered. Now, eight years later, after she and her two friends had all pledged to confront their pasts and make amends so they could all move on, Rachel is back in her home town once again. Rachel’s best friend is getting married and she is determined that Rachel attend her wedding. The man her friend is marrying, Luke Harris, was a part of the scandal all those years ago and he is still holding a grudge. Before the town can ever accept Rachel, Luke must also forgive her. Right here I want to say that you know when an author is doing a great job with their writing when you find yourself completely mortified for this wonderful young woman and the way this town is treating her. It infuriates me that she wants Luke to forgive her when he is the one that needs forgiving. He could have righted wrongs by just admitting the truth about what happened that day all those years ago but he didn’t. He let the town think the worst. Rachel and her mother suffered not only from the scandal but they both lost the most important man in their lives that day as well. No one seemed to remember that. I wanted to jump right into the book and give Rachel a hug. Gavin Blake both was and is Luke’s best friend. He was also part of what happened that day. He and Luke have patched their friendship and Gavin is best man in the wedding. When Gavin sees that Rachel is back, he can’t believe his eyes. He vows to help her to pave the road to acceptance back into the town. He owes her that much. Eight years ago, Gavin and Rachel shared one kiss. It was a kiss that rocked both of their worlds but then both of their world imploded. He hasn’t seen or heard from her since. Gavin is a professional snowboarder. It’s just weeks away from the Olympics and he is in training. But he took this week for his friend’s wedding. But now the only thing that is important to Gavin is helping Rachel, and maybe seeing if this could be a second chance for them. He feels the same chemistry as before if not stronger. Could this finally be their chance to see where it could go? Yuletide is a Christmas town which thrives on it’s tourist business all year long. But it’s also supposed to be a town full of the Christmas spirit. But they seem to have forgotten that. It seems like now it’s just all about the money. As I said before, I loved both Rachel and Gavin, even though I feel the tiniest bit of anger toward Gavin as well for not setting things right earlier. But these two both have suffered so much. It’s time for them both to benefit from the magic of Christmas and to find love. This is a quick read and I really enjoyed it as I have everything I’ve read of Joanne Rock’s. This book is overflowing with Christmas and is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Even if the season just did change to Autumn.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
I loved book 2 of this series, Second Chance Cowboy, and was looking forward to this one. It was entertaining, but for me, it wasn’t as engaging as the previous story. The series centers around three friends that make a vow to make amends for past mistakes. This is Rachel Chambers story. She has not returned to her hometown, Yuletide, for eight years. The same day her ex-boyfriend proposes, and she has kissed his best friend, her father disappears after stealing money from the town. She was accused of being involved. Now eight years after, she is back when her childhood best friend invites her to her wedding to the ex-boyfriend. Gavin, the young boy she kissed, is not only a well know and Olympic snowboarder, but he is also the best man in the wedding. These two pick up where they left and Gavin is determined to make the town embrace Rachel. An apparent impossible feat. This is a sweet romance about family loyalties, hope, forgiveness and the spirit of Christmas. For me it was more of a 3.5 star story but I have a great deal of respect for the dedication and talent of this author , so I will give it a 4 star rating. I was gifted this copy by Tule Publishing. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
A Chance This Christmas by Joanne Rock A Road to Romance Story # Who knew a kiss could keep a woman away from her hometown for eight long years? With a promise to her New York friends and the goal of righting town-perceived wrongs Rachel heads home to Christmas year round themed Yuletide – the town she grew up in. With Christmas around the corner, the season of tourists and visitors at the highest level, the wedding of her best friend to her long ago boyfriend and her father still at large after embezzling town funds eight years ago Rachel hits town and runs into the man who was kissing her when another man proposed on the day her father absconded with the town money. Rachel and Gavin are given a second chance at finding happiness together and almost all wrongs are righted when a secret is shared by one of the townspeople before the end of the story. If you are looking for a quick easy Christmas story to read and like second chance love stories set in cozy communities this might be for you. It has no big events or unveilings but is a sweet read. Thank you to NetGalley and Tule Publishing – This is my honest review 3 Stars