A Conflict of Principles: The Battle Over Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan

A Conflict of Principles: The Battle Over Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan

by Carl Cohen

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ISBN-13: 9780700620432
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Publication date: 12/07/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 312
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Carl Cohen is professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan and the author of Affirmative Action and Racial Preference.

Table of Contents

1. How It All Began
2. Bakke and the Rise of Diversity
3. From The Nation to Commentary
4. From Washington to Berlin and Beyond
5. Naked Racial Preference
6. The University of Michigan Comes into Focus
7. Confrontation
8. Pulling Teeth
9. Revelation
10. Further Revelations
11. What Was I to Do?
12. Point of No Return
13. On t the Federal Courts
14. The Climate of Opinion at Michigan
15. The Reading Room
16. Moving Targets
17. Intervenors
18. The Thin Line between Permissible and Impermissible
19. 128 Honorary Degrees and a Coat Check
20. The Heart of the Trial: 257 to 1,000
21. Vindication
22. Petitions Don't Decide Lawsuits
23. Why It Smelled Funny
24. Back on the Home Front
25. Some Personal Questions
26. Preparing for the Big Event
27. The Big Event
28. The End of Litigation
29. From Legal Battles to to Political Battles: The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative
30. Defending the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative
31. The Michigan Constitution Amended
32. Race Preference at the University of Texas
33. Race Preference in Michigan Is Permanently Ended
Appendix A: Freedom of Information Act Requests
Appendix B: The Cohen Report, 20 March 1996
Appendix C: The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI)

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