A Healing Gift: Cognitive Energy Healing

A Healing Gift: Cognitive Energy Healing

by Maggie McLaughlin


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ISBN-13: 9781982207991
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/24/2018
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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Cognitive Energy Healing

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Naturally

This book introduces a new approach to healing and the journey of learning and discovery that led to the practice called Cognitive Energy Healing. For many, it offers a story of hope for restored wellness.

Cognitive Energy Healing is an energy based, natural and non-invasive approach to healing body, mind, and spirit. The aim of this healing practice is to identify and eliminate the root causes of health concerns so healing can take place, rather than the reduction or masking of symptoms with medication. For the many living with unresolved healing concerns, this holistic practice provides a non-invasive way to restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And as verbal communication both conscious and subliminal is fundamental to the practice of Cognitive Energy Healing, the acronym CEH, pronounced as "say," will be used for brevity's sake going forward.

My ongoing research through access to a tremendous amount of scientifically based health and wellness information has enabled CEH to be at the forefront of addressing a growing range of healing concerns. As new health-related scientific discoveries are surfacing all the time, this knowledge can be readily integrated into the practice. Breakthroughs in the areas of autoimmune and epigenetic diseases have been topics of significant discussion in recent years. My research into health discoveries is always with an eye to determining how this new knowledge may provide a viable application within the CEH practice.

This book provides an overview of the CEH methods and techniques used in the healing of both oneself and others. By acting to correct and eliminate the physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual underlying causes of a broad range of health concerns, these modalities provide an effective and reliable approach to healing. This holistic body, mind, spirit approach promotes healing by engaging both mind and body to release the specific causes of energy blockages to healthy energy flow. Usually a single treatment takes only seconds to perform, and outcomes have proven to be amazingly successful. Clients usually report feeling energized following a treatment session. And for those who have completed a treatment regime, the vast majority report their healing results as being positive, significant, and for some, life-changing.

The term modality, as used here, refers to either the comprehensive CEH practice itself, or the particular methods used within the practice. As well, the acronym BMS will be used in reference to the body, mind, spirit continuum, the dynamic and interactive earthly trinity of one's being. Body refers to the physical being, mind to the conscious and unconscious being, and spirit is our energetic being of the soul, the crucible that holds our emotions, intentions and conscience. Spirit is also our energetic connection to our higher selves, and/or a Divine source.

In the years since receiving my first healing revelations, many more such insights have surfaced, serving either to meet a specific healing need or to provide a refinement to an existing modality. Amazingly, these healing practices are neither complex nor difficult to perform. While the pathway to learn a significant truth can be a long and challenging one, often times once resolved the final answer turn out to be surprisingly straight forward and uncomplicated.

From my personal experience in working with both my own healing concerns and those of others, I remain confident that this practice offers effective and lasting benefits for a host of unresolved healing concerns. As Cognitive Energy Healing came to me as a life-saving gift, it is my intention in this writing to bring this message of hope to others who are also in need of healing help. While self-healing of minor concerns can be practiced with only a brief CEH introductory program of instruction, more significant healing concerns are best addressed by a trained practitioner. CEH practitioners work from a significant and essential body of knowledge and experience.

While skepticism toward any new healing approach is natural and indeed wise, I encourage you to read on to make your own informed decision as to whether this approach is right for you. This modality is not offering miracles; it is offering healing possibilities through cognitive and energy practices that have proven effective for many. This is an opportunity to learn about the CEH's broad range of healing applications. It is heartening to report that this modality is realizing cures for a number of concerns that to this point have only been managed to varying degrees by medication.

Looking to the broader health care arena, energy medicine, which is also known as vibrational medicine, along with other energy healing practices still remain largely outside the physical and mechanical body-based practice of Western medicine. It is however interesting to note that going back to ancient times, energy medicine was one of earliest healing practices. Anthropological prehistoric evidence indicates that shamanic traditions were being practiced as far back as 30,000 years ago. Ayurveda, whose origins date back to 5,000 BCE India and continues to this day, is an integrated medical practice that incorporates the holistic body, mind, spirit as one within both nature and the cosmos.

Historically, the move to the practice of Western medicine, with its focus on the physical rather than the energetic body is a relatively recent phenomenon. And as with any significant paradigm shift, the pendulum tends to swing full course rather than half measure; the primacy of the Western medical model served to largely discredit energy healing practices in the Western world. This trend however is changing with an ever-growing interest in energy medicine.

I find it puzzling that such a vast resource of early healing knowledge came to be almost entirely eradicated from Western healing practices to make way for modern medicine. This model shift from energy healing to the Western physical body medical model gives rise to a few questions: What happened to moderation when making such a drastic change? Were all energy healing methods perceived to be completely without merit? Was any consideration given to the possibility that the proverbial baby might be tossed out with the bath water? Could we not be better served with an integrative, physical and energetic medical model? Fortunately, all was not lost for the sake of the other.

Today, even though science, and quantum physics in particular, has argued for the existence of energy as the basic manifestation of all that is from the tiniest energetic particle to tangible masses of solid matter, there remains a real and significant lag in bringing the energy healing model into the current practice of medicine. All the same, big change related to energy is coming! Medical researchers, if not practitioners as of yet, are increasingly choosing to take a fresh and less protracted look at the potential benefits of energy medicine.

The forces behind this shift in thinking are driven not only by the findings of quantum physics and such concomitant tools as electromagnetic imaging, but also by the need to find cures for illnesses that have not been resolved by the current practice of medicine. One indication we are awakening to energy healing as a valid practice is the growing number of health professionals offering acupuncture, an ancient Chinese energy healing practice. Advances such as this help lay the groundwork for emerging new developments in energy healing. I am certainly not alone in believing that a flood of medical breakthroughs will follow the eventual incorporation of energy medicine into the practice of modern medicine.

Returning to the overview of the CEH practice, it is important to emphasize that energy and cognitive based procedures are applied in a safe, and non-invasive way to engage and initiate healing. There are absolutely no medications or medical procedures, manipulation, acupuncture or acupressure involved in this practice. Rather the approach is to enable the body to initiate healing corrections as identified by the practitioner and delivered in the form of subconscious and energetic directives. Ultimately the intention is to effect a cure for any number of unresolved health concerns in a painless way and in a surprisingly short period of time. Even in those cases where a cure cannot be fully realized for whatever reason, it is often possible to bring about noticeable improvements in the client's symptoms. Also, as the underlying causes of an illness, pain, or malfunction in one person may be and often are entirely different in another, healing strategies and protocols within the practice are and must remain case specific.

Fundamental to the CEH practice is the belief that the body will heal itself once all energy blockages to the desired healing are released. Healing is a process, and it can only be fully realized by addressing all related concerns impacting the comprehensive BMS dynamic. Depending on what is being addressed, the task is either to identify and eliminate the cause of energy blockages impacting a person's well-being, or to release and correct any of a broad range of causative dysfunctional concerns. The goal is to restore normal and healthy body, mind and spirit function for the holistic well-being of the person being treated. Depending on what is being treated, healing can take place almost immediately, while in others the healing process can require anything from a few minutes, to a few days, and sometimes even a couple of weeks. In this latter case, it is usually because the body requires more time to clear any accumulated toxins and make the necessary healing repairs.

The scope of healing concerns successfully addressed by Cognitive Energy Healing is significant and growing due in large part to the tremendous resource of new and readily accessible health-related information. As regards autoimmune diseases, CEH acts to correct the misinformation that has caused the immune system to incorrectly identify essential body components as a threat to its well-being. A maladaptive immune attack on the body is destructive and potentially even life-threatening. The attack can target anything in the internal environment of the body, including organs, glands, tissues, bones, hormones, nerves, lymph and blood components, enzymes, and so on. To prevent a misguided immune system from inflicting permanent damage on the body, it is essential to identify and correct the misinformation it is receiving as soon as possible.

The body's well-being is contingent on its ability to properly monitor both its internal and external environments, and to respond protectively as required. Beyond surveilling the inner workings of the body, the immune system also responds to any threats from the physical, chemical and energetic environment of the outside world. From the external environment, for example, an irritant in the air may cause sneezing, coughing, or eyes to tear up. The presence of an invading virus, parasite, or bacteria will trigger an immune battle to eliminate it. Meanwhile, in the case of a misguided immune system, anything from the outside world can be wrongly identified as a threat to the body, triggering either allergic or asthmatic reactions.

The body's sensory systems perceive everything in the external vicinity and respond defensively as required. This includes everything that is inhaled, ingested, touched through contact, injected (needles, insect bites, etc.), or experienced energetically (energy frequencies experienced with or without direct contact with the source). For the environmentally-sensitive or allergic person, the list of possible irritants and allergens is virtually infinite, though some are more common than others, including such things as scents, pollens, molds, and chemicals, and even something as innocuous as a carrot or an apple. Virtually anything that is identified as a potential danger to the body from the external environment, whether real or misguided, acts to trigger an immune response or initiate a conscious defensive or protective action. Some additional factors influencing the severity of an autoimmune response include the intensity and the duration of the exposure. An immune reaction can range from a mild irritation such as a rash to anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis), a potentially life-threatening response.

A healthy autoimmune system, acting as the body's own first-responder system, plays an essential and life-sustaining role. One is left in awe of how complicated the body is, and how vigilant it must be to survive in relationship with both its internal and external environments. And yet, for most people on any given day, the body manages all this without giving it even a conscious thought.

Beyond correcting a number of autoimmune concerns, CEH has proven effective in healing certain causes of physical and emotional pain and dysfunction. One particular concern that is very much part of our modern reality is the impact of prolonged exposure to stress. Some harmful effects include anxiety, gastric and intestinal digestive problems, headaches and migraines, fatigue, high blood pressure, irritability and sleep issues. Prolonged exposure to stress is to be taken seriously as it is also a recognized cause of cancer.

In addition to immune concerns, there remain many other factors that can significantly impact one's well-being. When one's health does go awry, either physically, chemically, emotionally, or energetically, the full spectrum of the BMS network can be impacted. Holistic wellness requires the balanced and uninterrupted functioning of these dynamic and interrelated systems. In relationship to the body and to the outside word, the complex workings of the mind cannot be overlooked or dismissed. The cognitive brain receives, interprets, processes and responds to situations as they are perceived, understood and stored as traumas, emotions, memories, and beliefs. And significantly prolonged exposure to negative experiences and the memories of these can potentially have serious and lasting health consequences.

Beyond these concerns, the complexities of the body/mind relationship go further still when you include such influencing factors as self-generated thoughts, and indirectly experienced events that have been witnessed, observed or learned about by word of mouth or through the media. It's no wonder in today's world that digestion is impacted by watching the news or reading the morning paper over breakfast. Sometimes the stress of just being in the world can negatively impact a person's health, as when the repeated swallowing of one's words (suppressing feelings and thoughts) results in painful clenched jaw muscles, and living with long-term anger results in heart health concerns.

Throughout a person's lifetime, the body's surveillance systems remain on duty to keep us well and safe. Other than trying to get the sleep we need and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime, it's natural for us to go about our daily lives without giving a moment's thought to the body's significant and challenging task. Besides working to keep all its systems running smoothly, the body on its own can heal minor cuts and abrasions; it can work to eliminate viruses and bacterial infections; it can clear certain types and levels of inhaled or ingested toxins; and it can mend properly aligned broken bones. However, while the body does know how to heal itself, sometimes it needs assistance in getting to a place where it can effectively complete the healing process on its own.

As responsible adults, we know it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy level of body awareness in order to recognize a symptom as a message calling for or demanding attention. Though we aren't issued an operator's manual at birth, we have fortunately learned a few things along the way about how to take care of ourselves. When a person feels unwell due to illness or some other kind of dysfunction, the body manifests any of a broad range of symptoms to (in part) trigger an awareness of a health concern. Symptoms can include anything from the discomfort of a stuffy nose or vertigo, to searing debilitating pain, anxiety or depression. Pain, inflammation, and other forms of physical, mental or behavioral dysfunction are generally recognized as a cause for concern and possibly even a call for help.

When it comes to wellness, due diligence rests on the individual person or caregiver to access the best available healing resources. Once alerted to a health concern, it is usually up to the person involved to decide on the appropriate action required. Perhaps this is something the person can handle on his or her own, while in other instances, medical assistance or some other type of healing help is required.


Excerpted from "A Healing Gift"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Maggie McLaughlin.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

PREFACE, xiii,
A Gift of Life, xvii,
Enlightened Guidance, xxvii,
Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Naturally, 1,
A Glimpse into What to Expect, 9,
Cognition and the Mind, 13,
Energetics and Spirals, 15,
Spirals and Energetics, 22,
On Spirit, Transcending the Material World, 26,
Understanding Change, 29,
Enabling Change, a Perceptual Shift, 30,
Initiating Personal Change, 35,
An Invitation to Think Outside the Box, 37,
The Body's Perceiving Systems, 47,
Perceiving Energy, 48,
A Look at How These Systems Work, 49,
The Sensory Nervous system, 49,
The Vital Energy System, 50,
The Immune System, 54,
On Perception, Pain and Health, 57,
The Pain Response as Processed and Delivered by the Brain, 58,
Physical and Emotional Injury, 60,
Autoimmune Diseases, 62,
Epigenetic factors, 64,
Finding a Diagnostic Tool, 66,
Word Power and the Power of The Word Meaning, Intention and Perception, 69,
The Power of Words in Muscle Testing Applications, 72,
Coded Muscle Responses, 77,
CEH Muscle Testing Techniques, 80,
The MT Technique When Working with Others, 80,
MT Strategies with Words, Questions and Statements, 84,
Response to a Single Word, 87,
Yes and No Code Response to Questions, 88,
Response to True and False Statements, 89,
Four Self-Testing MT Techniques, 90,
The O and Pincer Fingers Method, 90,
The O and One Finger Method, 91,
The Back of the Hand Method, 92,
The Two Finger Method, 92,
Taking a Quantum Leap, 95,
Methodology for the Cognitive Energy Healing Modalities, 98,
Energetic Healing Hands, 98,
The Temporal Attunement Modality, 100,
The Centering Attunement Modality, 102,
The Release and Reclaim Modality, 105,
The Body Energy Attunement Modality, 106,
Blocked Energy Release, 107,
Energy Streaming, 108,
Bridging Energy Flow, 109,
Where Cognitive Energy Healing May Help, 111,
Case Studies: Cognitive Energy Healing Helping Others, 114,
Where Cognitive Energy Healing Has Made a Difference, 134,
Our Inner Resources, 137,
A Pathway to Freedom, 141,
Creating a Balanced and Happy Life, 142,
Healing as a Team Effort, 152,

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