A Lord Apart

A Lord Apart

by Jane Ashford

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Family secrets, an unlikely alliance—and a love neither expected...

After his parents' sudden death, Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, is struggling to unravel a web of chaotic family records. He is astonished to learn his father's will contains a mysterious legacy: a house left to a complete stranger. He knows nothing about the beautiful Penelope Pendleton and he's not sure he wants to...until she turns out to be a whiz at all those nasty tasks involved in estate administration...

Penelope has no idea why Rose Cottage was left to her. But it's a godsend after her brother's reckless actions disgraced her family. She had planned to stay out of Viscount Whitfield's way, not grow ever closer to him. But when they discover how entwined their families really are, Daniel and Penelope must collaborate to avoid a scandal that reaches much higher than they could have guessed...

A delightful Regency romance for fans of Mary Balogh and Lisa Kleypas!

The Way to a Lord's Heart:
Brave New Earl (Book 1)
A Lord Apart (Book 2)
How to Cross a Marquess (Book 3)

Praise for Jane Ashford:
"An endearing, optimistic story of second chances."—Publishers Weekly for Brave New Earl
"A refreshingly different, sweetly romantic love story [readers] will long remember."—Booklist for Brave New Earl
"[P]lenty of wit, matchmaking, sweetness and sensuality to keep readers highly entertained."—RT Book Reviews for The Duke Knows Best
"Expertly crafted...another triumph of nuanced characterization and sparkling wit."—Booklist for Nothing Like a Duke

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492663386
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Series: Way to a Lord's Heart Series , #2
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 58,930
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jane Ashford discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was captivated by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England. That delight was part of what led her to study English literature and travel widely. She's written historical and contemporary romances, and her books have been published all over Europe as well as in the United States. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews. Find her on the web at www.janeashford.com and on Facebook. If you'd like to receive her monthly newsletter, you can sign up at either of those sites.

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A Lord Apart 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RobinLovesReading 4 months ago
Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, is completely tied in knots since his parents' death, as he is struggling to decipher rather confusing family records. As he begins to research, he discovers that his father's will contained a mysterious legacy, which included leaving a house to someone he never heard of. Well, Daniel meets her, and her name is Penelope Pendleton. He is not sure at first that he wants to deal with her, but then when he discovers her amazing talent at deciphering the confusing codes, and when she helps him sort out estate business, he changes his mind. Penelope is hesitant to help Daniel, as she has no idea why the house was willed to her. As it turns out, due to her brother's poor behavior, her family was disgraced and she would have been without a home. So Penelope does her best to assist Daniel, and in so doing, realizes that she is rather drawn to him. It doesn't take Penelope and Daniel long to discover that there was indeed a connection between their families and they both become very excited while working together. Along with the intrigue facing them, there is a slight element of danger, but readers are treated with a bit of humor, and of course, romance, thus balancing this excellent story by Jane Ashford. I look forward to the next third book in the series, To Cross a Marquess, which will be released in August. Many thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
pinkcowlandreads 6 months ago
This is the second instalment in The Way to a Lord’s Heart series by Ashford. I was not aware of this when reading this book, and I could feel the connection to a series intertwined in the tale. A Lord Apart begins interestingly enough with an impromptu grief counselling session care of the Earl of Macklin. He has gathered a group of grieving bachelors together for dinner and in the end strikes up a friendship with each of them. This appears to be the connection that will tie the series together… Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield has lost his estranged parents and now while trying to pick up the pieces and repair the family holdings he discovers that his parents have severed the dowager house and willed it to an unknown woman. Will she have more answers about his mysterious and distant parents or will she only be another problem left to him to resolve? Penelope Pendleton has lost her father and now her brother. Unexpectedly she receives word that she has inherited Rose Cottage, the answer to all her troubles. Will the nosey Viscount next door unravel her past and take away this much needed fresh start? I enjoyed Ashford’s characters and the mystery that they work together to save in this story. I would have preferred the love scenes to be more passionate due the the build-up and feelings expressed between the characters before they come together. This was a nice read but lacked the passion that it foreshadows. A Lord Apart by Jane Ashford was released March 26, 2019. I received a complimentary copy of this book from SOURCEBOOKS through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Good book
Rita0285 7 months ago
Penelope and Daniel have both lost all their family. Tragedy in Penelope’s life brings her to meet Daniel. Together they find hidden secrets and discover love and compassion.
Pokeybooboo 8 months ago
Some books start out with a bang. The hero and heroine are instantly in love - and lust. Others meander pleasantly along, letting our leads get to actually know and like each other before love comes to call. This lovely story fits in the second category. Penelope Pendleton is moving into Rose Cottage, after having to move from her family home. This cottage was willed to her by a mysterious benefactor; she knows not who or why. Daniel Frith, the fairly newly minted Viscount Whitfield, comes across her moving into her new home. That cottage was part of his estate, and he knew nothing about how all this came about. After getting to know each other better, Daniel discovers that Penelope helped run her father's estate and was great at organization. Daniel, who is decidedly NOT, desperately needs help. They come to an agreement - she will help him organize the frightening amount of paperwork now his responsibility, and he will help her discover how she became owner of the cottage. I loved the slow-burning relationship between Daniel and Penelope. We learn much more about Daniel's globetrotting parents and how he felt ignored and abandoned by them. Also revealed is the pain and hardship Penelope endured after the death of her radical brother. I enjoyed seeing the joy and humor come back into their lives. There is a bit of mystery plus the lurking danger from Penelope's past because of the fallout from her brother's actions. Add in some interesting supporting characters, including two strange dogs who adopt a goat, and you have a sweet, entertaining romance. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, age 27, recently lost his parents when their ship went down in a storm. The couple had loved to travel, exploring new places, and that’s how they spent most of their lives. Since becoming the Viscount and owner of the family estate, Frithgerd, Daniel has been overwhelmed with the mess of papers piled up in no sort of order. It appears that the estate manager also left some time ago. After spending days trying to sort through the papers, Daniel becomes more and more frustrated. Penelope Pendleton, age 23, is riding in a coach with her maid, Kitty, when she is overtaken by a coughing fit. The smoky factory air of Manchester has irritated her lungs for a long time now, and she hopes the clean air of Yorkshire will help her. Her destination is Rose Cottage, a small cottage on Daniel’s estate. When he meets her, they both realize they don’t know why his father left her the cottage. It has been uninhabited for some time so Daniel insists on sending people to clean it for her. As Daniel and Penelope get to know one another, he confides that he has a mess of papers to sort and she volunteers to help him as this is something she has done before and she is quite good at it. They are hoping that they also find out why his father left Rose Cottage to her. She confides that after her parents died, her brother was suspected of being a Luddite before his death which resulted in her losing her home. Now, she is very grateful to have received the gift of Rose Cottage. In sorting the papers, they find some journals that could have some devastating repercussions if they got in the wrong hands. Will they be able to find out the meaning of these journals? Will their togetherness lead to something more? I have read many books by Jane Ashford. Some of them have been confusing so readers must pay very close attention to what they are reading. The author adds quite a few subplots which all come together in the end to made for a great read. Enjoy! Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.