A Love for Leah

A Love for Leah

by Amy Lillard

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For the Amish of Pontotoc, Mississippi, faith can open minds—and hearts—to create surprising bonds for a lifetime . . .
Independent-minded Leah Gingerich has always been outspoken. And even though she is now a progressive Mennonite, she's rediscovering the joys of family traditions back in her Amish hometown. Yet she can't help but clash with her handsome new Amish neighbor, Jamie Stoltzfus. He's too hard-headed and old-line to see that his traumatized young nephew, Peter, needs faith and help—or that a woman who stands up to him may be what he needs to heal . . .
After a devastating tragedy, Jamie moved to Pontotoc with his nephew for a fresh start. Holding fast to his beliefs is the only way he feels he can aid Peter—and himself. But somehow, Leah's freethinking ways and feisty challenges are sparking a happiness he's never felt before. Soon, Jamie can't imagine his life without her. But are their differences ultimately too great to overcome—or can love bridge their way to a future together?
Praise for Amy Lillard and her Wells Landing novels
“An inspirational story of romance, faith, and trust . . . will appeal to fans of Wanda Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis.”
Library Journal on Caroline’s Secret
“Fans of inspirational romance will appreciate Lillard’s vivid characters and positive message.”
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ISBN-13: 9781420145687
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 07/31/2018
Series: Amish of Pontotoc Series , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 365,458
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Amy Lillard is an award-winning author of over forty novels and novellas ranging from Amish romance and mysteries to contemporary and historical romance. Since receiving a Carol Award for her debut novel, Saving Gideon, she has become known for writing sweet stories filled with family values, honest characters, a hometown feel, and close-knit communities. Born and bred in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma. For more information, visit AmyWritesRomance.com.

Andrea Emmes has been a professional actor for over twenty years, performing on stage, television, film, video games, and audiobooks. Known as The Girl with a Thousand Voices, her wide range of character voices and her dynamic and emotionally invested performances have reviewers and listeners alike raving about how effortlessly she pulls people in. A gaming geek with a BS in game art and design, she lives in northern California with her husband and their cat.

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Leah's heart beat a little faster in her chest as she pulled her car down the lane leading to her parents' house. Coming home. It always felt the same, like riding a roller coaster with no restraints. Even after all this time.

"Who's that?" Brandon, her fifteen-year-old nephew, pointed to the buggy parked to one side. He may have only been in Amish country for a short while, but already he could tell the subtle differences in each individual buggy. The Amish might strive for community and sameness, but some things couldn't be completely contained.

"I don't know." And she really didn't care. Not to be rude, but she was too tired to give it much thought other than that her family seemed to have company a lot. She didn't need to know who it was as long as there was still a place for her at the table. She pulled her car next to the parked carriage and turned off the engine.

The evening sun had dipped behind the tree line. September was quickly approaching, and soon it would be dark. That was the thing about fall and winter. The days were shorter, and when she had so much to do. Lord, please.

That was her prayer of late. Only two words, but powerful. She had been praying the same prayer for weeks, ever since she decided to open Twice Blessed, a secondhand store on Main. She had prayed so often she figured God knew what she was about to say. No sense in wasting His time with too many words.

She rested her head against the steering wheel and released a heavy sigh. It felt good to just sit there for a moment and soak it all in: being home, the upcoming grand opening of her store, and life.

"Aunt Leah?"

She turned her head, opening her eyes to find Brandon looking in the passenger side window. A small frown of concern wrinkled his brow.

"Are you coming in?"

"Yeah." She sat up and grabbed her bag out of sheer habit. It wasn't like she needed her things at her childhood home.

She slung the strap over one shoulder and followed Brandon up the porch steps.

As usual, the Gingerich house was buzzing with activity. Brandon jumped right in, heading toward the back of the house where the kitchen was located. To get a snack or lend a hand, who knew? That was the thing about teenagers — they were hard to read.

"Hey, sis. How's the store coming?" Her twin sister, Hannah, swept in from the direction of the kitchen carrying a basket of bread. She deposited it on the table as Leah set her purse in a nearby chair.

"Good. Good." She moved in for a hug.

It felt more than good, more than wonderful, to feel her sister's arms around her. They had been so close growing up, but when Hannah decided to get a taste of the Englisch world, everything changed. It had taken fifteen years, but finally they were back on track.

"We have guests," Hannah whispered as she moved away.

"What kind of guests?"

"The male variety. One grown, one about six."

"Anyone we know?"

Hannah shook her head, her loosely tied prayer kapp strings swaying with the motion. It was still a little bit of a shock to see her sister in her Amish clothing. It had been so long since Hannah had worn Plain dresses. But Leah was starting to get used to it. "They're from Ethridge."

There were two Amish settlements in Tennessee. The one in Ethridge was the largest, while the one in Adamsville was small, like theirs in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Adamsville had sprung from nowhere when couples who lived in Pontotoc had too much family in Ethridge and grew homesick. The small town was a halfway point of sorts between the two communities.

"Where did Mamm find them?"

Eunice Gingerich seemed to always be on the lookout for lost souls. Maybe that was where Leah got it, that need to help her fellow man.

"You know Mamm."

That she did.

Hannah moved in close. "I think he's looking for a wife. Well, at least Mamm seems determined to find him one."

"Gracie?" Leah asked, speaking of their cousin.

Hannah shrugged. "If Gracie gets married, Mamm won't have any help."

"You're here."

"Just for a while." By this time next year, Hannah Gingerich McLean would marry Aaron Zook and become the mother of three new children she obviously adored.

Leah wasn't the least bit jealous. She had led an eventful life, one that she certainly couldn't have lived if she had remained in her small home community. She had traveled to faraway places, other countries, to build shelters for the poor, repair schools, and tell people about Jesus. Fulfilling.

"What are we whispering about?" Gracie glided into the room, the platter of roast beef nearly hiding her face from them.

"Our supper guests."

Gracie's mouth formed a small O as she set the food on the table.

"Where's Tillie?" Leah asked. Their youngest sister was seriously dating her longtime friend Melvin Yoder. Well, as serious as dating could be before either one of them had joined the church. But once that decision was official, everyone expected they would marry as soon as possible.

"Picking the last of the tomatoes," Gracie said.

"He seems nice enough," Hannah said.

"Who? The man?" Leah asked.

Hannah nodded. "And Peter's a little cutie. But ..."

"But what?" she asked.

"You'll see at supper. Now come help us set the table."

* * *

With all three women working, it didn't take long to get the food to the large dining table that sat in a room off the kitchen. In fact, it took longer to get all the people there. But once Leah's father came in from his workshop — she knew he was trying to squeeze every ounce of daylight from the sky — her younger brother, David, followed close behind. Jim, the eldest, had most likely headed to his own house across the way to eat with his own wife and children.

Introductions went all around. Leah did her best to hide her surprise when she was presented to Jamie Stoltzfus. To say he wasn't what she had expected would be a huge understatement. Not that she had known what to expect. Tall and broad, Jamie was younger than she had imagined, with reddish-blond hair and eyes the color of a spring sky. She could picture those eyes sparkling with laughter, but right now they were serious, with fine lines at the corners. Worried. That was the word. His eyes were beautiful, but worried.

"How do you like Pontotoc so far?" Leah asked, looking from Jamie to Peter. He really was an adorable child. He favored his uncle quite a bit, enough that they could easily pass for father and son.

Peter ducked his head and stared down at his bare feet. Fall was coming, and soon he would be forced to wear shoes — a terrible time for most kids in the district.

Leah waited for Peter to glance back up, fighting his own shyness, but his gaze remained downcast. She looked to Jamie, who acted as if nothing was amiss. "Not much different from Tennessee. Just smaller."

Her mother bustled past with a pitcher of water and smiled. "You'll get used to it soon enough. There are days when I feel it's too big." She turned her attention to Peter. "What do you think?"

Peter's head dropped a little lower.

"He doesn't ... talk." Jamie cleared his throat. "Not since the accident."

All conversation came to a halt. Normally Gingerich family time was busy and loud. Was it any wonder, with nearly ten people waiting to be fed?

"Oh." Mamm set the pitcher on the vinyl tablecloth and blinked. Her expression was one of shocked sympathy, but somehow Leah didn't think Jamie would appreciate the sentiment.

"It's all right though," Jamie said. His eyes held a bright light, as if he was doing everything possible to convince those around him, as well as himself.

Slowly the conversation around them had picked back up. Yet Peter kept his gaze trained firmly on the floor. Something about the boy touched Leah's heart. It could've been his mop of coppery brown hair that hung almost to his shoulders, or those blue eyes so like his uncle's. But it was more than that. It was the haunted look on his face, the shadows that deepened his eyes as if he had seen far too much in his short years.

"What happened to the back of your hand?" At Brandon's question, everyone's attention swung back to Peter. He seemed to withdraw into himself, making his presence even less than it had been before.

Gracie hurried over and linked her arm with Leah's. "My goodness," she chirped. "We forgot to put the butter on the table. Brandon, can you help me with the butter?" She said the words even as she steered Leah toward the doorway leading into the kitchen.

Brandon looked at her as if she had completely lost her mind. "Can't you — "

"I'll help too." Not one to be left out, Hannah eased past them all and into the next room.

They all bustled into the kitchen, where Brandon propped one hip on the smaller kitchen table and looked at his aunts and cousin. "Now, that wasn't obvious at all," he drawled. "I take it that it's some secret?"

Gracie shook her head. "Not a secret, but a painful memory."

They had only a moment to wait before Hannah picked up the rest of the story. "Did you hear about that fire in Ethridge?"

"About six months ago?" Gracie clarified.

Leah thought through all the news she remembered hearing in the last few months. "The house fire?"

"That's the one." Gracie nodded.

"But —" Leah looked back toward the dining room. She had spent enough time in both rooms to know that they couldn't be overheard, but she lowered her voice all the same. "His parents died."

"And his baby sister," Hannah filled in.

"Peter himself was in the hospital for a couple of months."

"Poor family." Leah made a mental note to add the Stoltzfuses to her prayer list. She might be exhausted and hanging on by a thread, but there were others out there still in need.

"So that mark," Brandon said, "it's a burn scar?"

"Jah," Gracie said. "But don't mention it. Peter is sensitive."

Brandon nodded. "I read this book once where these two kids run into a burning schoolhouse to save some other kids. One got really burned, but he died."

Leah's heart went out to what was left of the family — an uncle and a son. They had traveled so far for a chance to start over.

David poked his head into the kitchen and gave them all a small grin. "Dat said quit whatever it is you think you're doing and get back to the table. We have company and it's time to pray. Oh, and Mamm said bring the applesauce."

"Jah. Okay," Hannah murmured and moved to exit the kitchen. Leah grabbed the applesauce while Brandon and Gracie started toward the dining room once again.

The air around the table was thick with suppressed emotion. Leah could feel it like a weight pressing her down into her seat. The oppressive atmosphere did not change as everyone bowed their heads to pray. In no time, they were passing food around as everyone filled their plates. At least the conversation had started to flow again, though it was more stilted than smooth.

"What do you do, Jamie?" David asked as he scooped out a helping of mashed potatoes.

"For a living?" he asked.

"Of course."

Jamie cleared his throat. "I was hoping to get into a bit of handiwork."

"Like repairs and things?" David asked.

Jamie nodded. "I don't have enough land to farm. Farming's hard, going it alone."

Nods went all around the men at the table.

"Leah opened a store," Tillie blurted.

"Not yet," Leah murmured.

"Well, this week."

Jamie turned those incredibly blue eyes to her. "Is that so? What kind of store?"

"It's a resale shop. You know, clothes and house goods."

He nodded. "Where is it?" he asked. "In front of your house?"

Most all Amish in Pontotoc had a small store in front of their house in which to sell their family's products. Jams, jellies, pickles, and sauerkraut were peddled on a regular basis.

"It's on Main. Next to the Chinese restaurant."

"You're Mennonite," he said, as if for the first time noticing that she was dressed modestly, but not Plain. His face was passive as he spoke, but Leah saw the flash of censure in his eyes. A lot of people felt Mennonites were Amish who couldn't cut it. But that was far from the truth.

She lifted her chin. "That's right."

Around them, the conversation fell silent.

Jamie cleared his throat and dropped his gaze to his plate, but something in Leah couldn't let it go. How dare he pass judgment on her!

"Is there something wrong with being Mennonite?"

He seemed reluctant to answer. "They are more liberal, to be certain, jah?"

"And liberal is bad?"

"Leah, can you pass the potatoes, please?" Hannah's voice was unnaturally high-pitched, and she still had a mound of food on her plate, potatoes included.

"I want to hear what he has to say," Leah replied. She had been fighting these stereotypes ever since she had decided to join the Mennonite church. It was the closest she could be to the Amish without returning, but it was more than that. The message they preached, the love they shared, and the gospel of Jesus all spoke to her in a way Amish teachings never had. She turned her attention back to Jamie and raised one brow in challenge.

Jamie shrugged. "If it works between you and God ..." he said, but didn't finish the statement. He didn't have to.

"Wow, Mamm, this roast is delicious," Tillie said. "That's one of the best things about fall. Cooking in the oven again. I mean, you can cook in the oven in the summertime, but it heats up the house so bad. This is the earliest I've ever seen you cook a roast. I don't think I ever remember you cooking a roast in the summer the entire time I was growing up. What about you, Leah?"

She turned to her sister. "No, I can't say as I remember a single one."

And just like that, the conversation shifted. The atmosphere at the table seemed to relax, but every time Leah caught Jamie looking at her, she could see the remains of the censure in his eyes. What was so wrong with being Mennonite? She prayed to the same God, dressed modestly, and didn't have to rely on a driver if she needed to go someplace. So she didn't wear a prayer kapp. Her hair was still covered when she prayed. And just because she didn't make her own clothes didn't mean she was less godly than her sisters, or anyone else for that matter. Having a car didn't change what was in a person's heart. Maybe that was what was wrong with Jamie Stoltzfus. Maybe he was struggling with his own faith and taking it out on her choices. It was a good thing she wouldn't have to see him again after tonight. Come tomorrow, she would be far too busy with her shop to worry about the likes of him.

* * *

Jamie forked up another bite of the delicious roast and said a silent prayer of thanks. He had been eating his own cooking for days. Not that it was bad, but it wasn't good. Not like this.

The invitation from Eunice to come to supper tonight was a gift from heaven. He and Peter had been holed up in their tiny cabin at the edge of the Gingerich property doing everything they could to adjust to the move. But staying at his own house and eating his own food was not integrating him into this new community.

All he had wanted when he moved to Pontotoc was a fresh start. It was inevitable. No one there knew them. Oh, they knew his family or knew someone who did. None of the Southern communities were big enough to escape that. Everyone in Pontotoc knew someone in Ethridge. Everyone in Ethridge knew someone in Adamsville. Everyone in Adamsville knew someone in Pontotoc, and so on. If they didn't know one of his kin, then they had surely heard of the terrible fire that had claimed the lives of his brother, his sister-in-law, and their baby, Ellie.

"Handiwork, jah?" David asked again.

Jamie nodded. "I figure I can take Peter with me when I go to a job." He didn't want to leave the boy at home alone. Peter was having enough struggles adjusting to what had happened to his family.

"He's not in school?" This from Leah.

He had done his best not to look at her the entire time they had been seated at the table. It was a near impossible feat, as she was seated directly across from him. But even more than that, his gaze seemed to have developed a mind of its own and liked to look at her despite his best efforts not to.

"He doesn't talk." Was there a part of that he hadn't made clear? He had hoped like everything that Peter would come out of this chosen-mute state he had fallen into. The boy could hear and see, he could think and respond, but he wouldn't utter a word. It was beyond Jamie as to why, but the doctors in Nashville had cited trauma and told Jamie that he would come out of it when he came out of it. As long as he was eating, sleeping, drinking, and otherwise going about his normal day, not to worry about it. But Jamie worried. Oh, how he worried.


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A Love for Leah 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful story to trust in love .
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah by Amy Lillard is the second book in The Amish of Pontotoc series. Leah Gingerich is opening Twice Blessed, a secondhand store on Main Street in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Leah is an independent Mennonite woman with forward thinking ideas. Jamie Stoltzfus and his nephew, Peter have moved into a cabin on the Gingerich property. Peter lost his parents and baby sister in a house fire six months prior and has not spoken since that day. Jamie is a traditional and stubborn Amish man who has certain ideas on how to live life and raise his nephew. Leah and Jamie clash from the moment they meet and somehow, they keep finding themselves together (I believe there is some matchmaking taking place). Despite wanting to avoid Jamie, Leah feels that God is calling her to help Peter and Jamie. Unfortunately, while Peter enjoys spending time with Leah, Jamie does not want her assistance. Leah is not going to let that stop her. But will a blast from Jamie’s past ruin their chances? Can this unlikely duo find common ground? A Love for Leah is the second book in The Amish of Pontotoc, and I recommend reading the series in order. It will provide you with a better understanding of the characters, their background, the town, etc. Leah is the twin sister of Hannah whom we met in A Home for Hannah. She is present throughout A Love for Leah. Leah is an independent and strong minded woman who cares for her nephew, Brandon. I like the bond between Leah and Brandon as well as their interactions. It is good that Leah is strong willed because she pushes Jamie to do what is best for Peter. God finds a way to help those in need. With Deborah King (Jamie’s ex-fiancé), the author created a character that readers will love to dislike. She is annoying and full of herself. I thought the story was nicely written and it had gentle pacing. I had trouble, though, getting into A Love for Leah and it failed to hold my attention. While it is a cute Amish romance, I found it to be expected. The story could have used editing to tighten it up and it desperately needed to be shortened (way too long). Some of the Christian themes present are having faith, staying hopeful, and the power of prayer. We get to see the importance of being close to family, having good friends, and allowing love into our lives. I like that we get to see some of the differences between the Amish and Mennonite faith. My rating for A Love for Leah is 3 out of 5 stars. A Love for Leah is an uplifting Amish romance that will leave you with a good feeling in your heart and a smile on your face.
J_Augustine More than 1 year ago
Falling in love isn't always easy... Another great story from one of my favorite Amish fiction authors! I've been looking forward to A Love For Leah since I read the first book in the Pontotoc Mississippi Series earlier this year. And as anticipated author Amy Lillard delivered a thought-provoking story of faith, family, and love. Each of Amy Lillard's novels takes on everyday topics, and life choices that, face the Amish, and frequently the Englishers alike. A Love For Leah takes on more than one, including the old-as-time question of whether love really does conquer all or if the differences, especially in matters of faith, are insurmountable. I really enjoyed A Love For Leah and and read it in pretty short order. Even though Amish fiction has not been a go-to genre in awhile I find myself unable to put an Amy Lillard book down. And when I DO have to put it aside I find myself wondering about the characters and pondering what I would do if I were in similar shoes. And, of course, now that I've finished I find myself not so patiently waiting to find out if and when their might be some more Pontotoc Mississippi stories. (I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions are entirely my own.)
CollieRescueMom More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah by Amy Lillard centers in Pontotoc where Leah is trying to build a new life. She can’t quite remain Amish but has found a good life as a progressive Mennonite. Leah works hard to open a thrift store named Twice Blessed and with a nod to her Amish roots, sets up a private area in the back of the store for Amish customers who can shop for used Amish clothing in privacy. Jamie Stoltzfus moves in next door with his traumatized 7 year old nephew who he desperately wants to help. Jamie’s view on life is straight laced and clashes with the fiercely independent Leah. Can their differences be overcome? Can they find the happiness that both of them long for? Amy Lillard’s superb storytelling keeps us wondering to an end that is tightly woven in love, forgiveness and the ability to sacrifice for the one you love. Well done, Miss Lillard!
ChasRay0 More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah is Amy Lillard's second book in her Amish of Pontotoc, MS series. You don't have to read the first one to enjoy it, but I highly recommend you read them in order. Leah Gingerich and her twin sister, Hannah, left the Amish to join the English a long time ago. Although Hannah eventually came back and is joining the Amish church, Leah just doesn't feel it's right for her. She tends to be outspoken and very independent, these things don't go well in the Amish faith so Leah chose to become Mennonite. Even though she has a different faith she is still close with her family visiting often and even helping Hannah raise her son. Leah's life is perfect or so she thinks until she meets Jamie and his sweet but silent nephew, Peter. Jamie Stoltzfus's life isn't going according to plan and hasn't been for a while. Not since about six months ago when a house fire killed his brother, sister in law and their infant daughter, leaving his nephew Peter without a family. Jamie was more than happy to step up and take care of Peter, but the boy hasn't said a word since that fateful day. With Peter's grandparents wanting to take him from Jamie if he doesn't start talking soon, Jamie is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He thought leaving their home in Ethridge, TN and moving to Pontotoc, MS might give both him and Peter the fresh start they need. But, when he meets Leah Gingerich, he's not so sure he made the right move. Right from the start sparks fly between Jamie and Leah. He thinks she's too outspoken for her own good. She thinks he looks down on others who don't share his faith. It seems the only thing these two can agree on is to not agree on anything! I really enjoyed A Love for Leah and I think you will too. I love how with Leah and Jamie it wasn't love at first sight, it wasn't even like at first sight! It took time for their friendship to build and even though there were mishaps along the way they you could tell they held a mutual admiration for each other. They both put Peter first and even when they didn't agree on what was best for him, like should he go to school or not, they each wanted him to be healthy and happy. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed A Love for Leah. It reminds us that friendships can come in the most unlikely of forms and that love covers a multitude of sins and differences. *I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.
MissTinasSnitzPie More than 1 year ago
My thoughts Wow! Amy Lillard does it again, with her latest release of A Love for Leah. Travel back to Pontotoc, Mississippi and you will instantly fall in love with Leah and her family. In Lillard's latest release she does an outstanding job developing the story and each character. She truly has a gift for bringing each and every element of the story alive, and will make you feel that your are part of the community. I can't wait for the next book to come out in this series. I give this book a 5 stars something I rarely do. I received a copy of this book for honest review which I have given. I hope you pick up your copy today you won't be disappointed.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I loved this second book of this series. This was very interesting to see how she showered how someone left the Amish to become English and then to become Mennonite. The author really shows how Leah and Jamie work things out. She also does well in showing how Peter is helped also. I did not want to put this book down. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Christa4 More than 1 year ago
A Love For Leah by Amy Lillard is the second book in the Amish of Pontotoc series . This sweet story is one you will definitely enjoy reading. Jamie Stoltzfus recently moved to Pontotoc to start over. His nephew, Peter has been through such tragedy at a young age that Jamie feels a new start will be most welcome. While there he spends a lot of time with the Gingerich family. They have been so very helpful to Jamie and Peter. Leah Gingerich has been Mennonite for many years, but something about Jamie catches her eye. Jamie and her become friends, but how could an Amish man and a Mennonite woman ever be more than anything but friends? You will want to read this book to find out the rest of Jamie and Leah's story. The author really brings the characters to life. They experience circumstances that we can all relate to including frustration, grief, hope, love and faith. Once you start reading, you will feel like you are right there with them in beautiful Pontotoc, Mississippi, a most pleasant place to be! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from NetGalley and have given my honest opinion.
readerphan More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah is a nice continuation of the Pontotoc Mississippi series and includes characters we've met before. There are heartwarming moments but some filled with heartache and despair as well. Leah has returned back to where she grew up but is no longer Amish but a Mennonite. Her store takes off and she becomes quite the storekeeper even having a free section for the Amish and never really forgetting her roots. Jamie and his nephew move to Pontotoc and live in a cabin on Leah's parent's property. When Jamie and Leah first meet, sparks fly but they always end up in an argument. Do they really dislike each other that much? There's matchmaking going on since Jamie needs a mother for his nephew but things get dicey at times. Peter is a sweet boy but doesn't talk as a result of the tragedy that drove him and his uncle to Mississippi. There are church events, chores, lots of food, angst, heartache, sorrow, sadness, confusing feelings and ultimately love even if it's not the path the Amish would follow. There is a nice flow to the story with lots of descriptions of the land, the beliefs of the Amish vs. the Mennonites, family dynamics and feelings. There are lots of stories being told at the same time but they come together nicely. There is closure with a happily ever after but lots more stories to tell and hints about them. I liked how Brandon grew from the first book in the series, A Home for Hannah, to this one. Ms. Lillard is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction no matter where she sets the story. I always jump at the chance to read her next book. I can't wait to see what I'll be reading next!
Deanne-Patterson More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Amish of Pontotoc series. Amy Lillard really knows how to write a book that keeps my attention. A beautiful inspirational story that has heartbreak in it but before the story ends it becomes heartwarming. Lillard gives us a real sense of the Amish, they like us are not perfect but with faith,hope,prayer and God's wisdom mistakes are forgiven and wrongs are turned around with understanding and compassion. This book gave me a beautiful sense of well being and inspired me to want to do better in life. Readers of Amish fiction will really enjoy this inspiring and hope filled journey. Pub Date 31 Jul 2018 I received a complimentary copy from the author/ NetGalley through Kensington Books. All opinions expressed are my own.
valet More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah with such a great original story line kept me turning the pages. Amy Lillard brings to light that not everything in Amish life is so simple and idyllic as we would believe. Like us, they also have problems in their life that need prayer for guidance. The love of family really came through in this book. My heart went out to little Peter and I was so happy that he had an Uncle that really cared. Leah also cared for her own nephew in the way his own Mother would. They both knew what makes a family, I was curious in this book on how Jamie and Leah could solve their differences and it kept me guessing almost to the end. It went on to prove there is nothing to difficult for God. I was given this book by the author but was not required to give a positive review.
PattiABond More than 1 year ago
A LOVE FOR LEAH BOOK 2 IN AMY LILLARD'S AMISH OF PONTOTOC SERIES Once again, Amy Lillard has written another awesome book in her Amish of Pontotoc series. Her new book is A Love for Leah. It is the story about Leah Gingerich, the twin sister of Hannah Gingerich the main character in Amy's first book, A Home for Hannah. Unlike the rest of the Gingerich family who are member's of the Old Order Amsh, Leah is a member of the Mennonite church. Leah is the outspoken, independent member of the family, and she still has strong ties with her Amish community. Jamie Stolzfus and his young nephew Peter, have moved to Pontotoc and live next door to the Gingerich family. Jamie and Peter are starting over after a devastating tragedy that claimed the life of Peter's father, mother and sister. When Leah and Jamie meet their different personalities start to conflict with each other; but the longer the two are around each other the more the attraction becomes between the two . You don't want to miss reading this awesome book by Amy. You will love the characters and the heartwarming love story between two people with from different religious backgrounds I was provided a copy of A Love for Leah by the author and this is my true honest opinion of the book
Ourpugs More than 1 year ago
A love for Leah This is not a mystery book but to me it was a mystery if Leah was going to change back to Amish or if Jamie was going to change to Mennonite or if they would not get together at all. Of course you will have to read the book to find out. This is part of a series where the first book was about Hannah who is Leah twin sister. They are completely different stories but it is best to read both. I always love books with children in it, besides Brandon who is living with Leah who is Hannah teenage son there is Peter who is very young and been through a lot with losing his family. Peter does not want to talk. Jamie is his uncle and is caring for Peter. I loved the dog story part in the book. Also loved how the cousins got together, reminded me of when I was growing up and we got together with our cousins. I received an advanced copy of the book from NetGalley through the publisher. I was not required to write an positive review.
faithsnana More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Mississippi Amish series. Hannah has returned to her family, faith, and the love of her life. Leah, Hannah’s twin, has not. She’s returned and visits her family often but has opted to join the Mennonite faith. Amy writes a wonderful story of second chances, healing, and love. Six-year-old Peter hasn’t spoken a word since the fire that took the lives of his parents and sister. His Uncle Jamie decides a fresh start might be the answer and moves from Tennessee to Mississippi. Is a change of scenery what Peter needs? How about Jamie? He’s raising a little boy that won’t speak alone. Leah is the most outspoken woman Jamie has ever met, yet, he falls in love with her. He’s Amish, she’s Mennonite, how can they overcome that obstacle? Read Leah, Jamie and Peter’s story to find out how God works everything out!
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
This story was great! It is the second book in the Amish of Pontatoc series, yet I think that it could be read as a stand alone novel if desired. I definitely enjoyed returning to this interesting family. The author did a great job of keeping me wondering throughout most of the story as to how she would pull everything together in the end. I appreciated these main characters and the way the author delved into the differences between the Amish and the Mennonite faiths. It was very interesting to view the two religions through the minds of the main characters, who had both been born and raised Amish. I liked Jamie and Leah a lot. It was fun to see how they heatedly clashed for much of the first half of the book, revealing feelings that ran deeper than they realized. Jamie’s character was so interesting to read about, as he began to open to new ideas that he at first viewed as too liberal. This was such a great story and I highly recommend it and book one of the series, A Home for Hannah, to fans of Amish fiction. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
Leah, opening her Twice Blessed store, her mantra was "please Lord". Her mom was always looking for lost souls, and especially those for marriage, so once again, company for dinner. An uncle and son, after a fire to start over. He questions about her being a Mennonite, yet, it was the closest, to being accepted by the Amish, and her family. Every time she is around Jamie,they clash, and heated words. Though Peter, the young boy was drawn to her, as a need for a mother. Conflict continue to mount, as they are together, till he is asking her to marry. Which means leaving the Amish faith, as she won’t let him. A story that deals into what is the path that God has chosen for each of them. Would it be sacrifices, or a blend of what was important. A powerful story, that readers will enjoy, and one can connect to the people in this. Given ARC by Net Galley and Kensington for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
What happens when two hard headed people clash each time they are together? A really good story happens! Leah thinks her life can't be compatible with Jamie because they have different beliefs and they just can't seem to get along. I really enjoyed this sweet romance that had a different kind of surprise ending. I received a copy from the author and publisher, a review was not required, my opinion and review is voluntary..
Mar-J More than 1 year ago
A Love for Leah was a beautiful story filled with characters that were dimensional with imperfections but lovable. It was nice to reconnect with the characters and the community in Pontotoc, Mississippi from book one, A Home for Hannah. Amy Lillard’s characters and their lifestyles drew me in from the start. This tale is Leah’s story (twin to Hannah) and Jamie Stolzfus who recently relocated to Pontotoc with his young nephew, Peter. I appreciated how the Gingerich family reached out to Jamie and Peter. Leah and Jamie initial encounter gave wrong impression to each other, but yet there was an attraction. Leah wanted to ensure she could help Peter but Jamie thought Leah was too worldly with her modern Mennonite church. Jamie was a true Amish man that held tightly to the Ordnung. The true to life struggles of the characters and their personal faith of their culture gave perspective to some of the differences between Amish and Mennonite. The differences between Leah and Jamie increased their frustration with one another but also drew them together with their persistence, focusing on the needs of Peter and the grace of God. There are some unexpected twists and turns and heart break along with seeking redemption and God’s will. Lillard interwove a stronger faith message in this book than some of her other Amish series. Readers of Amish genre will appreciate this latest book by Amy Lillard that can be read as a standalone; however, I highly recommend reading Home for Hannah first. I received an ARC copy of this book from the author without a favorable review being required. I have shared my honest opinion for A Love for Leah.
poodlelover More than 1 year ago
Book Two in The Pontotoc, Mississippi series is an inspirational story that finds feisty Leah Gingerich returning home to Pontotoc established in the Mennonite faith. She is enjoying being back to savor family traditions but has no desire to leave her Mennonite church or beliefs. She soon meets her Amish neighbor, Jamie Stolzfus, and there are fireworks. His young nephew, Peter, is traumatized from a shocking family tragedy, and Jamie is trying to keep things as normal as possible, but Leah feels he needs to do more. Even if there is a tiny spark of attraction Leah knows nothing can come of it because of their differences in faith or can it? Author Amy Lillard writes from the heart. Her colorful characters will pull you into the story with a positive message. I was given a complimentary copy. The opinions in this review are my own.
Barb00 More than 1 year ago
Another amazing book, A Love for Leah, written by Author Amy Lillard. The plot captured my attention immediately with the different struggles happening. I love the characters even though a few were unusual, but the little boy is sweet and fantastic. This book is Book Two in the Amish of Pontotoc series. I'm looking forward to Book Three in this series. I received a copy from the author, but was not required to review it. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.
susanlulu More than 1 year ago
I loved this book right from the cover of the book to the very last word! I didn't want the book to end, and already, I want to reread it. This was Book 2 of the series, so be sure to read Book 1 about Leah's twin sister. (A Home for Hannah) Amy Lillard's books never disappoint. I look forward to every one of them! I like this book because the main character is Mennonite, yet becomes involved with an Amish man. You'll have to read this book to find out what happens between them. It's never a dull moment, I can tell you. You'll love this book!
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
A Love For Leah ( Amish of Pontotoc #2 ) By: Amy Lillard A Love For Leah is book two in Amish of Pontotoc series by Amy Lillard. The author writes another winner and a great read. I love the story and the characters. I was drawn in at the start and did not want to put it down. This is Leah and Jamie’s story. One is Amish and one is Mennonite. There are struggles to overcome in this story. I love reading about the difference between the Amish and the Mennonites. If you love to read a good Amish story then you will love A Love For Leah. I was given a complimentary ARC copy of this book, but was not told that I had to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.
SunnieReviews More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 of this series by Amy Lillard. In this story, Jamie Stolzfus moves from his home with his nephew in order to start a new life away from the memories. His nephew, Peter, has been involved with a tragedy and is no longer able to speak, . Jamie is Amish and meets Mennonite Leah. But this is a relationship that is not to be. They don't get along at all and in fact there is a lot of controversy going on. It's difficult for Leah to deal with Jamie's very strict Amish lifestyle. Leah is a free thinker and full of energy. The story is a captivating one and it's hard to put the book down. It's a great read and I know you will enjoy this one! I received a copy of this book from the author. All thoughts are my own.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
I loved the second book in this series, and yes you can read alone, but I enjoyed being back with this family that I have really come to know through the words of the author, Amy Lillard. The first book was Hannah’s and we continue with parts of her life here, but this story is mainly about her twin Leah. We walk in Leah’s shoes through the eyes of the author, and at time you’re going find your world upside down. Loved the sparing that goes one between Leah and new comer Amish man Jamie, and you wonder how these two could even be in the same room with each other, but then you meet Peter, a young boy who has suffered so much tragedy in his short life. This book will keep you page-turning, one very Mennonite and clinging to her new church, and the other set in his Amish ways, how can the two ever get together or should they even try. A don’t miss book by this talented author. I received this book through the Publisher Zebra, and was not required to give a positive review.