A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America--One State Quarter at a Time

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America--One State Quarter at a Time

by Jim Noles

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ISBN-13: 9780786731978
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Publication date: 03/25/2009
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,152,498
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Jim Noles, the author of three previous books, is a practicing attorney and a frequent contributor to the New York Times and several magazines. He lives in Alabama.

Table of Contents

Foreword   Congressman Mike Castle     xi
Preface: A Quarter for My Thoughts ...     xv
The Program     xix
Delaware: Hail Caesar!     1
Pennsylvania: The Key to the Keystone     7
New Jersey: The First Commute     13
Georgia: Peachy Keen     19
Connecticut: An Oak Grows in Hartford     25
Massachusetts: Just a Minute     31
Maryland: The Oldest Line in the Book     37
South Carolina: Palmetto Proud     43
New Hampshire: Rock ... and Roll     49
Virginia: The Other Three Ships     55
New York: "A Mighty Woman with a Torch"     61
North Carolina: "Damned if they ain't flew!"     67
Rhode Island: Relying on Reliance     73
Vermont: Freedom, Unity, and Maple Syrup     79
Kentucky: A Quarter Horse? Hardly     85
Tennessee: "Here's a Quarter ..."     91
Ohio: The Illegal Astronaut     97
Louisiana: The Pelican Brief     103
Indiana: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines     109
Mississippi: Steel Magnolias     115
Illinois: Lincoln's Hat Trick     121
Alabama: The Other Helen Keller     127
Maine:The Maine Attractions     133
Missouri: Show Me (the Money)     139
Arkansas: Diamonds Are a State's Best Friend     145
Michigan: Great Lakes, Great Drama, ... and a So-So Quarter     151
Florida: The Costliest Quarter     157
Texas: Texas Ties One On     163
Iowa: An Education in Art     169
Wisconsin: Got Milk? Got Cheese? Got Corn?     175
California: California Dreaming     181
Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes, 488 Million Quarters     187
Oregon: Hillman's Richest Find     193
Kansas: Buffalo Soldier in the Heart of America     199
West Virginia: A Bridge Too Far     205
Nevada: Horse Sense     211
Nebraska: A Rock by Any Other Name ...     217
Colorado: Secret(s) of the Mountains     223
North Dakota: Where the Buffalo (Still) Roam     229
South Dakota: "What Matter of Men They Were"     235
Montana: Where the Buffalo Roam (Again)     241
Washington: Profiles in Courage     247
Idaho: "And Here We Have Idaho ..."     253
Wyoming: All Things Being Equal ...     259
Utah: Utah Makes a Good Point     265
Oklahoma: Two for the Price of One      271
New Mexico: The Circle of Life     277
Arizona: The Grand Design     283
Alaska: Call of the Wild     289
Hawaii: All the King's Men     295
Acknowledgments     301
Selected Bibliography and Recommended Reading     303
Index     317

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