A Risk Worth Taking

A Risk Worth Taking

by Victoria James

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ISBN-13: 9781622660728
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/11/2013
Series: Red River , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 170
Sales rank: 27,308
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Victoria James always knew she wanted to be a writer, and in grade five, she penned her first story, bound it (with staples) and a cardboard cover, and did all the illustrations herself. Luckily, this book will never see the light of day again. In high school she fell in love with historical romance, and then contemporary romance. After graduating University with an English Literature degree, Victoria pursued a degree in Interior Design and then opened her own business. After her first child, Victoria knew it was time to fulfill the dream of writing romantic fiction. Victoria is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-afters for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she's quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and a very bad cat.

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A Risk Worth Taking

By Victoria James, Karen Grove, Wendy Chen

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Victoria James
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-072-8


"Daniel, this is my first day off work, remember? My high-maintenance clients are now yours. Enjoy," Holly teased, her eyes focused on the country road ahead. "I know it'll be boring over there without me for two months, but I'll be back," she promised, her smile wavering as the "Welcome to Red River" sign came into view. The blue, wooden billboard was a little weathered, a little beaten, but it was achingly familiar.

"I'm sure I'll manage. But first, you need to give me your opinion on that color," Daniel whined.

Holly didn't answer him. The jolt of sentimentality that clogged her throat as she approached her hometown rendered her incapable of giving a damn which shade of taupe paint should be used in the Thorntons' front foyer. "I'm sorry to cut you off, but I'm going to have to call you back," Holly whispered, not waiting for her colleague's response. She threw her hands-free earpiece onto the empty passenger seat beside her.

Holly eased her foot off the gas, allowing her life in the city to fade away as she entered the town she hadn't called home for ten years. A barrage of memories she didn't even know she possessed pummeled through her tired mind and hijacked her senses as she drove down the hill she and Jennifer had once bicycled on daily as children. She wondered if it still smelled of fresh-cut grass and dewy fall leaves. The old lift-bridge looked the same, but the view was different from her SUV.

Holly almost missed the turn onto the road that led to her grandparents' vacant house. Her sweating hands gripped the leather steering wheel and her stomach turned at a nauseating pace as the faded yellow-brick Victorian home came into view. It was no longer the same majestic, proud structure it had been when her grandparents were alive. Instead, it was a sorry shell of the house that once was.

The grass that her grandfather had meticulously cut every week was now knee high and unkempt. Her grandmother's spotless veranda looked more brown than white. And it didn't look nearly as welcoming without the overflowing flower baskets that her grandmother had hung at every post on the porch. The bright yellow watering can she so clearly remembered from her youth wasn't on the ledge, and the white wicker furniture was in storage. Holly frowned as she stared at the sight before her. The property was achingly deserted. If a house could have shed tears, this one surely would have. Neither she nor Jen had the heart to sell their childhood home after their grandparents had died, especially since Jen had always made it clear that when she had a family, she'd move back to Red River. It should have been the four of them driving here today, ready to embark on the renovation. It was Jen's dream to return the old house to its former glory, and to have Ella's laughter filling the rooms, just as Jen's and Holly's had done so long ago. Except things hadn't gone according to plan. Jen had never even seen Holly's plans for the home. Now Jen and Rick were gone ...

Ella's gentle snore from the backseat forced Holly to get a grip on her emotions. She clutched the steering wheel tightly, her knuckles turning white. She needed to remember why she was here — renovate, decorate, and sell the house. Then all her ties to this town would be permanently severed. She wouldn't be forced to remember all the people she'd lost. She wouldn't have to fight the images of them when they'd all been alive and living here together. Eight weeks. She had to survive eight weeks in Red River, and then she could get back to her regularly scheduled life in Toronto.

Holly turned onto the long, gravel-filled driveway lined with evergreens and parked in front of the detached garage. She glanced over her shoulder at Ella, who was still sleeping peacefully, her lips hugging the pacifier. Holly pulled her keys out of the ignition and eyed the distance from the front porch to her SUV. She decided she could safely leave Ella in the car while she opened up the house. Ella had only fallen asleep twenty minutes ago, and she had no intention of waking her, especially since the baby wouldn't be able to nap until Holly figured out how to assemble the crib. Ella's nanny, Mary, had emphasized repeatedly the importance of Ella having a daily nap. Holly wished that Mary could have made the trip with them, but it was against agency policy. So now Holly was about to have a crash-course in dealing with her little niece — and it terrified her. Back in Toronto, Mary had done all the day-to-day caregiving, while Holly maintained her grueling work schedule. Now it was all up to Holly. She glanced over at Ella one more time, made sure the back window was open slightly, then quietly stepped from the driver's seat, locking the car after she'd shut the door.

Her running shoes crunched softly against the gravel as she walked up the uneven path to the porch. Images flashed before her eyes: her grandfather mowing the lawn, her grandmother standing with the door ajar, calling them in for dinner, while she and Jennifer chattered about the latest school gossip on the front porch. If she could just have one more minute with them, one moment to tell them how much she loved them and to feel the warmth of their hugs ... She refused to let the tears that were incessantly filling her eyes fall. But oh, she wanted a good, long cry. She wanted to weep for the couple that had given her courage and love and strength, and cry for the sister that she missed every single day. She cleared her throat and shook her head. Get a hold of yourself, Holly. She buttoned her chunky sweater coat with a slight shiver, the damp fall air adding to the chills that were already weaving through her body as she made her way to the front porch. There were boards covering the windows and front door. She knew she was early, but she had hoped that Quinn would have gotten around to opening up the house for her. She'd obviously thought wrong.

The smooth, low rumble of a car engine approaching ripped through the silence of her thoughts. A black Range Rover crunched against gravel and rolled to a smooth stop behind her SUV. Her heart picked up pace because she already knew who was in that vehicle.

Holly had contacted Quinn Manning months ago, letting him know that she was coming back to Red River and needed his company to handle the restoration and renovation of her grandparents' house. She had no choice but to contact Manning & Son Construction: they were the best renovation and building company around. And despite the many passing years, her stomach still did a few traitorous somersaults and her heart skipped when Quinn's deep voice had greeted hers on the other end of the line. And then her mind had gone to her last night in Red River — when she'd humiliated herself in front of the man. Of course, she knew Quinn would never bring it up. He had probably dismissed it as just a silly teenage crush. Better he thought that.

Holly wiped her clammy hands on the front of her jeans as Quinn approached. This would be the first time she'd seen him in years ... Maybe he'd lost his appeal. Maybe age had turned him into someone that didn't resemble the young man she had fantasized about in high school. As Quinn rounded the corner, her question was answered: unfortunately for her, Quinn had only gotten better looking with age. A jolt of energy stronger than a grande non-fat cappuccino coursed through her veins. Quinn's face had become more rugged, his chiseled features more striking — almost as striking as the blue eyes that were staring at her intently. The navy crewneck he wore hugged broad, sculpted shoulders and a flat, narrow waist. His dark blue, faded jeans outlined his long, powerful legs. With each step he took in her direction, it was as though he erased each year that had passed. His walk was casual, but so sexy, so confident, so ... Quinn. He had the walk of a man who knew himself and didn't give a damn what the world thought of him.

Holly waved, and then, feeling awkward, quickly put her hand back down.

"Welcome back, Holly," Quinn said as he reached the front porch. His voice held a note of tenderness, and it ignited a flame in her heart. He perched his right work boot on the first step, his large, tanned hand leaning against his denim-clad leg, and she found herself reacting to the very masculine pose.

"Thanks, it's nice to see you," she answered, trying not to cringe at the awkwardness she heard in her voice.

"You, too," he said, his eyes flickering over her. Holly clutched the corners of her sweater together tightly. He's not checking you out, he's just, well, looking at a person he hasn't seen in a long time. Holly wondered what he saw when he looked at her. Gone was the girl from his past, that much was obvious. She wasn't as skinny as she had been at eighteen. She felt old, like she'd aged twenty years in the last four months.

And then there was the matter of her weekend "uniform," which consisted of jeans and T-shirts and, if she were lucky, a sweater. Today, she was lucky. And if she grasped the curled edges of said sweater together tightly enough, she might even be able to hide the remainder of Ella's lunch she was sure was crusted on the shirt beneath it. She had no idea how Ella's nanny always seemed so neat and tidy. After only a few minutes with Ella, Holly was always covered in either juice or food.

"I'm so sorry about Jennifer," he said, frowning, his voice gruff with emotion. It was the softness in his deep voice, the empathy she saw in his eyes, that made her breath catch and her heart ache. But she couldn't talk about it. She didn't want to talk about it. Because if she did, she would break down. And she couldn't do that.

"Thank you," she managed to say finally, breaking from his stare to look down at her muddy running shoes, wanting to look anywhere but at the blue depths of his eyes.

"Holly —"

"You think you can help me get into this place?" she interrupted, nudging her chin toward the house. He stared at her a second longer, then gave a quick nod, the sympathy in his expression intensifying, like he knew that she was trying to change the subject.

"Of course I can. I just got back into town yesterday, or I would have already been over to open this place up." He joined her on the porch and studied the plywood boards blocking the front door. Holly exhaled quietly with relief as he focused his attention on the house.

"You're here early, aren't you?" Quinn asked, his back to her as he tried one of the planks.

"Yeah, I thought I'd get a head start."

"You always were an overachiever," he mumbled, as he tore off one of the boards.

Holly was too distracted to even respond. She was disgusted with herself when an involuntary shiver of awareness teased her as she watched Quinn almost effortlessly place one of the boards beside the door. What was it about this town that brought out all the primal instincts in her? She was a strong, capable, independent woman. Why did the sight of Quinn, in his low-slung, well-worn jeans, prying off a piece of wood, suddenly make her feel feverish? Next thing you knew, she'd be making him dinner and doing his laundry.

Quinn wiped his hands on his jeans and turned around. Holly lifted her eyes in a hurry. She hoped to God he hadn't seen her checking out his butt. His very nice butt. And she wasn't even going to analyze what it meant, that this was the first time in months that she'd noticed a man. She had spent the last four months in a daze, trying to juggle work, Ella, and her grief. But a few seconds back in Quinn's presence, and all her senses were ignited again.

"Thanks, Quinn," she said, clearing her voice.

A faint cry tore Holly from her thoughts. Ella. Holly ran down the walkway to her SUV, pressing the unlock button on her keys right before whipping open Ella's door. Ella's green eyes locked onto hers, and then seconds later she broke into a toothy, slobbery smile. Her round face was pink from her crying, and her brown hair was standing on end, but the sight of Holly calmed her almost instantly. It was a humbling and terrifying feeling, knowing that she could do that, that little Ella had that much faith in her.

Ella and the current state of her SUV was a reflection of her new lifestyle. Once, the black leather seats were gleaming and pristine. Now, the interior was filled with empty coffee cups and stuffed animals, a car seat, a diaper bag, and a crib in a box that she was going to have to assemble before bedtime. There was not one indication that the woman who drove this car had her act together.

Quinn stood beside her without saying a word. She felt the heat emanating off him. He smelled enticing, comforting, sort of like man and nature and ... something else that you just couldn't get from a bottle. After all these years, he still had the ability to make her knees weak just by his very proximity. She turned to look up at him, trying to decipher the expression behind the shadows in his eyes.

"This is Ella," she said, looking from the baby to him. Ella was transfixed on Quinn, her bright eyes doing a thorough once-over. She even leaned forward in her car seat and peered down at his feet.

"Jennifer's daughter?" Quinn asked, his voice thick, strained.

Holly nodded, jamming her hands into the back pockets of her jeans.

"She's beautiful," he said hoarsely, and then surprised her by breaking out in a wide smile for Ella. Ella, it seemed, was enchanted by Quinn, and she let out an exuberant squeal of delight that included arms and legs flailing. It was so contagious, they all laughed.

"That's a pretty name," he said, still smiling.

"I think so," Holly replied softly as she unbuckled Ella, picking her up and perching her on her hip.

"So, want to go inside?" he asked, cocking his head toward the house.

"That would be great," she said truthfully. "I'd really like to get started on the reno as soon as possible." She threw her purse over one shoulder and was about to grab the diaper bag when Quinn interceded, effortlessly taking a piece of luggage from the backseat as well as the diaper bag. Don't be impressed by that, Holly, he just has manners.

She followed him up the walkway, holding Ella a little closer, remembering how far they had come. Ella had been miraculously untouched in the accident, remaining in the hospital only one night for observation and testing. The night Holly had brought her home from the hospital had been one of the most surreal, frightening nights in her life. She hadn't turned on any lights when they arrived at her one-bedroom loft, instead letting the Toronto skyline cast its reassuring glow through the windows. She had carefully unbuckled Ella from her carrier and brought her into bed with her. Fear and grief had paralyzed Holly — fear that she wouldn't be good enough for Ella, that she wouldn't be able to cope, to care. Fear that she would never be enough, that she would never be good enough of a parent to replace the ones the little baby had lost. How could she? Jen had always wanted a child, had always wanted to be a mother — and Ella had been their world. The guilt Holly felt for being alive and raising their beloved daughter had threatened to consume her that night. Holly sat on top of the white duvet, her legs crossed, and her bloodshot eyes staring at Ella, flashes of her past playing across the baby's tranquil face. She remembered her mother, her grandparents, her sister, Rick ...

How could all the people she'd ever loved be gone?

But somehow she and Ella had made it. They were here. And they'd go on, just the two of them.

"Do you have keys?" Quinn asked when they'd reached the front door. Ella was quiet, looking at the new surroundings, and then staring at Quinn, who was studying the rusting lock.

"Yeah, hold on," Holly murmured, hoping they were in her purse. She shifted Ella to her other hip and tried looking for them in her once-pristine Coach handbag. The designer purse she had purchased for an important lunch meeting with a potential client was now stained, filled with baby wipes, tissues, and an ancient brown banana that she kept forgetting to throw out.

"They're in here somewhere," she mumbled, very aware of Quinn's eyes on her. But that darn banana kept getting in the way. She glanced up and her stomach clenched at the sight of Quinn smiling at Ella.


Excerpted from A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James, Karen Grove, Wendy Chen. Copyright © 2013 Victoria James. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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A Risk Worth Taking 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
glandavazo More than 1 year ago
Holly has had so much loss in her life, loss her mother and grandparents, but she refuses to let it hold her down.She leaves her small town pursue her dream of interior design. She made it, just got a huge promotion a senior designer, she's ecstatic. Then with a phone call her whole world changes. The death of her sister and brother-in-law, leave her a new mother and the feeling that she has no one left. Deciding to go back to her hometown, where she hasn't been in 10 years, to renovate and sell the family home, to ensure a secure future for her niece. Well she is there her perspective on life changes. Quinn is a old friend of Holly's family, he also runs a large contractual business. Holly hires his company to complete her renovations. During the time spent together there is a lot of tension between them. Before Holly had left for school she had professed her love for him, he turned her down and now realizes that was a mistake. I thought this was a wonderful story, that has a beautiful lesson. I felt for Holly and her fears that she had developed through her life. I loved Quinn!!! All the characters were very likable and relatable!!! I can't wait to read another of Victoria James books!!!
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
I loved this contemporary romance. It's been 10 years since Holly Carrington lived in Red River.  She left at the age of 18 to go to school and pursue a career in interior design, which she has become very successful at.  She has finally achieved her goal and worked her way up into the position of senior designer.  The only family that Holly has left is her sister, brother-in-law, and baby niece Ella, who she adores.  When she receives word that there has been a tragic car accident that has taken the life of her sister and brother-in-law, she is completely devastated.  Thankfully, baby Ella is fine, but now Holly finds herself as Ella's sole guardian, a task that she fears she can't handle or live up to.  Having already planned to take 2 months off to renovate her grandparents home in Red River for her sister, she and baby Ella pack up and head home.  Home has lots of memories, good and bad....memories that Holly doesn't know if she can handle.  She has called Quinn Manning to head up the renovation project for her and is really nervous about seeing him again.  She has had a crush on him since she was big enough to have a crush.  At 18, she confessed her feelings to Quinn, who was 25 at the time, and was crushed when he didn't reciprocate, telling her she was too young.  When she sees him again, all those feelings come back to the surface, the crush and the hurt caused by Quinn's rejection.  Quinn is also faced with his feelings, the past, and has his own wounds and guilt to deal with.  Will these two be able to overcome the obstacles set before them and find love once again, or will Holly's fears for the future and Quinn's guilt from the past be more than they can overcome? I really loved A Risk Worth Taking.  Holly's character was great and I enjoyed getting to know her as she transitioned into her role as Ella's mom.  Her Coach bag, which was once a symbol of her success has now become a diaper bag, and her fancy clean car is now filled with baby stuff.  Holly is very strong and very stubborn, but she also has a lot of hurt that she has buried deep inside.  She totally adores Ella, and Ella is an absolute doll that will melt your heart, a fact that Quinn Manning finds out shortly after meeting her.  Quinn is a total hottie.  I mean the man just has it going on.  He steps in to help Holly in any way he can, but  soon realizes that the feelings he once had for her are still there, and the feelings that he has for Ella really throw him for a loop.  Quinn and Holly are both stubborn, and dealing with the renovation of the house proves to be both entertaining and challenging, with some really humorous situations that I totally enjoyed.  The chemistry between Quinn and Holly is undeniable, and I loved watching their relationship develop as they dealt with their desires, their hurts, and their fears, butting heads along the way.  I found A Risk Worth Taking to be a wonderful contemporary romance that is funny, sexy, fast paced, with some sad moments,and some really heartwarming ones.  If you are a contemporary romance fan, then A Risk Worth Taking is something you should definitely check out.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was lacking feeling. I mean no real plot just that she was scared to love. I really didnt enjoy it and i felt it was a waist of my time. Could have been a good book. Short only about 140pgs
Jae_Eli More than 1 year ago
Sizzling Chemistry, Heartwrenching Romance! I loved this book! Very surprised. New author for me. I was entertained and invested in the heroine's life right from page one. Fast-paced, clever dialogue. The hero was exactly what a hero should be: strong, smart, with a very tender side. Highly recommend!!!
Samantha_B More than 1 year ago
Hot Chemistry, Heartwarming Romance! I normally don't pick up books by new authors, but I saw a review for this one and it sounded pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised!! I was so surprised by the depth of emotion in this book. The heroine was strong, stubborn, but had a very soft, vulnerable side to her. The hero was one of the best Alpha's I've read-hot, strong, and tender. Beautiful love story. Amazing dialogue-it read as though people were actually talking. Really witty banter-I was laughing out loud more than once. The characters came alive-even the supporting characters which I'm assuming are going to be in the next book. I love stories about brothers so can't wait to see which brother's story is next-both seem very hot too. I will definitely look for more from this author! Excellent contemporary romance, highly recommend!
Emily_CareBear More than 1 year ago
Highly Recommend. This is a definite must-read if you love reunion romances-or any contemporary romance. I really enjoyed the premise, and the characters were totally relatable. The hero, Quinn and heroine, Holly had lots of chemistry, and there were certain scenes that brought tears to my eyes. Some really funny moments too-and great dialogue. I loved that Quinn and Holly didn't hate each other-they were both stubborn, both headstrong, and had tons of passion. I thought the author did a great job with baby Ella too. Usually kids are in the background-but she had a personality and totally melted my heart. Especially the scenes with Quinn and Ella. Definitely a feel-good read that reminds me of why I read contemporary romance. I'll be looking out for the next book from this author for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series! This book especially had me laughing out loud a lot!! The back and forth dialog between Mal and Ann was great! Great story line and very sexy too! Can't wait to read books 3 and 4!!
CDKeith More than 1 year ago
This is a tear-jerker. Who says you can never come home again? Holly only planned to return to Red River with her sister to renovate their family's home. As an interior designer they could finally make their dreams come true and renovate the house for her sister to live in with her own family. Then tragedy strikes and she is the guardian of her niece Ella. Now she is returning home to renovate and sell her home. The problem is Quinn, the man she fell in love with when she was in high school. Quinn let her go once and doesn't plan on doing it again. He has his work cut out for him though because she has no intention of getting close to anyone ever again. Holly has endured more heartache than any person ever should. No-one can blame her for wanting to protect herself from more loss. I spent a large part of the book wondering when she was going to realize her heart already belonged to Ella. Now she has to figure out that Quinn isn't a risk but someone to help her hold it all together. Thank you To Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to read.
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Victoria James paints a poignant picture using words in this story of unrequited teen love and the losses that happen to all of us as we journey through life. I absolutely fell in love with these characters and you will too. Holly Carrington is promoted at work and in the next few moments her joy is overtaken by intense sorrow after being informed that her sister and brother-in-law are dead. Holly takes custody of her niece and returns to her hometown to remodel her grandmother's house and sell it. She has chosen Quinn Manning's company to do the renovations. Quinn is the man Holly has loved all of her life. It's too bad he turned down an opportunity to be in a relationship with her when she was 18. This is the classsic the one that got away story with a twist that involves an adorable baby girl, Ella. I loved that both characters were honest, had integrity, and courageously shared their vulnerabilities. I enjoyed how the author allowed the reader to understand the backsory to Quinn and Holly's romance. Quinn was such a strong, sensitive character that showed love for Holly and Ella. Holly experienced the loss of her parents, grandparents, and her sister. She was afraid to open up and love anyone because she felt that it would destroy her to lose anyone else. For anyone that has ever felt the loss of someone you loved with all of your heart it's easy to see how Holly would withdraw from an emotional attachment with Quinn. Quinn felt that he was undeserving of happiness because he wasn't a good husband to his former wife. Through the pages you can see how their love helps each one to heal and find the courage to love each other and take ""a risk worth taking"". There were some romantic scenes and definitely chemistry that crackled between them. The real treasure is the emotional connection between the two of them. The story is well written and the characters will stick with you long after you put the book away. Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
This was a cute story about Holly Carrington. She left home at 18 to pursue college and then a career but she left behind the man she always wanted. When she had to step up and raise her niece, she went home to renovate the family home in order to sell it. Holly thought that Quinn never cared for her but he was seven years older and wanted her to pursue her dream. However now that she was back, he didn't want to let her go. Holly was afraid to love again because every time she did she lost that person. She was hurt when Quinn rejected her all those years ago and had waited 10 years to be with Quinn and now that she had, will she be able to walk away? It was nice to see the relationship develop between Quinn and Holly. He was very patient with Holly and he also fell in love with Ella. Holly was unsure of her ability to be Ella's mom and it was inspiring when she realized that she could do it. Rating-4 Reviewed by Donna McClaugherty,My Book Addiction Reviews
Anonymous 3 months ago
SaraBetty More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this first book in the series very much... Holly and Quinn (oldest brother of the three Manning brothers) were "friends" as kids... Quinn was seven years older than Holly and although she told him she loved him he kept his distance since he was 'too old for her". He watched her go off to college and never saw her again for ten years.. When she came back to town with her sister's infant daughter (sister and husband had been killed in a car accident) Quinn had been married and divorced... The rest is a sad, happy history that made for good reading... Short book (approx 150 Nook pages) that could have used a little more editing..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim I don’t remember the last time I’ve read a book and had a heroine who was so broken, with the hero being the one pushing for the HEA. I’m a HUGE fan of Victoria James and I managed to read the Red River series out of order. I heard that Quinn Manning was a swoon worthy hero, but I will admit, I wasn’t buying the hype. Man, oh man. Or should I say Quinn, oh Quinn, oh Quinn. Quinn Manning is simply amazing and then some. Holly Carrington is driven by success. For years, she has worked her butt off at Martin Group to become a Senior Designer and she finally gets the position of her dreams. But her life gets turned upside down and inside out, when her sister and brother-in-law die; leaving her the sole guardian of their infant daughter, Ella. Holly returns to Red River to renovate her grandparents’ home, the one that her sister and brother-in-law planned to renovate and move into. Only Holly doesn’t plan on staying around. She wants to fix up the house, sell it, and get on with her life. But Quinn Manning, the man who broke Holly’s heart years ago, has other plans. Not only is Quinn going to repair the house, he’s going to repair Holly too. Quinn is the oldest of the three Manning brothers and he take his responsibilities very seriously. He doesn’t shy away or run from a challenge. There’s nothing more amazing than watching a man and a child together. Quinn and Ella take to each other like they were meant to be together. I love this couple so much because they consistently butt heads, but they are so right for each other. Quinn is like an anchor and a lighthouse, helping Holly find her way as a single mother and deal with the loss of her family. A Risk Worth Taking is simply a must read. It’s heartbreaking, but in the end leaves you smiling with this happy feeling inside. In fact, I was smiling from page one. Rating: 5 Personal Purchase
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its a solid enjoyable read not fantastic or famous but a good read nontheless
BMM61 More than 1 year ago
After reading the first book in the series, I immediately purchased the second. Both books were awesome reads with in depth characters willing to defend themselves but not destroying options in the mean time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
really enjoyed this book and the 2nd book. Can't wait for the next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy this series. A quick read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
By: Victoria James Published By: Entangled: Indulgence Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Book Blog For: GMTA Series: A Red River Series Book Review: "A Risk Worth Taking" was a contemporary romance of a story of a "woman becoming a mother and a man finding himself a family." This is a love story that started during their teenage years that for a while was put on the back burner but as life would have it a second chance will come for Holly and Quinn. Who knew after Quinn's rejection many years ago would bring them together again. The author did a wonderful job giving very lovable characters with a intriguing romance scenes that at time were very hot and less not forget the 'witty humor.' This is one of those novels that will remember long after the read. "A Risk Worth Taking" was a good story that did offer a beautiful lesson and I would recommend this novel as a good read.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: Crystal Book provided by: Publisher Review originally posted at Romancing the Book I had the privilege of reading this author’s first book so I am glad that I got to read the second one. Holly is finally getting the job that she has worked hard for, for six years. It just seems everything in her life is finally going the way she wants it. That is until she gets a phone call that will change her life forever. Now she has to become a different person so that she can take care of her niece Ella. Quinn is the guy that has been through some things in his past and he never wants to get married again. He is the oldest in his family and he has taken care of his two brothers. He has a great business. He just does the same old thing everyday until he gets that call from Holly that she’s coming back to town. This is a very warm story. It touches that place in your heart that you forget that you have. In this story you find out that it doesn’t matter what plans you make for your life, they can change in a blink of the eye. It is up to you how you how you plan for it to go after that. I loved how the characters finally tell each other about the feelings that they had in the past. It is up to them to figure out what they want for their future. I love how they take nothing for granted. This story makes you sit back and think and to make you feel thankful for the people that you have in your life. Even if we have lost love ones we need to be thankful for the time that we had with them. So I recommend that you get this book and find you a quiet place and sit back and relax. This story will really touch you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago