A Sure Thing (Donnigans Series #1)

A Sure Thing (Donnigans Series #1)

by Marie Harte

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ISBN-13: 9781492631859
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Series: Donnigans Series , #1
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 192,627
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

A caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has published over 100 books, including the McCauley Brothers series and the Circe's Recruits novels. Marie currently lives in central Oregon with her family. Visit her at marieharte.com.

C. J. Bloom is an actress and voice-over artist. She can be heard on commercials, video games, and promos. C. J. comes to narration with a passion for performance along with the capability to span several genres, from romance to children's literature and thrillers.

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A Sure Thing 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
kacoat More than 1 year ago
Just finished A Sure Thing and what a fun entertaining read. Snappy dialogue in and out of the bedroom, with plenty of sexual tension and a cast of characters you can't help but love. Can't wait for the next in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fiund this at the end of another of Marie's books. Loved the first few chapters. So it us officially my July 4th book! Beachgirl reads
nelriv More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed book, totally fell in love with the Donnigan's. We have an Alpha male Landon, and a head strong woman Ava, who seem like total opposites and will not have anything in common but simple attraction and lust. Landon goes full force after Ava, and at first she annoyed a little, but she did grow on me. The families of both of them was awesome, you saw, how even though they gave them hard times, they loved them dearly and had there backs, I loved Elliot and Sadie, they great, well so where his family. Glad everything was resolved, noticed they kept referring to the McCauley's so I am assuming there are some books, I need to get to. On to the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Loved it. What a fun book. Very different than anything I've read. The hero was an ex Marine, so I thought he was going to be gruff and rough around the edges. But in actuality he was extremely playful. Yes he was a tad bossy, but in a good way. His thoughts were mostly about sex at first, but surely most mens' are. I love how he wanted the only the heroine. Exclusivity asap. I love that. Yes, there was an ex in the story. But he was straight with her, telling her it's been over for two months. The heroine had a few witchy moments, but there was a lot to like about her, too. She was beautiful, smart, honest, and blunt. She was playful and participated in the witty banter the hero always seemed to initiate. Fun & sexy for sure. Can't wait for Gavin's story in July.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Landon & Ava meet at the gym where his brother works. He overhears her talking to a friend about all the men she is meeting online. Her dates are not ending well, and he has some advice for her. Ava is not interested in Landon. He is not her type. So why is her heart pounding? Why is it she cannot stay away from him? The sparks are flying and it is just getting hotter. I really love when a couple sets the book on fire. I also enjoy when the banter is amazing and funny. I loved this story, and I cannot wait to read the rest of The Donnigan series.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
First in a new series (related to another--the Donnigans are cousins to the MacAuley brothers), A Sure Thing is Landon Donnigan and Ava Rosenthal's story. Landon and Ava are a prime example of opposites attracting--or are they? One thing we find out as the story progresses is that these two have more in common than they think at first. I really liked Landon. He's brash, he's ballsy, and OMG just so gosh-darn charming. When he crashes into Ava's super-boring date before he even really knows her? An imposition, sure, and you can see how it might be annoying, but dang it, he's right, and so--well, Landon-like--that it's hard to really get annoyed. Ava tries her best, but even she can't admit he's really wrong in what he's saying. And that's how a lot of the book goes--Landon throws something Ava's way that should be a major "You did what?" moment, but it ends up being a positive in the end. Yeah, if he were my not-yet or brand-new boyfriend I'd be pretty annoyed with him, but it's hard to deny that each event ends up well in the end. He's just so...Landon. And the sex, when they have it? Watch. Out. Ava can be a bit prickly at times--perfectly justified when Landon's being a pain, but when she's sticking to her "list" or running from her true feelings it's easier to get aggravated with her. I really liked watching her interact with both her cousins (Sadie and Elliot) and Landon's family, though--it was fun and genuine, especially when she jumped right in with his brothers and sister against their annoying eldest bro. I found myself smiling a lot in those parts. There aren't a lot of surprises in this one--overall, it's pretty predictable--but it is an entertaining read and a great intro to the rest of the series. We see enough of Gavin, Hope, and Theo to really make me, at least, want to see where Ms. Harte is going to take these three en route to their own HEAs. Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great start to a new series.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
A Sure Thing is a first book in a new trilogy by author Marie Harte. She continues the story of the McCauleys with their cousins Donnigans. This story features Landon Donnigan, a retired marine who is a successful professional who stays fit at his brothers gym. While working out he spots Ava, and a beautiful relationship is born. Ava is a psychologist and is the perfect foil for Landon. They are opposites that compliment each other in the best way. This is a fun, erotic novel that introduces a new family and reminds me why I love Ms. Harte's book. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
A Sure Thing is the first book of Ms Harte’s spin off series, The Donnigans, and a great start for this new series. The story centers around around Landon Donnigan, A Marine that had to leave his career choice after his knee was shattered in war, and Eva Rosenthal, a clinical counselor, who is all about being in control with a long list of what qualities her ideal man needs to have. Needless to say, the qualifications in the list, are opposite to what Landon is. But somehow , seemingly opposites attract. Can one relinquish control , can the other look for long term and can Eva realize that “the list” is not always right? Add to this , the family dynamics of the Donnigan family, and you know that there is “A Sure Thing” in the future of the series. I was gifted this book without any obligations. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
What happens when a bossy ex-military officer meets a stubbornly dedicated psychologist at the gym? Well, in this case sparks will fly, that’s what. Landon has been forced back into civilian life after an injury not only busted his knee but the chances with his military career . Now with a somewhat satisfying desk job yelling at people, all his pent up energy and bossiness is spent at the gym. Ava is a very dedicated psychologist. She’s devoted her life to following her five-year life plan, focusing mainly on her job at the practice and her patients. When the big 3-0 hits, she starts to realize the socializing and romantic part of her plan is sorely lacking. So what does an educated, organized and practical woman do about this? She makes list, of course. Lists with the attributes or characteristics her ideal partner should have. Then Landon sees Ava at the gym and despite not really wanting a relationship he finds himself pursuing her. Ava sees the blond giant coming at her and knows he doesn’t fit with her list… that doesn’t mean she can help herself or withstand his relentless chase. I loved Landon. He was the epitome of bossy alpha male but he was also sweet, loved his family fiercely, and in spite of all his not wanting to be in touch with his feelings spiel, he was refreshingly self-reflective. Ava was a different thing altogether. She was way too self-contained for my liking, and in true psychologist fashion, she loved to over think everything. In her defense, she was truly devoted to the well-being of her patients and she loved her family dearly, her sarcastic humor and ability to match Landon toe for toe endeared her to me, and mostly made up for her annoyingly tendency to think things over 1929725765 times. With fantastic banter, two bullheaded people with great chemistry, scorching hot sextivities and great side characters, A Sure Thing was a great read and I can’t wait to read more in this new series. *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Landon Donnigan thought he had everything in his life all figured out, that is until a bullet took him out of commission and forced him to give up his dream and return home to civilian life. Now he is attempting to find his way again, and trying to keep his family on the straight and narrow at the same time, which leaves him needing an outlet, something that will help him to keep the skills ingrained in him alive, so he offers to teach a self-defense course at a local gym. Helping people is what he is good at, it gives him purpose and a feeling of accomplishment, but this new little path in his life also gives him something else... a chance at something he never really thought twice about...love! The moment Ava Rosenthal meets Landon she is put off by him, he's brooding, bossy, and the type of man that usually has her walking the other direction. But for some strange reason life continually keeps putting them on the same path, and eventually she begins to see that her first impression of the brooding soldier may have been all wrong. Slowly but surely he is finding a way to sneak past her defenses, and continues to gain ground near her heart... and as much as she tries to fight it, she knows her efforts are futile against the sexy solider! Once again Ms. Harte has produced a story that is certain to win the hearts of readers, and leave them intrigued with a whole new group of endearing characters that they can't help but fall head over heals for!! The instant I started this story I was intrigued and had to know more, which ultimately lead to a little late night reading marathon, and I have to admit it was well worth burning the midnight oil for, it had it all!! The story line is brimming with intensity, passion, witty banter, and a whole lot of heart, & it's sure to stir your emotions, and leave you aching for more!! Highly recommend you give this one a try Ava & Landon's enticing story will keep entertained from start to finish!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars---A SURE THING is the first installment in Marie Harte’s contemporary, adult THE DONNIGANS series focusing the Donnigan family of Seattle. This is former marine, and business manager Landon Donnigan, and psychologist Ava Rosenthal’s story line. THE DONNIGANS is a spin off from Marie Harte’s THE MCCAULEY BROTHERS and BODY SHOP BAD BOYS series. You do not have to have read the previous series to follow the spin off-The Donnigan and The McCauley siblings are cousins. There is a slight cross over with some of the characters. Told from dual third person perspectives (Landon and Ava) A SURE THING follows the building relationship between businessman Landon Donnigan, and clincal psychologist Ava Rosenthal. Ava and Landon both like to work out, and first meet at a local gym where they are both members but the meeting is anything but positive as Landon tries to give, a less than receptive but independent Ava, some pointers. What ensues is Landon’s pursuit of the feisty and somewhat uptight Ava-a woman who has a five year plan and a check list of requirements about men that she dates-a list where Landon doesn’t check any of our heroine’s boxes. Landon is a reluctant civilian-a gunshot wound ended his career in the Marines, and he is struggling to get his life on track. Our hero has a take-charge attitude, and he is trying to take charge of a woman who refuses to lose her independence. Ava is a psychologist who tends to ‘analyze’ things and the people around her, and Landon is a man who refuses to be analyzed. Ava likes order in her life, has had a number of failed online dating fiascos, and Landon pushes our heroine out of her comfort zone to try something new. The $ex scenes are erotic and provocative. Landon likes to talk dirty in the bedroom. We are introduced to Landon’s siblings: Gavin Donnigan-a fellow, former US Marine who suffers with some PTSD; youngest brother, twenty year old Theo who has yet to find his path in life; and sister Hope whose dating history is tempestuous at best. The Donnigan siblings like to prank one another, and the results are giggle worthy throughout. The Donnigan parental units Van and Linda butt proverbial heads with Theo and Hope as the younger siblings struggle with their current paths in life. Ava’s over the top cousins Elliott, and Sadie add some comic relief and insight into Ava’s background and history. There is plenty of back and forth banter between all of the story line characters. Some of the McCauley siblings have cameo roles throughout the story. A SURE THING is a sweet story line; a sexy but predictable romance with moments of humor and fun. The premise is engaging; the characters are dynamic and spirited; the romance is a slow build to a happily ever after.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Opposites attract is the theme of A Sure Thing by Marie Harte. This is a fun novel, and each character's distinctive personality keeps the story upbeat and optimistic. I have read quite a few books from Ms. Harte, and she never ceases to wow me with her creativity and way with words. This is the first book from her brand new series, The Donnigans, and it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Ava Rosenthal loves her job as a clinical psychologist. She tries not to shrink everyone she comes into contact with, but sometimes she just cannot help herself. She is a hot, independent woman that is in charge of her life. Now that she is 30 years old, she decides to start dating once again in order to find her one true love. Ava is looking for certain qualities in her perfect man, which typically leads to safe and boring dates. When former marine Landon Donnigan comes into her life, there is an immediate spark, which ends up developing into much more. Landon is smart, muscular and terrific in bed. He is also learning to adjust to civilian life, while keeping his younger siblings out of harms way. Landon is not looking for love when he meets Ava, but she quickly worms her way into his heart. He is not an emotional guy, yet he can't help but share his feelings about Ava. Ava and Landon are steamy both in and out of the bedroom. Landon is definitely an alpha male and excels at anything sex related. Ava thrives on Landon's dominant nature, yet enjoys being in control once in a while as well. I immediately connected with them as a couple and there was never a moment that I did not want them to be together. Family plays a major role in this story and Ava's cousins are quite comical. Overall, this is a solid romantic read that is quite enjoyable. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
ARC Review: A Sure Thing (The Donnigans) by Marie Harte I adore reading Marie Harte. She delivers the goods when it comes to seduction, but my key reason for loving her work is that she has no problem making sensitive into sexy. Within her stories there is a factor that society may deem less than perfect but she puts a positive spin on the issue and enlightens as well as entertains. For instance, A Sure Thing examines anxiety, family and finding a new direction. Landon is used to a regimented life, but after a bullet leaves him at a crossroads, his orderly life quickly gives way to a chaotic mess. Frustrating family and a distracting woman may be just what he needs. If he can get out of his head long enough to listen to his heart.