A Tale Of Two Witches (Magic and Mayhem, #5)

A Tale Of Two Witches (Magic and Mayhem, #5)

by Robyn Peterman

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BN ID: 2940154264560
Publisher: Robyn Peterman
Publication date: 06/19/2017
Series: Magic and Mayhem Series , #5
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 26,885
File size: 1 MB

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A Tale Of Two Witches (Magic and Mayhem, #5) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I adore all of these books they are sweet and sassy all at the same time I just pray that you continue with them. I love all the characters in them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Awesome series, only problem is that I read too fast. Every book from this author has been 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was another great read by Robyn Peterman!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Robyn Peterman is an automatic buy for me, with good reason.That's because her zany,crazy paranormal world never fails to keep me smiling and laughing. If you're looking for a fast fun time I recommend starting at the first book of any of her series, because they're all great!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Made me laugh Sassy is so so out there
Izzybear More than 1 year ago
I loved A Tale of Two Witches. It was nice to read Sassy’s story. Sassy was never my favorite character in the Magic and Mayhem series but reading her story made me like her so much more. The book focuses on all the wonderful qualities that she has that are not easily visible under her superficial exterior. I loved how sweet Jeeves was to Sassy. Always standing by her side and giving her strength throughout her journey. Sassy grows a lot in this book and realizes that she is worthy of love. Ultimately this realization helps her to learn how to love herself too. I really enjoyed Sassy’s story. It was hilarious, sweet and in some parts very touching. Can’t wait for the next book.
Kimmi0 More than 1 year ago
A truly hilarious laugh. From Sassy finding her true worth and a love for fighting for. The rest of the gang Zelda, Mac, Jeeves and everyone else make an appearance. With the fabulous laughs, and a few new talents are reveled.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a great addition to this serious. I really liked getting to know Sassy better. She's funny, crazy, loyal, and she learned how to speak French! Lol. I did shed a tear or two for her though. But the book did leave me with a few burning questions...who the heck is her mother and why was she left at an orphanage? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!
Jettamomma More than 1 year ago
As an avid fan of Robyn Peterman, I was very excited to see another story in this series come to life! Sassy and Jeeves are a wonderfully created couple from the very warped mind of Robyn Peterman! I love to see all the characters from the other stories come in and give their versions of help! Once again I am not disappointed and will always search out stories from Robyn!
Vicki101370 More than 1 year ago
In A Tale Of Two Witches, book five in Robyn Peterman's uproariously funny Magic and Mayhem series, we get to see the inner workings of Sassy's mind. As we've gotten to know Sassy throughout the series, we've learned that while Zelda's former cellmate in the magical pokey may not be the smartest tool in the shed, she has a good heart. She's living happily with the love of her life, Kangaroo Shifter Jeeves, and her four adopted chipmunk sons, and the last thing she wants to do is ruin a good thing by finding out her deadbeat dad is non other than the uber-bad guy Bermangoggleshitz. When the Cookie witch shows up for a chat, Sassy has had enough. When Sassy and Zelda learn that that safety of the magical world rests in their hands, they must come up with a plan to keep their loved ones safe and banish the Legion summoned by Bermangoggleshitz's evil minions. This book has all of the humor I've come to expect and love from a Robyn Peterman book. Sassy's grasp of the ...um...French language results in a lot of laugh out loud moments while reading the book. At the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed the love story between Sassy and Jeeves. Because once Sassy opens herself to love, her entire world can change.
Snoopyvet More than 1 year ago
Just when I wondered how she could top the last book in this series I read this one and realized she could by leaps and bounds. I loved Sassy and Jeeves and was thrilled they got their own story and boy was it a wonderful read. If you are a fan of this series you are in for a thrill.
nancywege More than 1 year ago
From the beginning of this series, Sassy has been the sidekick to Zelda, and now she gets her chance to shine and find out who she really is. Her antics give pause to the entire town, but Zelda believes in her, and so does Jeeves. Will they be able to save their beloved town? Will Roger weewee all over everyone? What is Jeeves last name, and can Sassy deal with it as her own? Provided of course one of them proposes some day… Danger is coming straight at their community, Sassy’s Virginia has a heartbeat, and Cookie Witch has moved in. What is going on with Bermangoggleshitz, and who brought demons to the party? A fast paced read, and very entertaining. While Sassy attempts to mature and not be so self-centered, she finds a depth of caring for others that allows her to see past the bad, and give second chances. The characters are introduced in the first books of the series, and I recommend reading in order. However, this is still a laugh-out-loud read in its own right.
britbrat14 More than 1 year ago
I wasn’t very excited about Sassy having a story because, while I like her, she is already with a great guy and she is more than ditzy. However, now that I’ve read her story, I am so happy this story was written. Sassy is wonderful; however she needs to learn French. When Sassy and Zelda get together you cannot help but laugh and enjoy the show. Part of the reason this story is so great is you get to know more about cookie witch; however reading so much about backing cookies made me cook my own batch and gain probably five pounds just reading the story. ~ARC was given in exchange for an honest review~
Wanda Adams More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Peterman has knocked it out of the park with this one. Witches, Shifters, Demons and three bald cats, A Tale of Two Witches is a laugh a minute.
fcheavenly More than 1 year ago
Zelda and Sassy have paid their penance for their misdeeds and now need to find their niche in the world. Zelda's story has been told, and now it's Sassy's turn to find her true self so that both of them together can function as a unit, as dysfunctional as that may seem. This tale had me wavering between gut wrenching humor to heart warming tears! Let us not fail to mention the mighty feline trio or the endearing geriatric kids! This brand of humor is one of a kind and highly addictive and you should not partake of this book while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. May cause fits of uncontrollable laughter and vision impairment from tears of joy. The stars have been rated, the read has been branded as a must read, now it's up to you to partake safely! This voluntary review is based against an advance copy.