A Victim's Guide to Surviving a Narcissist/Sociopath

A Victim's Guide to Surviving a Narcissist/Sociopath

by Sereena Nightshade

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“Pretty is as pretty does, and while it’s true that money makes the world go round, nice is what makes it habitable.” The Victim’s Guide to Surviving the Narcissist/Sociopath is a quick guide book describing what a typical narcissist/sociopath is and what his/her typical victim is. While the common wisdom dictates that the sociopath/sociopath type predator goes after only those who are of little or no worth, the stupid, the uneducated and perhaps the hopelessly poor/ignorant the reality is oftentimes the polar opposite. The average in-home/family man/family woman sociopath predator goes after someone who is not a predator while that someone does have a lot to offer the sociopath/sociopath type. The predator wants a partner or spouse that offers a great deal of value to strip-mine away. An uneducated moron frequently does not appeal to a sociopath predator that is looking at more than an extremely short-term quick gain. This book provides readers with a fast get-down-to-it look at what a narcissist/sociopath is, what one of these predators does and it gives readers some basic nutshell advice that is surprisingly hard to come by. A must read for victims and prospective victims alike whether not yet captured by a narcissist/sociopath or already captured and beginning to figure out, perhaps, that as a victim or prospective victim you may be in trouble. This book tells all, for its brevity, starting with the warning signs to the final war plan with all most of the ugly details included. Photos herein are taken from more than one city location.

Names of individuals in all of this author´s books are fictitious names. Real names are not revealed.

By Sereena Nightshade

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Publication date: 01/10/2014
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