Abuse & Energy: Bringing You Home Through the Transformational Power of Energy

Abuse & Energy: Bringing You Home Through the Transformational Power of Energy

by Mariane E. Weigley JD


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ISBN-13: 9780988499003
Publisher: Weigley Publications, Inc
Publication date: 05/16/2016
Series: Abuse & Energy Series , #1
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

As an intuitive who senses energy in a variety of ways, Mariane E. Weigley writes, speaks, teaches, and publishes what it means to be an energy being, a being of light. She writes her story from the soul's perspective—that is, everything is about energy. She received her BBA in business and education from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in 1973 and earned her JD from Marquette University Law School in 1992. Following her divorce from a twenty-five-year marriage and realizing she “didn't have a life,” she turned to counseling, meditation, and journaling. This work resulted in a profound shift at the age of fifty-two. As part of her healing process, she began to write— to heal herself and ultimately lay the groundwork for helping others. The result is Abuse and Energy, the first in her series on abuse and energy. Weigley Publications is becoming a hub for information about energy beginning with this focus on abuse.

Table of Contents

C o n t e n t s

Foreword 1

A Note From the Author 7

1 Introduction to Energy, How Abuse Harms 11
2 My Reaction to Trauma 19
3 The Rules of Energy Flow 45
4 Blockages Start Early On 57
5 My Mother's Death 83
6 Closing Her Estate 107
7 Restoring the Flow 131
8 The 60/40 Split 137
9 The Four Abuses Explained 149
10 The Unseen World 161
11 Relationships That Had to Change 173
12 The Process of Energetic Change 183
13 My View of All of "This" 193
14 Empowering Ways That End Reactions 199
Peace Begins on the Inside and Nowhere Else 205
About the Author 211

S t o r i e s
A number of pivotal stories in Abuse & Energy will become teaching references for building a new perspective. Look for these stories as you read:

A Mother's Day Peacock Feather 7
Missing Energy Pieces 27
My Chocolate Allergy 34
My Chocolate Release 36
The Crystal Coffin 37
A Wall of Spices 41
The 9/11 Tragedy 46
USS Greeneville 49
The Iceberg 138
The Second Apartment 140
"What Is My Community?" 141
Two Picnic Table Conversations 143
Dad's Funeral in 1965 146
"Mariane, Give Johnny the Toy" 147
Emotional Numbness 150
Discovering WENID 151
A Niacin Release 155
Another Iceberg Rises 157
Suicide Thoughts at Age Fifteen 162
NSF Program Certificate on My Old
Bedroom Wall 163
Legs of Cement 166
"Involuntary" Wandering Eyes in the
Counselor's Office 169
An "Involuntary" Part Speaks Directly to John 170
The "Ow" Game 174
The Last Straw 175
My "Shoehorn" Relationship 178
Connecting With Me 179
The Pencil 205
Two Places at Once 207
Golden Globe Vision 208

What People are Saying About This

Jo Ann Cooper

“As a psychologist and facilitator of growth, I have had the pleasure to be a part of this long journey of which Mariane speaks. I have watched as this person grew from a tightly closed flower to an open blossom that has many dimensions and is full of light and energy. She writes with heart, honesty, and integrity. I have witnessed her healing and her ability to become filled with peace, harmony, strength, and safety. I am proud of her and her ability to now live life to the fullest. “To each reader: I hope that this book gives you the courage to start on your personal road to healing and recovery from the pain in your life be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.” --Jo Ann Cooper, PhD, Psychologist, Member, American Psychological Association Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners

Janice DeCovnick

“Abuse and Energy teaches the tools of healing the soul injured by abuse, trauma, hurtful family dynamics, and the dissociative reaction that impacts those who are abused and those who use energy abusively to hurt others. Mariane Weigley adds important and valuable understanding from her firsthand experience of less frequently discussed kinds of abuse: withholding, enabling, neglect, and isolation, in which energy is used, often quite subtly, to abuse…. If healing is to be complete, the spirit—energy encoded with information about who we really are—must be accessed fully. Mariane insightfully offers lay and professional readers a powerful glimpse of a complex territory right at the intersection of body, mind, and spirit.” --Janice DeCovnick, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Member, American Psychological Association

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