Ache for You

Ache for You

by J. T. Geissinger


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ISBN-13: 9781503904385
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Series: Slow Burn Series , #3
Pages: 362
Sales rank: 564,584
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

J.T. Geissinger writes unique, passionate love stories for readers who need more than cookie-cutter romance. Ranging from funny, feisty rom-coms to intense, edgy suspense, her books have sold more than one million copies and been translated into several languages. She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book and the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy and is a two-time finalist for the RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America. She has also been a finalist in the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards.

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Ache for You 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
thereadingchick 7 months ago
Kimber DiSanto is having a really rough week. She is publicly humiliated when her fiancee dumps her at the alter and then she finds out her father is in the hospital in Italy and doesn’t have a lot of time left to live. Waiting in an airline lounge she spots a man who is superhumanly beautiful and she hates him on sight. She doesn’t particularly like men right now and it appears this one thinks he’s god’s gift. A feeling that’s confirmed when he hits on her very blatantly. When she arrives at her gate to find that her flight is oversold and she’s been bumped, that same man gives her his first class seat in exchange for a sketch pad he saw her drawing in while she was sitting in the lounge. Desperate, she gives it to him. Little does she know that he is Matteo Moretti a famous fashion designer, her step brother, and soon to be the bane of her existence. For a little while anyway…. This is a very sexy slow burn novel. Kimber and Matteo’s chemistry is off the charts but because they are adversaries it’s set on a slow simmer through most of the book. I’ll admit that I love slow burn stories and love the engagement of the characters leading up to the big moment usually more than that big sex scene. Although in this book, that also was pretty great. Ache For You uses the enemies to lovers trope to tease the readers into submission. Kimber needs to work out her hatred for her ex and men in general before she’ll give Matteo a chance and their shenanigans are delicious. The reader is given a chance to view things through Matteo’s eyes as the POV shifts back and forth, which works for this story. We know that he actually is trying to win her love having immediately fallen for her in that airport lounge, so it’s really easy to route for him. Plus he is so sexy we are eager to finally see the two of them resolve their issues a be in love. I have enjoyed J. T. Geissinger’s novels but I think this Slow Burn series is my favorite so far. If you haven’t had a chance to read them they are loosely based on fairy tales. In this case so loosely I had to have a friend remind me which one it was based on. Cinderella in this case, her ugly stepsisters are actually dogs so yes, it’s a very loose translation. LOL.
weluvdopey 10 months ago
This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading other books by this great author.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Another great book from J.T. Geissinger! She is a master "wordsmith," using words in such a way that you feel like you are participating in the book's events/happenings. You can picture the characters clearly, empathize with their problems, and in the case of the romance, you find yourself cheering for them and encouraging them to overcome their conflicts and become a couple. Her books are filled with 'lots of banter and witty dialogue, too. The only problem with her books: you won't want to put them down, and most of them are long (300+ pages), so plan to read on a weekend when you can really kick back and relax. I look forward to reading all of her books!
belllla 11 months ago
Great funny book. Another great book from J.T.Geissinger. I loved the characters. Kimber is on some bad luck in her life and the hits are just keep going. But she is fighting it with her sharp tongue and everything that she has left. Matteo is also an interesting character we don't see his intentions until the end of the book. But what passion do those two have, every time they communicate the sparks are flying and the kisses alone can melt your panties. A really great funny story, especially I loved Kimber's inner dialogue. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Anonymous 11 months ago
A RomCom version of Cinderella A RomCom version of Cinderella The third story in the SLOW BURN Series, Ache For You is a lighthearted RomCom version of Cinderella. I absolutely loved this book and i would have to rate it amongst my "unputdownables" for 2018. This is a hilarious, over the top sexy, enemies become lovers comedy. If you don't laugh at all reading Kimber and Matteo's story, you definitely need to go and find your sense of humour. Kimber and Matteo are definitely two people who cannot stand the sight of each other. Yet the chemical and sexual tension between them is totally combustible. He's a dirty talking, sexy hunk of Italian man, and she's sworn off all men after being unceremoniously dumped at the altar. After being totally ignored by Kimber when they first meet, Matteo takes it upon himself to chase and wear her down. What ensues is a magical story of laughs, misunderstandings and some very steamy scenes. Wait until you read the epilogue ... if you weren't swooning by then .... you definitely will be. Loved the story, loved the series. An absolute winner in my eyes. Read and Reviewed for Reading Is Our Satisfaction FIVE STARS
Kindle_Loving_Mom 11 months ago
I have adored this series. They are completely standalone and unrelated, other than the slow burn, and fairy tale themes. This one wasn't quite as big a hit for me, but I still mostly enjoyed myself, and Matteo could be swoontastic, in between bouts of me wanting to smack his face. 3.5 Stars. Kimber DiSanto is having the WORST week of her life. She was left at the altar by her boyfriend of 3 years, her business burned down, her father died, and she found out she has her very own wicked stepmother. Now she's staying in her late father's home in Florence, Italy, trying to figure out what to do with her life, while trying to rescue her father's own failing business. She took after her father in the design department, but it seems she has a much better head for the business side of it than him. He was too nice, and didn't charge nearly enough for his bespoke creations. Not to mention that he loaned people money who could never pay it back, among other things. Enter her wicked stepmother's dear son, the same man who did her the biggest favor of her life, when she needed it the most. But turns out he's a designer too. He wants to buy her father's business from her, but she's decided to stay and try to run it herself. Matteo Moretti is the king of Italian fashion. Just ask him. He's got quite the arrogant view of himself and his importance, and yet one surly, unimpressed word from Kimber and he's head over heels for her. He decides to try to sway her to his way of thinking by relying on their insane chemistry to make her change her mind about him. Meanwhile he's juggling his mother, and how she's dealing with her husband's death, worrying about his company's spring line, and trying to keep Kimber from wanting to kill him in his sleep. It doesn't help that he completely loses his head around her, and puts his foot in his mouth constantly. Matteo and Kimber's sizzling connection was on display from the first time they met. But they were constantly saying and doing the wrong things, and it was a push and pull from the start. Most of the story is from Kimber's POV, with just a smattering of chapters from Matteo's eyes. I really enjoyed getting in his head some, especially because sometimes Kimber's hormonal shifts, mood swings, and constant ridiculous circumstances grew exhausting after a while. Like, I get it was a Cinderella story, but her luck was simply THE WORST, and it became like a bad joke after a while. Just when I thought things were finally looking up, BAM! Something else insane would happen to her. Matteo wasn't helping things either. A lot of times he purposely riled her up to try to get a reaction out of her. I don't know that I agree that was the best way to get her attention in a positive way, and I wanted to smack him around quite a bit too. The side characters here were entertaining, especially Kimber's best friend, her ex, and the seamstresses in her dad's shop. I enjoyed watching her make a home for herself in Italy, and I kept wanting her to finally get a win, and then she'd jump to another conclusion, or yell at Matteo for something, and she'd be back where she started. Meanwhile he wasn't making things easy either, and neither of them were being honest about how they really felt. While I enjoyed the story, and wanted to love it like I did the other 2 books, I just didn't. Overall, I enjoyed the destination, but the road to get there was a bit rocky for me. I still look forward to more from this author.
Pebbles92 11 months ago
Ache for You is Book 3 in J.T. Geissinger's Slow Burn series and stands entirely on its own. I ADORED the first 2 books in this series and while I certainly enjoyed this one as well, I found the heroine a bit too rude and ornery at times. I realize she had been through a lot but dang woman, tone it down some. The story drew me in right from the start with Kimber being dumped at the altar and kept me engaged throughout. The author certainly has the liberty to write the story as she feels it but the ending just didn't do it for me. I don't want to spoil it but I envision an alternate ending packing more of a swoon-worthy punch, at least for me.
carvanz 11 months ago
I’m a huge fan of enemies to lovers and this one was definitely that. Add in a bit of a Cinderella twist, a wild cast of characters and a hero that knows just how to push the heroine’s buttons and you’ve got yourself one fantastically fun read. I enjoyed everything about the way this couple meet and continue to meet, how they completely clashed and the resulting steam of chemistry that smolders between them during each confrontation. Matteo was out to win Kimber from the first moment she ignored him and his methods were completely diabolical. He totally won me over with his fierce reactions to her snarky dismissals. Add in a bit of jealousy and I was gobbling up every delicious bite. Kimber was one crazy, zany heroine. But then again, her life had just recently imploded and with all that she was dealing with I would assume it was either that or fall apart. She was feisty and completely snark-a-licious as she fended off Matteo and all his swoony goodness. Protection of her heart was her main priority but what she didn’t realize was all the fire she was throwing at him was only pulling him in further. This was a great read with characters that kept me grinning throughout the story. The heat between Kimber and Matteo was sizzling and the angst, while low, was always on the edge of ratcheting up at any given moment. Not knowing how it was all going to go down kept me on the edge of my romantic seat. To top it all off, we’re given an epilogue that included one of the most original proposals I’ve ever read.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 11 months ago
3.5 stars--ACHE FOR YOU is the third instalment in JT Geissinger’s contemporary, adult SLOW BURN erotic, romance series. This is Italian Marchese Matteo Moretti, and boutique owner/designer Kimber DiSanto’s story line. ACHE FOR YOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from dual first person perspectives (Kimber and Matteo) ACHE FOR YOU is a Cinderella-esque / forbidden romance story line focusing on Italian Marchese Matteo Moretti, and boutique owner/designer Kimber DiSanto. Kimber DiSanto’s life is spiralling out of control: dumped at the altar, the death of her father, blindsided by a step-mother she never knew, and a fire that destroyed her designer boutique, our heroine finds herself in Florence, Italy in an effort to ensure her father’s dress shop remains a viable operation. But Kimber’s run of bad luck continues to grow when a gorgeous Italian male makes Kimber an offer she cannot refuse. Enter Marchese Matteo Moretti, Kimber’s ex step-brother, and the man with whom Kimber will fall in love. What ensues is the acrimonious relationship between Kimber and Matteo, and the potential fall-out as Kimber struggles with issues of trust, when betrayal is but a design sketch away. Kimber DiSanto’s father was dying and our heroine was desperate to catch a flight overseas but Kimber was bumped, and her only option was to reluctantly give her latest designs to the handsome stranger in exchange for a first class ticket to Florence, Italy. Judgemental but wary Kimber doesn’t do herself any favors as she endeavors to take control of her father’s fashion line in an effort to prevent the competition from gaining control. Matteo Moretti was drawn in by the beautiful designer from the first time they met but offering her his ticket in exchange for her designs was all kinds of betrayal for a woman he would come to love. Hoping to make things right, nothing ever goes according to plans and the fall-out threatens the woman he loves. The relationship between Matteo and Kimber is one of immediate attraction but Kimber was in no position for a rebound romance including a romance with a man she believes is out to destroy the DiSanto family business. As Matteo attempts to seduce our story line heroine, Kimber is conflicted by rumors and warnings about the man (and family) with whom she is falling in love. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text but I struggled with a perceived lack of palpable sexual energy. Matteo is the epitome of an Italian lover while Kimber is a brash, mouthy and slightly hysterical American of Italian descent. The secondary and supporting characters are colorful and charismatic. We are introduced to Kimber’s best friends: fashion model Jenner, and Danielle, as well as her ex-fiance Brad Wingate; Matteo’s mother, the Marchesa Lady Moretti, and her major-domo Lorenzo, and her father’s best friend Dominic. ACHE FOR YOU is a captivating, multi-troped story line: enemies to lover, reimagined fairy tale, left at the altar, and forbidden romance. The premise is entertaining and enjoyable; the romance is seductive and sexy; the characters are spirited and animated. There are some issues of repetition including the use and application of the word ‘uterus’ (and derivatives) sixteen times as our heroine’s inner monologue focuses on her attraction to a man she believes is the ultimate betrayal. I am a big fan of JT Geissinger’s style of writing
TerryL56 11 months ago
Kimber's having a bad week ... she gets dumped at the altar, her business burns down and her father dies. So she decides to take over her father's business in Italy. When she arrives in Italy, she finds out her father had remarried and she has a step-brother who wants her father's business. Matteo is wealthy in his own right and doesn't need Kimber's money or business. All he wants is her, but she just won't believe him. It was a nice change that Matteo wasn't a playboy and that he was just smitten with Kimber from the start. And although Kimber was funny and made me laugh, she was just over the top at times and I found that took away from the story. The heat between Matteo and Kimber was turned to high and their intimate scenes were HOT. I received an ARC courtesy of Montlake Romance through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
rc1836 11 months ago
From sadness to happiness all your feelings will be engaged in this steamy romance. Ache fit You is the third book in J. T. Geissinger's Slow Burn series. While it took me a little longer to get hooked into the story than the first two books once I did I couldn't put it down. Kimber and Matteo had this crazy chemistry but the complications to their relationship made it a rocky road to their HEA. I enjoyed the quirkiness of some of the situations and the loyalty of the secondary characters added an extra dimension to the plot. I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
Bette313 11 months ago
Very enjoyable read! I loved Kimber and Matteo together and I thought their story was fun with a great slow burn romance between these two. Some amazing secondary characters really kicked up the humor in the story. I loved Kimber's perseverance. Life hasn't been easy on her lately but she never gives up. Overall the story has a Cinderella feel to it but it is so much more. With these characters and excellent writing I think everyone will enjoy this one. I highly recommend it.
Chloe Trivelpiece 11 months ago
Slow Burn Series O holy hell....this story! This story made me melt into a big pile of goo!! This story made me ache in all the good ways! This is the story of Matteo and Kimber. Kimber is amazing! She is brash, she is strong and independent.  But she is also soft and vulnerable, she just tries not to show it.  She is hilariously funny and her inner voice, especially with a certain lady part is brilliant! She has kick ass, ride or die friends that we all wish we had! She is what I want to be when I grow up! Matteo...oh my me, he is every girls fantasy rolled up in a beautiful package.  He knows what he wants, but isn't quite sure how to go get it.  I can just "hear" his accent... He is absolutely swoon-worthy to epic levels. Matteo and Kimber's chemistry is white hawt.  It's explosive.  It is the definition of "A thin line between love and hate".  Their slow burn, the bargain, the deal was fabulous. The secondary characters are amazing and bring so much more to the story.  It brings richness and levity needed to bring this story full circle. Ms. Geissinger's words paint a picture of the beauty of Italy.  The beauty of haute couture and the beauty of love in all forms. Well done Ms. Giessinger! You have never failed to disappoint with your stories!
AT_202 11 months ago
I have been looking forward to this book for months and the author did not disappoint. While this is book 3, Ache For You can be read as a complete standalone. I would consider this an enemies-to-lovers novel with a lot of humor. I know that the description of the book sounds like a modern remake of Cinderella, but I would necessarily wouldn't call it that. Yes, there are a few elements that are reminiscent of Cinderella's plight, but there are twists too. Nonetheless, this was a very entertaining read. Kimber is a strong-willed, stubborn heroine who has had a horrible few weeks. I mean horrible. She meets Matteo, a rich fashion designer, and she immediately takes a dislike to him. Matteo, cocky and confident, is intrigued by her sharp tongue and strength. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say their relationship is somewhat unconventional at first. Told mostly from Kimber's POV, you do get a few chapters by Matteo and it was good to get insight into his actions and emotions. Both characters are well developed. I loved Matteo. Kimber, I had a little trouble with in the beginning (hence the 4.5 starts instead of 5). She was extremely rude to him. Yes, she had been through a lot, but it felt like she was taking it out on him when he wasn't always deserving of it. That being said, I liked her more as the book progressed. I do love enemies-to-lovers romances and it was fun to watch how their relationship progressed and the chemistry between them was hot. The banter between them was hilarious. The secondary characters were priceless - funny, entertaining, and in some ways, unexpected good guys. I received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily leave this review.
MBurton 11 months ago
I thought this was a silly but fun romantic comedy that really played up the whole Cinderella theme. So many crazy things happened to Kimber that you can't help but think she is cursed. You can't take it too seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the comedy of her life after her not so Prince Charming dumps her at the alter, and the domino effect that happens from there. As a hero, Matteo wasn't exactly Prince Charming either. He's drawn to Kimber from the moment he lays eyes on her and yet he is stunned that she resists him. Not only does that make her much more intriguing as a woman, but it brings out a side to Matteo he didn't knew he had. He's a very intense character. I enjoyed the way he baited Kimber. I think the whole set of side characters in this book were very entertaining. Kimber has a very funny and very inappropriate BFF who happens to be a model. Her ex played a pretty big part and I found I was entertained by him as well. This really wasn't at all what I was expecting but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I also like that the author surprised me with a few of these side characters.
Lashea677 11 months ago
She's nursing a battered heart. He's got a case of bruised pride. What happens when the playboy who gets on your nerves, could end of being the man of your dreams? Ache for You takes a bite out of Cinderella and makes it a modern day steamfest. Kimber has seen her share of heartache in both her personal and professional life. Matteo seems to be the answer to all of her problems. Until emotions are brought into the mix. Geissinger amps up the sexy but never loses sight of the heart.