Advances in Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies in Argentina: Special Symposium from the Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies, October 2017

Advances in Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies in Argentina: Special Symposium from the Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies, October 2017

Paperback(1st ed. 2020)

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These proceedings contain selected papers from the Special Symposium, organised by the Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies in October 2017. This Symposium was held within the frame of the 20th Argentine Geological Congress in Tucumán, Argentina.

The papers describe detailed research on quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology, paleontology (diatoms, mollusks, foraminifera, palynology, phytoliths, paleobotany, vertebrates), dendrochronology, climate change, paleoclimate, pampeano quaternary paleolimnology, paleomagnetism, environmental magnetism, hydrogeochemical processes, geoarchaeology, geomorphology, structural geology and neotectonics, paleosurfaces, volcanism, risks, assets, geomorphosites, and digital mapping.

This book follows the precedent book “Advances in Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies in Argentina” on the 6th Argentine Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies Congress, which was edited by Jorge Rabassa and published by Springer in 2017.

It precedes a similar volume on the 7th Congreso Argentino de Cuaternario y Geomorfología, “Geocuar 2018”, as organized by Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies (AACG). This conference was held in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina, from 18 to 21 September 2018.

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ISBN-13: 9783030226237
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2019
Series: Springer Earth System Sciences
Edition description: 1st ed. 2020
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jorge Rabassa received his PhD in Geology from the Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. He was a postdoctoral Fulbright fellow at the State University of New York at Binghamton, U.S.A. He is a researcher with CONICET (the National Research Council of Argentina) since 1986, at CADIC, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego (the southernmost research center of the world with permanent staff). He has taught at several Argentine universities, such as La Plata, Comahue, Patagonia-San Juan Bosco and Tierra del Fuego. He has been a visiting scholar in the U.S.A. (Lehigh University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Spain (universities of Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela), South Africa (universities of Witwatersrand and Natal) and Brazil (universities of Sao Paulo and Campinas). He has published more than 200 journal articles and book chapters and was the founder and head editor of the journal "Quaternary of South America & Antarctic Peninsula" (A.A.Balkema Publishers, The Netherlands) from 1982 to 1999. He has a longstanding relationship with CADIC-CONICET, both as director for two periods and presently Senior Investigator. He is a member of both the Argentine Academy of Sciences and the Catalonian Academy of Sciences (IEC). He is presently the President of the Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies (2015-2018).

Table of Contents

1. Editors’ Preface
2. Professor José Manuel Sayago: Obituary
3. Gabriella M. Boretto, Marcela Cioccale, José Tello, Eduardo García Aráoz, Sandra Gordillo
Identification of knickpoints in littoral basins of Patagonia Argentina: geomorphic markers in a passive margin
4. Carla Ginesta and Natalia Ríos
Preliminary morphometric studies of the Talacasto river basin, San Juan, Argentina
5. Silvia C. Grill, Mauro L. Gómez Samus, Ana L. Fernández
Neogene continental deposits of Bahía Blanca, Argentina. Palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic inferences
6. Juan Pablo Carbonelli and Mirian Collantes
Early occupations in the valleys region of Northwestern Argentina: dating by varnish micro-laminations
7. María Yanina Esper Angillieri, Oscar Mario Fernández, Miguel Pereyra, Carla Ginesta Torcivia and Natalia Ríos
Morphometric analysis of river basins using GIS as a basis for peak discharge calculation. A case of study: PreAndean section of Route 150, Argentina.
8. Eduardo García Aráoz, Nicola's Madelón, Micaela Pleitavino, Gabriella Margherita Boretto and Marcela Cioccale
Granitic caves from the Achala batholith in the province of Cordoba, Argentina: a study on three particular stories with a common past
9. Juan Pablo Velázquez, Elizabeth Mazzoni and Jorge Rabassa
Scenic and geo-touristic potential of volcanic landscapes in Southern Patagonia: necks, buttes and eruption centers, Santa Cruz province, Argentina
10. Adriana E. Niz, Gabriel G. Cejas and Erlinda V. Ortiz
Evolution of the eolian dynamics and its impact in the community of the Valley of Fiambalá, province of Catamarca, Argentina
11. Niz, Adriana E., Lamas, Cinthia A., Iramain, Sergio, Oviedo, Jorge A., Cejas, Gabriel G. and Serra, Malvina
Geomorphological characterization and assessment of the geomorphological risks of fluvial origin in the San Jerónimo river basin, Chumbicha, province of Catamarca, Argentina
12. Coronato, A., Salemme, M., Oría, J., Mari, F., L—pez, R.
Perched dunes in the Fuegian steppe: a great reservoir of archaeological and environmental Holocene information
13. Santi Malnis, P., Colombi, C.E., Rothis, L.M.
Sedimentary environments in the western piedmont of the La Huerta mountain range, Pampean Ranges, province of San Juan, Argentina
14. Rothis, L.M., Haro, F.M., Perucca, L.P.
New morphotectonic evidence in the Eastern slopes of the Sierra de la Huerta: the Marayes Fault System, Western Pampean Ranges

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