Affluence and Poverty in the Middle East

Affluence and Poverty in the Middle East

by M. Riad El-Ghonemy

Paperback(New Edition)

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Affluence and Poverty in the Middle East is an introduction to the political economy of the Middle East, focusing on its most salient features - persistent poverty and extreme inequality. El-Ghonemy analyses the factors influencing the region, including its unique historical, religious and cultural mix, as well as its economic foundations and forms of corruption. For each factor he employs case-studies drawn from throughout the region, from Turkey to Sudan and Morocco to Iran. In the final section El-Ghomeny discusses possible solutions to the challenges facing the region, including possible uses of a peace dividend, and the role of democracy.

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ISBN-13: 9780415100335
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/28/1998
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 320
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Table of Contents



The Roots

1 Basis Concepts and Realities

Some Key Concepts

The Realities: A Regional Summary of Evidence


Suggested Readings

2 Historical Origins

Types and Objectives of Colonial Rule


Origins of Affluent Lifestyles

Wealth Concentration

Political Colonialism and Educational Discrimination


Suggested Readings

3 Religious Foundations of Justice and Inheritance

The Importance of Religion

Ideal Moral Standards: The Immorality

of Deprivation

Inheritance Foundations

Conflicts and Confrontation: An Explanation


Suggested Readings

4 Economic Foundations: The Natural Resource Base

Abundance and Scarcity

Oil Windfalls: From Poverty to Sudden Affluence


Capacity to Develop Land and Water Resources

Irrigation is Expensive: Who Benefits?


Suggested Readings

5 Unbalanced Development

Inequality and Poverty in a Dual Economy: The Case of Sudan

Oil-based Unbalanced Development: Algeria, Iran and



Suggested Readings

6 Social Imbalance in Public Expenditure: Health, Education and Defence

The Resource-Allocation Base

Distorted Priorities

Outcomes and Estimates of Imbalance

Militarism and Social Imbalance: The Case of Iraq


Suggested Readings

7 Corruption: The Embezzlement of Public Funds

Conflicting Views and Analytical Problems

Channels for Embezzlement: Evidence


Suggested Readings

8 Inequality in Private Consumption

Regional Features

of Consumption

Changing Consumption Patterns

Family Consumption Inequality: Case Studies


Suggested Readings

Appendix 8.1: Measurement of Personal Consumption Inequality


Policy Choice: Some Countries' Experiences


Redistribution of Wealth and Income: An Assessment

Policy Choice: Who Benefits?


Land Redistribution

Income Support

Informal Provision of Social Security


Suggested Readings

10 Economic Policy Reforms: Distributional



Countries' Adjustment Experiences

Inter-Country Comparisons


Suggested Readings

Appendix 10.1: Selected Economic and Social Indicators in Eight Adjusting Countries, 1975-93

11 Prospects and Challenges

From Economic Reforms

to What?

The Challenge of Democracy for Equitable Development

Peace Dividend: Real Expectation or Elusive Hope?

Channelling the Peace DividEND

many of the arguments hitting their target perfectly, being very convincingly articulated. Dialogue, April 2000

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