African Cowrie Shells Divination: History, Theory & Practice

African Cowrie Shells Divination: History, Theory & Practice

by Zolrak


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Discover the Cowrie Shells and Learn How to Read the Messages of Ifá and the Higher Spiritual Planes

Divination with cowrie shells is one of the oldest known spiritual practices in the world. Originated by the Yoruba people of West Africa, cowrie shell divination is a powerful technique for connecting to the wisdom of ancestors, spirits, and deities.

This book shares the history of cowrie shell divination and shows you how to open the portals of spiritual communication with the shells and related divination systems, such as cola nuts and coconuts. Written by a long-time practitioner, African Cowrie Shells Divination provides the meaning of the sixteen shell combinations as well as tips and variations for readings based on the specific question being asked. Discover the powerful messages of the Orishas and the mystical divination techniques of Candomblé, Santería, and other traditions of the African diaspora. Explore the instructive stories known as patakkís and apply their guidance to your life.

The cowrie shells are sacred magical tools. With the history, theories, and hands-on instructions in this guide, you will learn how the shells can be used to answer your most important questions and achieve your true destiny.

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ISBN-13: 9780738758589
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 04/08/2019
Pages: 264
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About the Author

Zolrak is a longtime practitioner of cowrie shell divination and other spiritual traditions of the African diaspora. He is the cocreator of the bestselling Tarot of the Orishas , the first tarot deck based on this theme. Zolrak is also a teacher of Kardecist mediumship and a parapsychologist with a spiritually universalist perspective. Additionally, Zolrak works as a radio and television host. Many people define him with a single word that summarizes his essence: Magician.

Table of Contents


Diloggún Guide xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Dedications xv–xix

Introduction 1

Part 1: History and Background of African Divination 13
Chapter 1: Divination in Other Cultures 15
Chapter 2: The Yoruba and Santería 25
Chapter 3: Ifá 41
Chapter 4: Eshú and the Ekedé 53

Part 2: The Art of African Divination 63
Chapter 5: Prayers and Preparation 67
Chapter 6: Reading with Four Cowrie Shells 75
Chapter 7: Diloggún: Reading with Sixteen Cowrie Shells 87
Chapter 8: Opelé: Divination with the Chain of Ifá 181
Chapter 9: Other Tools and Methods in African Divination 189

Afterword: Mandate of Oran-Niyán 207

Appendix: Resources for the Odús 209

Glossary 215

Bibliography 225

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