All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You

by Candace Havens

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Hawke Vance will do whatever it takes to protect the family business, even if it means protecting it from his own father, a man who’s just gotten hitched in Vegas to wife number nine. Growing up seeing how much chaos wedded bliss creates, Hawke’s sworn never to fall into the matrimony trap. But to get the all-important controlling shares of the company, he does need a wife.

Being caught skinny dipping is not the way ballerina Amy Powell planned to start her vacation. When the hot biker who catches her turns out to be the owner of the house she’s staying in, she’s mortified. But embarrassment soon turns to confusion and a good dose of lust when Mr. Sex on a Stick offers her the money she needs to save her brother if she’ll agree to marry him and play pretend for two months.

Only this game of make-believe quickly starts feeling too real…

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ISBN-13: 9781633759282
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/17/2017
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 170
Sales rank: 101,374
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Award-winning author Candace Havens lives in Texas with her mostly understanding husband, and dogs, Elvis, Harley, and Gizmo. When she isn’t living in the imaginary worlds she creates, she’s interviewing celebrities, writers, and producers for her job as a TV columnist, and talking about movies with 96.3 KSCS. She runs a free online workshop for writers. She’d love to hear from you.

Find her at:

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All I Want is You

By Candace Havens, Heidi Shoham

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Candace Havens
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-928-2


Mike the Motorhead Millionaire Marries ... Again.

Hawke groaned as the all-too-familiar headline punched him in the gut. For the love of all that was fucking holy, his pops had gone and married another gold digger.

Grabbing the gas nozzle and jabbing it into the tank of his Hog, he quickly scanned the article on his phone. Yup. Married. For the ninth time, and at some damn drive-thru chapel in Vegas, no less. This just had win written all over it.

When the hell was the old man gonna learn you didn't have to marry a chick to get her to sleep with you? Hawke sighed. Probably not before he bankrupted the family at this rate.

Hawke had been down in Mexico checking out some vintage Harleys for one of the family's Reno shops and having a little R and R the past week. He'd turned his phone off, and he was now paying the price. Who the fuck met a chick and married her in less than a week?

The gas gurgled as he topped off his tank, and he shoved his phone back into the front pocket of his jeans so he could finish the routine of recapping and paying. When he'd settled back on the bike, he switched the ignition and throttled with a little more force than was necessary, enjoying the loud purr of the engine as it fired up and rumbled between his legs.

He was only about sixty miles from the house he'd bought for the family in the Hill Country near Austin last year, and he doubted his anger was going to settle down in such a short ride. Fuck it. Pulling back on the throttle, he let the huge beast roar as he took off like a man possessed down the winding roads out in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.

Hawke loved riding his bike, his blood singing with adrenaline. Being the oldest in an ever-growing clan of step-siblings — probably with a few more after this recent wedding — he'd always felt like he needed to be the responsible adult, the one who took care of the company and the family. But on his Hog, he rode hard and fast, the wind rushing against his body as he took each turn with just enough speed to be dangerous, but not enough to lose control.

If there was one thing he always was, it was in control. He couldn't be a loose cannon like his father. Someone had to be responsible for the sake of the kids dragged into every unfortunate marriage his pops undertook.

He ground his teeth and throttled the engine just a bit more as he took the next deep curve.

The massive home was in front of him in no time, and he pulled the bike up short in front of the six-car garage. It wasn't easy getting all of his stepbrothers and sisters in one place, so he'd wanted somewhere private with plenty of bedrooms where they could hang out when they were in town. His dad kept an office in the house, and that's where Hawke was headed first.

After hanging his helmet on the peg in the garage, he rolled the Harley next to the old Ford truck he kept for hauling crap around. Then he went into his dad's office. When his dad was in love — which felt like every Tuesday — he had a tendency to give the new woman of the month whatever she wanted.

If his old man had already modified his will ...

The thought had him picking up speed as he walked through the ginormous kitchen, which was decked out like a villa in the south of France. At least, that's what the designer who'd helped him with the house had said. Huge copper pots hung from racks over a massive butcher-block island with baskets of fresh tomatoes and onions in the center.

He liked to cook, had learned in order to care for his brothers and sisters. Too bad his pops hadn't ever married a woman with the desire to actually enter a kitchen.

Hawke had spent the last six years of his life building the family's company to include seven different Harley dealerships throughout Texas, Nevada, and South Dakota, as well as two custom shops where they overhauled Hogs and other bikes. His dad had controlling interest in the corporation, something that Hawke was determined to change.

He had to protect the family's interests, and he couldn't do that if his dad was going to give away everything they worked for to the next wife.

Trucking it down the long hallway and through the massive marble foyer, around the huge spiral staircase that dominated the entry, and past the formal dining room that hadn't been used often enough, he finally made it to his dad's office in the west wing of the house. He was sweating bullets now, and yanked his leather jacket off and tossed it on a chair as he passed.

It took him a bit to find the key to the locked drawer of his old man's desk and about thirty seconds of guilt before he dug into the file drawer in search of the will.

Normally, he wouldn't invade another man's privacy, but the family fortune was at stake, and his dad couldn't be trusted anymore. Hawke had to find a way to convince his pops to sell him the last few shares so he didn't have to do this every time the old man decided to get hitched. Hawke was only thirty-two years old, but he was pretty sure this shit was going to give him a heart attack one of these days.

He read through the papers quickly. No changes yet.

Well, hell, there's that.

He pulled out his cell and dialed Gray, the family lawyer and a friend since they were in high school.

"He hasn't called me — yet," Gray answered.

"Thank Harley Davidson for that," Hawke said and settled into the desk chair, leaning his head back and closing his eyes in relief. "So, I guess you saw the article?"

"Yep. You've got to talk to him about this. Every time he gets married, he puts the company in jeopardy."

"Tell me something I don't know. Cannon sold me his shares, and Sherilynn gave me hers for my birthday last month. How close am I?" Hawke asked. His brothers and sisters didn't have much interest in the family business, so they'd been helping him to gain control. His dad had doled out the shares evenly to his children and stepchildren several years ago but had retained enough personal interest to still cause a risk if he married the wrong woman again. His last ex had cost Hawke a small fortune to buy out when the marriage had eventually fizzled ... five weeks after the ceremony.

"You're at about forty-two percent."

Not close enough.

"If you'd get married, we could use the clause in the trust from your mother. Then you wouldn't have to worry."

Hawke tossed the will on the desk. A picture of most of his stepsiblings sat on the desk in a leather frame. That one had been taken two of his dad's marriages ago. "I'm not fucking getting married. Never happening. My old man has done that enough for all of us." He rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

"Just saying it would solve a lot of your problems."

There was a loud splash. He sat up straight, gaze scanning the hall beyond the office doorway. Who the hell was here? His family usually shot him a text if they were going to be in town.

"Gotta let you go." Hawke didn't wait for an answer before shutting down his phone and running for the back door.

There was a naked woman in his pool.

Could be worse.

He opened the French doors and stepped out. It occurred to him he shouldn't stare, but she was fucking beautiful, and she was swimming naked in his pool.

"Nice day for a swim," he said.

She squeaked and went under water, flailing her arms. He was about to jump in and save her when her head came back up.

"Get out! Pervert. This is private property."

He quirked an eyebrow. Bat-shit crazy, anyone? "Look, lady, I know it's private property. I also know you don't live here."

"I live here," she said indignantly. "Wait — I didn't hear the alarm go off. Are you the handyman Mr. Vance said was coming by to fix the back door?"

What was wrong with the back door? Mr. Vance ... So, she knew his dad. Please, God. Don't let this be the new wife. He'd thought the happy couple was on their honeymoon in Fiji. According to the article, at least.

"Yes," he said before he really thought about her question. There was no handyman. He fixed things around the house.

He had to find out who she was and why she thought she lived in his house. He sincerely hoped she wasn't delusional. He had enough crazy on his plate right now. Leaning against the doorframe, he idly rubbed the tattoo on his left bicep, with the phrase "Everything has beauty" hidden within an intricate design of swirls and shapes that formed a three-dimensional heart.

"Oh thank God. I was worried you might be an ax murderer."

"Axes are messy," he joked. She didn't say anything. "Sorry. Kidding. Are you all right in there?"

"I'd be better if you'd turn around or go away so I can get dressed," she said pertly.

He wasn't so sure about leaving, especially since she believed she lived in his house. But she looked harmless enough.

"I'll be inside." He turned his back but paused. "I still don't know who you are," he said. "I'm not really comfortable having a stranger in the house."

"I'm not," she said. "A stranger that is. I'm part of the family."


The glass in the door reflected her journey as she crawled up the pool steps. She was limping and her ankle was black and blue.

She was fucking hot. Red hair piled on top of her head. Pixie face devoid of makeup, and the pinkest little bow-shaped mouth he'd ever seen. He imagined that mouth around his —

Oh, fuck no. Not going there.

She was tiny, slim, and held herself like a queen looking down on her people. Impressive.

"I'm Amy," she said. "Thanks for turning around."

Her back was to him, so she had no idea he could see her in the glass.

"You're welcome." Hawke tried to look away. "So, how are you related to Mr. Vance?" He was more curious than ever.

"He married my mom. I'm a dancer and hurt my ankle. After the wedding, he gave me the key and told me I could hang out here. I'm doing some physical therapy here in town."

A dancer? The gold digger's daughter was a stripper? Great. This just kept getting fucking better and better.

He had to go. His cock was tightening, and this woman was his stepsister, no less. The daughter of the gold digger who might at this very minute be stealing the company out from under him.

Yep, time to go.

"Okay. I'll see about that repair." He left, closing the door behind him with a final click.

Holy fuck. That was trouble right there. And the faster he got rid of it, the better off he'd be.

* * *

And the hits just keep on coming.

That handyman was the hottest dude Amy had ever seen. Broad shoulders, rock-hard abs under that tight black T-shirt and those low-slung jeans. And all those beautiful tattoos running up and down his arms. Having spent her entire life surrounded by more refined men, the pure rawness of this guy had exhilarated her.

Walking heat, that one. And he couldn't wait to get away from her.

Story of my life.

Of course, he probably thought she was an idiot for swimming naked.

You are.

What had she been thinking? Well, no one was supposed to be here. She didn't have a swimsuit, and the salt-water pool would have done all kinds of horrible things to her silk lingerie.

She'd forgotten all about the handyman. She pulled the towel around her even tighter.

Rehab started in two days, and she'd probably be in even more pain. But if she was going to make auditions for the fall shows, she had to stay in shape. Two months — that's all she had before she needed to be in peak condition. At least she had a nice place to hang out. Her new stepdad seemed okay. Nicer than a lot of the other men her mother had run through.

She hobbled up the back stairs to dress. After tightening her hair into a bun on the top of her head and throwing on her favorite yoga pants and sports bra, she headed downstairs. Maybe the handyman would be gone, and she wouldn't have to be mortified all over again.

Starving, she headed into the spacious kitchen. Her mom's new man had an awesome house. She loved the huge kitchen looking out over the river. She was technically homeless since fleeing Paris ... but she wouldn't think about that now. Those memories would turn her into a weeping mess, and she was here to heal in more ways than one.

She concentrated on making a sandwich and added some fruit to the plate. Before the car service had dropped her at the house, she'd stopped to get some groceries. She'd been surprised to find the fridge and pantry full when she arrived.

She couldn't believe her mother had married again. This was husband number three, but Amy had an idea this one was a keeper. Her dad had been the love of her mom's life. He'd died when Amy was eight, and her mom had been trying to replace him ever since. But Mr. Vance had flown to Paris several times with her mom to see Amy perform, and they'd taken her out to dinner. The love in their eyes when they looked at one another was special, and so very different from the other men her mom had hooked up with. Even though she didn't always see eye to eye with her mother, she wanted her to be happy.

She'd always thought her mother went through men like chocolates. It had made her and her stepbrother's lives a living hell. But as an adult, she'd begun to understand her mom a little better.

From the few memories Amy had, her dad had been awesome. He was the one who had encouraged her to take ballet. She'd been a clumsy kid. Hell, she still was. The joke was she could dance across the room — just don't ask her to walk across it.

She had the bum knee and the ankle to prove it. Though, if someone hadn't tripped her accidentally on purpose, she wouldn't be in her current predicament.

After finishing her sandwich, she tossed the paper in the trash. Opening the fridge, she pulled out a yogurt and an orange. When they'd Facetimed her from Fiji, her mom and Mr. Vance had given her the run of his family house. She was grateful.

After her fall, she'd been confused about what to do next. Turned out one of the leading kinesiologists was in Austin, a former dancer who knew how to get other dancers back on their feet the fastest way possible.

Today, though, she was going to relax, something she never did. Maybe even watch television. She spent so much time in dance studios she didn't even know what was on anymore. If she wasn't training, she was rehearsing for a performance, or she was asleep. There wasn't much time for anything else.

But today, she was going to explore this big-ass house. Her mom's second husband had lived in River Oaks in Houston, and she'd thought his house was big, but this was ginormous.

So far she'd peeked into the six bedrooms upstairs. She'd taken the smallest one, preferring cozier spaces. Her apartment in Paris would fit in one of the bathrooms of this place.

What if I never get to go back? Her stomach twisted. Nope, not going to think about that.

Upstairs there was a huge game room with a pool table and full bar, and a media room with the biggest screen she'd ever seen. Everything in this state seemed to be supersized, including the men.

As she passed the front door, she caught sight of movement in one of the rooms off to the left. Was the handyman still here? Her pulse kicked up a notch at the thought of seeing that tall drink of water working up a sweat.

She bet he'd intended to look fierce when he'd crossed his arms and flexed his tatted muscles, bracing his legs apart as he glanced down at her. She'd stared at the tic in his jaw as he gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes. The whole package, she was sure, had intimidated many a man, but she'd worked with some of the meanest asshole artistic directors in ballet, so intimidation didn't work on her. The whole effect had been ruined because he had the warmest caramel-colored eyes she'd ever seen. Yeah, this guy wanted to be all that, but he was a huge teddy bear on the inside, she just knew it. She idly wondered what he was trying so hard to hide.

She followed the sound of someone opening and closing drawers in the office off the foyer and caught him red-handed, sitting at the desk and going through a stack of papers.

"What the heck are you doing in here?" She hoped he was just checking the desk for ... sticky drawers. Anything other than what it looked like — stealing. "You have no right. Put those papers down."

His eyebrow went up, and he leaned back in the chair.

"Look, this is my house, and I don't appreciate you invading my privacy like this. I think you should go now." She threw a thumb toward the door.

"Really?" He stood. Damn, he was huge. The Hulk had nothing on this guy. And geez, he had a scary glare now. Gone were the sweet eyes she'd wanted to drown in earlier. "Because the last time I looked, it was my name on the deed to the property, sis."


What the hell had she done now?

"I thought you were the handyman," she said, crossing her arms and taking a step inside the office door. "You definitely let me go on thinking that outside."

"Nope," he said. "I'm Mike Vance's eldest son, darlin' — your new stepbrother. Hawke."


Excerpted from All I Want is You by Candace Havens, Heidi Shoham. Copyright © 2017 Candace Havens. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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All I Want Is You 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## FABULOUS. Wow, how I loved this book. Albeit being a tad short (apprx 120 pages), it was an outstanding read. The hero...well, he was hot as all get out, that's for sure. But the heroine was extra special. She was beautiful, talented, fun-loving, and super sassy. My favorite type of heroine. And boy did these two have chemistry! PS: No cheating, no cliffhanger, no dead wife, no secret baby. Instead we get a fun and sexy story with plenty of groveling and an epilogue. Yay.
KristieK More than 1 year ago
All I Want is You By: Candace Havens ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Star Review by Kristie K A fun and flirty fake marriage romance, with a hot biker, a prima ballerina, and a whole lot of unexpected assumptions… This book captured my attention from the synopsis…and the crazy sexy cover! A ballerina caught skinny dipping by a hot as Hades biker?! My kind of literary gold right there! Let me elaborate a bit. Amy Powell is a prima ballerina on hiatus from her tour due to an injury, and is lucky enough to have a place to stay thanks to arrangements her mother was able to make. Staying in a gorgeous home, that she seems to have all to herself, Amy makes herself comfortable. One day, while taking an impromptu dip in the pool…naked…Amy receives an unexpected visit from arguably one of the hottest men she’s ever laid eyes on. As if that awkward moment isn’t enough, she comes to find out he’s the owner of the house…and he wasn’t fully aware she was the guest he was told would be staying there. What an introduction! Hawke Vance is the hot as Hades biker, and homeowner, that stumbles upon the very naked Amy as she swims in his pool. With his father’s constantly changing love life, Hawke is somewhat accustomed to unexpected surprises. Before stumbling upon his new houseguest, Hawke was trying to work out a way to protect the family business from his father’s most recent walk down the aisle. His only viable solution? A trip down the aisle himself… Could it be that his new houseguest is the answer to his prayers? Tension reaches an all time high when Hawke makes an “indecent proposal” all his own… This is the first book I have read by Candace Havens, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! From the sexy cover to the attention grabbing blurb, Ms. Havens had me at hello! Even in a genre as popular and “done” as this one, Ms. Havens has managed to bring a fresh spin to the plot and storyline that give it just the right amount of different. The characters were amazing. Each one had their own personality, heart, soul, and mind. Amy was such a sweet soul. So much goodness inside her it couldn’t help but touch those around her. In addition to that, though, she was strong…so very strong. Her wit and humor highlighted her beautiful heart, and her forgiveness divine. Hawke was so frustratingly male! (I mean that in the best possible way!) Stubborn, determined, and driven, this beautiful man could be his own worst enemy. A beautiful heart and soul beat beneath that hard exterior, and his sense of family is by far one of the most amazing things about him. I truly enjoyed every moment of this book, it’s story, and it’s characters. This will not be the last I see of Candace Havens. Kristie K
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First time reading this author. Was a great read! There were only 126 pages, but you quickly forgot that with the depth this story was written in. Lots of heat and great characters. This story captivates you from beginning to end & it's hard to step away from.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Marriage of InstaLove This was a good and quick romance read for me. It’s a romance of convenience type storyline which has some moments of hot chemistry between the Main Characters and some awesome humor and witty banter between them. Hawke and Amy are mismatched couple- Take a millionaire biker and one innocent yet sassy ballerina who end up being step siblings. A marriage of convenience ensues between them. Reasons are: Hawke needs a wife in order to get the shares of the family company & Amy needs money to help her brother so Hawke meets Amy at his father’s wedding to Amy’s mother (note : Amy's mom is wife number 9 ) Hawke needs marriage to get the shares so he can run the business . I normally love marriage of convenience love stories but at times Hawke came off like this super jerk. That was at times too much. He needed to learn to ask more questions or just go with trust. I adored Amy. She was sweet and sassy. She had this heart of gold. She took but when she got tired of taking Hawke’s verbal jabs, look out. I would have loved to see Hawke have his come to Jesus moment a lot sooner than the end so that way he and Amy could have more time learning about each other and have more romance but that’s me. I did like Hawke’s alpha ways and his caveman behavior. There was some taboo moments which took this rating from a 3.5 up to a 4 stars in my book and I will definitely give this author another look for future reads. My rating: 4.0 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
4+ “Walking in biker hunk Heaven” Stars Lately, I’m getting super lucky with my choice in hot biker dude heroes. In All I Want Is You, we get hunky Hawk falling head over heels for a tiny ballet dancer who rocks his world. Hawk’s dad has been married more times that he can remember. After seeing one woman after another going for his family’s money, he’s not only sworn to protect his gazillion’s of siblings and step-siblings futures, but also to never marry. One more nuptial of his Dad’s send him into panic mode and the only way to gain majority control over the company is to have a nuptial of his own. Cue in the hot chick skinny dipping in his pool, who turns out to be his new step-sister –his really sexy, super-hot step-sister. Amy has not been having the best of luck lately. She hurt her ankle pretty bad, got caught naked in the pool by her mom’s new husband’s son and now her brother needs more money than she can come up with. When hottie Hawk offers her what she needs in exchange for marrying him and playing pretend for two months she is all in… and if she can get crazy hot monkey sex out of the deal, well who could blame her? The guy is drool-worthy. When the lines between pretend and real start to blur, both Hawk and Amy will have to get over their issues or their end will come much sooner than two months. I really loved both of them. Amy was one tough cookie, she had a steel backbone, she was funny and charming and I really felt for her when Hawk acted like a jerk. Hawk in kind was absolutely dreamy (except for the aforementioned jerkwad moments) he was sexy and bossy and really, really good with his hands. He was incredibly sweet and the way he took care of all of his family was wonderful. “For a hot motorcycle dude, you’re so romantic” With crazy hot shenanigans, fantastic banter, a bunch of siblings I want to know more about and really amazing chemistry I enjoyed the crap out of All I Want Is You. Now can we get the stories for all the other Vance’s, pretty please? *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I really love the name Hawke and it totally suits the main man in this story perfectly. He watches over everyone and takes care of those important to him. I loved his fierce protection that he genuinely and without hesitation gave to his family. He was smoking hot and completely control freak alpha male - major swooning! And then there is Amy. I completely enjoyed every facet of her personality. She was strong and the words that would fly out of her mouth was priceless. She definitely kept Hawke entertained and on his toes. Her interactions with Hawke and his family were hilarious. She fit right in. And I love that she took him to town when it really counted. But when he made up for it, hold onto your heartstrings. Definitely a great and entertaining read that flowed so smoothly. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
hawke vance and amy powell know about step-siblings. between the two of them their parents have so many marriages you need more than two hands to count them all. when hawke comes across amy skinny-dipping at the family compound, he's horrified to realize that she's his latest stepsister. especially since there is nothing brotherly about his reaction to her. amy only took her new stepfather up on his offer to stay at the family home because 1) he assured her it was empty and 2) the physical therapist who could help her rehabilitate her knee injury was based in the area. when she meets her new stepbrother, she is aghast to discover that he thinks she is an opportunist. she would leave except she has another stepbrother who needs her help. when hawke realizes she needs $50,000 in cash he offers to help out out, in exchange he needs her to marry him. he doesn't explain that the marriage will give him control over the family business, something his father has continued to endanger with each of his many marriages. given his track record he's not too keen on risking his and his siblings' livelihood on this latest marriage working out. all i want is you is a novella, and the short format doesn't really do the story any favors. it would have been nice to see amy and hawke's relationship more fully realized, it would have also been better to see more of their relationship with their respective parents and their families. because everything has to happen so quickly i felt like we missed out on some real opportunities to show us how amy and hawke felt about one another than just having the author tell us that they were so in love and so confused by misunderstanding and miscommunication. but i'm always game for a fake relationship turns into real feelings story, so even though all i want is you isn't perfect, it still hits my sweet spot for romance tropes. and really i think my biggest quibbles with the story would have been avoided had this been a full-length novel, rather than a novella. **all i want is you will publish on april 17, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (brazen) in exchange for my honest review.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Like the summer heat in Texas this is one sexy and fun read. Hawke is the oldest son who's watched his father marry woman after woman, and from his standpoint only after his money. Determined to preserve the business his father built and he now runs after his father marries wife number 5 or 6... the God's smile down on him and his plan to take over the business is set in motion by his latest step sibling Amy. Returning home, Hawke finds Amy swimming naked in the pool, she's a ballerina who is recuperating from a two fold injury and has come to Austin to get the best physical therapy she can. Operating under the assumption no one would be there, she's skinny dipping. When Hawke arrives home and sees this trespasser he verbally accosts her and is a total a@@ to her. He calms when he sees her injury but he's still angry at his father for remarrying yet again and is still concocting a scheme to take over the business. Amy, not feeling welcome after his unholy reception, tells him she'll leave. He then overhears her on the phone talking to someone who needs money and by golly he's got his plan. His mother's will states he has to marry and stay married for 24 months to inherit her shares of the business. Mind you he's not doing this out of greed, he's doing it to protect the family assets and finish putting his other step siblings through college. These two might be like oil and water. Amy gives as good as she gets, but the chemistry here is smoking hot. Candace really steamed this story up. After some consideration, they marry and no one knows it's a business deal as Hawke puts it. But the feelings develop and well...... Hawke is hot, a little gruff but the man has a sweet spot for his ballerina. Amy is just awesome, on her own since she was 14 she takes no crap from anyone, especially him. She's a scraper. I loved her. The story flows along nicely until the bottom drops out and well damn.... I thought what just happened? What kind of fool??? Read the book. It's a keeper. Great story Candace, it was perfect!! 4.5 stars **arc from NetGalley and Entangled in exchange for a fair review**
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
All I Want Is You by Candace Havens is a quick but complete read as well as sweet and sexy. This was my first time reading this author and I enjoyed it. All I Want is You has a very nice start and good pace, however about halfway through the story things became rushed and hurried, and this continued through to the end of the book. Ms. Havens did a wonderful job of putting together a solid storyline, defined world and great characters that engage you and suck you into the story. Had the story continued forward with the same momentum as it started and not become rushed then this would have been a hands down 5* read. Definitely a story worth reading because honestly 4 stars is still pretty damn snazzy :p Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this one! Loved the first meeting of Hawke and Amy. He's a rough Harley riding guy and she's a rehabbing ballerina and they truly are opposites but the one thing they have in common is their parents seem to fall in and out of love with ease. To protect and get controlling interest in the family business Hawke needs a wife. Meeting Amy has him coming up with a plan that could benefit both of them. This is a light, sexy, quick read that will keep you completely entertained. Nothing to deep but definitely enjoyable. Recommended read.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This is a quick, light and sexy read. Hawke and Amy are a mismatched pair who find common ground and an instant attraction to each other. A marriage of convenience ensues, Amy needing money to help her brother (at first, we aren't sure if he's involved in something shady but it all gets explained in the end) and Hawke needs a wife in order to get the shares of the family company left to him when his mother died. His father's propensity to meet, marry and divorce women only after his money means that the family business is constantly in danger of being sold out from under Hawke and his step-siblings and if he has controlling interest, he can make sure everyone is cared for. He's a big bear of a man, but quite the sweetheart and even though at first he tries to scare off the diminutive and perky Amy, she doesn't buy it. There are several steamy scenes, some misunderstandings that get cleared up pretty quickly and a sweet happy ending. No deep POV, no angst, just a fun sexy story. 3.5 stars.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! This is a fast read that tells the sexy tale of Hawke, who owns (mostly) a string of motorcycle shops that are threatened by his father's marriage. He encounters Amy, a lovely but injured ballerina, skinny dipping in his pool. Amy needs a place to stay while she heals and her newest step-dad offers up his house, but never tells her that Hawke actually owns it. What follows is a yummy romance with plenty of sexy sparks. Turns out they'll both get something from a marriage of convenience, but neither gets what they're expecting. This is a sassy and sexy book that I just loved. Fans of the genre will want to snag this one and put it at the top of their list. It's the first book I've read by this author, but it won't be the last - I'm adding her to my must read authors' list.