All or Nothing: An Abbott Springs Romance

All or Nothing: An Abbott Springs Romance

by Lexi Ryan

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BN ID: 2940150723948
Publisher: Ever After, LLC
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 308,748
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About the Author

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, Lexi Ryan considers herself the luckiest chick she knows. Her books have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. When not writing, she enjoys watching football, perfecting her chocolate martini, and reading. A former college professor, her biggest fears include faculty meetings and large stacks of ungraded freshman composition papers. She now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two children and their neurotic dog. You can visit Lexi at her website or find her on Twitter @writerlexiryan or Facebook at

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All or Nothing: An Abbott Springs Romance 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
'tis the season for holiday novellas and if you're looking for a sweet and sexy one, Lexi Ryan's All or Nothing should be on your list. I originally read and reviewed this story last year as part of the All I Ever Wanted anthology, but I jumped at the chance to reread it and review it on its own this year after it was released as a standalone. I absolutely adored this story. It was a great friends-to-lovers story – and a second chance story of sorts. Aubree (Bree) had a crush on her friend Kennedy for as long as she can remember. One night, a couple months ago, she offered herself up to him and he devastated her when he rejected her. There was more to all of it than met the eye, and now that they're face-to-face – and living under the same roof  while she's in town for the holidays – all she wants to do is hide. All he wants to do is make her understand why he acted as he did. I connected with Bree immediately, but Kennedy took a little more time. (That could be because I just read about another side of him in one of the other stories.) But regardless of my initial feelings, there was no denying he and Bree were perfect together and their feelings were genuine. I was hooked on their story and a little sad when it ended. Whether you check this story out as a standalone or as part of the All I Ever Wanted anthology, just do yourself a favor and read it. Lexi writes great characters and sexy romance and that combined with the amazing setting that is Abbott Springs at Christmas, will make this a holiday favorite for sure. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!! Great story!!
RoxyKade More than 1 year ago
This may be a novella. but it was chock-full of all the heartache and sexiness that I've come to expect from a Lexi Ryan novel. The characters were immediately likable, making me want to get to know them better, to uncover their secrets and take away their sorrows. The chemistry between Kennedy and Bree was smoking but they both seemed a little hesitant at first. Perhaps it had something to do with hurt feelings and a rather embarrassing moment better left in the past, but I could not wait to see these two together.  Aside from their relationship problems, each had their own set of issues to deal with. Kennedy was torn between doing what he loved and doing what was expected of him, while Bree was so desperate for her mother's attention that she was willing to ignore the obvious - that her mother was not the most reliable and trustworthy person. This was a great read; with plenty of emotional ups and downs. It is the perfect read to heat up those chilly winter nights.
janice1231 More than 1 year ago
Once again, Lexi has created a world I would love to be a part of...if only in my dreams :) After years of living with an absentee Father and a Mother that preferred the bright lights of Hollywood, Aubree comes home to an empty house. She ending up spending her high school years with the Hales and grew closer and closer to Kennedy, but a failed seduction caused her to run away from Abbott Springs and pursue art. Aubree is back in Abbott Springs, just in time for the yearly festival of Winterfest, with an unrequited love for Kennedy and a body full of tats. Kennedy always had a thing for Aubree, but the timing just never seemed right for the two of them. He has been patiently waiting for her to stop running, but can he finally stand up to his parents and live the life that he wants and not the one they have envisioned for him all this time? If both of them are worried about ruining their friendship instead of going after what they truly want, they may both lose. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and go for it. If you have read Lexi's other books, you will know immediately that this is the quintessential Lexi that we all love to follow. As always, her characters become part of your life and it's like you are right there with them. Since this is part of an anthology and there are three other authors writing about other characters, I'm not sure if they will be based in Abbott Springs or not. There are so many great characters that I would love to see get their own books, so who knows. We may not have seen the last of them yet. **Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**
TiffanyCr More than 1 year ago
This story is the perfect example of why I adore Lexi's books!  This book tells us the story of Aubree and Kennedy, long time friends who have begun to see each other in a different light.  Each has their own issues, whether it be absent parents or parents who expect too much, and they reunite for a weekend in their hometown for the annual Winterfest.  Aubree has a history of running and Kennedy has a tendency to ignore his own dreams to keep the peace with his father.  While we can quickly see that each has just what the other needs, watching them sort it out is absolutely delicious.  As an added bonus, the supporting characters were wonderful and I can't wait to read more about them.  The only problem with this story was that never wanted it to end!  Yet another hit for Lexi Ryan - she has yet to disappoint!  
RosalieBelle01 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love how Lexi switches from different character’s points of view to give her books more depth through multiple characters’ insights.  All or Nothing is no different.   In this best friends who secretly harbor sexual and emotional desire for each other, the reader is take on an emotional roller coaster.  Knowing both Kennedy and Aubree’s points of views and feelings throughout the book, you’re constantly wondering when and if they will ever tell each other how they feel.  Vying for one or the other to spill the beans, when many opportunities arise, constantly keeps the reader on their toes.  Both Aubree and Kennedy have issues that neither want to deal with alone, but are also scared of sharing them with anyone for fear of being rejected.   This super sexy book leads up to the inevitable and boy do the fireworks fly.  Lexi’s words have a way to make the reader feel as if they are the ones feeling every action going on in the book; in the heart and in other regions as well!!  This is definitely a must read! Guilty Pleasures Reviews by Rosalie Belle
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kennedy and Aubree have been great friends for years and even stayed close even with Bree's constant moving around. Kennedy walks into his dorm one night and finds Bree in his bed, NAKED! A complete shock to him that he would find her this way and blows her off. Bree is hurt and devastated that she put herself out there, only to be turned down by the person she's always cared about. This is a story of taking chances and falling in love when least expected. I really enjoyed this short story by Lexi Ryan, you never know what you get into when you open the book, but it will always be amazing! This I can promise you after reading all her amazing stories. Don't miss out on reading Aubree and Kennedy's story. I absolutely loved it and it was a quick light read.
patriciagreco More than 1 year ago
Lexi Ryan just keeps them coming…. She gets me captured in her first sentence and doesn’t let me go until the last sentence when I read “The End!” All or Nothing (An Abbott Springs Romance) was her usual great style of writing.   She captures your heart and you keep hoping the end will be what you imagine. Lexi Ryan NEVER disappoints no matter what ending she has chosen.  She has proven that many times over in her other books that I have read. I don’t and won’t give spoilers because I have found that ruins a good read for myself and I don’t want to do that to anyone else. Enjoy this story and all the emotions that go with it!
Emily-SBDR More than 1 year ago
When I see a Lexi Ryan book, I no longer read the description, I just 1 click it. She is without a doubt one of my favorite authors. And if you're in the mood for a quick, steamy read All or Nothing is your book. Aubree and Kennedy have been friends forever. But their friendship hits rocky territory when she decides she wants to take it to the next level. This book has a lot of loving and learning. Aubree and Kennedy could not be more different. She lives life with reckless optimism, while he lives the life his father wants in perfect order. Yet, when they reunite their attraction will explode and along with it will come the need to be something more. Aubree and Kennedy show each other the allure of living life they way the other does. She tempts him to take control of his own life. And Kennedy will show Aubree what it means to put roots down, on a sure bet. In the end, all they want is a hopeful future and each other. The problems arise when the balk against the changes coming their way. They both show their stubbornness at the most inopportune time and it takes unlikely allies and courage to pull through. This book is everything I love about novellas. The ability to pack in the punch of a full-length story, and get me thoroughly engaged in the characters' lives takes talent. Lexi Ryan has this innate ability to suck you and make you care more about her characters than you thought possible. Aubree and Kennedy will steal your heart. You'll empathize with them and they'll also want to make you wring their necks. Overall, All or Nothing is a sweet and steamy read that did the trick for me this weekend.
MeghanMarch More than 1 year ago
Lexi Ryan is an auto-buy for me, and always will be. Why? Because she never disappoints. So very few authors can hook you quick, build a great plot, and give you satisfaction in a novella, and Lexi accomplished all three in All or Nothing. Grab this quick, sexy read!
aimz1972 More than 1 year ago
All or Nothing is yet another amazing story by Lexi Ryan! Kennedy and Aubree have been friends for so long, and Aubree has been in love with him since she was a teenager. He has been the one constant in her life, and one drunken, impulsive and naked decision may have cost her their friendship. She comes back to home for the annual Winterfest weekend not knowing how he felt about that night after she ran out. Kennedy doesn’t even know if she is coming to the annual Winterfest, for the first time, he hasn’t spoken to her. Kennedy is following in his father’s footsteps, not by choice. His father assumes that Kennedy will simply fall into line without knowing what it is that his son truly wants. Ever since Aubree’s mom left all those years ago, she still believes she will come through. Will Kennedy finally tell his father what it is that he wants? Will Aubree’s mother finally be there? Will Kennedy and Aubree come together and get past that one awkward night? This is another brilliant story by Lexi Ryan that will draw you in and hold you till the end! Love this story!
Icsyskain More than 1 year ago
Love Kennedy and Aubree!! Another grand slam by Lexi! Another engrossing story by Lexi Ryan. It sucked me in and held me until the end. I love the small town, homey feel of Abbott Springs. It is the epitome of Small Town USA! You've done it again Lexi, you've delivered yet another amazing book!