America Deconstructed

America Deconstructed

by Chaithanya Sohan, Shaima Adin


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Naseer was nine years old when he escaped Taliban and fled Afghanistan. His story, “There are some people who are coming to take me away”, chronicles the resilience of a nine year old boy as he traveled from Afghanistan to America in his quest for the American dream. “I saw a ripe mango I’d like to pluck” showcases the love story of Chidibere and Ifeyinwa and their struggles with language, culture and being African in America. In the story “Kosovo,”, Lisian takes us through his journey to America and often being asked his identity in spite of being white. In the story “I am exotic, mocha, P-diddy”, Parag describes his journey from a young sixth grader who hid his attraction to boys in conservative India to embracing his sexuality in America. America Deconstructed follows the journeys of sixteen immigrants as they maneuver cultural differences, accents and uncomfortable situations while feeling a sense of belonging in America.

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ISBN-13: 9781628655520
Publisher: Authors Place Press
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 1,219,304
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Chaithanya Sohan immigrated to America from India in 2001. She currently works as an Electrical Engineer in the Silicon Valley. Chaithanya graduated from San Jose State University with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. 

Chaithanya Sohan has worked as a writer since 2002 when she started writing content for various websites. She free-lanced as a writer until 2013 when she decided to write her book America Deconstructed.  She worked as a research manager and writer at One Earth One Mission for over four years during where she authored various pieces on political issues such as women empowerment and racial issue surrounding South Asians after to the September 11th attacks. 

Chaithanya Sohan and Denell Hopkins have been married for eight years and have one human child, Maya (Age 1) and a puppy child named Zed (1 1/2). In their spare time, they enjoy basketball, traveling and hiking the mountains. They live in Newark, California with her parents and two cats. 

Shaima Adin and Chaithanya Sohan met as new immigrants at San Jose State University while receiving their Electrical Engineering degree. America Deconstructed was born during those moments when they bonded through their mutual immigrant goof ups and experiences. Shaima Adin enjoys reading, traveling with her husband and daughter, and cooking during her free time. Chaithanya Sohan enjoys reading, writing and traveling with her husband, daughter and German shepherd puppy.

Table of Contents

• Chapter 1: An Alien in America

• Chapter 2: Azim Karimi is a Happy man

• Chapter 3: I saw a ripe mango I’d like to pluck

• Chapter 4: You will be slaughtered alive!

• Chapter 5: It is so colorful... can I touch it!

• Chapter 6: There are some people who are coming to take me away!

• Chapter 7: Are you really living in America?

• Chapter 8: Kosovo? Really...Cool!

• Chapter 9: I am exotic, mocha P-Diddy!

• Chapter 10: Daddy, I want to be a farmer one day!

• Chapter 11: I am Moo-hay and French because of my English accent

• Chapter 12: One inch from heaven & a quarter inch from hell!

• Chapter 13: Is it for here or to go?

• Chapter 14: I love you even though you are old school, mom!

• Chapter 15: I was freezing in Hawaii!

• Chapter 16: I married my wife’s picture!

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America Deconstructed 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan and Shaima Adin is filled with real-life stories from professionals who have worked with immigrants to help them with their social competence. In this book, the authors explore what the American dream meant for the people in the stories and what the reality was when they finally made it to the US. A nine-year-old boy escapes the Taliban, flees from Afghanistan, and travels to the US in search of freedom. Follow the story of Chidibere and Ifeyinwa as they struggle with cultural and language barriers in the US. The book documents stories of sixteen immigrants and the challenges they encountered on the way to reach the US. And what is interesting is how the authors capture the dichotomy between dreams and reality. Is America the reality of the dream country that many of these people have fantasized about? Each story is unique, featuring people from different backgrounds. They are stories of hope and resilience, of humanity and grit, balancing the illusions of a better life in America and the crude reality of forging a new life in a world that is strange and has its own rules. It is interesting to read about the struggles the immigrants endure to get to America, but life as an alien isn’t easy. What keeps these people going will surprise readers. The emotion is captured in a style that is poignant and in prose that is highly descriptive. America Deconstructed is filled with wonderful commentaries and it deals with a variety of themes, including family, immigration, relationships, and politics. Here is a book that helps readers understand the contemporary American immigrant, written with a rare sense of humor, and candidly capturing their experiences. It answers the question: What does the American dream signify to millions of immigrants and what does it really feel like to attain this dream? The answers will surprise most of us.
TheBookBag More than 1 year ago
America Deconstructed was a very enlightening book for me. It opened my eyes to the strength and perseverance of the sixteen people who wrote about their lives—their dreams of coming to America and the life they hoped they would find here, the reality of it all when they finally did get here, and how they felt after being here for awhile. I know I would not be brave enough, or as determined as these people were, to uproot myself and move to a foreign country. I had not really thought about the fact that so many people have this big dream of coming to America and how they envision their lives being so much better than the life they are leaving behind. But at what cost? And is that dream realistic? As an American, it was humbling for me to imagine that living in this country was seen as one of the goals in their lives, something that I just take for granted every day. I can't even imagine moving to a different country and a totally different culture, while rarely returning home, if at all. I was struck by the hardships they encountered when they found themselves in a totally foreign place, most of the time not being able to speak the language very well. And then the reality of the streets not being 'lined with gold', as they dreamed they would be. In all of the stories in America Deconstructed, each writer has made a life for themselves here, even with all the hardships they had to endure to adjust to their new world. A recurring thread that I found through all of the stories was that even though they are 'living the dream' now in America, they all still think of their country as their 'home' and they still yearn for that familiar life and for their families. And that is as it should be—no one should have to give up or forget about their past. To all sixteen of the people I met in America Deconstructed, I want to say, 'Welcome to America!'