Amos (Otl)

Amos (Otl)

by James L. Mays


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ISBN-13: 9780664208639
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Publication date: 07/28/2016
Series: Old Testament Library Series
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.11(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

1.The time1
2.The prophet3
3.The sayings4
4.The message6
5.The book12
1.The title: 1.118
2.The voice of Yahweh: 1.220
3.Oracles against the nations: 1.3-2.1622
(a)Against Damascus: 1.3-528
(b)Against the Philistines: 1.6-832
(c)Against Tyre: 1.9-1033
(d)Against Edom: 1.11-1235
(e)Against Ammon: 1.13-1536
(f)Against Moab: 2.1-338
(g)Against Judah: 2.4-540
(h)Against Israel: 2.6-1642
4.Election to judgment: 3.1-254
5.The word is the work of Yahweh: 3.3-858
6.Oppression within brings plundering from without: 3.9-1162
7.Your deliverance will prove the death of you: 3.1266
8.The fall of the house of Jacob: 3.13-1568
9.The ladies of Samaria: 4.1-371
10.Worship that is rebellion: 4.4-573
11.The broken quest: 4.6-13 Note: The hymnic sections in Amos76
12.Funeral rites for the nation: 5.1-384
13.The Holy One, not the holy place: 5.4-686
14.Man's injustice brings God's justice: 5.7, 10-1190
15.Lord of heaven and history: 5.8-995
16.Your future is a funeral: 5.12-13, 16-1796
17.Not every one who says 'Lord, Lord': 5.14-1599
18.The day of Yahweh: 5.18-20102
19.The hated worship: 5.21-24105
20.Sacrifice will not save you: 5.25-27110
21.The affluent society: 6.1-7113
22.The wrath of God: 6.8-11117
23.The absurd happens in Israel: 6.12120
24.They who live by the sword: 6.13-14121
25.Vision and reality: 7.1-8.3123
(a)The locust swarm: 7.1-3127
(b)The divine fire: 7.4-6130
(c)The plumb line: 7.7-9131
(d)Prophet, priest and king: 7.10-17133
(e)The basket of late fruit: 8.1-3140
26.Never on Sunday: 8.4-8142
27.Gloom and grief: 8.9-10146
28.Not by bread alone: 8.11-14147
29.No hiding place: 9.1-6151
30.The freedom of Yahweh: 9.7-8156
31.God's sieve is his sword: 9.9-10160
32.The resurrection of the kingdom: 9.11-12163
33.Prosperity and peace: 9.13-15165

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