An Anthropological Lifetime in Japan: The Writings of Joy Hendry

An Anthropological Lifetime in Japan: The Writings of Joy Hendry

by Joy Hendry


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ISBN-13: 9789004302860
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/15/2016
Series: The Writings of , #8
Pages: 708
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About the Author

Joy Hendry, D. Phil (Oxon 1979), is professor emerita of Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University, was a student at Tokyo University and a visiting scholar at Keio, and has published many books and articles on Japanese Society.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1


1 From Scrambled Messages to an Impromptu Dip: Serendipity in Finding a Field Location 19

2 The Paradox of Friendship in the Field: Analysis of a Long-Term Anglo-Japanese Relationship 34

Marriage and Some Early Theoretical Contributions

3 Is Science Maintaining Tradition in Japan? 49

4 The Modification of Tradition in Modern Japanese Weddings and Some Implications for the Social Structure 60

5 Tomodachi ko: Age-Mate Groups in Northern Kyushu 67

6 Shoes: The Early Learning of an Important Distinction in Japanese Society 80

7 "The Fix" in Japanese Society 89

8 Marriage and the Family in Modernising Japan 102

9 The Continuing Case of Japan 123

Child Rearing and Education

10 Becoming Japanese: A Social Anthropological View of Child- Rearing 139

11 Kindergartens and the Transition from Home to School Education 156

12 Peer Pressure and Kindergartens in Japan 164

13 Children's Contests in Japan 177

14 St Valentine and St Nicholas Travel Abroad: Success and Internationalisation in Japanese Education 189

15 Individualism and Individuality: Entry into a Social World 201

16 Bags, Objects and Education in Japan 216

17 Material Objects and Mathematics in the Life of the Japanese Primary School Child 226

Politeness, Housewives and the Wrapping Idea

18 The Use and Abuse of Politeness Formulae: Some Social Implications 241

19 Respect, Solidarity or Contempt? Politeness and Communication in Modern Japan 250

20 Humidity, Hygiene, or Ritual Care: Some Thoughts on Wrapping as a Social Phenomenon 256

21 To Wrap or not to Wrap: Politeness and Penetration in Ethnographic Inquiry 273

22 The Armour of Honorific Speech: Some Lateral Thinking about Keigo 294

23 Politeness and Formality in Japanese Social Relations 302

24 Order, Elegance and Purity: The Life of the Professional Housewife 321

25 Honorifics as Dialect: The Expression and Manipulation of Boundaries in Japanese 338

26 The Role of the Professional Housewife 352

27 Wrapping and Japanese Presentation: Is this Waste or Care? 368

28 The Sacred Power of Wrapping 383

Cultural Display

29 Gardens and the Wrapping of Space in Japan: Some Benefits of a Balinese Insight 403

30 Nature Tamed: Gardens as a Microcosm of Japan's View of the World 412

31 Who is Representing Whom? Gardens, Theme Parks and the Anthropologist in Japan 435

32 Pine, Ponds and Pebbles: Gardens and Visual Culture 450

33 The Whole World as Heritage? Foreign Country Theme Parks in Japan 468

34 Foreign Country Theme Parks: A New Theme or an Old Japanese Pattern? 476

35 The Japanese Tattoo: Play or Purpose? 496

36 Old Gods, New Pilgrimages: A Whistle-slop Tour of Japanese International Theme Parks 511

37 Shakespeare on Show in Japan: An Anthropological Analysis of Cultural Display 522

38 "The Past, Foreign Countries and Fantasy... They All Make for a Good Outing:" Staging the Past in Japan and Some Other Locations 539

Some Sundry Contributions

39 Nursing in Japan 557

40 Food as Social Nutrition? The Japanese Case 566

41 Drinking and Gender in Japan 573

42 The Ritual of the Revolving Towel 587

43 The Chrysanthemum Continues to Flower: Ruth Benedict and Some Perils of Popular Anthropology 603

44 Building Bridges, Common Ground, and the Role of the Anthropologist 618

Summing Up

45 Japan and Pacific Anthropology: Some Ideas for New Research 643

46 Learning that Emerges in Times of Trouble: A Few Cases from Japan 657

47 Forty Years of Research and Teaching on Japan: A Personal Trajectory 670

Joy Hendry's Full Bibliography 693

Index 699

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