An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis

by Mary K. Toomey, Everett Leeds




With more than 800 Clematis species and cultivated varieties from which to choose, gardeners and growers have been inundated with options. Even more frustrating for some has been the absence of a single comprehensive reference with which to identify the numerous cultivars. This new volume, written by distinguished clematis experts and backed by the authority of the British Clematis Society, is the first picture encyclopedia on the genus to encompass the garden-worthy species and hybrids.

This long-awaited book is separated into two sections: the first is devoted to the care and cultivation of clematis, while the second provides an A–Z directory of more than 550 plants, from the acclaimed large-flowered forms to the less-familiar shrubby, subshrubby, and herbaceous forms that are beginning to be available. Using everyday language, the authors provide plant descriptions that include information on synonyms, origin, plant habit and height, flowers, pruning group, flowering period, cultural requirements, recommended uses in the garden, and hardiness zones. The text is accompanied by more than 650 magnificent color photos, making this encyclopedia an indispensable reference and guide.

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ISBN-13: 9780881925081
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/15/2001
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Mary Toomey, Ph.D., trained as a biologist, botanist, entomologist, and soil ecologist. A keen gardener, she has been growing and studying clematis for more than 30 years. She is currently editor of The Clematis, the journal of the British Clematis Society. She lectures widely on clematis, gardens, and gardening, and has written a number of previous books and articles. Born in Jaffna, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), she lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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Clematis are very accommodating garden plants. With their agile vertical and horizontal mobility, they create drama, rhythm, and movement in a garden of any size or shape. With careful selection there can be a clematis in bloom for more or less each month of the year.

While most clematis are well known and widely grown as climbers, the genus also comprises a number of perhaps more or less familiar shrubby, subshrubby, and herbaceous species and cultivars. They too are beginning to make their way into herbaceous and mixed borders of gardens all over the world.

With the ever-increasing popularity of clematis as decorative garden plants, hybridizers and nurseries have risen to the challenge and have been busy raising and introducing more and more large-and small-flowered cultivars. Also, during the recent past, a great number of books on clematis have become available to inform and educate gardeners about this magical genus; however, not a single, comprehensively illustrated work has been published to serve the needs of passionate gardeners who grow a large number and variety of clematis. Nurseries have often articulated the need for such a volume of work. The British Clematis Society was also anxious to see this void filled, and is delighted to be associated with this publication.

Photo above:Clematis 'Kuba'. Photo by J. Lindmark.

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kentstar More than 1 year ago
Nice pictures! Beautifully done! One for a collection of clematis books. Easy for a beginner or a garden guru! Lots of practical information on not only combinations, but pruning requirements, planting advice, etc.