Paperback(3rd ed. 1985. Softcover reprint of the original 3rd ed. 1985)

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Anatomy in Surgery by Philip Thorek, Carl T. Linden, Nancy Swan

In this book on surgical anatomy, the author ter of the illustrations are in color-a feature has deviated considerably from the usual plan which adds greatly to their value. and has presented the material with a stronger Anatomy is an important phase of surgery surgical viewpoint. Obviously, it will appeal and is very necessary in the training of a sur­ primarily to surgeons and particularly to those geon. Years ago it was perhaps overempha­ in training because operative technic is in­ sized in the prerequisites of a surgeon. During cluded with the anatomy. The entire body is recent years when a knowledge of physiology covered in the anatomic discussion and the was found to be so important to the surgeon, principles of technic described for the impor­ anatomy has to a great extent been neglected. tant operations. This method of presentation The pendulum is threatening to swing too far of anatomic data has an obvious advantage and give the young surgeon the idea that he in that it correlates the anatomy with the tech­ need not spend time on anatomy. The time nical phase of surgery; without question, the will never come when anatomy will be unim­ young surgeon will find that this integration portant to the surgeon; the young surgeon will make it much easier for him to remember must always appreciate this. It may be safe the important anatomic details.

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ISBN-13: 9781461382881
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 11/08/2011
Edition description: 3rd ed. 1985. Softcover reprint of the original 3rd ed. 1985
Pages: 938
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.07(d)

Table of Contents

Section 1. Head.- 1. Scalp.- Scalp Proper.- Vessels, Nerves, and Lymph Vessels.- 2. Skull.- Embryology.- Skull Proper.- Interior of the Skull.- Surgical Considerations.- Subtemporal Decompression.- 3. Brain.- Embryology.- Brain Proper.- Inferior Surface of Brain, Cerebellum, and Medulla Oblongata.- Meninges.- Ventricular System and Cerebrospinal Fluid.- Surgical Considerations.- Veins of the Head and the Brain.- Hypophysis.- Surgical Considerations.- 4. Cranial Nerves.- 5. Special Senses.- The Eye and Its Appendages.- Nose.- Practical Considerations.- Auditory Apparatus.- Clinical and Surgical Considerations...- 6. Face.- Embryology.- Skin, Blood, and Nerve Supply.- Clinical and Surgical Considerations.- Muscles.- Parotid Region.- Surgical Considerations.- Temporal and Infratemporal Regions.- Temporomandibular Joint.- Mouth and Regions that Surround It.- Surgical Considerations.- Practical Considerations.- Pharynx.- Surgical Considerations.- Section 2. Neck.- 7. The Neck in General.- Embryology.- Surgical Considerations.- Bony Cartilaginous Framework.- Sternocleidomastoid Muscle.- Deep Cervical Fascia (Fascia Colli).- Submental Triangle.- 8. The Anterolateral Region of the Neck.- Anterior (Region) Triangle.- Surgical Considerations.- Posterior Triangle.- Practical and Surgical Aspects.- 9. Root of the Neck.- Blood Vessels.- Section 3. Thorax.- 10. Bony Thorax.- Ribs (Costae).- Sternum (Breast Bone).- Sternoclavicular Joint.- Articular Relations.- Sternocostal Joints.- Intercostal Spaces.- 11. Breast (Mammary Gland).- Embryology and Embryologic Malformations.- Mammary Gland Proper (Structure and Form).- Surgical Considerations.- 12. Diaphragm.- Embryology.- Diaphragm Proper.- Foramina (Openings).- Surgical Considerations.- 13. Pleural Cavities and Pleurae.- Visceral and Parietal Pleurae.- Surface Markings.- Surgical Considerations.- 14. Lungs (Pulmones).- Embryology.- The Lungs Proper.- Surgical Considerations.- 15. Trachea and Extrapulmonary Bronchi.- The Trachea Proper.- 16. Mediastinum (Interpleural Space).- Boundaries of the Mediastina.- Chief Contents of Each Mediastinal Space.- Surgical Considerations.- 17. Pericardium.- Pericardial Sac.- Pericardial Layers.- Surgical Considerations.- 18. Heart.- The Heart Proper.- Thoracic Projection of the Heart and the Great Vessels.- Area of Maximum Audibility of Heart Valve Sounds and Their Thoracic.- Projection.- Surgical Considerations.- Congenital Defects.- Surgery of the Aorta.- 19. Azygos System of Veins and Superior Vena Cava.- 20. Thoracic Duct.- Embryology.- The Adult Duct.- 21. Sympathetic Chain.- Surgical Considerations.- Section 4. Abdomen.- 22. Abdominal Walls.- Anterior Abdominal Wall.- Surgical Considerations.- Incisional Hernias.- Surgical Considerations.- Posterolateral Wall (Lumbar or Iliocostal Region).- Surgical Considerations.- 23. Esophagogastrointestinal Tract.- Embryology.- Esophagus.- Surgical Considerations.- Stomach (Ventriculus or Gaster).- Surgical Considerations.- Small Intestine.- Surgical Considerations.- Large Intestine (Colon).- Rectal Surgery.- Large Bowel Surgery.- 24. Liver (Hepar).- Embryology.- The Liver Proper.- Practical and Surgical Considerations.- 25. Gallbladder and Bile Ducts.- Embryology.- Adult Gallbladder and Bile Ducts (Vessels).- Gallbladder Surgery.- 26. Spleen.- Embryology.- Adult Spleen.- Splenectomy.- 27. Pancreas.- Embryology.- Adult Pancreas.- Surgical Considerations.- 28. Blood Supply of the Gut.- Celiac Artery (Celiac Axis).- Mesenteric Vessels.- Section 5. Pelvis.- 29. Pelvic Bones.- Hip Bone.- Sacrum and Coccyx.- Muscular and Ligamentous Attachments.- 30. Pelvic Diaphragm.- Muscles.- Fascia.- 31. Pelvic Viscera.- The Bladder (Vescia Urinaris).- Surgical Considerations.- Pelvic Viscera in the Male.- Surgical Considerations.- Pelvic Viscera in the Female.- 32. Ureters.- Relations.- Right Ureter.- Left Ureter.- The Pelvic Part of the Ureter.- Surgical Considerations.- 33. Neurovascular Structures.- Arteries.- Veins.- Lymphatics.- Surgical Considerations.- Nerves.- Surgical Considerations.- Surgical Considerations: Uterus and Adnexa.- Section 6. Male Perineum and External Genitalia.- 34. Male Perineum.- Embryology.- Urogenital Triangle.- 35. External Genitalia.- Penis.- Scrotum.- Testis.- Spermatic Cord.- Surgical Considerations.- Section 7. Female Perineum and External Genitalia.- 36. Female Perineum.- The Urogenital Region.- Musculature of the Perineum and the Pelvis.- Anal Triangle.- Surgical Considerations.- Section 8. Superior Extremity.- 37. Shoulder.- Axillary and Pectoral Regions.- Surgical Considerations.- Deltoid and Scapular Regions.- Muscular Attachments, Vessels, Nerves, and Bursae.- Surgical Considerations.- 38. Arm (Brachial Region).- Surface Anatomy.- Fascia.- Muscles.- Nerves.- Surgical Considerations of the Radial Nerve.- Arteries and Veins.- Surgical Considerations of the Brachial Artery.- Humerus.- Surgical Considerations.- Operations on the Shaft of the Humerus.- 39. Elbow.- Elbow Joint.- Elbow Region.- Posterior or Olecranon Region.- Surgical Considerations.- 40. Forearm.- Anterior (Volar) Region.- Surgical Considerations.- Posterior Region.- Extensor (Dorsal) Region of the Forearm and the Hand (Dorsum).- Surgical Considerations.- Radius and Ulna.- Surgical Considerations.- 41. Wrist..- Carpal Bones.- Distal Skin Crease.- Joints.- Surgical Considerations.- Fracture of the Navicular (Scaphoid) Bone.- Dislocation of the Lunate (Semilunar) Bone.- Dislocations of the Wrist.- Amputations and Disarticulations.- 42. Hand.- Palmar Region.- Dorsal Region of the Hand.- Phalanges (Fingers).- Surgical Considerations.- Section 9. Inferior Extremity.- 43. Hip.- Gluteal Region.- Hip Joint.- Surgical Considerations.- Surgical Approaches to the Hip Joint.- 44. Thigh.- Front of the Thigh.- Deep Fascia (Fascia Lata).- Surgical Considerations.- Musculuture of the Thigh.- Femur.- Surgical Considerations.- 45. Knee.- Popliteal (Posterior) Region.- Knee Joints.- Tibiofibular Joints.- Surgical Considerations.- 46. Leg.- Deep Fascia.- Muscles.- Tibia.- Fibula.- Surgical Considerations.- 47. Ankle.- Deep Fascia.- Tendon Sheaths.- Arteries.- Ankle Joint (Talocrural).- Surgical Considerations.- 48. Foot.- Lateral, Medial, and Dorsal Aspects.- Sole of the Foot (Plantar Surface)….- Bones.- Joints and Ligaments.- Arches.- Inversion and Eversion of the Foot.- Toes.- Surgical Considerations.- Section 10. Vertebral Column, Vertebral (Spinal) Canal, Spinal Cord.- 49. Vertebral Column, Vertebral (Spinal) Canal, and Spinal Cord.- Vertebral Column.- Vertebral (Spinal) Canal.- Spinal Cord.- Anesthesia.

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