Ancient Origins: The Secret, Hidden Origins of Western Symbols, Myths & Legends and Customs & Traditions.

Ancient Origins: The Secret, Hidden Origins of Western Symbols, Myths & Legends and Customs & Traditions.

by Robert Dehoy

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Have you ever wondered about the origin of our western cultural artifacts (symbols, myths, legends, customs and traditions)? Where was the Garden of Eden? From where did the magic spell Abracadabra originate? What was the original use of the zodiac? How did the concepts of sin and Hell come about? Was Hitler the first to use the Swastika symbol? Why is 13 considered unlucky? Why do we have 360 degrees in a circle? How did mermaids originate? Why is Christmas Day held on December 25th?

The longevity of many cultural artifacts is simply remarkable. Some have been with us since prehistory and still retain the same meaning. Some have lost their meaning over time and have been given completely new meanings. Some cultural artifacts are simply added to or are deliberately changed to override previous beliefs - usually to suit a specific agenda.

Many books have been written explaining the meaning of various cultural artifacts, however in most cases they only give a single explanation for their origin. This is Ancient Origins point of difference. It is the culmination of 20 plus years research and offers the reader a linked, holistic view on the origins of a wide range of cultural artifacts - something that appears to be missing from historical literature.

There is literally nothing new under the Sun, nothing occurs by chance, everything has a reason for being. This book has been written for those inquisitive beings who wonder if there is an alternate, hidden side to the origin of our western cultural artifacts.

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Publisher: Robert Dehoy
Publication date: 10/02/2015
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About the Author

Robert Dehoy grew up on a sheep and cattle station in the outback of Australia, in western New South Wales. Growing up in the outback gave him a strong sense of independence and was invaluable experience, whether it was for building sheds, vehicle maintenance, animal husbandry, flying planes or raising crops. His parents were also of rural stock and this gave him a solid grounding in morals and values. He attended the local primary school and then went on to a Marist Brothers boarding school, where he learnt a lot about life in general. It was while working near Melbourne, some twenty plus years ago, that he discovered a Theosophical Bookshop. The Theosophical Society’s motto states that there is no higher religion than truth, and they attempt to stock books for all religious and philosophical beliefs from all walks of life. But it was Wallis Budges’ Amulets and Superstitions that really fired his imagination. This started a hobby (when does a hobby become an obsession?) of researching ancient history, and in particular, religious and esoteric history. Rob has also adopted the moniker of The Naked Historian ( and similar to other naked professionals, he agrees that everything should be stripped back to the bare essentials, and built up from first principles in order to understand its true meaning (or origin). In 2015, Robert launched his first book “Ancient Origins: The Secret, Hidden Origins of Western symbols, Myths & Legends and Customs & Traditions”. Robert Dehoy currently lives with his wife and children in Perth, Australia and is still both a mining engineer and an author. He enjoys travelling and experiencing other cultures, learning new languages, carpentry in the back shed and sports…mainly rugby and cricket, of course!

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