Antarctic Tears: Determination, Adversity, and the Pursuit of a Dream at the Bottom of the World

Antarctic Tears: Determination, Adversity, and the Pursuit of a Dream at the Bottom of the World

by Aaron Linsdau


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#1 Bestseller on (June 2015 in Skiing)

Fans of Jon Krakauer, Cheryl Strayed, and Alfred Lansing will love this book.

A single American marches across the icy wastelands of Antarctica.

He eats two sticks of butter a day to survive.

Aaron Linsdau planned an extraordinary feat. He wanted to become the first American to boldly ski to the South Pole and back alone. Others have nearly died trying this insane trek.

This sensational journey covers a brutal 1,400 miles. It is always sub-zero on the Antarctic plateau. He faced headwinds and storms every day in this alien landscape.

History conspired against him. Disease took over his body. Hallucinations filled his mind.

The treacherous continent conspired to kill him in every way imaginable.

Will Aaron have the wits, courage, and resourcefulness to struggle alone for three months to achieve his daring dream?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996020602
Publisher: Sastrugi Press
Publication date: 07/18/2014
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 893,010
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Acknowledgements Welcome to the Big Leagues 1 Antarctica's Short History 9 The Course Was Charted Long Ago 19 How to Camp in the Snow 31 Goodbye, Bits and Bytes 45 Crushed by History 59 So the Expedition Begins 67 A Cold Antarctica, Days 1-3 83 Days 4-8 99 Days 9-12 113 Days 13-17 123 Days 18-24 139 Days 25-34 157 Days 35-41 181 Days 41-51 197 Days 52-57 219 Days 58-62 235 Days 63-68 253 Days 69-73 269 Days 74-79 279 Days 80-82 293 Something More Difficult 311 Other major Antarctic expeditions 318

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